Beautiful Koi Fish Tattoo Designs

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Koi Fish with Lotus Flower Tattoo on the Back

The denotations of the lotus and the koi fish in Eastern culture are the following: the lotus conveys immortality, and the fish is the mark of intelligence and spiritual enlightenment. The pattern on the shoulder below presents a green and black fish with a pink lotus and small blue flowers, the figure is about the striving for development.39 koi fish tattoo on back

This watercolor blue fish looks magnificent thanks to blurred boundaries, which add softness to the drawing. The tac on the lower leg is worn by a person, who is used to overcome obstacles.40 koi fish tattoo on back

In ancient Egypt, the carp on female bodies was aimed at attracting fertility and love luck. These two colored koi fish on the half sleeve are divided by flowers and the overall picture talks about holder’s faith in a happy marriage and a tightly-knit family.41 koi fish tattoo on foream

In Iran, the lotus is associated with a happy life and a desire to understand it in all its manifestations. Here the golden and red koi fish with purple lotus on the tummy may disclose Iranian traditions.42 koi fish tattoo on body

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