Lion Tattoos

Lions are astonishing creatures. After all, they are ones of the largest living cats in the world, taking an honorable second place after the tigers.

So, what’s so special about lions apart from their impressive size? There must be some reasons why people have been fascinated by these wild animals for thousands of years.

From the ancient times till now people have been associating lions with power, pride, strength, and nobility. As well as that “the king of beasts” has often been seen as a symbol of reproduction and fertility.

It should be noted that different cultures have put different meanings into the image of a lion. For instance, in Chinese culture, lions were treated as the guardians of the temples so that lions could keep an eye on sacred places and help in times of trouble. Ancient Egyptians saw lions as protectors as well (that’s the reason why they built the sphinx with a lioness body). In Ancient Greek myths, lions represented exceptional bravery. For Native Americans, a lion was a symbol of strong family ties, devotion, and respect.

Moreover, you may find the images of lions on a coat of arms in Jerusalem and flags in Scotland. These nations consider that lions will scare the evil spirits from their countries and bring prosperity.

So, it makes sense that in terms of tattooing, the meanings and symbolism of any lion tattoo depends on various aspects of a particular culture, on religion, on how a person sees the features of the character of this mighty animal and so on.

Today, when people decide to get a tattoo with a lion, they have plenty of options: from lion head tattoo to the tattoos of a lion with a crown, from a simple tattoo with a constellation or zodiac sign Leo to complex realistic lion tattoo designs.

All in all, king of the jungle is a great tattoo design and we’ve got more than 80 awesome lion tattoos for you to check out.

Not Bad Lion Tattoo on the mans back

Butterfly With Lion Face Tattoo on the side

Crowned lion head tattoo on the forearm

Lion skull tattoo on the upper arm

Roaring lion tattoo on the chest

Realistic lion head tattoo on half sleeve

Tribal lion head tattoo design on chest

Lions skull hand tattoo idea

Womans lion tattoo on the back

Half sleeve lion tattoo idea

Realistic color lion tattoo with lion cubs

Traditional Lion tattoo on the thigh

Color lion tattoo on the forearm

Lion with blue eyes leg sleeve tattoo

Lion tattoo on the inner upper arm

Color realism lion head tattoo on the shoulder

Geometric lion with feathers tattoo on the chest

Full back lion tattoo idea

Black lion tattoo on the shoulder

Male 3D lion tattoo on half sleeve

Lion tattoos for men and women

Black and white lion tattoo sleeve

Tattoo with a lion on the mans leg

Indian lion tattoo design

Simple lion tattoo on leg

bright color tattoo with a roaring lion

Cool Lion face tattoo on stomach

Angry Lion tattoo on forearm

Masculine lion tattoo on chest

Lion tattoo on hand

Lion cub tattoo design

Idea of Lion tattoo with arrows

A tattoo of a lion on the head

Graphic lion tattoo

Outline geometric lion tattoo on the chest

Small lion in a triangle tattoo

Black dotwork lion tattoo

Colorful lion tattoo

Beautiful lion pride tattoo

Idea of lion tattoos for females

Watercolor lion tattoo design

Lion full sleeve tattoo

Tattoo with lion head in thunderbolt

Outline lion tattoo on the forearm

Lion wrist tattoo idea

Tattoo with lion in crown

Old school lion tattoo

Lion in nature tattoo on half sleeve

Tattoo of lion with scar

Aggressive lion tattoo

Lion hand tattoo for girls

Female Lion Tattoo with flowers

King of the jungles lion tattoo

Strong Lion tattoo

Halfgeometric lion head tattoo on the inner arm

Tattoo of a climbing lion with stars

Statue of a lion tattoo design idea

Lion tattoo on the finger

Family lion tattoo on the leg

Courageous Lion tattoo

Full back tattoo of a lion

Lion tattoo in colors

Surreal Lion head tattoo

Lion tattoo on the shoulder blade

Mens Lion rib cage tattoo

Simple Lion tattoo on the thigh

Bicep lion tattoo idea

Womans lion tattoo designs

Lion King of the beasts tattoo

King lion wearing a crown tattoo

Roaring lion face tattoo on the shoulder

Cool African lion tattoos

Lion king of animals tattoo

Small and simple lion tattoo

Outline lion with crown tattoo

Lion hand tattoo for a man

Beautiful half sleeve lion tattoo

Black and gray lion tattoo

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