Brilliant Pine Tree Tattoos and Meanings

Pine trees are powerful, majestic, wise, and just beautiful. Many of us admire walking in the forest to get inspired by strong pines and clear air. So, getting a pine tattoo on your body shows your high spirituality, love, devotion to the roots and the life itself.

Generally, the pines are closely associated with human beings as they also have life cycles. Therefore the pines can be designed on your wish depending on what you want to express. For example, the roots represent a devotion to the predators, family, and community. Fluffy branches are often described as a Chinese pine and are used to render eternity, protection, longevity, and high spirituality. Japan pine, the Matsu, stands for strength and masculinity. The trunk of the pine signs overcoming difficulties, immortality, and a strong will to survive. On the contrary, the bare tree means youth, growth, and sometimes death of the beloved persons. The pine cone tattoo is a direct representation of new beginnings and regeneration.

With all variety of meanings, you may add any pattern to the design that will make it much more appealing and add a deeper individuality. Birds, sky, mountains, sun or moon, skulls, and deer are common for the pine tattoo concepts. Well, deer resemble rebirth, birds mean a spiritual growth, the sun stands for masculinity, and the rocky mountain power to take challenges.

Adding a green color to you pine tattoo means the endless cycle of life. It is closely linked to an evergreen tree. Black and white option is always a winner as it pops out the image on the pale skin. A more natural outlook can be reached by adding a 3D effect. You can opt for it if the pine is imaged with the mountains. Geometrical figures, especially circle and triangles, are cool to add to the pine. They used to deter evil spirits and create a protective shield for the wearer.

So, the pine tattoos can be placed on any part of the body. If you want to create an infinite outlook, it is better to ink them on the chest, back, or full sleeves. The size does not lessen the beauty of the pine; you can ink it on the leg, wrist, arm, or neck.

Here are a lot of pine tattoo designs that carrying the true meaning of life…look at them!

A Black Pine Tree Tattoo in a Circle

An extra detailed pattern! The pines in a circle are located exactly in the middle of the chest, and thus add a charm! A lunar circle and mountain crystals symbolize life cycles.
A black pine tree tattoo in a circle

The Pines With an Ouroboros

A lovely design! The geometrical and floral elements create an extended form that fits the back location along the spine so well. The tattoo represents an infinite cycle of Life, i.e., the pine trees have the life cycles as we do.
The pines with an Ouroboros

The Pines Landscape Tattoo

A great job! The landscape seems to be realistic due to the skillfully done shadings. Such idea describes a strong will of the wearer to overcome difficulties.
The pines landscape tattoo

The Pine Trees Under the Harvest Moon Tattoo

The forearm location allows inking of different elements distantly to exhibit the importance of each symbol in one unity. The idea stands for balance!
The pine trees under the harvest moon tattoo

An Evergreen Tree Tattoo Idea

Do you really love the nature theme? The tattoo presented above is quite the thing! The sense of family, love, and life are carried here! Life is endless like the evergreen tree!
An evergreen tree tattoo idea

The Pine Trees in Space Tattoo

OMG! That is amazing! A 3D effect makes the black and grey works so appealing! The pine tree is a great symbol of peace. If you are on the way to find it, get such tattoo idea!
The pine trees in space tattoo

A Fir Tree Tattoo

WOW! The pine trees inside the wolf`s shape create an interesting concept to carry the meaning of fearlessness, masculinity, and spiritual guide. The strokes emerging out the shape line create a cute effect of the animal fir.
A fir tree tattoo

A New Year Tree Tattoo

If the nature lover is in you, the presented idea is the choice! The composition is very detailed with Buffalo, peppermint, smith rock, and A New Year tree! But the overall concept conveys longevity and rebirth.
A New Year tree tattoo

A Little Tree Tattoo

A striking and laconic pine tattoo! The picture is not so big, but thoroughly meaningful. The tattoo signs a connection to the past and predators.
A little tree tattoo

A Bare Pine Tattoo on the Neck

The pine ink on the back of the neck is very personal as the bearer can hide it easily. The traditional coloring in black gives a feeling of the bare spine. The bare pine tattoo is used to commemorate someone who passed away.
A bare pine tattoo on the neck

A Mystical Tree Tattoo

Here we see a representation of the constant process: life and death. The roots underneath represent the complicated and mystical ways the pine supports itself and takes nourishment. A really powerful symbol!
A mystical tree tattoo

A Simple Pine Tree Tattoo

The idea is simple, yet pretty! The line under the pine looks like a symbol of connection with family, and ancestors. If you want a pine tattoo, go and get a pine tattoo!
A simple pine tree tattoo

An Outlined Tree Tattoo for Girls

The pine in a circle is flawless! The tiny lines make this tattoo a girly one. Faith is an important feature in our lives; get such tattoo on your body to send this message to the outer World.
An outlined tree tattoo for girls

A Pine Cone Tattoo Idea

The idea symbolizes something new, life or beginning. Because there is a seed inside the pine cone from which the pine tree takes the start and grows. The contrast of the dark cone shading with the light shadings of the edges of the cone makes this design attractive.
A pine cone tattoo idea

A Pine Branch Tattoo

Very beautiful! A deep green branch with two cones is a symbol of the ability to endure even through hard times. The cones are very realistically done! A skillful job of the master!
A pine branch tattoo

Pine With the Skulls Tattoo Idea

The design features heavy shadings and includes some dark elements such as skulls of the birds. A cool concept of immortality and continuity!
Pine with the skulls tattoo idea

A Nice Pine Tattoo

A cute pair of symbols! The shell is a representation of the shielding quality of love and a protector of life, and the cone is a life itself. The artist used the colors absolutely right. A green looks stunning against the main brown color.
A nice pine tattoo

A Pine Needle Tattoo on the Arm

The needles of the pine look tender! Girls will love it, for sure! Such tattoo symbolizes family, love, unity, and society.
A pine needle tattoo on the arm

A Black And White Pine Cone Tattoo

Want to show regeneration? Opt for a laconic tattoo above. The lines are clean and clear, and it is a redeeming feature!
A black and white pine cone tattoo

A Pine Tree Silhouette Tattoo on the Forearm

A frightening and at the same time fascinating idea! An unusual combination of the shark and pines represents «never say die» spirit of human nature. The pine silhouettes create an atmosphere of the real forest.
A pine tree silhouette tattoo on the forearm

A Pine Dot-work Tattoo

Nice style! The dot-work gives a feeling of nature and air. The tattoo describes interconnectedness between living things.
A pine dotwork tattoo

A Sexy Tree Tattoo

The pine image on the side looks alluring and sexy! Fluffy branches exhibit the wearer`s happy state of mind and wholeness. It is beautiful, isn`t it?
A sexy tree tattoo

A Pine Tree With the Leopard Tattoo

So sick! The chest location gives a possibility to ink a rather big tattoo like the presented one. The symmetry of the pines plays a role in the background for the leopard with an all-seeing eye. It speaks of a high spirituality of the person.
A pine tree with the leopard tattoo

A Small Pine Tree Tattoo

Just incredible! Triangles are transforming into the pines and back. This tattoo stands for the holy trinity that is the father, son, and the Holy Spirit.
A small pine tree tattoo

The Matsu Tree Tattoo on the Ankle

A mini idea with a pine tree looks lovely on the ankle. The pine describes the Matsu tree of Japan that represents power, masculinity, and youth.
The Matsu tree tattoo on the ankle

A Spruce Tree Tattoo With the Sun

An impressive design of the forest with spruces and sun! A spruce tree is a mark of nobility and generosity. The line of dots forms a creative sun image. Look at it one more time and inspire!
A spruce tree tattoo with the sun

A Matching Tattoo Design With the Pines

Four elements of the Universe are carved at the background of triangles. Sure, it stands for power, perseverance, and new beginnings. A matching design on both arms gives an opportunity to ink all elements in full. Really cool!
A matching tattoo design with the pines

A Tiny Pine Tree Wrist Tattoo

An everlasting tree is gorgeous! The wide branches of the pine indicate it as a Chinese one. A tiny symbol of long life will fit well the girls` wrists.
A tiny pine tree wrist tattoo

A Sweet Pine Tattoo

A pretty object of nature looks so sweet on the wrist! In Korea, the pine tattoo means to deter evil spirits. Take it into your consideration!
A sweet pine tattoo

A Simple Tree Line Tattoo

A green pine branch pops out on the pale skin of the wearer. A charming green color is enchanting so much! The tattoo means wisdom, beauty, and eternal life. A cute option for women!
A simple tree line tattoo

A Cool Pine Branch Tattoo

WOW! The needles of the pine are extra thin! It is a real piece of art!
A cool pine branch tattoo

A Watercolor Pine Tree Tattoo

A watercolor is a unique way to make a tattoo more attractive, and the quote fills it with the personal sense. If you would know patience and strength, welcome the company of the pine on your body.
A watercolor pine tree tattoo

A Pine Tree Tattoo in a Watercolor

A watercolor sky is magnificent. Also, the 3D makes it look much better. Forests are so much like our life.
A pine tree tattoo in a watercolor

The Pine Tattoo in a Cycle

The process of the pine growing is described here. It means one`s grow with the help of nature only. You will be close to perfection by wearing such tattoo, will not you?
The pine tattoo in a cycle

A Pine Tree Forest Tattoo

The wolf in the forest can symbolize your journey, that no matter you are alone, you are still walking. But the design depends on your own story!
A pine tree forest tattoo

A Pine Forest in a Circle

A circular image creates an infinite picture of the pine forest. Such type of tattoo will look well on any part of the body. The forest refreshes and helps us to grow spiritually!
A pine forest in a circle