Lion and Lamb Tattoo Design Ideas

There are many versions of Lion and Lamb tattoos. The most well-known one has its base in Christian faith. Both the lion and the lamb refer to Jesus Christ.

It is believed that Jesus embodies these two animals. The Lion and the Lamb are descriptions of the nature of Christ. This tattoo is chosen by those who are religious and faithful. Another version was told by Leonardo da Vinci in his fable about the Lion and the Lamb.

Make a long story short, the lamb was thrown into lion’s cage and it wasn’t scared at all. The lion was impressed with the lamb’s guts and decided not to eat it. The lion and the lamb symbolize the new-found paradise, the original unity and the end of all worlds’ conflicts. It’s a symbol of peace.

  1. Old school lion and lamb tattoo is inked on the inner thigh. This tattoo design is truly impressive.Lamb in Lion Month And Words
  2. This tattoo image was designed in Realism tattoo style. Lion and lamb tattoo is inked on the shoulder. Black and white colors add a flavor to this ink.Lion With Lamb
  3. Here’s one more example of realistic lion and lamb tattoo on shoulder. It might be the beginning of a sleeve. Ink-credible!Profile Lion With Little Lamb
  4. Black and grey lion and lamb tattoo is made on the back. It’s huge. And here’s a good side of its size. The bigger it is the clearer an image will be. Obviously, this tattoo idea was taken from Bible and we can see the number of chapter below the tat.King Lion With Little Lamb And Words
  5. It looks like an engraving from a book. The lion which holds a cross and the lamb beneath. The tattoo is decorated with a different ornament.Lion With Chrest And Little Lamb On The Grass
  6. Old school tattoo style is famous for its simplicity of colors and lines. Colors are pale but this exactly what the owner of this tat was looking for. Lion, Lamb And Roses
  7. New School style requires big size tattoos because of the clarity of an image. The lion and the lamb tattoo is engraved on inner forearm. The tat is clear and bright colored. Colored Lion With Lamb In The Mouth
  8. If you look for some unusual tattoo design, this one can be interesting for you. Here’s an image of the lamb in lions clothing. Straingh Lamb With Lion
  9. The lion and the lamb tattoo in a frame have been inked on the shoulder. The lions strength and lambs innocence are united into one.Lion And Lamb In The Mirror Borders
  10. The lion and the lamb blackwork tattoo have been tattooed on the shoulder. It looks impressive!Lion With Lamb Face On The Hair
  11. As it was saying before, the lion and the lamb tattoo are religious in a first place. People could add the number of their favorite Bible chapter to tattoo image, like in this case. Lion and lamb tattoo was placed on the back of cuff. Lion With Lamb In The Frame
  12. This is an incredible lion sleeve tattoo. A graphic style is a great option for this tattoo idea.Lion With A Little Lamb
  13. Usually, realistic tattoo takes a lot of space. These tats could be placed on the back or on the outer thigh like in this case.Lion And Lamb On The Grass
  14. This lion and lamb tattoo was performed in Neo-traditional style, which has some common elements with Old School but it’s brighter and more colored. An ink is placed on the thigh.Lion And Lamb With Flowers And Frame
  15. This is only an outline of the future tattoo but it already looks amazing. Lamb and lion tattoo on feet.Lion And Lamb Face On The Foot With Words
  16. Black and gray lion and lamb tattoo with lettering that says: “Rise and rise again until Lambs become Lions”.  The tat is on the shoulder. Lion Tattoo With Words And Little Lamb In The Corner
  17. Minimalism tattoo style is for people who want a tattoo so badly but don’t want to decorate a quite big part of their bodies. Tattoos are simple, small, elegant and, usually, not bright.Simple Lined Lion And Lamb With Words
  18. Cartoon-like tattoo of the lion and the lamb. It’s small and esthetic tattoo, more girly as for me. Cartoon Lion And Lamb
  19. Here’s one of the most original tattoo ideas. Realistic lion and lamb tattoo with dove on the shoulder. Lion, Lamb And Brid
  20. Here’s beautiful pale lion and lamb tattoo on the outer thigh. Light grey colors create an amazing image. It’s girly tat.Lion and Lamb In The Hair
  21. Black and gray lion and lamb tattoo been inked on the shoulder. There’s a feeling that an image appears on the arm. Beautifully done!Lion And Lamb Under Chin
  22. Lion and lamb tattoo on the inner forearm. Realism tattoo style expresses the full lion’s strength and lambs innocence. It’s breathtaking!Lion With Lamb And Words
  23. This one is a good example of Neo-traditional tattoo style. The main features of this tattoo style are clear outlines and clear bright image. As a rule, tattoo artists portray people or animals. Both look at you aggressively. Here’s lion and lamb neo-traditional tattoo on the shoulder.Lion King And Lamb With Leave Frame And Sun
  24. What we can see here is the lion and the lamb tattoo on ribs with lettering: “The figure of a lamb. The feats of a lion”. Original  tattoo design as for me. Lion And Lamb With Words On Body
  25. Clear black lines with just a few blue elements create a full lion and lamb tattoo image. Tattoos have been inked on both arms so you need to look at both to see it complete.Lined Lion And Lamb With Blue Strips
  26. It is simple and complicated tattoo at the same time. Lion and lamb placed in the sky. Clouds represent the paradise. it is believed that only after a lion made his peace with a lamb the world will not see more conflicts.Lion And Lams like Sun And Skyes
  27. This lion and lamb tattoo design is too beautiful to ignore it. Realism brings refinements to this ink.Lion With Little Lamb Under Chin
  28. Black and white lion and lamb tattoo been inked on the forearm. The lamb is wearing lions disguise. It is said that it can protect itself in this way.Lamb In Mouth Of Lion
  29. Can’t find other word but a masterpiece to describe this tattoo work. Dotwork lion and lamb ink been tattooed on outer thigh and goes down to the cuff. This tat looks phenomenal!Long Tattoo With Lion And Lamb And Elements From Leave To Sun
  30. The tattoo lines are smooth and blurry. Have a feeling that it was rather painted than was inked with a tattoo kit. The lamb wants to find its protection next to the lion.Little Lamb Lying On Lion
  31. Black and grey colors add originality to this lion and lamb tattoo that is inked on the shoulder blade. This is a religious theme tattoo design and three crosses on the background prove that. The lion and the lamb are two images of Christ who was crucified on one of these crosses.Lion And Lamb Near Graveyard