Lion Sleeve Tattoo Designs

An amazing full sleeve tattoo of Lion the King. Just look at this crucial power which is expressed by the talented artist.

Lion Sleeve With Roses
A loving lioness sleeve inking. The wearer of such inking can often be a woman, because it expresses family, love, faith. Small lions like children are under the protection of their mother.Lion With Little Lions
A stunning project of Lion sleeve tattoo for a girl. A powerful paw adds more vigor.Lion Head With Flowers

Lion Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

So meaningful sleeve tattoo of the King of the Jungle. The wearer can show that he is an absolute and strong leader.Lion with Elephant
A great tattoo on the boy’s sleeve with the religious aspect. There is a Latin quote which means love of the destiny and life itself.Lion Head With Angel
An awesome tribal lion tattoo. It looks astonishing on the biceps. A profile view seems so severe and smart.Lion Head In Indian Style
One more black lion on the sleeve. It seems to be so sexy and attractive on the man`s muscled body.Smoke Style Lion Head
Tattoo looks trendy and fashionable on this sporty girl. It expresses a woman power to the surrounding world.Lion Head On The Shoulder
So huge and powerful Lion on the sleeve. It is done in red and brown colors. By wearing similar tattoo you can state your leadership position, fearlessness, and might.Colored Lion Head With Chain
A Leo tattoo covering the whole sleeve. Leo’s popped eyes look just staggering.Smug Lion Face On Shoulder

Lion Family Tattoo on the Sleeve

This Lion sleeve tattoo has a rich and deep meaning of family, togetherness, unity. The Family is under the protection of the brave Lion the King.Lion With Lion Childs
A royal leader tatted on the sleeve. His position expresses mighty, royalty and braveness. The color tones do add something to it. Surprisingly the blue actually works pretty well.Coming Lion With Blue Background And Grass
A roaring and severe Lion inked on the sleeve creates an image of a very braveheart man who is ready to fight for the truth and justice to the end.Roaring Lion Head
A realistic tattoo on the half sleeve in a 3D view.Puma And Lion Roraing Heads
Silver and black ink on the sleeve. It is cool for boys who are aiming to be the leading ones in life.The King Of Animals With Rose
An excellent design of full sleeve tattoo. A roaring lion seems to frighten you by its opened jaw. It can be the favorite one for sporty boys.Roaring Lion Head
A talented example of sleeve tattoo. A lion sneers with disregard and in such manner shows that he is the main hero in the life.Lion Head On Shoulder

Lion Half Sleeve Tattoo for Men

It suits both, man or woman. The lion looks calm. We see generosity and firmness of the tatted person.Lion With Crown
A beautiful Leo symbol of Sun and Energy for creatives. The mane is alike sun’s rays that create a power feeling.Lion Head With Leavehair
An unusual idea of inked sleeve, but looks so cool. A lion is crawling with its powerful paws on the sleeve.Lined Lion
A roaring Leo inking together with a heart under it. It is inked on the sleeve part of the body and means that the bearer has a brave heart and a hardy spirit.Lion King Of Animals
Inking similar tattoo design will help you to identify your person as a Leo by zodiac or as a man of spirit. It looks simple but so meaningful.Lined Lion Head Tattoo
Black and gray tattoo of Lion the King on the sleeve. A cross on the crown signifies a trusting in God. A shield adds more sense of power, defense and red blood.Lion Head With Crown And Shield
A bright sample of Lion the King on the sleeve. That is inked in sunny and violent colors. Wearing such tattoo, a woman can state that she is a recognized queen.Multicolored Lion Hair Head
A crowned lion inking on the sleeve. Feel the menace during associating with the inked person, because he is a strong-willed and aweless person.Lion With Crown On Head
A marvelous watercolor tattoo. It fits well on the sleeve where it is worn and may be perceived to mean braveness, intrepidity, and mighty. The colors elements resemble fire, The fire is also a symbol of a big power.Watercolor Lion Head
Lion the King and Lamb tattoo. It is inked on the sleeve and it says about two different meanings. A first one – Lion symbolizes a Man (brave, powerful, intrepid) and a lamb is a Woman (Gentle, mild, patient). A second one- Lamb symbolizes Jesus, so it has a religious sense.Lion Head With Antelope
An inked head of Lion looks perfectly on the sleeve. It expresses suspension and braveness at the same time. The wearer’s actions and thoughts are always well-considered and reasonable.Detalised Lion Head
So harsh and stunning design of Red Lion tattoo. A roaring lion head is portrayed on the muscled sleeve. It suits to strong, adventurous and full of pluck person.Lion Head With Orange Hair
A wearer of red Lion tattoo has a strong libido and is a very authoritative man. An energetic person is always rushing to be in touch with passions and emotions. So, one can express that meaning by wearing Lion tattoo.Orange Colored Lion Head
A lion sleeve tattoo. Lion is inked with the feminine side, that says about two sides of the individual, the first is so severe and rush, the second one is more calm and wise.Lion Head With Half From Leaves
A tatted Lion signs braveness, but the owl means wisdom. These two elements complement each other in this excellent tatting.Lion Head With Owl Head
A massive and attractive lion sleeve inking. Blue eyes of the animal are so attractive and give more nobility to the wearer.Lion Head With Blue Eyes
An adorable full sleeve tattoo with Lion and Rose. Its deep meaning resembles Love, Passion, Power and Domination of the Lion and the wearer himself.Lion Hed WIth Stars And Rose
Sleeve tattoo with the King of the Jungle. A big mane is spreading on the whole sleeve and it expresses a great strength, determination, and intensity of the muscleman.Lion In Grass
Just wow! The most stunning Lion sleeve tattoo I have ever seen. It is perfectly done in realism style with shadow elements. It fits the Rulers of the Life.Detalised Lion Head
Tight concept of Leo sleeve tattoo. As a Leo is a sign, we can feel such attributes: Generosity, Loyalty, Influential, Leadership, and Passion, of course.Lion Head With Detalised Hair On Shoulder
The best idea of the Lion sleeve ink with the angel. The king has a power under the whole world but he is under the protection of the angels at the same time. So, his actions are always right and pure.Lion Head With Angel
One of the coolest accessories for girls is a tattoo. By wearing Leo on the sleeve, you can show your passionate and beautiful nature. It looks very tempting.Lion Face
A colorful sample of Lion sleeve inking. Simba is a well-known cartoon hero. He believes in the philosophy of Hakuna Matata, which means “no worries”. He is always making mistakes, but learns lessons from them. Such inking will fit adventurous persons.The Lion King With Background In Borders
One more adorable accessory for girls. Sleeve Lion tattoo with red roses above looks significant. The Lion is passion, wildness, but the rose softens these meaning a little bit. The Rose is romance, honor, and purity. So, such tattoo points two sides of every woman who can be passionate and tender at the same time.Lion Head With Roses

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