Owl Tattoos

In nature, there are 216 species of owls. They are night birds which stalk and hunt their prey mostly at night. The interesting thing is, owls can turn their heads 270 degrees in both directions so that they literally can see almost everything around them without making a sound.

So, what does an owl tattoo mean? Owl tattoo meanings differ and depend on the designs and cultural background. Due to the fascinating abilities of owls, there have always been quite a few myths, legends and superstitions about them all around the world. Some cultures associate this bird with wisdom, joyfulness, wit, an ability to see the truth and unfold illusion and deception. Other cultures though see an owl as the embodiment of sadness, demise, sorrow, mourning, etc.  What is more, some people consider owls to be the personification of death or even the harbinger of death.

The truth is, it is unattainable to stay indifferent to the owl tattoo and more people choose this startling design in order to embellish their bodies. But in fact, it’s only up to you to decide what the owl tattoo means for you.

As for the owl tattoo designs, here we have collected over 70 cool owl tattoos for both men and women to show the whole beauty of this beautiful and mysterious bird.

Black and white owl tattoo on back

Cute snowy owl tattoo

Owl eyes tattoo on the forearm

Owl head tattoo design on the forearm

Tiny owl finger tattoo idea

Imressive owl hand tattoo for men

Black and gray realstic owl shoulder tattoo

Female owl tattoo on the thigh

Owl biceps tattoo for women

Unique owl arm tattoo design

Simple owl tattoo of the forearm

Colorful owl tattoo on the calf

Awesome owl stomach tattoo

Mens owl tattoo on the stomach

Owl rose tattoo sleeve for man

Outline owl wings tattoo on the chest

Owl throat tattoo idea

Tattoo of an owl with spread wings

realistic owl tattoo designs

Barn owl tattoo half sleeve

Great horned owl tattoo on chest

Realistic owl half sleeve tattoo design

Cool great horned owl tattoo on the back

Awesome night owl sleeve tattoo

Super cute baby owl tattoo on the shoulder

skull and owl tattoo on the forearm

Black owl tattoo on the wrist

Black and white owl tattoo half sleeve

Flying owl tattoo on arm

Traditional owl tattoo on the biceps

Simple owl tattoo on the ankle

Tiny owl tattoo on the finger

Cute little owl tattoo on the wrist

Snowy owl tattoo on the thigh

Abstract owl chest tattoo for men

Bright and colorful owl chest tattoo

Badasss owl tattoo on the mans chest

Very cute small owl tattoos

Owl eyes tattoo on the outer forearm

owl eyes tattoo on the forearm

Dotwork owl forearm tattoo

Color owl tattoo on the rib cage

Flying owl tattoo on chest

Owl male chest tattoo idea

Tattoo with an owl holding book and arrows

Geometric owl tattoo on the shoulder

Cool owl tattoo that reminds drawing

Owl back tattoo for women

Owl with skull back tattoo for men

Huge owl back tattoo design

owl shoulder tattoo with a tree

Girl owl tattoos on the shoulder

Black owl tattoo on shoulder

Color owl tattoo on the shoulder blade

Watercolor owl tattoo on forearm

Owl chest tattoo with flowers

Owl leg sleeve tattoo

Small owl tattoo on the leg

Owl leg tattoo design for guys

Owl thigh tattoo in color

Owl sitting on a branch tattoo for girls

Dreamcatcher owl tattoo ideas

One of the best owl tattoos for men

Cool owl neck tattoo design

Realistic owl head tattoo on the neck

Black owl tattoo on the neck

Color owl tattoo on the inner forearm

Owl upper sleeve tattoo design

Owl in forest tattoo on the forearm

Two owls tattoo on the shoulder

Owl tattoo ideas for couples

Owl with hat tattoo
An owl wearing a hat tattoo on the upper arm

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