Octopus and squid designs became voguish among diverse social groups and it may be interpreted in different ways, but generally, people at the sight of these mollusks have a double feeling – fear and admiration.

The history of the octopus and squid tattoo

Since olden times, people reckoned that an octopus was the embodiment of the god of the sea, who could swallow ships and people, later the octopus has become a symbol of immortality, as it has three hearts. Moreover, this picture always has a mythical sense as it is associated with a terrible monster Kraken – a giant octopus, which killed ships in the sea. For sailors, this design was a protective mascot, which brought good luck.
As for the squid figure, it has a mystical denotation, as people assume that the squids live in the depths of the ocean.

The denotation in a contemporary world

Nowadays, the significations of the octopus and squid tattoo can be split up into two groups: favorable and unfavorable denotations.

The major positive value of the octopus tattoo is the cyclical nature of life, so it is the symbol of longevity and immortality. Another denotation is connected with wisdom and intelligence, people reckon that this design points out a highly developed personality as in nature, the octopus has the biggest brain among mollusks.
Oftentimes octopus tattoos wear those, who strive for success and power. This sea creature has an amazing ability to regenerate – lost limbs grow again, so this tattoo on the body can speak about a persistent person. Scientists have proved that an octopus is a strategist, so it has long been considered a symbol of intelligent people. For women, this tattoo signifies fertility and motherhood. In nature, a squid can lose its limb in order to avoid danger, to it indicates the readiness of a person to start a new life.

As for the unfavorable denotation, it is connected with the variability of a human nature – inconstancy and hypocrisy. The ability of the octopus in the case of a danger to allocate a black liquid that prevents the enemy to see and gives the octopus a chance to escape is widely known, so that it can indicate a human, who lies always and uses other peoples for the sake of achieving his goals. In addition to it, in nature cases exist, when an octopus can eat itself, so people, who create problems for themselves, wear this figure.

Tattooing areas of the octopus and squid tattoos

This marvelous design can be put on any part of the body, but the most advantageously this figure will look:

  • on the thigh;
  • on the sleeve, half sleeve, wrists, and shoulders;
  • on the back;
  • on the legs.

So, this vivid tattoo is suitable for all people, its color spectrum is striking and it will look epic both in big and small sizes.

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