Lion King Tattoos & Hakuna Matata Tattoo

Lion King is a sought-after design for those, who are real fans of the cartoon “The Lion King”, which discloses relevant problems as for the self-determination in life, relations between parents and children and the attitude towards life. People will appreciate the pictures of favorite cartoon characters; these tattoos will look great on any body area.

The lower half sleeve is embellished with the figure of a lion, presumably this is little Simba, inside of the pattern there are a mountain, green leaves and the dark shadows of Simba, Timon, and Pumbaa. This pattern may represent the moment when these three characters just have met and started to live a carefree life. So, this colorful image says about the importance of friendship in life.Tattoo in form of little Simba, inside a mountain, green leaves and the dark shadows of Simba, Timon, and Pumba

Remember Who You Are Tattoo

This lion image is the copy of the picture, which painted Rafiki in the cartoon as the sign of a birth of a new heir to the throne and a famous quote of Mufasa: “Remember who you are” is visible here. The point is that a person should never forget his roots, his family because they often help to find the right path.lion tattoo on the lower half sleeve is the copy of the picture, which painted Rafiki
This great piece of a watercolor tattoo on the sleeve shows little Simba and his father Mufasa. Obviously, there two characters had a very strong spiritual bond, which even death could not break it, so this tac may indicate a strong attachment to parents and to the family.little Simba and his father Mufasa watercolor tattoo on the lower half sleeve
The wrist here is adorned with an image of a little lion together with the inscription about the significance of a human mission in the world and his origins. Thus, this tattoo can be a talisman for the person as every time he faces a choice, he looks at the tattoo, who reminds of his real essence and the main purpose in the world.little lion tattoo together with the inscription on wrist
This dope ink looks fantastic, it may illustrate the moment from the cartoon when Mufasa explained Simba the difference between folly and recklessness and the importance of experiencing fear. Little colorful Simba is depicted on the chest and his father is displayed on the half sleeve, they touch each other with paws. The whole picture is about friendship, understanding, and harmony.Cartoon scene tattoo with Mufasa and little Simba
The lower half sleeve is decorated with a scene from the Disney cartoon “The Lion King” – a mother of Simba Sarabi is bathing her son, the picture is very beautiful and lovely. This image speaks about a strong relationship between a mother and her baby since they are the most robust of all that can exist between people.mother of Simba Sarabi tattoo is bathing her son

Mufasa from Lion King Cartoon Tattoo

This cute tattoo of Mufasa and Simba is visible on the back, it looks very appealing. This image reminds of a scene from the cartoon when Simba called his father to meet the dawn, and when Mufasa gave him his first lesson and talked about the cyclicality of life. This tattoo may express a spiritual relationship of the owner with the previous generations.cute tattoo of Mufasa and Simba on back
This pompous tattoo on the hip is extremely vibrant, it represents a lion, this image is similar to how Mufasa has appeared in the starry sky in the cartoon, here the lion is enclosed in a golden frame and at the bottom there is a quote from the cartoon. This tac is worn by a person, who is generous, forgiving and who actively resists injustice.a great tattoo picture of Mustafa against the backdrop of a starry sky in a golden frame
These black and white tattoos on feet show two main cartoon personages: little Nala and Simba, both figures are depicted in patterned frames. In the movie, they signified the perfect friendship since together they went through a dangerous path. Thus, this tattoo is an emblem of a strong friendship, which is not afraid of the distance and time, and that will overcome all and white little Nala and Simba tattoos on feet
This vivid ink on the foot shows a villain – Scar, the lion is displayed with its standard expression on the face – a mocking and contemptuous expression. In the cartoon, the lion has embodied all negative traits of a character, so this tattoo may indicate that a person has eradicated such character traits as envy, meanness, hidden hatred, inability confront the problems openly.vivid villain Scar tattoo on foot
This tattoo on the back charges with positive energy as it shows the trio of best friends: Timon, Pumbaa, and adult Simba, they look happy. These characters popularized a philosophy of carefree life in the cartoon, but they were loyal friends, so this tattoo can speak about a man, who takes all problems easily and always sees the positive around.happy Timon, Pumbaa, and adult Simba tattoo on back
The person with this tattoo on the lower leg is a fan of a negative hero – Scar, this dope ink depicts the uncle of Simba and at the bottom, there are shadows of a lion, warthog, and a meerkat. Perhaps, this figure can be about the inner conflict between good and evil in the human soul.sly face of Scar tattoo on the lower leg and shadows of a lion, warthog, and a meerkat
This tramp stamp tattoo represents the image of a lion cub, it seems as if the lion itself is a starry sky or the universe, the inscription in Italian language complements the picture. This ink has a very symbolic denotation as it says that the owner believes in fate and is aware of the fact that the universe has a plan for each person.stamp of lion cub tattoo with starry sky and Italian inscription
A colorful lion – Scar with a lettering “Be prepared” is observed on the half sleeve. In a famous cartoon, this lion was the personification of evil, but on the other hand, it signified commitment, determination, and a rational thinking. So, a person with this design is a confident and resolute man, who is always ready for any twist of fate.colorful Scar tattoo with a lettering on the half sleeve

Simba from Lion King Tattoo

A cute image of Simba with an inscription: “You got to put your past behind you”, which is a famous advice of mandrill, decorates the foot. Despite the fact that the picture looks very cute outwardly, it denotes that a human has learned how to let go the past and to move oncute tattoo of Simba with an inscription on foot
The idea of this ornament is that a wise human always learns from his mistakes and seeks to prevent them in the future.vibrant outlines of Timon, Pumbaa, and Simba tattoo and saying a quote of Rafiki
This gorgeous watercolor ink is the embellishment of the lower leg, a monochrome image of a lion is complemented by blurred accents of yellow and orange shades and there is an inscription: “Hakuna Matata”. Translated from Swahili, this phrase denotes “no worries” and a little lion indicates here a phase of a human life – childhood, which is the most carefree period in life.gorgeous watercolor monochrome lion tattoo on lower leg and an inscription
This sweet tattoo on the lower leg displays Mufasa and small Simba, they together are enclosed in a heart, made in pink and turquoise colors. This ink is about optimism, a positive attitude towards life and close relations with relatives.sweet Mufasa and small Simba tattoo in a heart on the lower leg
This wonderful ink is worn by a real fan of Disney cartoons, as the picture depicts a Lion King and Mickey Mouse at the bottom of the tattoo. Probably, this tattoo does not bear any semantic loading and performs a purely aesthetic function.wonderful tattoo with Lion King and Mickey Mouse on the lower half sleeve
This stunning watercolor tac on the half sleeve shows a lion king and his son, the picture itself is absolutely amazing. In this tattoo, a slogan of life is traced, so this dope ink expresses a cyclical nature of life: everything is born, dies and is reborn again.stunning watercolor lion king and his son tattoo on the half sleeve
The back here is adorned with the scene from the cartoon when Rafiki presented little Simba to the Pride, Mufasa, Sarabi, Rafiki and little Simba are done professionally, each character is bright and detailed. Perhaps, this tattoo is about a revival of personality and a rethinking of on back with scene from the cartoon when Rafiki presented little Simba to the Pride
The half sleeve here is adorned with the image of Simba, it is very cute and lovely. For the peoples of Asia, lions were the signs of the sun and greatness, so this tattoo says about a self-confident personality, who has realized himself in the personal and professional spheres.stylish face of Simba tattoo
This cartoon character Simba looks very bright and stylish, it is encircled in a pentagon on a blue background. In Buddhism, a lion was courageous and steadfast, it defended the Buddha, so this tattoo can be an amulet that brings good luck and protects from the misfortune.bright cartoon Simba tattoo in a pentagon on blue background
This tribal tattoo demonstrates a rascal from the cartoon “The Lion King” – Scar. Scar was a character, who had no sense of brotherhood, had unstable values and always did as he wanted. Maybe a person with this ink is a cynical man, and sometimes he commits dastardly deeds in order to achieve his goals.cunning muzzle black of scar tattoo in the waves
This watercolor ink on the hip is performed in yellow, orange and brown colors, here is little Simba and below the image is a lettering: “He lives in you”. This phrase was said by mandrill Rafiki at the time when he met Simba and showed him his reflection in a lake, in which he saw his father. So, the idea of this tattoo is that human ancestors live in his soul and are the part of him.watercolor tattoo of little Simba with lettering on the hip in yellow, orange and brown colors
Little yellow Simba, surrounded by red roses, is observed on the foot. Simba is the embodiment of pure love, devotion, and faithfulness, this denotation resonates with the signification of roses – love and affection. Thus, this dope ink is worn by a person with a loving and kind heart.Little yellow Simba, surrounded by red roses tattoo on the foot
The image of Simba, which Rafiki has painted on wood when he learned that Simba was alive, is on the lower leg. This figure is very symbolic as can match the value of the phoenix tattoo – a person has completely changed his life and his values, he has been reborn.Figure born Simba tattoo on hand
This awesome tac on the back is done in black and red colors, in the foreground there is a mature lion, perhaps it is Simba and in the background, there is the image of three shadows in a circle and an inscription: “Remember who you are”. This pattern is about inner strength and resoluteness of the and red mature Simba with three shadows in a circle and an inscription tattoo on back
This is a dope example of a new school style. This design shows a face of a lion, one part of which is Mufasa and another part is the face of Scar, at the top, there is a blue circle with shadows of other characters. This tat indicates that each person has two facets of a character: a kind and good side and the evil and selfish aspect.modern face of a lion tattoo, one part of which is Mufasa and another part - Scar with a blue circle with shadows of other characters
The image of three best friends: Simba, Pumbaa, and Timon on a colorful background, which can represent the jungles, adorns the biceps. The design is very positive, perhaps, it spells out the idea of a cheerful and carefree life and the enjoyment of every moment.Simba, Pumbaa, and Timon tattoo on a colorful jungles on biceps
The half sleeve here is adorned with a vibrant tattoo, which consists of two parts: at the top there is a lion, and at the bottom there are Simba, Pumbaa, and Timon, it seems as if Mufasa is watching over these three pals. The idea of this ink is that sometimes a person gets help from fate, and it depends only on him how to use purple watercolor lion thumbnail characters from The Lion King
The leading theme of the cartoon: “The Lion King” is problems between parents and children, and that a person begins to appreciate someone when only he loses him. This bright picture shows the head of a lion and the little lion cub, below the major pattern there are the date and a name. Thus, this tattoo can be done in memory of the departed relative, presumably a father.bright tattoos of head lion and lion cub in bottom with date and a name
In the cartoon, little Simba was the personification of a curious and sometimes naughty child with a big and loving heart. Here a monochrome lion with a crown on its head and the name on the back may be the symbol of a beloved son or a brother.Sad Simba face tattoo with crown
This tattoo on the hand is dazzling, the original pattern from the cartoon has been transformed and the lion in purple, a little heart is on its chest and above the head there is a yellow crown, the additional detail is an inscription: “Remember who you are”. The denotation of this dope ink is that even if a person achieves everything he wants he should always remember where he started.Lilac born Simba tattoo on hand
Little cheerful Simba with the lettering: “Hakuna Matata” looks magnificent. This phrase was the motto for Timon and his friend in the cartoon, it meant that an easy attitude towards life could solve all problems. So, the owner of this tattoo is merry, sometimes childish and frivolous.Little yellow cheerful Simba tattoo with the lettering
This absolutely amazing tattoo on the hip illustrates a vibrant moment when Simba looked into the lake and saw his father, he realized that even if the father was not physically with him, he lived in his heart and Simba realized whom he was, it was a turning point for him. Here colors are very vivid and all together they create an eye-catching picture and this tattoo signifies that a human has understood who he shows Simba looking into the lake to blue green purple background
This tribal ink on the half sleeve demonstrates the head of a mature lion – Mufasa and his son Simba, at the bottom there is a date. Probably, this ink has been made as a reminder of past happier times with a human, who is no longer alive.Black tattoo with head of Mufasa and little simba on half-sleeve
This cute lion on the lower leg looks nice. Ancient Egyptians reckoned that the image of a seated lion brought to the owner harmony and spiritual balance. Here, Simba may be the sign of a harmonious and concentrated personality.nice Simba tattoo on the lower leg
This sweet lion from the cartoon is surrounded by green leaves and small blue flowers, the ink looks stunning on the lower leg. In the movie, Simba in the childhood was the personification of a careless child, so this tac may emphasize that this person will always remain a kid inside despite the age.funny little Simba in the grass
A leading motive in the animated cartoon is the importance of the family as Mufasa teaches his son how to be a fair ruler and he told Simba that the power of each king is like the sun: it just rises and sets on time. This lovely tattoo on the half sleeve depicts Mufasa and Simba, the background is in a blue color – the color of purity. Thus, the person with this ornament is a wise human, who knows and accepts the laws of life. little Simba lying on Mufasa on blue waves tattoo

Simba and Nala Tattoo

This Disney tattoo on the half sleeve, which demonstrates embracing Simba and Nala in the floral frame, is very appealing and perhaps it shows that a person is a fan of the cartoon as there is a date – 1994 the date of the release, but the couple Simba and Nala is the favorite one, since it displays a true love, which cannot be forgotten. So, the owner of this dope tattoo is romantic, amorous and sometimes naive.Simba and Nala in the floral frame tattoo on half-sleeve
Nala and Simba here are depicted together in the form that resembles a drawing of little Simba from the cartoon, the tattoo is observed on the lower leg. In this case, this lioness and a lion represent a perfect relationship, in which the woman is wise and submissive, whereas the man is a proud and hardy predator, who always protects his family.Nala and Simba together in the form of little lion
For the people of Africa, the lion was associated with royal power, nobility and durability, helpless people cannot wear the image of a lion. Here is Simba, who is wearing a crown on his head, and at the bottom, there is a phrase “to the King”. Hence, an individual with this ink is the master of his own destiny, and he is a powerful man.happy and cheerful Simba in the grass with crown

Hakuna Matata Tattoo

A sought-after pattern of Simba, Timon, and Pumbaa on the background of the sun is on the half sleeve. In the cartoon, Timon and Pumbaa were representatives of the philosophy of “Hakuna Matata,” which implied life without rules and responsibilities. Thus, a person with this tattoo lives one day without any rules and restrictions.Simba, Timon, and Pumbaa tattoo on the background of the sun is on the half sleeve
The thigh here is embellished with a vivid picture, which illustrates an epic scene from the cartoon: “The Lion King”, when mandrill Rafiki introduced Simba to the residents of the valley, on the left edge of the ink a ribbon with a phrase from the movie is twisted. This dope picture reveals the idea of a potent personality, who is in spite of the experienced pain, does not lose a heart and continues to build the scene when mandrill Rafiki introduced Simba
Three generations of lions are presented in this tattoo on the lower arm: perhaps, a little lion can be a child of Simba, the lion in the center is Simba himself and his father is depicted in blue tones. Obviously, this dope ink is about a cyclical nature of life – birth is replaced by death, and vice versa.realistic adult Simba with blue tones his father and young son in bottom
This vibrant tattoo on the half sleeve depicts two best friends – little Simba and Nala, a hornbill Zazu is near them in the foreground, behind them there is Mufasa, who is displayed like a spirit in the sky. This colorful image is not only pleasing to the eye, it also has a deep sense as two lions speak about a developed sense of fraternity and responsibility in a man, and Mufasa and Zazu indicate a human, who seeks to abstract values: love, honor, duty.vibrant little Simba and Nala tattoo with a hornbill Zazu on the half sleeve
A magnificent tattoo of two major characters on the cartoon: Mufasa and Zazu is on the half sleeve, in the cartoon, their relationship is the illustration of equality regardless of a social status, they were real friends. So, the person with this tattoo believes in a cooperation, friendship and love between people, regardless of race, political views or the social status.magnificent tattoo of Mufasa and Zazu is on the half sleeve
The female side is adorned with an awesome figure, which immediately attracts attention. Two lions: Mufasa and Scar are fighting and they are depicted in dynamics over the flame, their faces express anger and determination. This ink spells out the idea of a constant inner struggle in the human soul between the good and evil.Mufasa and Scar are fighting over the flame tattoo on side
A lion’s head in a rhombus, which is painted with various colors, is located on the lower arm. This design is very vivid, this little lion cub can talk about boundless, faithful and strong love for children.head of Simba tattoo in a colored rhombus on the lower arm.
This lion is associated with internal weakness, meanness, selfishness and inability to empathize. So, for a man this figure is a reminder of what type of a person he shouldn’t be.colorful tattoo of Scar on the lower half sleeve
This tribal image of Scar looks a little bit ominous, but still it is beautiful. Many nations assume that the lion tattoo says about power, authority, internal and external human force so that this ink may disclose the above-named idea.ominous tattoo of Scar on half sleeve
This masterpiece is an eye-catching tattoo, which extends along the whole back, which is incredible! The core of the picture is a brown tree with a green foliage, to the right of the tree there is scar, to the left there is Rafiki, who is presumably holding Simba’s daughter Kiara, in the foreground there are Simba, Pumbaa, and Timon, completes the picture of the image of Mufasa, made in the form of a starry sky, which is above the tree. All main characters of the cartoon are here, all together they speak about life as a thorny road, where a man meets good people and envious, but everyone gives necessary experience.Very big tattoo with brown tree, Scar, Rafiki, who is introduced Kiara, Simba, Pumbaa, and Timon, starry sky with Mufasa
This lovely picture of Mufasa and little Simba is on the half sleeve. This ink is very touching and on a female body, this image acquires a definite value, as it shows the woman as a mother, who is devoted to her family. This mentioned idea is revealed in this ink.Good tattoo with Mufasa and little Simba on half sleeve
The hip here is decorated with a vibrant image of a menacing lion – Scar on a green background and his minions hyenas. The picture of Scar here says about meanness and falseness of a human nature, and hyenas are the symbol of vice, hypocrisy and inconsistency. Thus, the signification of this tattoo is negative.Scar on a green background and his minions hyenas tattoo on hip
A picture of a little roaring lion is the decoration of a lower arm. This lion, in this case, is a symbol of bravery, honesty, and kindness and it stands for the idea of the necessity of acquiring all these qualities since childhood because basic character traits are formed at a young age.a little roaring lion on lower arm
This bright figure is on the lower half sleeve, it depicts Scar, he is lying on a stone and is holding the skull in his paw. The decision to murder his brother in the cartoon was not impulsive for Scar, he had long nurtured the plan and possibly the fratricide was not easy for him. This tattoo is about a difficult choice, faced by everyone at least once throughout a life it is about whether it is worthwhile for the sake of ambitions to sacrifice humanness and a family, perhaps a person with the tattoo once was forced to make this choice.lying Scar tattoo on stone and skull in his paw
The image of Simba in a red rose bud looks fascinating. In Greek mythology, a lion was associated with Apollo and Fortune, these gods symbolized power and the sun, so a person with this ink is an excellent earner and successful leader.Simba in a red rose tattoo
This half sleeve is adorned with a masterpiece, which displays a majestic lion – Mufasa in the sky, around him there is a flame and a blue haze, adult Simba is looking at his father and this tattoo illustrates the scene from the cartoon when Mufasa told Simba always to remember who he is. Perhaps, the owner of this tat understood his purpose in life and chose a new spiritual path.gorgeous picture with Simba looking at the image of the father in the night sky
The foot here is embellished with the image of Scar – the villain, who embodied an egoist, who consciously could hurt another person and felt the pleasure because he had power over the life and happiness of the other person. Probably, an individual with this tattoo goes ahead without remorse.squinting evil green Scar tattoo on food
This lovely picture displays Mufasa and little Simba, behind them there are two shades of a large and a small lion, who are watching over the valley. This cute image reminds of the scene from the cartoon, when Mufasa explained Simba that time of each person in this world is limited, a person is born, lives and dies, and the cycle repeats again. Thus, the idea of cyclicality of the world can be traced in this dope tattoo.lovely Mufasa and little Simba, behind them there are two shades of a large and a small lion
A colorful picture of Rafiki and little Simba. Colors of the tat are bright and this image looks very cute, many people wear this design to express that their family is a paramount thing for them in life, this tattoo illustrates this idea.colorful tattoo of Rafiki and little Simba from the cartoon is on the lower half sleeve
The figure of hyenas, which are led by Scar are on the lower leg. In Christianity, hyenas were devil’s henchmen, they were scavengers, and the lion always represented courage and integrity, perhaps this tattoo shows the duplicity of a personality.figure of hyenas with Scar tattoo on the lower leg
These tattoos on lower legs create together a holistic picture: Simba on the left leg with a word “Hakuna” and Timon and Pumbaa on the right leg with a lettering “Matata” make up a complete image. This tac shows that the motto of the owner in life is: “Hakuna Matata”, he never worries about what he cannot change.Simba on the left leg and Timon and Pumbaa on the right leg with a lettering tattoos on lower legs
This tribal ink, which represents a lion from the cartoon – Scar and two roses is on the foot. This character in the cartoon indicated a very lonely personality, who had no special talent to stand out and due to the anger he had no friends. Hence, a person, who wears this tac, is a lonely man, perhaps he is even a misanthrope.Scar and two roses tattoo on the foot
A stunning tattoo of Simba – a favorite character from the cartoon: “The Lion King” with the inscription: “I will never be too old for Disney” embellishes the belly. The denotation here is quite clear – a person is a real fan of cartoons and will watch them at any age.Interesting tattoo of Simba in grass
This zero cool tattoo on the half sleeve represents two lions: Mufasa and Scar, who are fighting, the tattoo is done in a realistic style, it seems as if they are alive. This ink signifies that a man has not yet found the inner harmony and he is in confrontation with himself.fighting Mufasa and Scar tattoo in realistic style
This sneaky lion from the loved by all cartoon is on the half sleeve. In the cartoon, it was a negative character, but here this image can just has an aesthetic function, and it does not bear a deep meaning.sneaky brown lion on the half sleeve
This ideal couple – Simba and Nala, which has become the sign of a new beginning and rebirth, looks fantastic on the half sleeve. Apparently, a person with this tattoo believes in true love, which conquers everything.fantastic couple Simba and Nala tattoo on the half sleeve
The lower leg here is adorned with a lovely image of a father and a son – Mufasa and Simba, also there are red roses. This tattoo says about the wonderful relationship between children and parents, when they are best close friends. Elegant tattoo with Mufasa and Simba on red roses
In many cultures, a lion is a mighty animal, for Indians, a lion is the embodiment of physical and moral power and in Asian culture, a lioness was the guardian of the family hearth as in nature they provide with food the whole pride and bring up children. On the shoulder blade here a touching couple Simba and Nala is depicted and this ink is about a harmonious relationship.Romantic Nala and Simba tattoo on shoulder
This vibrant image represents two small lion cubs – Simba and Nala in childhood, they are depicted in the background of rocks and the sunset, colors of the tac are very vivid. Presumably, this ink is about a real friendship in life.Delightful tattoo with little Simba and Nala on background of mountain and sunset
In Greek myths, Hercules is compared to a lion, he wore his skin and was the epitome of strength and courage. Here a brave lion from the cartoon on the lower leg is a symbol of victory, pride, nobility and strength.Terrific Simba tattoo on hand
This watercolor image of Simba on the hip looks appealing. People reckon that any image of a lion can be a guardian of the person, who wears the ink. So, in this case, this lion design may be a lucky mascot.Fabulous head of Simba tattoo on hip
This extremely cute roaring lion on the neck is the picture of a famous character – Simba. Here the lion may indicate that despite his apparent harmlessness, a person can always stand up for himself and that the appearance can be deceptive sometimes.extremely cute roaring lion on the neck
This tribal image of Scar on the half sleeve looks intimidating. Scar means the achievement of goals through resourcefulness and cunning. This tattoo can be a talisman of a man, who can play the feelings of other people for his own benefit.intimidating black Scar tattoo on hand
The side of the body is embellished with an amazing tattoo of little Simba and Nala, who are walking across the savannah and look happy, below the image there is an inscription: “You are never alone”. This tattoo is worn by a human, who firmly believes in the existence of the second half for each person, with whom he will never be lonely.Pretty tattoo of little Simba and Nala on side of body
This recognizable sign of the cartoon “The Lion King” is on the foot: a lion image is combined with a phrase “Hakuna Matata”, in the ultraviolet a band appears on the forehead of the lion cub. This picture says about the lifestyle of the owner – he lives happily and does not think about those circumstances, which do not depend on him.Black symbol born Simba on foot
This playful picture of Simba and Nala is on the back, Simba is holding the tail of a lioness. This great ink shows that such qualities as playfulness, some frivolity, cheerfulness, and easiness are inherent in the owner of the tattoo.Lovely Simba and Nala tattoo on back
This touching tattoo in the form of a heart, inside of which there are Simba and Nala, is the best adornment of the back. This dope tattoo denotes that in nature, a lion is nothing and nobody without his lionesses, because only with her support, he becomes the king of beasts. So, the owner of this tattoo reckons that only with the support and love of a loved one a human may succeed.Charming cartoon style tattoo of head Simba and Nala in heart
The image of Simba in different variations can be seen on the feet, the left image presents Simba on his birthday, and the second image appeared after Rafiki has learned that Simba was alive. This tattoo can symbolize the same person at different stages of life, perhaps, he has changed completely his perception of the world and his life.Blue and brown born Simba tattoo on feet
his vibrant tattoo is observed on the foot, it represents Nala from the cartoon: “The Lion King”, the pattern of a lioness is very graceful. Female tattoos of the lion carry the meaning of family wisdom, and motherhood, so this ink emphasizes that the woman is dedicated to her family.Elegant black lined tattoo of Nala on food
Characters of the famous cartoon Nala and Simba are done in a watercolor style and they are located on half sleeves, presumably, this is a pair tattoo. Nala and Simba personify an ideal relationship, based on love, loyalty and devotion, so with the help of these tattoos people in love wanted to immortalize their love.Nala and Simba tattoo in a watercolor style on half sleeves
A vivid image of Scar with his famed phrase: “I am surrounded by idiots” is on the lower leg. A person with this tattoo wants to express his attitude to the world and his philosophy in life, he is arrogant and doesn’t care about other people.Captivating tattoo with face of Scar on hand
This watercolor ink on the side of the female body shows two images of little Simba and the phrase “Hakuna Matata”. This picture is about a person with an inexhaustible optimism, who always sees the best since this phrase signifies “no worries”.watercolor two images of little Simba and the phrase on the female side
The side here is decorated with a dope tattoo, done in black, yellow and orange colors. The major pattern is two shadows: one of them is black, another is white, conceivably, these are Mufasa and little Simba and an inscription in Portuguese states about the protection. So, perhaps, this tattoo was made as a symbol of a deceased relative, who even without the physical presence helps a person from heaven.Black, yellow and orange tattoo of Mufasa and little Simba

Rafiki Tattoo Ideas from Lion King

A colorful tattoo of Rafiki, who is holding little Simba in his hands on a background of the red sun, moreover, a blue flower with an image of Simba, are on the female hip. The owner of this ink is a fan of the cartoon “The Lion King” and she admires wise counsels, which sounded in the cartoon.colorful tattoo of Rafiki, who is holding little Simba
The lower half sleeve here is adorned with faces of the cartoon “The Lion King”, from the left to the right: Pumbaa, Simba and Timon. These characters were symbols of a disinterested friendship, devotion, enjoyment of life and mutual aid. Thus, a person with this tattoo can be a loyal and good friend.Head of Simba, Pumba and Timon tattoo on hand
The hip is embellished with a gorgeous tac – brave Simba and tender Nala are located in a figured frame with borders of small pearls and two red gems. This picture is about a strong family and a happy marriage, perhaps, a woman with this ink has found her female happiness.brave Simba and tender Nala tattoo in a figured frame with borders on hip
This sweet image of Simba and Nala, which kisses him on the cheek and an inscription “Can you feel the love tonight” is on the back. This quote from the famous song, which played in the cartoon and it marked the birth of feelings between Simba and Nala. So, this tight tattoo is a sign of a strong love.sweet tattoo of Simba and Nala, which kisses him on the cheek and an inscription
This adorable tac of Simba is on the half sleeve, the ink is blue and there are some red accents in the center. Some African tribes use the totem of a lion in the ritual of an initiation of a boy to a man since the lion signifies courage and fortitude. Hence, this tattoo is a symbol of the a potent, brave and noble man.adorable tattoo of Simba is on the half sleeve
A brown image of Simba with dates of birth and death and an inscription: “He lives in you” is on the foot. This ink is a tribute to the deceased loved one, this tattoo says that the memory of a departed person always lives in the heart of a living relative.brown tattoo of Simba with dates of birth
In African myths, a lion is represented as the creator and the destroyer. Here, an image of Scar – the cartoon character is observed on the half sleeve, this tattoo indicates that a man is both a creator of his own destiny and a potential destroyer, only he chooses whom he will become.aggressive Scar tattoo on shoulder
This cute Simba with a ribbon, on which there is a phrase “Lion Heart”, looks magnificent. In many cultures, a lion is a majestic animal with a brave heart, it is capable of self-sacrifice, it is honest and is a fighter for justice. So, this ink is worn by a potent personality with an iron will.Fine Simba tattoo in form of arms
These tramp stamp tattoos show the figure of Simba and an inscription: “Remember who you are”. These tattoos express the idea of spiritual kinship and the necessity to remember about roots always.stamp tattoos of figure of born Simba and an inscription