Lucky Cat Tattoo

Maneki Neko is an ancient Japanese lucky cat which literary means “The beckoning cat”. These lucky cats are more likely to be made in the form of small porcelain or ceramic figurines and amulets. People believe that these little cat sculptures bring luck and prosperity to the owner. That is why it is so widespread and popular in Japan and all over the Globe. The sculpture pictures of a cat with a paw lifted up and a coin hanging on its neck.

Depending on which paw is lifted up or what color the cat is the meaning could be changed. Tattoos with Maneki Neko images are becoming more popular nowadays because everyone wants to have a personal talisman that will be with all the time. Here is some interesting lucky cat tattoo designs, ideas and places where to be inked below.

Maneki Neko Tattoo Ideas

The first Japanese lucky cat tattoo is placed on the back. The ink of a cat is performed in traditional tricolor: white fur with brown and black spots. The tattoo illustrates a cat with left paw raised up which beckons luck and money. The cat holds a coin called koban that is a coin from the period of Edo dynasty. Back then this coin was a fortune. An image of a cat is surrounded by pink chrysanthemums which are so beloved in Japan and become a symbol of this country.lucky cat on the back
The tattoo of fortune cat is inked on the hip in the black and white dye. The cat is peacefully smiling with its left paw raised up. Despite the meaning and symbolism, you won’t be wrong with this tattoo because it looks originally and lovely anyways.uncolored lucky cat
This lucky Japanese cat in combination with pink flowers is tattooed on the inner arm. An image is performed in traditional three colors of Maneki Neko cat that holds its right paw up. The right paw raised up means luck, money and prosperity. By simply adding some details to this tattoo, you can get a colorful half sleeve.lucky cat with flowers
The lucky cat is depicted on the leg. The image of a cat is combined with flowers.lined lucky cat
There’s always a possibility to improve the existing images and designs because before you there are a lot of different tattoo styles. This lucky cat, in particular, is a half of traditional Maneki Neko illustration and a zombie cat half. The brightness of colors creates a magnificent tattoo masterpiece on the cuff.lucky cat from half of zombi
A smiling happy cat tattoo is placed on the outer top thigh. Conventional white brown and black colors of Maneki Neko fortune cat are supplemented by the pale pink color of sakura florets which, by the way, are an ancient symbol of simplicity and innocence in Japan.lucky cat with fish
Extremely bright and contrasting colors of the lucky cat tattoo add a special flavor to this image. Traditionally tri-colored Maneki Neko ink is depicted on the half sleeve which is perfect for big size tattoos. Sakura florets serve as decoration to the main illustration.lucky cat with lot of flowers
Celebrate your love or friendship with pair tattoos on the same part of a body. We can see two Maneki Neko cats placed on the upper half sleeve. One cat is golden holding its left paw up, the other is green holding the rights paw up. Golden or yellow color signifies wealth and money, green color, which is more modern, helps in education and study. Despite all generally accepted meanings you can give your own personal meanings to this tattoo and it will surely bring you luck.two lucky cat in orange and green colors
If colored fortune cats are all the same to you, ink something different. For example, this cat is performed in black lines only and that is really stylish and unusual. The image is inked on the upper half sleeve and can be considered as cartoon-like. This happy lucky cat is eating sushi and noodles, traditional Japanese food.lucky cat with ramen and sushi
Pretty cool idea to divide a tattoo into two parts and place them on wrists so it can be fully seen only when you put your hands together. On the one wrist there is a black Maneki Neko cat and on the other, there is the same cat but it is pink and turn upside-down.lined lucky cat in black and pink colors
This tattoo design is really extraordinary because of its elements. At first sight, the head of a lucky cat is visible but when you look closer the green skull appeared. Purple florets on both sides add colorfulness and attractiveness to the tattoo. The last but not the least there is an owl on the top of an ink. As we all know an owl is a symbol of wisdom. We must say that this is a great Old School tattoo of a lucky cat.lucky cat with birds on the head
A lucky cat tattoo which consisted of ornamental features and elements is depicted on the feet. Even though the ink is small those ornaments look beautifully and girly.lined lucky cat with diamond
Chest tattoos have become a distinctive feature of the Old school and Traditional styles. The tat shows two Maneki Neko cats: one is white with right paw lifted up, the other is golden with the left paw raised up. Two cats are sitting around a big bright lotus flower and surrounded by small pink sakura florets.two lucky cats on the bra
A pink color of Maneki Neko cat tattoo is more modern. It can be considered as a color of love that is why pink Japanese lucky cats help in your love affairs.violet lucky cat
The blue Japanese lucky cat contributes to the development of intelligence and success in the science field. This one eyed blue Maneki Neko sitting on the lotus flower is depicted on the upper half eyed blue lucky cat
Refined and coquettish lucky cat is placed on the outer top thigh. Thick black outlines, bright colors, cartoon-like image remind us of New School tattoo style that highlights your rebellious character the best. Pink and purple florets make this incredible tat more girlish.lucky cat with green eyes

Japanese Lucky Cat Tattoo

The tattoo master made an accent on the brightness and contrast of this Maneki Neko tat placed on the upper half sleeve. The image would look incomplete without light lines of smoke behind the lucky cat.very detalised lucky cat on the hand
There’s an interesting combination of two world famous cats – Cheshire cat and Maneki Neko that are illustrated as an Indian god Ganesha with twelve paws. World of tattoo can bring all your crazy ideas to life and decorate your body with every tattoo design you want even the most unbelievable ones. This intricate ink is tattooed on the outer top thigh.lined lucky cat with lot of hands
You can ink symmetric tattoos on the hands, legs, shoulder blades, probably everywhere if it can be divided into two parts. These two absolutely similar images of Japanese lucky cat were inked on the both sides of girl’s chest. The tattoo image of Maneki Neko is performed in traditional tri-color with one paw raised up.mirrored lucky cat tattoo on bra
Maneki Neko lucky cat is inked on the half sleeve. The gold color is considered to be the best to attract wealth and luck into your life. Small cats all around Maneki Neko could mean the importance of having family and kids. The last accent that should be mentioned is chrysanthemum depicted on the upper shoulder. The chrysanthemum is sacral in Japan and hides a deep symbolism in itself. For example, it could mean wisdom and intelligence.lucky cat with flower and blue background
Traditional Japanese lucky cats are usually joyful and smiling. Their closed happy eyes attract attention right the way when you look at them. This red cheeky lucky cat tattoo is depicted on the chest. Unclear ragged lines and bright colors are the main features of Sketch tattoo style.very happy lucky cat on the neck
The tat of Maneki Neko holding a fish and sitting among chrysanthemums is inked on the leg. The performance in Irezumi tattoo style makes this ink even more interesting and authentic. The White color of a lucky cat means purity and happiness.lucky cat with fish in flowers
This surrealistic lucky cat tattoo is inked on the inner forearm. White three-eyed Maneki Neko holding a magic ball is combined with images of blue florets.3-eyed lucky cat
The tattoo of Japanese lucky cat performed in white, pink and yellow is inked behind the ear. Surely this one is small size tattoo but still it is refined and looks just fine.lucky cat behind ear
Black Maneki Neko lucky cat tattoo is pictured on the one part of the chest. The cat is proudly rising from blue waves holding a bib and with its right paw held up. Depending on the different color meanings black color Maneki Neko beckons safety, protects from evil and bad luck. black lucky cat in deeps
Here’s an ink of Japanese lucky cat on the lower inner forearm. It’s waving with its left paw that attracts luck and money for the owner and holding a fish with its right paw. Instead of traditional brown and black spots cat has pink florets which looks a kind of girlish.lucky cat with fish and yellow head
What we can see here is an ink of Maneki Neko cat tattooed on the cuff. It has four green and yellow eyes which create little distortion when you concentrate your attention on the ink. In addition, the cat is also tattooed with flowers inks. All of this is decorated with traditional Japanese cherry blossoms that perfectly fit into the tattoo image. 4-eyed lucky cat
Normally, Realism tattoo style isn’t being used to implement ideas of lucky cat tattoos but this one looks nice on the inner arm. It seems like real Maneki Neko statue was taken from some Japanese restaurant and placed on the arm as a tat.grey lucky cat on leg
As it was said before tricolor of black, white and yellow is the most prevalent in the picturing of these lucky cats. These colors beckon good luck prosperity and money to the owner and considered to be the luckiest. The fortune cat with its right paw raised up is inked on the inner arm. Small pink cherry blossoms serve as a great additional decoration to this ink.lucky cat with pink flowers
If you want a big size tattoo you will probably choose outer top thigh to be inked as in this case. Good luck cat is depicted on a background of a large red sun that is also shown on the flag of Japan. It keeps a mask in its left paw and raised its right paw up beckoning happiness to the owner.lucky cat with scary face in hands

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