Mysterious Moon, Sun and Stars Tattoos

Moon is a main player in the Universe as it influences all beings. It makes it a popular pattern in tattoo designs. The moon’s beauty is mind-catching in the night sky. Countless variations and totems are inked by both, men and women because the moon tattoos are out of this world.

Types of moon tattoos which will catch your mind

  • Crescent moon
  • Half and full moons
  • Magnetic blue moon
  • Mandala styled moon
  • Watercolor moon
  • Combinations with sun, stars and other celestials
  • Wolf image on the moon background
  • Half moon and half sun
  • Ying Yang moon
  • Woman image together with the moon
  • Floral moon

Moon Tattoo Meanings

  • Mystery and secret
  • Beauty and sexuality
  • Motherhood and caring
  • Power and energy
  • Life and entity
  • Harmony and dreams
  • Respect to astrology
  • Feminine and masculine
  • Time and cycles
  • Hidden wild side
  • Individuality
  • Worship, religion or goddess
  • Recycling and regeneration

Of course, there are peculiar meanings which depending on the wearer of the moon tattoo.

Moon Tattoo Symbolism

The moon affects everything in our life mostly at the night time. Mainly, the moon signs a feminine and her roles, i.e. caring mother, queen of the heavens, loving wife. But men also feel the energy from the moon. This meaning took its origin from Native American tribes when they were hunting and worshiping lunar gods. Also, the night living animals, such as wolves or owls are associated with the moon. That is why they are quite popular elements of the moon tattoos with the symbolism of power, energy, mystery and hidden wild side. The biggest celestial in the night sky is constantly changing in its phases that mean the recycling and regeneration. The phases look incredibly especially on the biggest location such as back, full sleeve, and chest. The moon tattoos are often accompanied by stars which add extra luminous effect. Indeed, it is a powerful and hypnotizing tattoo idea. Let’s take a look at the best ones!

Crescent Moon and Star Tattoo

A mystery of the crescent moon and star on the tattoo. The dream and feminine power are felt gazing upon this tattoo. A woman is always a mystery and secret, and this fact is underlined by blue, purple and green shadings. The crescent moon’s big shape makes it the perfect tattoo for a delicate thigh location.
crescent moon and star tattoo

Crescent Moon Tattoo

A colorful design of the crescent moon tattoo. The tattoo is artistically and filled in with colors of vinous and turquoise. While the women love the colors, we think any color scheme would look fabulous on the moon tattoo.
crescent moon tattoo

Crescent Moon with Face

Surrounding the moon with clouds and the stars in this tattoo design creates a beautiful vision of the night sky. The woman’s half face is inked in front the moon which is also described as a woman. Thus emphasizes the likeness between them!
crescent moon with face

Half Moon Half Sun Tattoo

A tandem of half moon and half sun on the sleeve tattoo. As the sun is traditionally associated with masculine and the moon with feminine, they can mean you and your beloved person. The moon is colored in blue, and it coincides with the qualities of silver which are a purifying and clarifying energy. The sun is, of course, yellow and it stands for warmness and action.
half moon half sun tattoo

Half Moon Tattoo

A picturesque half moon tattoo. The moon’s beauty is undeniable in the night sky with bright stars. The touch of yellow and orange ink gives the deepness to this tattoo. The lips of the moon have so much detail in them.
half moon tattoo

I Love You to the Moon and Back Tattoo

The moon tattoo as a symbol of love. A really cool design! A wolf and a moon are inked in the same image; it creates a deep connection to the afterlife. The howling wolf looks so real. But the design speaks mainly about the great feeling of love!
i love you to the moon and back tattoo

Little Moon Tattoo

A nice little moon tattoo. The moon location is behind the ear, and it looks tiny! So simple black work yet elegant!
little moon tattoo

Man on the Moon Tattoo

An outstanding tattoo with an idea of the man on the moon. A tattoo with an astronaut coming on the moon looks stunning on the man’s sleeve. It is a great job with the shadings that convey the galaxy and moon images. Such ink may symbolize an adventurous person.
man on the moon tattoo

Moon and Clouds Tattoo

A half moon tattoo with clouds. Here is black and white moon image with the clouds hanging around it. The shading helps add a more realistic look of the night sky on the tattoo.
moon and clouds tattoo

Moon Cycle Tattoo

A cool moon tattoo showing the cycles. This piece is super cool because it shows all the moons cycles. When the moon is full as described in the middle of the tattoo, it has the strongest celestial power over the earth. The black and white moons on the sleeve are standing out due to the colorful shadings in the background of the tattoo work.
moon cycle tattoo

Moon Finger Tattoo

A finger location of the moon tattoo. How beautiful! This variant is a ladylike and pretty accessory! The tattoo totally expresses a feminine mystique.
moon finger tattoo

Moon Goddess Tattoo

A charming moon goddess tattoo. Here we can see a unique personification of the moon goddess. The ink is done in more strict line and looks eye-catching! The tattoo is flashed on the forearm with a cool combination of colors. It is charming!
moon goddess tattoo

Moon Wrist Tattoo

A watercolor moon tattoo on the wrist. You will love this tattoo on your body! Guaranteed! Blue and purple shadings are made in such a way that the moon seems to be crying. But the meaning is opposite: don`t cry, be happy! Super sharp dripping effect and interesting placement!
moon wrist tattoo

Phases of the Moon Tattoo

line-up with the moon phases tattoo. It is totally different than anything we have seen here. It`s a curious symbolization of the moon`s phases and is all about the journey. Here we can see even craters due to a good job of shadings and play of colors.
phases of the moon tattoo

Realistic Moon Tattoo

A realistic look of the moon tattoo. It is a wondrous celestial body on the human`s body! It hypnotizes while you are staring at this piece of art. A realistic moon is inked among a smear of purples and blues meant to convey the cosmos.
realistic moon tattoo

Simple Moon Tattoo

A simple idea of the moon tattoo. This moon tattoo is a pretty simple with face details and shadings. A lonely star gives the ink something extra!
simple moon tattoo

Simple Sun and Moon Tattoo

A simple combination of sun and moon on the side tattoo. Sun and moon tattoos are quite popular because the sun signs masculine energy and the moon- feminine mystery. It is a great symbol of the union of two opposites! It can be worn by both, men and women and symbolizes a deep connection between them.
simple sun and moon tattoo

Small Moon Tattoos

A mall but interesting moon tattoo. It I interesting to put such itty-bitty crescent on the wrist. The textural dot work strikes!
small moon tattoos

Sun Moon and Stars Tattoo

A gorgeous triplet of sun, moon, and stars on the thigh tattoo. It is a cute option for a loving couple instead of the matching design. The ink master paid a lot of time to the details and colors, and it paid off. It is highly stylized idea in the name of love, isn`t it? By the way, stars can be the sign of kids.
sun moon and stars tattoo

Tiny Moon Tattoo on Wrist

A tiny representation of the moon tattoo. Traditionally the moon is feminine, so that makes sense. Love this tiny moon on the girl`s wrist. If you are looking for something sexual and small, this variant is for you!
tiny moon tattoo

Traditional Moon Tattoo

Traditionally styled moon tattoo. This traditional style is so adorable! The eyes, the lips, and rosy cheeks look like they enjoy each other. It can render the women`s changing phase. Fantastic tattoo!
traditional moon tattoo

Traditional Moon Tattoo

traditional moon tattoo 1

Tree and Moon Tattoo

A romantic view of the tree and moon tattoo. A romantic and philosophic ink idea! The tree is wearing purple and pink clouds, what ist to like? Just splendid! A tree is a richest symbol of life, and the moon puts a romantic message especially with the girl swinging! This vivid ink is full of love, life, and fight!
tree and moon tattoo

Tribal Moon Tattoo

A great tribal design of the moon tattoo. This one is a tribal masterpiece with moon phases. A chest placement makes this a stand out piece. The deco detailing is on the high level! A perfect choice for men!
tribal moon tattoo

Triple Moon Tattoo

A triple moon tattoo styled in watercolor. It is a sign of Neopagan Goddess known as the ‘triple goddess’ of maiden, mother, and crone. The triple moons are symbolic of the stages of a woman’s life and her fertility cycle. The watercolor performance of cosmos makes the job outstanding!
triple moon tattoo

Sun Moon Lotus

An incredible lotus with sun and moon signs. Oh, gorgeous! A mandala designed lotus is surrounded with the sun and the moon. The thigh location opens the beauty of all three patterns in full, especially the lotus petal in the form of the lace. Awesome accessory to the feminine thigh with the meaning of spiritual enlightenment!
sun moon lotus

Moon Tattoo on Forearm

A moon tattoo with placement on the arm. A barren tree creates a foreground of the above –pictured tattoo and the moon creates a background. It is an artistically detailed picture on the male forearm. The thin black branches against the moon and the sky look magnificent.
moon tattoo on arm

Blue Moon Tattoo

A beautiful moon tattoo filled in with blue. A wow-worthy colorful moon tattoo! A swirly texture and the gradient of purple and blue add the particular look to this ink. As Frank Sinatra sang «You are longer alone» with blue moon inked on your body! Moreover, blue moons are rare, hence the common phrase «once in a blue moon.» By this sense, you can express your individuality.
blue moon tattoo

Moon Tattoo on Foot

A foot location of the moon tattoo. Here we can see wonderful scenery beneath a full moon. It could be your way of showing how you are very much at peace with your life and with your family because the forest is a deep sign of life and the moon stands for mother or a woman. For sure, you can create your meaningful version for this tattoo.
moon tattoo on foot

Crescent Moon Tattoo with Name

The moon tattoo accompanied by names. A crescent moon stands for motherhood. The moon is accompanied by the kids` names inked in cursive font and thus creates a special effect. The little star on the edge of the moon plays a role of the flashlight as if the mother lights and cares about the way to her kids.
moon tattoo with name

Moon Tattoo with Girl

A moon tattoo with the girl in the foreground. Oh so cool! Inked in traditional style woman and moon tattoo is a symbol of innate beauty. The detail of the crow and flower are hypnotic and bring their senses of the Native American’s tattooing.
moon tattoo with girl

Color Moon Tattoo

A colorful moon tattoo. The colors the artist added in there look very pretty and thus make the whole job aesthetically pleasant. Purple and blue waves inked in disorder create an infinity of the galaxy.
color moon tattoo

Wolf and Moon Tattoo

This colorful sleeve piece is breathtaking! The moon, the forest, feather and the wolf on the foreground work so nicely together. This composition serves as a great symbol of bravery, smartness, and victory and suits the males.
wolf and moon tattoo

Moon Tattoos for Girls

A floral design of moon tattoo for girls. A crescent moon is embellished with red roses. The basic black coloring helps to open the beauty of the rose on this ground-color. This floral moon tattoo on the collarbone works and serves as a pretty decoration for the girl`s body!
moon tattoos for girls

Moon and Flowers Tattoo

Tender flowers around the moon tattoo. A crescent moon includes a tender bit of flora and nice gradient of coloring. The above-inked job is everything someone looking for a feminine moon tattoo could ever hope or wish for. A location is a secret place; the wearer can hide the ink or demonstrate it. Looks sexy when it picks out of your dress!
moon and flowers tattoo

Moon Chest Tattoo

A moon tattoo on the chest. A little woman and baby are so lovable that I want to go there, sit near them and gaze at the big moon of dreams! White dots are playing the role of stars and look cute on the blue areola around the moon on the chest.
moon chest tattoo

Moon Tattoo for Men

A smart moon tattoo for men. The details in the craters are smart. A full realistic moon on the sleeve is worth to ink just to impress and show your power!
moon tattoo for men

Polynesian Crescent Moon Tattoo

The Polynesian design of the moon tattoo. It is a great sign of sexual maturity and social status. The moon includes another traditional symbol of Polynesian culture – the turtle that means wellness, harmony and eternity. Straight lines and geometric patterns look best on the men.
Polynesian moon tattoo

Moon and Heart Tattoo

One can see an amazing idea basically for everybody! The moon stands for eternity and the heart for life. All together they build up a strong totem on foot. The totem describes an alive heart on the background of the burying-place. That means that our hearts and feelings are alive despite everything.
moon and heart tattoo

Moon Tattoo on Thigh

A divine moon tattoo on the thigh. The heavenly art piece is just charming! An amazing turquoise mandala lace and the deep yellow color flash a magnificent effect. The thigh location gives enough space to demonstrate this hanging decoration with the colorful moon.
moon tattoo on thigh

Watercolor Moon Tattoo

A watercolor effect on the moon tattoo. OMG! The watercolor job achieves a wonderful galaxy effect. There is a tiny heart inked on the moon by way of shadings which expresses a total love that rules everywhere in the Universe.
watercolor moon tattoo

Black and Gray Moon Tattoo

Black and gray moon tattoo. Wonderful looking moon tattoo with Ying and Yang symbols inside! They represent a perfect balance in the life. The moon in the center and its phases of waning and waxing around are all in the shape of a circle with a cool connection in the form of shadings. If you are thinking about the moon tattoo, take this one for your inspiration!
black and gray moon tattoo

Moon Sleeve Tattoo

A beautiful moon tattoo carved on the sleeve. Jut beauty! The moon is always compared with the flawless beauty of a woman. Here is the bright sample of this fact. A mysterious blue color combines the moon and the jewelers of the dancing woman. This is a masterpiece with the contrast of gray shadings and blue color.
moon sleeve tattoo

Moon Half Sleeve Tattoo

A half sleeve placement of the moon tattoo. The moon is one of the main players in astrology. The choice of colors has a special magnetic pull. You can opt for such tattoo if you are a lover of this science or just like to observe a night sky with a moon!
moon half sleeve tattoo

Sun and Moon Tattoo for Guys

A highly-charged moon tattoo for guys. A tattoo is charged with several patterns which are masterly carved together on the forearm of the guy. The profile of the woman`s face is depicted as if it breaks the frame and goes freely with the moon and the sun. There is a sort of an aura around all picture made in orange, make it appear to stand out.
moon tattoo for guys

Moon Tattoo for Woman

The moon with the secret for a woman`s tattoo. The moon is paired with key and lock images as symbols of protecting those they love: ñchildren, parent or partner. Such tattoo may also convey the feelings of the woman which are locked up from others. Nice tattoo if you want to scream something to the World!
moon tattoo for woman

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