Meaningful Tattoos of Crow Feathers

This picture makes us admire it as every detail is perfectly and carefully drawn. Great transitions of black and gray colors make this tattoo very admirable and pleasant for our view.1 tattoo raven on hand
An unusual picture of a feather. The lower part of it is quite simple and common but the upper one is performed in some kind of the Celtic sign. It’s a very unconventional idea for such tattoos.2 tattoo raven on hand
Three feathers performed very uncommonly. The front feather is a usual raven feather which has soft transitions from black to gray and vice-versa. The second one is blue and it seems like it hides behind the black one. And the last feather is transparent, having only the shape.3 tattoo raven on hand
Not an ordinary tattoo on not an ordinary place. It is very well-detailed and has an unusual feature: feathers are usually performed up. However, this one is tattooed downward, like it is hung on something.4 tattoo raven on chest
Although the feather is very small, it seems to have a symbolistic meaning because of the lines of a heart beating. The picture is catching because the lines are sharp but the feather itself has soft black and gray colors and a shadow behind. 5 tattoo raven on hand
This picture is unusual the way that refraction goes through the feather. The feather itself is black and it has three triangles on it (most probably it’s glass). From one side we can see the light and from the other side its refraction that is a rainbow. A very extraordinary picture.6 tattoo raven on hand
This feather tattooed on the ankle is very realistic thanks to the shadow technique. It is very detailed and the color is correctly selected for such a tattoo.7 tattoo raven on leg
A very cool tattoo made on the inner side of the arm. The style of the tattoo (the Mayan style) makes us feel its magic and enigma. The colors match well together. Although the picture is very simple, the tattoo looks fantastic and accurate. A great choice for girls.8 tattoo raven on hand

Black Feather of Crow Tattoo

A simple, neat and fairly realistic tattoo. The picture is so light that it seems the feather is flying somewhere in the air.9 tattoo raven on leg
This tattoo looks frightening because of its performance. Four feathers are tied together with the raven’s leg. It makes an impression of the bird, however if to look at it carefully it makes an impression of something scary.10 tattoo raven on hand
Raven’s feathers are usually made in black color but this one is an exception. And the violet color makes it look perfect and very bright. It definitely stands out against other tattoos.11 tattoo raven on hand
How to make raven’s feather look extraordinary? The answer is very simple and is visible on this tattoo. Just make the feather in the shape of an old pen with the drop of ink at the bottom.12 tattoo raven on hand
Such tattoo’s plot is very usual for feathers. However, this feather looks different because of the bend on it and a color gamut. The size of the picture makes it grand and admirable for the sight.13 tattoo raven on side
This tattoo is extraordinary in all the ways – the font of the sign, the color technique and the feather itself. The calamus is simple but vane is made in different styles and colors. It is performed in various embezzlements, lines and figures.14 tattoo raven on hand
A large feather tattooed on the side of the leg. Black and purple colors match together perfectly because of the performance technique. Purple color interweaved in the black feather makes this tattoo unusual.15 tattoo raven on hand
This feather screams: “Something bad happened!” Why is this impression made? The feather looks very simple and common. However, red color at the bottom of the feather makes the picture frightening.16 tattoo raven on side
Perfectly detailed tattoo of the raven’s feather. Every part of it is vivid and the colors are excellently interweaved.17 tattoo raven on hand
This feather looks like a knife because of the sharp parts of it. The zest of the tattoo is ribbons which are tied at the bottom of the feather.18 tattoo raven on leg
A great shadow technique of the tattoo makes it soft and light. Every detail of the picture is well done and there is nothing to add and nothing to take away.19 tattoo raven on side
Perfect colors matching. Blue and black colors make a positive impression and the dots at the top seem like to say that the author hasn’t finished the picture.20 tattoo raven on hand
People who chose their sides for such tattoos always win. They look great without any feeling of lack of any details.21 tattoo raven on side
The tattoo is made on the wrist. The best place for such minimal pictures as this one. One small feather which can make think of the sense of people’s lives.22 tattoo raven on hand
Perhaps this person wanted to say about his wisdom and intellect as two ravens symbolize exactly these things. Two feathers – two ravens.23 tattoo raven on neck
Very delicate tattoo which is made on the shoulder. Bird flying out of it don’t look hostile. They rather symbolize the wish to do something you, to experience new feelings.24 tattoo raven on hand
Every piece of this feather is a raven which wants to fly somewhere high, leaving all the problems behind and starting a new life being free from everything.25 tattoo raven on hand
These ravens can be the creators of something new breaking away from their routine which is presented in the shape of a feather.26 tattoo raven on shoulder
The softness of this feather makes us admire it for a long period of time. Tender and the delicate tattoo is great to be performed on the place where it is.27 tattoo raven on shoulder
Two very different and very similar feathers at the same time. One is made in color, the other one is performed in black and white. Tattooed beautifully and very softly they impress very much.28 tattoo raven on hand
The feather itself reflects the wish to run away from the ordinary life and ravens escaping from the feather may be the symbols of a new life start.29 tattoo raven on body
Nothing to add. That is what can be said about this tattoo. Although the feather is the only picture, it always has some symbolistic meaning. Made in black and gray technique it looks appropriate for this place.30 tattoo raven on leg
This feather is very realistic. If there were no raves it would seem that some bird lost it and it landed on the person’s body in the form of the tattoo.31 tattoo raven on body
Reaching new heights is a motto of such tattoos. They are made to show the new life of the owner. This might not be an exception. A small and very adorable tattoo for this part of the body.32 tattoo raven on neck
On of the best places to make a tattoo of the raven’s feather. Perhaps it symbolizes the means of communication with the beyond in order to remember about people who are far away from us.33 tattoo raven on hand
Feather which ends with flying ravens always symbolizes some changes or rebirth of the person. Perhaps its owner has started his life from the very beginning that’s why the tattoo choice is clear.34 tattoo raven on hand
Feathers are believed to be the signs of communication with the spirit world. Perhaps seeing this feather every day is a message from people who passed away.35 tattoo raven on hand
Two absolutely similar picture of long feathers transiting into ravens tattooed on both arms. Perfectly detailed they do not have any differences which make this picture fascinating and admirable.36 tattoo raven on hands
Soft, light and very esthetically acceptable picture tattooed on the girl’s shoulder. Made in gray water technique it shows the smooth transition of one condition into another. The feather slowly becomes the flock of these mysterious birds.37 tattoo raven on hand
The feather together with ravens are the symbols of power and might. Tattooed on the upper part of the body they tell us about their willing to fly as high as they can.38 tattoo raven on back
This set of feathers made up in something which is like the infinity sign which reminds us of rebirth because ravens are symbols of further life in some culture.39 tattoo raven on shoulder
As the feather is not vividly black it may symbolize the good intentions of the raven which owned it. And it became the symbol of this person.40 tattoo raven on side
The feather doesn’t have any vivid and sharp details and that is the zest of it. It looks like the flock of ravens gathered and made a feather-shaped picture.41 tattoo raven on side
Such a bright black feather on the arm may symbolize the power and authority of the person who wears it.42 tattoo raven on hand
Small and beautiful tattoo, nothing special but still it has its zest to be tattooed on the woman’s side. Quite detailed and performed in a different color makes it original and positive.43 tattoo raven on side
Ravens look like flying up and down becoming a unit together with the feather. The picture seems to move.44 tattoo raven on hand
Ravens flying out of the feather look very tender. They seem to take feather with them to the heights.45 tattoo raven on hand

Simple Tattoos of Crow Feathers

The shoulder is a great place for these tattoos. Every detail is perfectly performed; black color makes it usual and simple but beautiful and accurate.46 tattoo raven on shoulder
A perfect choice for women. This tattoo looks tender, soft and light because of the size and well-performed details of the picture. Ravens flying out of the tattoo can symbolize freedom and a great desire to reach new heights.47 tattoo raven on side
This picture looks majestic and grand because of its size and place where it’s tattooed.48 tattoo raven on back
Small, accurate and neat feather. It looks very great on the shoulder and it’s a perfect picture for people who want a simple and beautiful tattoo.      49 tattoo raven on shoulder
The tattoo seems very simple – the raven feather made in black color technique. However, the place of the performed tattoo is fascinating. The spine is quite an unusual place for the tattoo. That’s why it looks aesthetically acceptable and beautiful.50 tattoo raven on back
The picture is quite usual for raven feather tattoos. The black color style is well performed, the picture harmonize with the place on the body.
51 tattoo raven on hand
One of the most common tattoos made on the side of the body. The feather which let ravens fly away somewhere high. The sign reflects the wish of the author to be free and reach new heights.52 tattoo raven on side
Great colors matching, fascinating subject of the picture and exhilarating performance. The feather is very light, soft and so realistic that it seems it has just landed on the body. Ravens flying out of the feather add some symbolism to the picture.53 tattoo raven on side