Lion Shoulder Tattoo Ideas

The traditions of shoulder tattooing came from a high antiquity. A long time ago any images on the shoulder meant human’s status in the social world. Shoulder tattoos are still popular. These tats are the most common now – for both men and women. Traditionally, shoulder tattoo is inked according to some rules and has a special meaning depending on a place and an image.

  1. Here’s an ink of lion head on the shoulder. It is made in Black and White style. It is symbolic, especially, an image of a compass on the left top. People who get inked with a compass tat think that it will help them to feel their inner compass and find their path in life.  Lion Head With Compass
  2. It is not just an ink of lion on the shoulder. It is real knight armor. The work is perfectly done.Armored Shoulder With Lion Head
  3. Here’s an interesting work. It’s a combination of Realism and Blackwork styles. The tattoo artist has done that so professionally that I have no words to describe the beauty of this tat.Lion Face With Blue Eyes
  4. Sketch style is popular mostly because of its incompleteness. You can add some new details later if you want. But you can also leave everything this way and it still looks great.Rock Lion Head
  5. There are so many tattoo styles for you to choose. Nevertheless, Realism still wins. It’s hard to resist the temptation to be inked with a realistic lion tattoo.Lion Head On Shoulder
  6. If you are a fan of black tattoos, here’s an option for you. Graphic lion head that is tattooed on your shoulder. It’s interesting, beautiful and manfully.Lion Head With Moon
  7. All these small decoration details can be chosen by a girl for her lion shoulder tat. Sacred style requires a set of elements that are transformed into a full picture. And bird feathers add some flavor to this tat.Lion Keeper Of The Dreams
  8. What will the girl choose for a tat? Of course, it’s something bright. This lion ink looks fantastic. The realistic image is gently combined with strictly colored lines.Multicolored Lion Head On Shoulder
  9. We all know this phrase: “Good old days!” This is how the whole tattoo style could be characterized. Just because Old School appeared a long time ago we can’t stop love it. And it doesn’t mean that everybody just forgot about it. It’s still popular cuz it was time-tested. Lion Head With Blue Crystals And Word
  10. To avoid misunderstanding you should know that the main feature of Graphic style is its technique. All of the shadows need to be done with the help of dashes. This is exactly what we can see in this lion shoulder tattoo.Lion Head With Triangle
  11. It’s so interesting to observe how different tattoo styles interweave into one beautiful image. What we are able to see here is three styles: Graphic, Watercolor, and Geometric come together. Lion With Yellow Line And Red Web
  12. It seems like an artist took his brush and drew this picture on a canvas. Then he added some black lines carefully and it’s done. But we all know what a hard work is this. Only true masters can imitate real art so fine.Lion Head With Multicolored
  13. The head of the lion which is decorated with different details and elements. Looks unbelievably beautiful.Indian Style Lion Head
  14. Just imagine African savannah at sunset, the lion is resting under the tree after a hard day. And now imagine that it is possible to implement this picture on your shoulder. Love it!Detalised Lion Head On Shoulder
  15. There is something shamanic in this tat, isn’t it? The image of a lion is a little bit scary but it has its own beauty!Anger Lion Head
  16. There’s always a place and time for the realistic lion with a crown above. This crown element hints us that the owner of a tat is a powerful person. He is the king of everything. Lions with crowns are the most common inks.Lion With Crown On Shoulder
  17. Watercolor style is not supposed to be bright colored only. Here’s we see a great example of black and gray watercolor technique. Looks phenomenal!Smoked Lion Head
  18. Tribal tattoo style was taken from Maya civilization. Usually, it’s black or gray geometrical ornament with the help of the last one you can make an image of some animal etc. Like in this case, for example, black thick lines are transforming into lion head.Lined Lion On Shoulder
  19. It is something unbelievable! The lion is so real that you could literary feel his breathing near you. Every line, every light and shadow were inked perfectly.Roaring Lion Head
  20. Geometric style added some singularity to this tat. Lion’s head is consist of dozens small triangles that is why it looks like a tessellation.Angled Lion Head
  21. Sometimes the most amazing things are hidden in simplicity. This lion head tat with all of the color wideness, strict black lines and circles look Ink-credible!Watercolor Lion Head Star Symbolic
  22. Here’s a combination of a lion image, an all-seeing eye, and a Dreamcatcher. It is symbolic and beautifully done work. The graphic style adds some specialty to this tat.Lion Head With Third Eye
  23. It is not just a lion tattoo on the shoulder. It is an art piece, a real masterpiece on your hand. Someone may argue with me about the beauty of this work but who cares. It’s fantastic. The whole family is together: the lion, a lioness, and their babies. The more realistic this tat is the better.Lion With Childs
  24. It’s got popular to get tattooed with realistic images of sculpture. Usually, these tattoos are made in black and white realism like this one.Profile Lion Head On Shoulder
  25. Realistic lion heads tattoo that is made on the shoulder. It can make us blind with its awesomeness! And the lock on lion’s neck with two letters means love of two people! Sweet!Lion Head With Lock
  26. Lines, dashes, lines! Nothing else but lines. That is how you can describe Graphic tattoo style. All we can see is gray color and hundreds of lines and dashes which transform into one incredible tat on your shoulder.Lion Head On Shoulder
  27. Someone likes simplicity; others want something that is more complicated and detailed. In both cases tattoos are great. And it’s up for you to choose whatever you want better. This image of a lion head on the shoulder is simple. The owner has chosen Dotwork as a style and he didn’t make a mistake. Looks tight!Lion In Rhombus
  28. The lion head tat is cut into two parts. These parts are made in different styles: one is Trash Polka and another is neo-Traditional. One side has clear outlines, bright colors, and another one is all blurred, black and red colored.Watercolor With Detalised Halves Of Lion Head
  29. Sometimes only one look will be enough to say that this is girly tat. This image of the lion is so bright colored and decorated with lilies that the only girl could be inked with this.Lion Head With Flowers
  30. As we all know Blackwork style is defined as a style where black paint prevails like in this tattoo of a lion on the shoulder. It is all dark and aggressive but still terrific!Blackcolored Lion Head With Tie

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