Monarch Butterfly Tattoo

#1. Monarch Butterfly Flock on Back

These three monarch butterflies on the upper part of the back are much impressive! The light-winged creatures of different size moving one after another reflect the person`s wish for the eternal development forward.
Monarch Butterfly Flock

#2. Burly Light-Winged Creature Above Elbow

The jumbo butterfly sitting above the elbow emphasizes with its proportions. Designed in a 3-D style it seems like a real insect that can fly away at any moment. Such a cool tattoo mirrors the person who likes traveling and can change the mind quickly.
Burly Light-Winged Creature

#3. Trio of Water-Color Butterflies on Half-Sleeve

The triple of gaudy creatures tattooed on the half-sleeve of the right hand designed in a 3-D manner to add the lightness to such a bright ink. The water-color effect gives the impression that we see a piece of art but not an ordinary tattoo. These three delicate butterflies symbolize the female sensuality and beauty.
Trio Of Water-Color Butterflies

#4. 3-D Gaudy Tattoo on Foot

The monarch butterfly placed on the left foot designed in a tridimensional manner to strengthen a sense of lightness and make the effect of reality. Such tattoo is common for the women who have a habit to control everything and lead everybody. It fits well to the strong-willed and determined people.
3-D Gaudy Effigy On Foot

#5. Twain of Monarch Butterflies Amidst Lilies on Shoulder

The gaudy tattooing comprises a duet of monarch butterflies, a duet of blue creatures and three lilies. The flash connotes the perpetual female youthfulness and beauty. The ink with person`s name beneath was tattooed on the right shoulder and impresses with its tenderness.
Twain Of Potentates Amidst Lilies

#6. Folded-Winged Small Butterfly on Belly

The tender light-winged creature was tattooed on the belly from the right side. The whole image was created with the help of 3-D effect that increases a sense of lightness and delicateness to the tattoo. The affectionate butterfly with folded wings means the research for inner harmony.
Folded-Winged Small Butterfly

#7. Butterfly as Chevron on Shoulder

A burly monarch butterfly lying on the woman`s left shoulder was designed on the background of blue sky with white clouds to add the effect of reality and astonish the people with its richness. A 3-D tattoo looks like as a talisman or chevron that can guard the family happiness.
Butterfly As Chevron

#8. Compound Tattoo on Girl`s Feet

The twain of tattooing element was engraved on the both feet to mirror some inner contradictories in person`s character. The concatenated effigy replenishes the extensionality and mirrors the itch for transformation and rejuvenation.
Concatenated Butterfly

#9. Flock of Burly Monarchs on Back

The flock of burly butterflies stretches along the back looks skittish and beautiful. The tattoo consisted of five monarchs stretches from the tramp stamp to the right shoulder-blade. Such complete image is a symbol of boundless beauty and womanhood.
Flock Of Burly Monarchs

#10. Jumbo Affectionate Creature on Girl`s Back

The simple tattoo doesn’t mean ordinary individuality. On the contrary, it seems easy but elegant and charming. Look at such a fine butterfly ink which proves this fact!
Jumbo Affectionate Creature On Girl`s Back

#11. Twins with Black Ribbons on Legs

The graphical butterflies occupied the both shanks comprise the black ribbons beneath. The ribbon effigies connote the intransigence with fatal infirmity. So, only a strong-willed people can get such tattoo!
Twins With Jet Ribbons

#12. Folded-Winged Monarch Butterfly

One more example of a simple tattoo with the butterfly! The insect with folded wings looks like a sign of the finishing of some period in the person`s life because of its semi-colon instead of the head.
Folded-Winged Monarch Butterfly

#13. Monarch Butterfly And Subtle Flower on Shoulder-Blade

The affectionate creature and flower tattooed with mainly a yellow color fill the image with refinement and fondness. The light-winged creature sitting on the left shoulder-blade marks the perpetual female beauty and the wish for keeping her domestic fireside.
Light-Winged Creature On Subtle Flower

#14. Cling to Branch Butterfly on Shoulder

The uncommon and effective tattoo draws our attention at once! The folded-winged butterfly clutched at the branch near its chrysalis reflects different stages of butterfly evolution which the woman associates with the change of her life.
Cling To Branch Butterfly

#15. Monarch Butterfly Ink on Shank

The 3D monarch butterfly looks simple and elegant on the left shank. With such a realistic image the woman connects herself. And she is ready to fly away to her dream at any moment because she is light and free like a butterfly.
Monarch Butterfly Ink On Shank

#16. Triple of Monarch Butterflies on Side

The gaudy gaggle of light-winged creatures stretches on the ribs from the left side and amazes with their proportions. They seem so free and independent, so tender and sturdy that it surprises how such delicate creatures can pass so difficult tasks of life.
Triple Of Monarch Butterflies

#17. 3-D Butterfly with Diminutive Flower on Half-Sleeve

The 3-D affectionate butterfly near the small red flower was designed on the right half-sleeve. The ink mirrors the painstaking and stableness. The tridimensional flash highlights the womanhood and female sensuality.
3-D Butterfly With Diminutive Flower

#18. Light-Winged Creature Sitting on Rose

Such tattoo looks attractively and tellingly. The lilac rose leaves with steel edges stirs our imagination. The monarch sitting on so extravagant and uncommon rose tattooed on the left shoulder underlines the eternal women`s desire for family happiness.
Light-Winged Creature Sitting On Rose

#19. Water-Color Butterfly on Arm

The light-winged creature was tattooed on the right half-sleeve with gaudy colors: red, orange, blue. The flash creates the effect of the water-color image. Such extraordinary choice suits well to a creative people.
Water-Color Butterfly

#20. Monarch Butterfly Carrying A Ribbon

The butterfly image with a yellow ribbon! It seems ordinary but… The ribbon has a deep meaning. The ribbon in the combination with a butterfly connotes the intransigence with fatal infirmity.
Monarch Butterfly Carrying A Ribbon

#21. Butterfly, Flower And Bird on Shoulder

So compound and rich tattoo! In addition, bright and eccentric! The tattoo placed on the shoulder contains such a tender creature as a butterfly, leaflets, lilac flower and bird with a long beak. It is a symbol of love, life and female youthfulness.
Butterfly, Flower And Bird

#22. Tender Creature with Ribbon on Wrist

The affectionate creature was tattooed on with a yellow ribbon to highlight the intransigence with fatal cancer. The ink looks like as a talisman that needs for protection.
Tender Creature With Ribbon

#23. Duet of Subtle Butterflies on Half-Sleeve

A duet of monarchs on the right half-sleeve. One with wide-opened and other with semi-opened wings. So light, delicate and mild images. They seem free and independent as the tattoo owner.
Duet Of Subtle Butterflies

#24. Small Monarch Butterfly on Ankle

A fluttered diminutive image was designed near the right ankle. The ink stresses her inner lightness and the striving for flying away. With such easy tattoo, the person endeavors to mirror the female liberty.
Aerial Diminutive Butterfly

#25. Track of Life

The flying upward gaggle bespeaks the striving for the change and transfiguring. The gaggle contains the divergent butterfly species to highlight the significance of friendship. The bright tattoo designed in a 3-D style comprises the inscription below. The black track looks like the living way which the person has already passed.
Track Of Heart

#26. 3D Butterfly with Burly Flower

The shoulder-blade with an effective tattoo is impressive! The colorful butterfly on the flower designed with dingy colors stresses lightness, womanhood and mystique.
3-D Butterfly On Burly Flower

#27. Monarch Near Lily

The gaudy flash contains jumbo effigy of the monarch, lilac lily and diminutive purple flower on the shoulder. The flowers highlight the woman origin. The affectionate butterfly near the lily appeared as a symbol of the fulfillment of female wishes.
Potentate Near Lily

#28. Trio of Tender Creatures with Life Motto

The team of monarch butterfly was tattooed on the shank. The ink contains the inscription as a life motto and the sunflower to stress the owner`s striving for self-development and self-realization.
Triple Of Tender Creatures With Life Motto

#29. Monarch Butterfly Near Dark Rose on Half-Sleeve

The affectionate creature flying to the burly expended rose was created with dingy colors but looks brilliantly. The tattoo stretches along the half-sleeve. The rose combined with the monarch symbolizes the mark of love and passion.
Monarch Butterfly Near Dark Rose

#30. Butterfly Peering at Mirror

A compound tattooing occupied on the left shoulder-blade. The ink contains the butterfly effigy peering at the mirror and surrounded with subtle fond flowers to add the lightness to the individuality. A pink rose spotlights owner`s softness and delicacy.
Butterfly Peering At Mirror