Beautiful Peacock Tattoo Ideas with Feathers

Since olden times, only rich people could possess this sumptuous bird, so after some time, it has become a sign of wealth, nobility, and pride.

Certain nations have considered a peacock in their own way, so, for instance:

  • In India, people believed that this bird protects a human from evil spirits.
  • Greeks associated the peacock with the divine luminaries, it was a symbol of Hera.
  • In Persia peacocks were an attribute of royal power.
  • In ancient China, it was honorable to obtain a peacock feather from the emperor and it personified the dignity and greatness.
  • This bird is a sign of resurrection and God’s grace for Christians.
  • In Buddhism it signified compassion.
  • The pattern on its tail for the Greeks meant the sky, embellished with the stars at night and the bright sun in the afternoon. In this case, the connotation is unlimited power.
  • In some cultures, the peacock was a talisman for pregnant women.

Positive meanings of peacock tattoos encompass the following:

  • The major denotation is nobility, luxury, and longevity.
  • Oftentimes it connotes immortality of love.
  • This pattern expresses the beauty, both external and internal.
  • The design discloses the nature of a personality, thus, it can indicate the striving to achieve the goals and the implementation of the creative potential.
  • This bird stands out from the fauna, so an individual, who wears this tattoo, wants to stand out among other people. In some cases, it signifies egocentrism, and in other situations, it talks about an extraordinary person.
  • The design expresses the harmony of the soul since the variety of colors of its feathers represents a holistic picture.

In Western culture, the negative definition of the tattoo has emerged. Thus, the sense of the tattoo incorporates vanity, the pettiness of the soul and hypocrisy.

A peacock feather tattoo means openness of human thoughts and a sober look at the world.

The tattoo is placed on ribs, arms, shoulders, the back, and legs.

Hence, this pattern will definitely single out the person from the crowd, it attracts attention and, in some cases, has not only an aesthetic function, but it can become a talisman from the misfortune.

Peacock Feather Tattoo Ideas

A peacock is a noble bird and its feathers are one of the most recognizable in the world. It has diverse meanings, but all of them are positive. These tattoos are placed on almost all parts of the body.

Peacock Feather Tattoo on Leg

This tattoo on the lower leg represents the idea, which can be found in Greek and Roman cultures when the pattern on the feathers of the peacock was known as the eye of the devil. However, it did not carry a negative connotation, and it was considered as a protection against evil forces, so this tattoo can be a talisman for the person. lovely feathers of the peacock tattoo in form of eye of the devil

Peacock Feather Tattoo on Arm

In the 14th century, people began to associate a peacock feather with such human qualities as pride and vanity. The tattoo on the lower arm may have two denotations. It can indicate a person, who is proud of his successes or a very arrogant personality. ravishing peacock feather tattoo

Peacock Feather Tattoo Forearm

Chinese traditions claim that the peacock feather signifies the self-sufficiency and belonging to a higher caste of society. The tattoo on the lower arm supports this idea.chinese peacock feather tattoo on lower arm

Peacock Tattoo on Ankle

In some legends, a peacock could heal from infertility, so its feathers are a symbol of motherhood. The feather tattoo on the foot may be a mother mascot. charming feather tattoo on the foot

Peacock Feather Tattoo on Foot

Some people believe that if a person wears a huge peacock feather tattoo, then it says about his vanity. In the tattoo below the peacock feather adorns the hip and illustrates this point of view.heavenly huge peacock feather tattoo

In the ancient folklore if the person was the owner of the tattoo with a peacock feather, then he was considered a sincere and friendly personality. This tattoo on the collarbone says that an individual treats other people with respect.tiny tattoo with a peacock feather

In Indian culture a person, who wanted to protect himself from the harmful influence of evil forces, wore this tattoo. This gorgeous feather is located on the lower leg and it can serve as a talisman of good fortune.indian gorgeous feather tattoo

Peacock Tattoo on Back

It is believed that if the feather decorates the body of the fair sex, it speaks about humility and timidity. The tattoo below stretches from the neck to the back and indicates a humble and tender woman.exquisite feathers tattoo on the neck

Peacock Feather Tattoo on Shoulder

These awe-inspiring peacock feathers cover the shoulder and the breast. The idea of Romans about the regal and romantic love, which is immortal, is traced here.awe-inspiring peacock feathers cover the shoulder and the breast

Peacock Feather Rib Tattoo

In some beliefs, if on peacock feathers flowers were depicted, it was a symbol of the light heart and a pure soul. In this case, the tattoo on a woman’s side represents the hope for a brighter future and inexhaustible optimism.grand peacock feathers flowers tattoo on female side

Peacock Tattoo on Side

The Chinese believed that peacock feathers attract good luck to women. Here fantastic feathers adorn the female side and bring happiness and luck to the possessor.glorious chinese peacock feathers tattoo on female side

Lower Back Peacock Tattoo

This tramp stamp is eye-catching! Many nations have thought that the peacock feather was a female symbol. The pattern below carries the idea of femininity, tenderness, and maternal warmth.captivating peacock feather tattoo on loin

Peacock Feather Tattoo on Wrist

Oftentimes the pattern on a peacock feather is called an all-seeing eye. The tattoo on the forearm reveals this idea and means that the person is not afraid of difficulties and always evaluates them objectively.adorable peacock feather tattoo in form of all seeing eye

The peacock has long been associated with an unusual and mysterious creature. A person, who wears a peacock feather tattoo peacock, always wants to stand out. Here the semantic meaning of the design, which extends from the shoulder to the shoulder blade, is a creative, extraordinary personality.mysterious peacock feather tattoo shoulder

Peacock Feather Tattoo behind Ear Meaning

The peacock feather tattoo is behind the ear, which is considered to be a very sensitive place. The denotation is that the person is open and it is easy to offend her.admirable peacock feather tattoo behind the ear

In Greek culture a peacock feather is weightless and beautiful; tattoos on lower legs express a light attitude towards life. So a person, who wears a peacock feather tattoo, shows his frivolity and sometimes naivety.attractive peacock feather tattoos on lower legs

Feminine Peacock Tattoos

Absolutely spectacular peacock feathers entwine a woman’s breast and look awesome! Many nations connected this pattern the inner beauty and nobility of a person. The tattoo below indicates a beautiful, compassionate personality.spectacular peacock feathers tattoo on woman breast

Good Peacock Feather Tattoo

The peacock feather, which is located on the back, was considered a symbol of pride and arrogance in the Middle Ages. The tattoo on the back below discloses this very idea.middle ages peacock feather tattoo on back

Peacock Leaf Tattoo

In many legends, a tree was a sign of a dynamic growth and the peacock feather meant the self-development. Thus, the connotation of the tattoo on the lower arm is the realization of a creative potential.fine tree with peacock feather tattoo on arm

Peacock Tattoos for Women

A great number of people associate the peacock feather with beauty and strong love. Here the tattoo adorns the back and peacock feathers are depicted with roses and the lock in a form of the heart, which symbolize strong family peacock feather with roses and heart tattoo on back

Peacock Flower Tattoo

Christians believed that a peacock feather is a symbol of the resurrection, and the rose is a symbol of love, a tattoo on the lower leg can express the resurrection and the renewal of love. fantastic peacock feather and rose tattoo on lower leg

There is a gorgeous peacock feather on the lower arm. For the Greeks, it was a symbol of the starry sky, which is reflected in the colors of the tattoo – blue and purple. The signification of this tattoo is religious since the feather is mercy, and blue and purple colors indicate humility and repentance.gorgeous peacock feather on the lower arm

Colorful Peacock Tattoo

For the ancient Egyptians, a peacock feather and flowers meant tenderness, love, and prosperity, these signs have been portrayed next to the gods. The vivid tattoo below covers the back and the shoulder and reveals this idea.huge cute tattoo with peacock feather and flowers

Small Peacock Tattoo

This tight tattoo embellishes the ring finger. People, who wear these tattoos, usually are kind-hearted and sincere. Probably, the following pattern illustrates this idea.tight peacock black feather tattoo on ring finger

Black and Grey Peacock Tattoo

Tribal tattoos attract more and more people with their graceful simplicity. This peacock feather tattoo on the hip resonates with the oriental style when it was believed that this pattern rejuvenates the spirit.graceful tribal peacock feather tattoo

Peacock Tattoos for Girls

This is an example of a devotion tattoo on the side of a woman’s body. In Buddhism peacock feathers mean compassion. This tattoo indicates that a person has a compassionate heart and is always ready to help other people.buddhism peacock feathers tattoo on woman side

Amazing Peacock Tattoos

Alchemists believed that peacocks were birds, which helped to turn base metal into gold. Thus, the peacock feather tattoo on the side displays a human belief in mysticism.amazing big peacock feather tattoo on the side

Beautiful Peacock Tattoos

The tattoo on the side can indicate Eastern traditions, where peacock feathers were the symbol of the sun and life, so warm colors predominate in this design. The tattoo says about the person, who is in love with life.peacock feathers tattoo in warm colors

In many countries flowers are not just the symbols of natural beauty, but they denote greatness. This idea complements the overall meaning of the peacock tattoo on the shoulder – grace, splendor, and and black peacock feather tattoo on the shoulder

Blue Peacock Tattoo

In ancient times, a peacock feather symbolized courage and fortitude. In this case, the peacock feather is combined with the inscription “Brave enough”, which suggests that the person is purposeful, who by all means achieves goals.superior peacock feather with inscription

Peacock Feather Tattoo on Thigh

The significance of this tattoo may be associated with Persephone – the goddess of fertility. Peacock feathers in conjunction with butterflies speak about emotional ease, cheerfulness, and youth.great peacock feathers tattoo with butterflies

Japanese Peacock Tattoo

According to Asian traditions, the peacock symbolizes positive energy and in some cases, it has a negative connotation. These feathers on the side show the arrogance and haughtiness of the owner.pleasant peacock feathers tattoo on the side

3d Peacock Feather Tattoo

It is believed that the representatives of the SWAG style wear the pattern of scissors. The fusion of scissors and the peacock feather denotes excessive narcissism and vanity.perfect scissors and peacock feather tattoo

Peacock Chest Tattoo

A peacock is a bright bird, which pattern of feathers is known to everyone, it always stands out from the rest of the birds. It is believed that only a confident and extraordinary person can wear the peacock feather tattoo. The design is located on the breast and it is combined with roses, the idea is that this person wants to show the originality of the character to all people.extraordinary peacock feather tattoo on all brest

Peacock Tattoo Outline

The tribal tattoo adorns the lower leg, it emphasizes the beauty of woman’s legs. The style of the tattoo is tribal, it is made in black ink and the meaning is obvious – the design is about feminine beauty and grace.elegant tribal tattoo on woman lower leg

Watercolor Peacock Tattoo

This watercolor peacock feather tattoo is on the hip and it looks amazing. The characteristic of the design is a fuzzy border of feathers, which signifies a creative person with an unusual mindset.wonderful watercolor peacock feather tattoo on hip

Sexy Peacock Tattoo

In Greek culture peacocks have always accompanied Gods and Goddesses, they were considered regal birds. Here a peacock feather stretches across the chest and connotes the self-confidence of a woman and her excessive pride.splendid peacock feather stretches across the chest

Black and White Peacock Tattoo

Peacock feathers adorn the back and the side of the body. In the 18th century, a peacock feather has become a symbol of fashion and creative people. Perhaps, this tattoo indicates that the owner is connected with the fashion industry.excited peacock feathers tattoo adorn the back and the side of the body

The tramp stamp tattoo looks great. Three separate feathers provide a holistic picture of the harmony in the human soul. pretty three separate peacock feathers tattoo

Abstract Peacock Tattoo

This sleek pattern is not overloaded with unnecessary details, it looks very elegant. The tattoo reveals the meaning, accepted among the ancient Romans, when a successful person as a sign of his success wore this design with pride. minimalistic peacock feather tattoo on arm

Simple Peacock Feather Tatt

simple peacock feather tattoo

Peacock tattoo

Peacock tattoos are very vivid and they help the owner to stand out from the crowd. In most cases, they carry a positive meaning and adorn hips, legs, the back, and hands.

Peacock Hip Tattoo

In Indian folklore, this regal bird was a symbol of nobility and embellished bodies of kings and queens. A stunning peacock is located on the hip and it expresses the greatness and richness of the soul.stunning peacock tattoo on the hip

Peacock Feather Sleeve Tattoo

A tattoo represents a peacock, which winds along the whole sleeve. In many cultures, peacocks symbolize the bright side of life, so it is believed that people, who wear a peacock tattoo, enjoy all vivid colors of life and they are cheerful. This idea is revealed here. bright peacock tattoo on sleeve

Peacock Bird Tattoos

Greek culture values harmony, so a peacock ink should look harmonious and it shouldn’t be overly large. People, for whom the self-centeredness is inherent, cover a large area of the body with this pattern. There is a peacock tattoo on the entire back, which talks about a conceited person.beautiful peacock tattoo on the entire back

Peacock Wing Tattoo

It has been investigated that the peacock tattoo is one of the most pleasant to the eyes, it always expresses the beauty and elegance. In this case, a tattoo on the thigh emphasizes the inner and outer beauty of a woman.pleasant peacock tattoo on woman side and hip

Peacock Tail Tattoo

In this tattoo on the back, Indian motives are traced because in Hinduism a peacock is associated with Brahma – the supreme god and the creator of the world. Thus, this pattern has a religious meaning and may be a talisman for a person, who wears it. natural peacock tattoo on the back in indian motives

The half sleeve is adorned with this tight peacock tattoo. Probably, the denotation of the ink is connected with Greek traditions, when the peacock was the symbol of Aphrodite. Hence, the meaning of this design is the enjoyment of beauty.creative tight peacock tattoo on half sleeve

Peacock Half Sleeve Tattoo

In ancient times, this image wore extremely brave and noble people. Here the tattoo on the half sleeve indicates a person, who is the guardian of the family hearth.trendy peacock tattoo on the half sleeve

An awesome peacock pattern extends from the hip to the lower leg and definitely draws attention. A peacock is sitting on a blooming branch, which may indicate a beautiful and happy life path.awesome peacock tattoo from the hip to the lower leg
This image is located on the lower leg and the foot, and here the negative connotation, which can be found in Greek and Roman culture, is revealed. The person with this tattoo is probably arrogant.excellent peacock tattoo on the lower leg and the foot

A huge tattoo with a lot of components is on the back. Two peacocks with flowers in the combination with the dreamcatcher create a protective pattern from evil spirits for a person.huge tattoo on all back with two peacocks flowers and dreamcatcher

Realistic Peacock Feather Tattoo

The fantastic peacock tattoo is on the elegant back. It reveals a meaning, accepted in many cultures that the peacock is a symbol of immortal love.fantastic peacock tattoo on the elegant back

Purple Peacock Feather Tattoo

In Buddhism, the image of a peacock means honesty and openness of a person, it has a positive connotation. Here this design extends from the lower leg to the foot represents the idea of a kind and sincere personality. excellent peacock tattoo from the lower leg to the foot

The tattoo on the hip is extremely bright and appealing. This unusual design discloses Greek traditions and says about a person, who wants to implement his creative potential.extremely bright peacock tattoo

The startling feature of this tattoo on the back is a gorgeous peacock’s tail, which occupies the upper back. All elements of the tattoo create a holistic picture, which signifies the integrity of a human nature and a formed value orientation.startling tattoo on the back with gorgeous peacock tail

The hip is adorned with a gorgeous tribal tattoo, which represents a peacock without any complementary details. The pattern looks very stylish and it discloses Chinese traditions, according to which a peacock means dignity and greatness.gorgeous tribal peacock tattoo on hip

Peacock Eye Tattoo

This tattoo on a half sleeve carries a religious meaning. In Christianity, both a peacock and a sunflower denote God’s grace and faith in God, so this pattern will be suitable for believers.nice peacock tattoo with sunflower

Tribal Peacock Tattoos

This elegant tribal tattoo embellishes the hip. The denotation of this tattoo resonates with Greek beliefs about the goddess Hera, who was the patroness of a marriage and pregnant women. Thus, the design can be a symbol of motherhood.elegant tribal peacock tattoo on the hip

This sumptuous design extends from the tummy to the knee. The pattern itself expresses love and longevity, as the peacock is merged with roses, which in all times meant love and passion.sumptuous peacock tattoo from the tummy to the knee

The Chinese believed that a pregnant woman, at whom a peacock has looked, received a blessing and she would have an easy childbirth. Eventually, it became a symbol for pregnant women. This peacock tattoo on the shoulder illustrates this idea. refreshing peacock tattoo on the shoulder

Oftentimes a peacock is perceived as a sign of the sun, which is associated with warmth and kindness. Thus, this tattoo on the thigh is about a kind-hearted personality.colorful peacock tattoo on hip

A great tattoo in located on the whole sleeve. In nature, a male peacock performs dances and shows himself in order to attract a female, so the man, who wears this tattoo, through the pattern wants to express his sexuality and energy.modern peacock tattoo on the whole sleeve

The peacock tattoo covers the part of the lower back and the buttock. Some people believed that the size of the tattoo indicates the size of a man’s ego. This tattoo says about the excessive narcissism of a person, who wears it.delicate peacock tattoo on lower back and the buttock

In ancient cultures, the peacock had wisdom and knowledge; he was revered with the utmost respect. Here a great image is on the forearm, it expresses the beautiful inner world and the wisdom of the owner. tender peacock tattoo scene on the forearm

Old School Peacock Tattoo

The place of the tattoo says a lot about the person – she wants to stand out and always be in the spotlight. This peacock on the chest draws attention and indicates an extraordinary person. cool peacock tattoo on the chest
Alchemists have identified the peacock with the phoenix and they believed that it had the gift of healing. Thus, this tattoo on the half sleeve represents the idea of spiritual resurrection. incredible peacock tattoo with flowers on the half sleeve

Many nations have connected the outer beauty of the peacock with the inner beauty of a person. This peacock on the lower arm expresses the rich inner world of the owner. colorful peacock tattoo on the lower arm

Nowadays the peacock tattoo carries the meaning of diversity of the world and the versatility of a human personality. This absolutely gorgeous peacock tattoo on the back supports this idea. interesting peacock tattoo on the back

In the contemporary world, many corporations use the image of a peacock as their logo in order to show how cool they are. This tattoo on the lower leg indicates the person, who is proud of himself.romantic peacock tattoo on the lower leg

This awe-inspiring peacock tattoo is put on the back. The pattern connotes the person’s goal to create a happy and beautiful life and to live in harmony with the outer world. awe-inspiring peacock tattoo on the back

The peacock tattoo extends from the thigh to the lower leg and looks marvelous. Definitely, the Greek idea of the egoism of the goddess Hera is traced in this pattern. The person with this tattoo is self-centered.marvelous peacock tattoo extends from the thigh to the lower leg

In many myths, the foot of man is his weak spot, which is directly related to a human life, which should be protected. The peacock on the foot shows the strong character of a person and the aspiration of the owner to longevity.glamorous peacock tattoo on the foot

Flying Peacock Tattoo

The peacock is shown with cherry blossoms, which is a symbol of grief and sadness in Japan, and for Christians, a peacock is a sign of forgiveness and mercy. The tattoo on the back says that the owner has gone through many sad moments in life. delightful peacock tattoo with cherry blossoms on all back

In Egypt, the peacock tattoo meant the realization of hidden possibilities of a man. Here the pattern stretches from the chest to the hip and signifies a mysterious side of a person. stylish peacock tattoo from the chest to the hip

A watercolor tight tattoo adorns the sleeve. Generally, the peacock means a happy life but these red accents, which look like blood, may signify tough periods or obstacles, which the person should overcome.popular watercolor peacock tattoo adorns the sleeve

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The half sleeve ink looks marvelous; in the center is the head of the bird, which looks like a crown. The pattern spells out the typical idea of dignity, splendor, and power.terrific half sleeve tattoo with peacock

Peacock Tattoo on Stomach

A peacock tattoo is a pattern, which often symbolizes love in its most romantic manifestation. Below the tattoo is located on the lower abdomen and expresses love and tenderness.remarkable peacock tattoo

In Renaissance paintings, peacocks were often depicted next to the regal personages, and the pictures expressed wealth and splendor. Here the peacock is located on the woman’s thigh and may be the personification of a happy life and material wealth. unbelievable peacock tattoo on the woman thigh

Peafowl Tattoo

This peacock is made in dark colors and is placed on the hip. The color spectrum indicates that this peacock symbolizes the dark side of a person – cruelty, vanity, and selfishness.dark colored peacock tattoo on the hip

White Peacock Tattoo

In Christianity, a white peacock is regarded as a secret symbol of a church, which always has had influence on humans’ lives. Thus, this peacock tattoo on a hip may denote a deeply religious person. refined white peacock tattoo on hip

Traditional Peacock Tattoo

The whole leg is decorated with a stunning peacock tattoo. Here a queen with golden ornaments embraces the peacock, the whole picture looks chicly. The tattoo expresses the image of an independent and freedom-loving woman.stunning peacock tattoo on whole leg

For Christians, peacocks were not only symbols of the resurrection of the Lord, but also the incorruptibility and purity of feelings. Here peacocks embellish the half sleeve and the shoulder and they illustrate this idea.magnificent peacocks tattoo on half sleeve and shoulder

In the 14th century, the expression “Proud as a peacock” has been formed, which indicated the excessive arrogance of a human. Here the whole leg is adorned with the peacock tattoo and it denotes unreasonable vanity and pride.whole leg is adorned with startling peacock tattoo

Earlier young women often wore peacock tattoos in order to express animal spirits and the readiness to love and to be loved. This peacock tattoo on the hip reveals this tradition.awesome peacock tattoo on the hip

The pattern extends from the shoulder to the hip and looks awesome. There is no doubt that in this case, a negative connotation of the peacock is disclosed – narcissism and selfishness due to the size of the tattoo and its color spectrum. outstanding peacock tattoo from the shoulder to the hip

In ancient Egypt, the peacock was associated with the city, where the sun temple has been built. This black peacock on the lower leg connotes refinement and glory.breathtaking black peacock tattoo on the lower leg

It is believed that the skull image comes from Christianity, when the blood of Christ washed away the sin of Adam and Eve, so the pattern connotes sacrifice and forgiveness. Hence, this tattoo on the hip may mean a compassionate person, who is able to forgive.hypnotizing peacock tattoo with skull on the hip

Cool Peacock Tattoos

In some countries, a peacock was a companion of spiritually advanced people and it was perceived as a good sign. This peacock sleeve tattoo may be the indicator of a fair and spiritually harmonious human.zingy peacock sleeve tattoo

In India, the peacock is revered and it has its place in the temples, people believe that it protects the owner from the misfortune. This pattern on the hip is a protective amulet, which can also attract good fortune.fascinating peacock tattoo on the hip

Peacock Head Tattoo

It is assumed that bright peacock patterns suit an extraordinary personality, who is spontaneous and is able to risk. The design embellishes the back and says that this person is adventurous.exciting bright peacock tattoo on back

The peacock is performed in tribal traditions and it is the gem of the overall picture. Flowers add colorful accents to this ink and denote the diversity in life, whereas the peacock indicates the brightness of the colors of life.showy tribal peacock tattoo and colorful flowers

Full Back Peacock Tatt

full back peacock tattoo

Peacock Tattoo for Men

peacock tattoo for men

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