Name Tattoo Ideas for Men and Women

Name tattoos have been popular among both men and women since the very beginning of tattooing. It can be a tattoo of your significant other’s name, your children initials, your spouse nickname or the names of your parents. Moreover, you can commemorate your favorite pet that you had as a child by simply etching its name in your skin. One way or another, name tattoos are perfect when it comes to expressing how you feel about the person whose name you want to get tattooed with.

The Reasons Why People Get Name Tattoos

  • To celebrate love
  • As a tribute to the loved ones
  • To celebrate the birth of children
  • To mark an anniversary
  • In memory of close people who passed away
  • As a reminder of someone special
  • To immortalize the friendship
  • To say “Thank you” in a tattoo form
  • To feel closer to your idol by having his/her name tattooed, etc.

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Interesting Features of Name Tattoos

We hasten to surprise those of you who think that name tattoos are just simple letterings that maximum may be done in different fonts. Here’s the list of various complementing elements that will add a zest to any name tattoo:

  • Flowers
  • Arrows
  • Birds
  • Balloon
  • Heart
  • Tree branches
  • Portrait
  • Children’s footprints
  • Animals like rabbits, elephants
  • Date of birth
  • Crown
  • Angels
  • Feathers
  • Infinity sign
  • Heartbeat line
  • Banners etc.

To avoid regrets and disappointments in future we strongly recommend that you give your desirable name tattoo much thought before even making an appointment in a tattoo shop. There are so many people who were sure that their love would never die and now they need to get cover-ups of their ex’s names. Some celebs like Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton or Johnny Depp and Winona Rider know from their own experience that name tattoos can’t guarantee your personal “live happily ever after”. But, if you don’t have any doubts that your beloved person is the only one, go for his/her name tattoo.

Even though name tattoos seem so simple, it is not easy to find the perfect design since every detail, every line and curve need to be flawless and fit your body in the best way. Take your time and look through the possible fonts as well as be careful with placement. Even the most creative tattoo designs can turn into ugly tattoos because of bad placement.

If you like the idea of getting inked with someone’s name, don’t miss the chance to check out some of the most interesting and inspiring name tattoo ideas below.

#1. Cool Idea of 3 Names in One Tattoo for Girls

Look for some interesting name tattoo idea for parents? Give a closer look at this forearm tattoo presenting three arrows with children’s names; it is definitely a great way to show how much you love your kids and to incorporate their names in one tattoo, so it doesn’t look like a list.
Cool idea of 3 names in one tattoo for girls

#2. Meaningful 3d Name Tattoo With a Dove

The black and gray script name tattoo jumps off the skin thanks to the heavy black background. Since the name is nicely complemented by the image of flying dove and blossoming rose, the tattoo shows strong love for the person whose name is inked.
Meaningful 3D name tattoo with a dove

#3. Simple Boyfriend Name Tattoo Idea

We really adore the simplicity of this name tattoo. This is one of those meaningful tattoos when you understand that less is more.
Simple boyfriend name tattoo idea

#4. Cute Children’s Names Tattoo With a Cartoon Elephant

We love the playfulness of this small colorful elephant that is holding balloons with two names of children incorporated in the design. It is so cute!
Cute children’s names tattoo with a cartoon elephant

#5. Amazing Daughter Name Tattoo for Guys

This proud dad has had his daughter name tattooed on his wrist as an embodiment of his endless love. The style of lettering slightly reminds a signature.
Amazing daughter name tattoo for guys

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#6. Heartwarming Family Names Tattoo on Chest

There’ nothing in this world that is more important than a family. This guy knows that that’s why he got tattooed with this incredibly beautiful black and gray chest piece depicting two hands forming a heart with names of members of the family inside.
Heartwarming family names tattoo on chest

#7. Delicate Flower Wreath Tattoo With a Name Inside

There’s something delicate and feminine about this name tattoo decorated by a cute floral wreath. Without any doubts, this one is one of our favorites.
Delicate flower wreath tattoo with a name inside

#8. Saturated Girlfriend Name Tattoo in Classic Style

Classic tattoo style will never be out of date so you definitely won’t miss the mark with something like this Traditional tattoo of a swallow and a heart encircled by a banner that will forever keep your love message.
Saturated girlfriend name tattoo in Classic Style

#9. Impressive Heart-shaped Tattoo With Kids’ Names

The names of children form the fantastic heart-shaped tattoo on the wrist. Apart from the original idea of this heartwarming tattoo, it is also well executed. Boldness and clearness of lines in each letter are something that not every tattoo artist is capable of doing.

Impressive heartshaped tattoo with kids names

#10. Unique Husband Name Tattoo on the Ankle

A handwriting of a person is as unique as their fingerprints for instance. Even though this ankle name tattoo is absolutely illegible apart from those cute crossed tree branches, it is truly special because this is the tattoo bearer’s husband name that is written in his handwriting.
Unique husband name tattoo on the ankle

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#11. Creative Father’s Last Name Tattoo on Arm

Speaking of unique tattoos, one of the most creative ways to get tied with other person is to get their signature tattooed on your body just like this girl did. She went with her father’s signature tattoo which looks super cool on the bicep.
Creative father's last name tattoo on arm

#12. Unusual Love Tattoo With Names in Korean

We are not sure whether this tattoo presents two nicknames or this is some kind of wordplay. Whatever his name tattoo depicts, it looks unusual and interesting.
Unusual love tattoo with names in Korean

#13. Outstanding Name Tattoo on Chest for Boys

There is something truly magnetic in the script font of this name chest tattoo that doesn’t allow us to take our eyes off it. The consistency and precision of lines, the curved trajectory of the lettering and the symmetry in the placement of first name and last name make this piece outstanding.
Outstanding name tattoo on chest for boys

#14. Cool Madonna Portrait Hand Tattoo With Name Tattoo on Fingers

There are so many crazy things that fans are ready to do to show their devotion and admiration to their idols. Would you wear this Madonna portrait on the hand with the lettering on the knuckles to pay tribute to her music?
Cool Madonna portrait hand tattoo with name tattoo on fingers

#15. Simple Name Tattoos on Hands

Tattooing can be a great way of capturing the moment, your wedding day for instance. What do think about celebrating the wedding with name tattoos of each other?
Simple name tattoos on hands

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#16. Elegant Name Tattoo on Wrist With Flowers

Amazingly fine lines create this cute minimalistic name tattoo with light and elegant wildflowers that nicely blend into the script lettering.
Elegant name tattoo on wrist with flowers

#17. Adorable Baby Name Tattoo Pattern for Parents

We find these matching tattoos of the newborn baby’s name with the date of his birth and footprints super adorable. What a sweet way to express how happy they are to be parents!
Adorable baby name tattoo pattern for parents

#18. Amazing Name Tattoos for Couples in Cursive Font

Having each other’s names tattooed on the same part of the body is a great idea for couples. A woman may incorporate flowers into a name so that the tattoo would look more refined.
Amazing name tattoos for couples in cursive font

#19. Cute Name Tattoo for Girls on Side

We love the vertical placement of this name tattoo, we love the unusual cursive font, and we do love that tiny star at the end of the letter ‘e’. The tattoo looks very cute.
Cute name tattoo for girls on side

#20. Eye-catching Name Tattoo for Women With a Rabbit

The image of the name itself is barely visible. However, there’s a bunch of other elements like a cute rabbit and blossoming branches that tell the story and pop off the skin.
Eye-catching name tattoo for women with a rabbit

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#21. Impressive Name Tattoo for Women on the Ankle

Though this black name tattoo is small, it does stand out on the ankle thanks to those delicate thin-line leafy branches.
Impressive name tattoo for women on the ankle

#22. Cool Name Tattoo on Girl’s Back

Seems as if this name rather was typed on the neck of this girl than tattooed. We surely love this creative idea of placing the name tattoo on the neck. In this way, the tattoo looks like a label.
Cool name tattoo on girl’s back

#23. Awesome Tattoos of Sisters’ Names on Both Feet

If you want your name tattoo to be as far out of ordinary as it possible, get the name written in some foreign language. Two matching tattoos of sisters’ names written in Ukrainian nicely sit on both feet of this girl.
Awesome tattoos of sisters' names on both feet

#24. Heartwarming Children Names Tattoos on the Forearm

It’s getting more and more popular among parents to get tatted up with the names of their children along with dates of birth. No wonder why. Having a child is the best thing that ever happens to every person.
Heartwarming children names tattoos on the forearm

#25. Gentle Shoulder Name Tattoo With Flowers

This Dotwork floral crown tattoo with name incorporated in a design looks luxurious on the lady’s shoulder. By the way, whatever happens, it will be easier to cover up or redo the name part of the tattoo if it is small and light rather than to cover a big and boldly outlined.
Gentle shoulder name tattoo with flowers

Adorable Deer Head Ink on the Forearm

#26. Small Yet Elegant Name Tattoo With Date of Birth

Don’t be in a hurry when you choose the font of your future name tattoo because it is an essential element of what the tattoo will look. If you find cursive calligraphy too fancy, it is better to keep it simple like the one in the picture.
Small yet elegant name tattoo with date of birth

#27. Fantastic Tattoo Idea of Son’s And Daughter’s Names for Men

Name tattoos don’t necessarily have to be tattooed separately. You can incorporate the name of your children like in this case into the whole black and gray sleeve. All the elements work cohesively and look phenomenal.
Fantastic tattoo idea of son’s and daughter’s names for men

#28. Truly Unique Name Tattoo on Arm

Name tattoos are always meaningful and for each person in their own way. The more interesting a font is, the more interesting and unusual your tattoo looks. As far as the uniqueness, the Thai font makes this name tattoo unreadable for most of the people, but it definitely makes the tattoo personal and meaningful.
Truly unique name tattoo on arm

#29. Super Clean Tattoo of Daughter’s Name on the Ribs

For this guy, the tattoo of his daughter’s name on the ribs was obviously some painful experience yet that pain is totally worth the result we all can see. This cursive font is insanely beautiful.
Super clean tattoo of daughter’s name on the ribs

#30. Awesome Celtic Name Tattoo on Forearm

Such strong big bold tattoos as this saturated black name tattoo on the forearm require a lot of courage or maybe insanity. Whatever it is, those negative Celtic braids inside the letters make this name tattoo so awesome.
Awesome Celtic name tattoo on forearm

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#31. Charming Feather Infinity Tattoo With Two Names

Have you ever heard the phrase “forever and always”? When you love somebody more than anything in life, you swear you are together forever and always with this person. This black and gray feather infinity tattoo with two names may symbolize endless love or unbreakable friendship.
Charming feather infinity tattoo with two names

#32. Elegant Boyfriend’s Name Tattoo on the Finger

Everyone dreams of love that lasts forever. Of course, a tattoo cannot guarantee you that eternal love but at least can get a constant reminder of a loved one if you have his/her name tattoo done on some visible spot like a finger.
Elegant boyfriend’s name tattoo on the finger

#33. Breath-taking Flower Tattoo With a Female Name

Jasmine isn’t just a beautiful name for a flower, but also a beautiful name for a girl. Thus combining both the girl’s name and the flower in one breath-taking Watercolor tattoo is a nice way to transcend that beauty.
Breath-taking flower tattoo with a female name

#34. Clean Name Tattoo on Inner Side of Fingers

Palm tattoos are tricky due to the skin texture. There’s even a special technique for tattooing palms. The simpler design is and the deeper the ink goes into the skin, the better tattoo you get.
Clean name tattoo on inner side of fingers

#35. Lovely Heartbeat Tattoo With Name on the Bicep

As you may notice there are tons of possible designs to complement a name tattoo. The heartbeat line is definitely one of the most popular ones. We guess that in this way the lady wants to show how fast her heart beats when the person whose name she wears is near her.
Lovely heartbeat tattoo with name on the bicep

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#36. Fancy Half Sleeve Tattoo With Name

Nice fancy script font with some filigree additions to it make the name Olivia look fantastic. While the name kind of gets lost in the branches and roses, the date is what stands out really well.
Fancy half sleeve tattoo with name

#37. Creative Lovers Name Temporary Tattoo Idea

Even though this wrist tattoo is temporary, it looks absolutely gorgeous thanks to the strong contrast between rich black and cherry red colors. It is quite an interesting approach to celebrate the wedding day.
Creative lovers name temporary tattoo idea

#38. Amazing Friends Tattoo on the Wrist

According to Native Americans, two crossed arrows stand for unbreakable friendship. Maybe it was friendship in a first place that gave a push to the love of these two.
Amazing friends tattoo on the wrist

#39. Creative Name Initials Tattoo for Men

Here’s a bit different take on the temporary wedding tattoos for a couple with just initials and the date complemented by the crossed arrows on the groom’s wrist and red portrait silhouette on the bride’s wrist.
Creative name initials tattoo for men

#40. Bold Traditional Chest Name Tattoo on Ribbon

If you choose bold and legible Traditional tattoos, you can be sure that even in fifty years your tattoo like this ribbon with the name will be as good and solid as it is now.
Bold Traditional chest name tattoo on ribbon

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