Lion Skull Tattoo: Designs and Ideas

Skull tattoos are probably the most widespread ones among tattoo lovers. Skull is that kind of tattoo that makes some people thinks about bad things towards this tattoo owner. It can be easily explained by the universal fear of death.

Lion Skull Tattoo Meaning

Skulls remind us about a fading of a life. It’s not a secret that everything has its end and the life isn’t an exception. But we should remember that everything is relative. Someone looks at skull tat and thinks about death, others see just a reminding to enjoy your life.

It depends on your worldview. Generally, skull tattoo meanings are connected with a danger, the death and the awareness of the life transience. As a rule, such sensitive topics are wearing a taboo veil in society. Lion skull tattoos have pretty much the same symbolism as any other skull tats.

They are reminding about quick life fading. Skull is a bitter symbol of a time that is slipping through our fingers and killing everything. To sum up, the skull is a symbol of death but it is also a symbol of immortality.

There are two opposite meaning of this tattoo. If you are interested in this topic, you’ll get an opportunity to find the best design for you.

Lion Skull Tattoo Designs

You need to do a lot of searching work before you get a tattoo. We found some great lion skull tattoo designs to make it easier for you. Here’s an amazing tattoo that is inked on the shoulder.lion skull tattoo in dotwork style

Lion Skull Tattoo on Legs

Probably you are already familiar with lamb and lion dyad in tattoo culture. Both the lion and the lamb refer to Jesus Christ. It is believed that Jesus embodies these two animals. Here are two tats on the outer top thighs that portray lion and lamb’s skulls. Sketch tattoo style adds a flavor to this tattoo design.lion and lamb skulls tattoo on the outer top thighs in sketch style

Skull Tattoo on Forearm

Sometimes the most impressive and the most beautiful things are hidden in the simplicity. That is how you could describe Line-up tattoo style and this lion skull tat in particular. The line-up is defined as a style where curved and straight lines make up an image. Tattoo master use nothing but lines. Looks really cool!Lion skull tattoo from curved and straight lines

Lion Skull Tattoo on Shoulder

I’ve never seen anything like this. Here’s an amazing combination of lion skull image and bees on their honeycomb. It is thought that an image of a bee symbolizes a hard work and diligence. It is just a stencil of the future sleeve but even outlines look cool! lion skull tattoo with bees on honeycomb

Lion Skull Half Sleeve Tattoos

What a terrific lion skull half sleeve tattoo with some chrysanthemums elements. Typically, chrysanthemums tats prevail in a Japanese school, but they are also widespread in Europe and around the whole globe. It is believed that chrysanthemums tattoos are associated with a wisdom, nobility, and generosity. Those who got this tat believe that it brings happiness, symbolizes a determination and confidence.terrific lion skull half sleeve tattoo with chrysanthemums elements

Lion Skull Hand Tattoo

If you are an extraordinary person and you are open to something new, this lion skull tattoo on the hand is for you. In the main, the palm of a hand isn’t the most popular part of a body to get an ink. It requires a lot of aftercare and thrift and you it is necessary to refresh this ink more often than any other. Unusual lion skull tattoo on palm

Lion Skull Arm Tattoo

Here’s a great skull tattoo on the forearm. By adding more elements you might get a fantastic half sleeve.great lion skull tattoo on the forearm

Lion Skull Tattoo with Flowers

If you are on the bright side and want your body to be more colorful, you must pay attention to this ink with flowers decoration. Realism is the best style to bring this idea to life.lion skull tattoo with colorful flowers decoration

Lion Skull with Snake Tattoo

It is common to portray lion skull in combination with a snake that is getting out of lion’s sockets. This image symbolizes immortality and wisdom. This means that our knowledge and experience will stay on Earth even after our death.lion skull tattoo in combination with a snake and flowers

Lion Skull Tattoo on Back

If you want something unusual, you can add some bright elements to your tattoo. All you need is a few drops of bright paint and you’ve got it! It would seem such a little thing but looks amazing!bright lion skull tattoo on side

Black and White Skull Tattoo

Graphic style is getting more and more popular nowadays. There is no wonder why. Grey color, clear lines, a great variety of possible drawings can make you fell in love with this tattoo style from the first sight. There’s no need to talk about this tattoo on the forearm for long hours. It looks phenomenal.lion skull tattoo on the forearm in graphic style

Here’s a lion skull tattoo that is inked on the hand. The tat is arranged so that if you wiggle the thumb, the lion’s jaws will open and close. It’s pretty cool, isn’t it?lion skull with an open mouth on the outside of hand

Dotwork is known for its uniqueness. Thousands of dots create an image of a lion skull on the cuff. Geometric shapes add a refinement to this of a lion skull on the cuff combined with geometric shapes

Small Lion Skull Tattoo

It’s a usual thing to ink a lion skull with roses. The skull with roses tattoo means the unity of opposites: life and death that are going together all the time.  lion skull with roses tattoo on half sleeve

The full lion skull tattoo image is divided into two parts. On the one forearm, there is a male lion skull and a female on the other one. All you need to do is to put your arms together so that the image will be connected. This tattoo design reminds of Victorian times, everything is so aristocratic: the clothes, decorations, accessories, etc.  full lion skull tattoo uin frames on two hands

If this tat could talk, it would say: “Beware of my owner!”  It’s not a secret that sometimes people get tattooed just to send a certain message to others. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. This is what they are and to get a tat is a great way to express yourself.angry lion half-skull tattoo

Colored Lion Skull Tattoo

I’m not sure that everybody who is getting a tat realizes that it’ll stay with them for the rest of their lives. We change throughout our lives. It’s a common thing to change your opinion about something when you are getting older. Unfortunately, such things as tattoos don’t change with you. They remain the same. Luckily, there are a lot of tattoo masters who can cover up your mistake of youth. It’s a challenge for them, to make something amazing from something really bad looking. Here’s a great cover-up work!lion skull with a mane of multicolored flames

Here’s a tattoo that is inked on the outer arm. This tat is performed in Graphic tattoo style. The ink has two elements: lion skull image and all-seeing eye. This mystical eye means insight, intelligence and vigilance on the one hand, and limited sight on the other. lion skull tattoo and all-seeing eye in jaws

Old School Skull Tattoo

As it was said before skull tattoo means that everything has an end. What we can see here are a lion skull image and a burning match. The last one is a symbol of the brevity of life. Our life is burning as fast as a match and you should live every second fully.lion skull tattoo with a burning torch and arrow, branches on a blue background

Hey! What about to get a lion skull tattoo with bees, flowers and a honeycomb on your inner arm? If you are interested in this tattoo idea, take a look at this one. The tattoo has got the deep symbolism. It means that someone’s death can bring a new life to this world.lion skull tat with bees, flowers and a honeycomb on your inner arm

Here’s an excellent idea. All you have to do is to add some geometric shapes like a triangle to your lion skull design. And a great tat idea is ready. Looks tight!excellent lion skull tattoo with glasses

Here’s an old school lion skull tattoo on the inner forearm. This is a great tattoo design for those who appreciate old traditions and want to have a tattoo in this style.  If a tat portrays a knife with blood and a skull, this means that the owner of a tat is ready for every action regardless of the consequences. This also means death.old school lion skull tattoo with an openwork dagger on inner forearm

This is a pair tattoo. On the one ankle, there is a lion skull tat, on the other – the antelope skull tat. Two opposites are together: one is so strong, the other one is weak. This is an eternal struggle of opposites.lion skull tattoo on one ankle and on the other - the antelope skull

This blackwork tattoo looks aggressively beautiful. It scares you and mesmerizes you at the same time.aggressively lion skull tattoo on arm

Here’s a tattoo on the foot. It looks refined and strictly. But you should notice that it will be necessary to refresh this tat more often that other ones.strictly lion skull tattoo on foot

This lion tattoo on the chest performed in Trash Polka style. This is a new style comparing to others. The main features are collage-like images, black and red colors, unclear lines that look like careless brush strokes. lion skull tattoo on the chest in Trash Polka style

Skull tattoo design always holds a special place in tattoo culture. It is a human nature to think about the impermanence of life. Sooner or later everybody thinks about life fading. Lion skull tattoo (like every other skull tattoo) remind us to appreciate our life and enjoy every moment so there will be nothing to regret about in the end.Lion skull tattoo from tribal shapes with wings

Here’s lion skull tattoo that is designed in Graphic style. It must be mentioned that tattoo artists, who work in this style, take their inspiration from classic old engravings. That is why these tats look so special!Cool tattoo of lion skull with two branches

Realistic lion skull tat that is inked on the inner arm demonstrates the fading and reminds us to appreciate the life that we’ve got!Realistic lion skull tattoo on the inner arm

It must be said that Dotwork is one of the most interesting and extraordinary styles. The main feature of this style is that the image is totally made from dots. Depending on how far dots are from each other the master creates shades and lights. A tattoo that is performed in this style looks unusual and really cool. Plus every your idea can be implemented in this style. For example, this exact lion skull tat on the hip.extraordinary skull of lion from tribal ornament

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