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Pine trees are powerful, majestic, wise, and just beautiful. Did you know that some pine trees can grow up to 13,000 feet? Another interesting fact is, pines can reach the age of more than 1,000 years. In fact, the oldest pine tree on earth is over 5,000 years. Can you imagine that? The truth is, many of us admire walking in the forest to get inspired by strong pines and clear air. So, it makes sense why so many people out there choose a pine tree image for their tattoos. Well, getting a pine tree tattoo done on your body may show your high spirituality, love, devotion to the roots and the life itself.
The good news is, pine tree tattoos can be placed on any part of the body. If you want to create an infinite outlook, it is better to ink a pine tree on the chest, forearm, back, or full sleeves. The size does not lessen the beauty of the pine. Like, if you want to get a tattoo of a pine branch, pine needle or pinecone, you can ink them on the leg, wrist, arm, or neck. But again, it’s only up to you.
Here are a lot of pine tattoo designs that carry the true meaning of life…check them out!

Pine Tree Tattoo Meaning

Pine Tree Tattoo Meaning 1

Pine Tree Tattoo Meaning 2

Pine Tree Tattoo Meaning 3

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What does a pine tattoo mean?
Generally, the pines, as well as other trees, are closely associated with human beings as they also have life cycles. Therefore, different parts of a pine tree can be tattooed on you to represent this cycle:
For example, since the roots of a pine tree are the supporting system, their image represents devotion to the predators, family, friends, and community.
The trunk of the pine signs overcoming difficulties, immortality, and a strong will to survive.
The bare pine tree means youth and growth, but sometimes it symbolizes the death of the beloved persons. The bare pine tattoo is often used to commemorate someone who passed away.
The pine cone tattoo is a direct representation of new beginnings and regeneration.
What is more, pine trees may have different meanings depending on cultural background. A Chinese pine with fluffy branches is used to render eternity, protection, longevity, and high spirituality. In Japan a pine tree is called the Matsu and it stands for strength and masculinity.
With all variety of meanings, you may add any pattern to the design that will make it much more appealing and add a deeper symbolic meaning to it. Birds, sky, mountains, images of the sun or the moon, skulls, and deer are common for the pine tattoo designs.

Evergreen Tree Tattoo Designs

Evergreen Tree Tattoo Designs 1

Evergreen Tree Tattoo Designs 2

Evergreen Tree Tattoo Designs 3

Evergreen Tree Tattoo Designs 4

Evergreen Tree Tattoo Designs 5

Evergreen Tree Tattoo Designs 6
Adding a green color to you pine tattoo means the endless cycle of life. It is closely linked to an evergreen tree. Black and white option is always a winner as it pops out the image on the pale skin. A more natural outlook can be reached by adding a 3D effect. You can opt for it if the pine is imaged with the mountains. Geometrical figures, especially circles and triangles, are cool to add to the pine. They used to deter evil spirits and create a protective shield for the wearer.

Beautiful Pine Trees Tattoo

Beautiful Pine Trees Tattoo 1

Beautiful Pine Trees Tattoo 2

Beautiful Pine Trees Tattoo 3

Beautiful Pine Trees Tattoo 4

Beautiful Pine Trees Tattoo 5

Beautiful Pine Trees Tattoo 6
As we were saying, pine trees belong to the long-lived plants and some species such as the bristlecone pine can reach the age of more than a thousand years. Due to this, people often choose to get a pine tree tattoo – they want to represent a long life.
We bet you already are in love with pine trees and you are looking for a way to show off this love. Why don’t you do that through a tattoo? Get a pine forest tattoo done. Take a look at the ideas we have here.

Small Pine Tree Tattoos

Small Pine Tree Tattoos 1

Small Pine Tree Tattoos 2

Small Pine Tree Tattoos 3

Small Pine Tree Tattoos 4

Small Pine Tree Tattoos 5

Small Pine Tree Tattoos 6
While most species of pine trees are quite big and tall, you don’t have to get a big pine tree tattoo inked. There are tons of cool small pine tree tattoos out there and all of them look super great. It can be a tiny tattoo on the back of the neck depicting a single standing pine tree with roots. Or you may get a small circular tattoo with pine trees and mountains inside. Another cool idea for a small tattoo is to depict a pine tree branch with a pinecone on it. Such tattoos can be in color and black and white, the choice is yours. And just so you know, a pine tattoo looks so sweet on the wrist! In Korea, the pine tattoo means to deter evil spirits so you can take it into your consideration!
Simple Pine Tree Silhouette Tattoo
Simple Pine Tree Silhouette Tattoo 1

Simple Pine Tree Silhouette Tattoo 2

Simple Pine Tree Silhouette Tattoo 3

Simple Pine Tree Silhouette Tattoo 4

Simple Pine Tree Silhouette Tattoo 5

Simple Pine Tree Silhouette Tattoo 6
We all go through the hardships every now and then. Everyone knows that pine trees are quite resilient trees and can survive the strongest winds and storms. If you have gone through a lot lately, a simple pine tree silhouette tattoo can represent your endurance and strong spirit that helped you to make it through the tough chapter of your life. Besides, a simple pine tree outline tattoo is just perfect, if you are planning to get the first tattoo done.

Awesome Fir Tree Tattoo Ideas

Awesome Fir Tree Tattoo Ideas 1

Awesome Fir Tree Tattoo Ideas 2

Awesome Fir Tree Tattoo Ideas 3

Awesome Fir Tree Tattoo Ideas 4

Awesome Fir Tree Tattoo Ideas 5

Awesome Fir Tree Tattoo Ideas 6
Just as a pine tree or a spruce tree, a fir tree belongs to the evergreen tree species and is often chosen for various tattoo designs. But unlike the pine tree, a fir tree has got smaller needles and a fluffier look which makes it a perfect option for a small tattoo on the forearm. Just food for thoughts. Anyways, no matter what evergreen tree you choose to get a tattoo done, you can be sure that your future tattoo will look awesome.

Pine Tree Tattoo Sleeve

Pine Tree Tattoo Sleeve 1

Pine Tree Tattoo Sleeve 2

Pine Tree Tattoo Sleeve 3

Pine Tree Tattoo Sleeve 4

Pine Tree Tattoo Sleeve 5

Pine Tree Tattoo Sleeve 6
While some people choose to get a pine tree because of its symbolic meanings, others appreciate the beauty of this tree and nature in general and convey this love through a tattoo. If you want to show just how much you love the wilderness, pine tree tattoo sleeve is a great idea. The advantages of getting a half or full sleeve is that you will be able to depict different elements like trees, animals, mountains, etc. all at once. The pine tree tattoo sleeve designs can feature heavy shadings and include some dark elements such as skulls of the birds. In this way, a tattoo will be a cool concept of immortality and continuity!

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