Symbolistic Meaning of Leopard Tattoos

Leopards are very beautiful and graceful animals. Their magnificent and majestic look charms people. Spotted leopard skin has been inspiring all the fashion designers all over the world for a long time.

Spiritual Symbol. If we talk about spiritual aspects, leopards have very strong meaning in different religions. For instance, Christianity believes that leopard is Satan’s servant. In ancient Egypt, people would refer this animal to the helper of Osiris, the God of the dead. In African beliefs, this fierce predator is believed to be a living deity. Even though leopards are symbols of different aspects (positive/negative), depending on what culture it comes from, there is no doubt it is one the most beautiful animals in the world and that is why more and more people get leopard tattoos on their bodies.

General Meaning. Almost every leopard tattoo has a meaning of fearlessness, aggressiveness, cruelty, bellicosity and ferocity. These animals always tend to stay out of any other animals’ eyes, that’s why leopards also can be considered the symbols of freedom and independence. However, the meaning of the tat can vary depending on the subjective opinions of different people.

Application. Leopard print tattoos are more versatile that just tattoos of animals themselves. Although, leopard print tattoos are more appealing to women, there is a great variety of different print designs that can cover either a small part or the whole body.

People who wear leopard print tats should be strong and self-confident, free and independent. It may symbolize the hunting nature of the tat’s owner. This beast’s print can show people around how dangerous and unpredictable can a person be. His real hunting nature can be hidden behind this kind of tat.  However, there are endless variations of different styles (like dots in different colors, heart-shaped leopard’s dots or even flowers against leopard print background) which can show the individual meaning of each wearer.

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