Small Butterfly Tattoos Designs

Diminutive Butterflies with Dandelion

What a delicate tattoo created in a black-white style! The butterfly gaggle flying away from the dandelion on the left shoulder-blade looks attractive and a bit mystical. The blowing dandelion replenishes the sensuality and gracefulness to the tattooing and strengthens the connection to nature.
Diminutive Butterflies with Dandelion

Four Gaudy Butterflies on Forearm

The team of four diminutive butterflies appeared on the forearm attracts attention because of its bright background. The tender images were designed with the help of gaudy colors as orange, blue, pink and lilac. The tattooing mirrors lightness, freedom and independence.
Four Gaudy Butterflies

Black Super Small Butterfly on Hand

A super diminutive butterfly flash on the right hand amazes with its much small size. It`s little but noticeable and was done as the reminder of female beginning. The black color increases the seriousness of the tattoo meaning.
Jet Super Cameo Butterfly

Diminutive Monarch Butterfly on Wrist

The tattooing was highlighted with oodles of smoothed lines to spotlight the subtle individuality. The flash was tattooed small-sized to add the elegance to the tattooing.
Diminutive Monarch Butterfly

Blue Butterfly Tattoo on Wrist

The small butterfly sitting on the left wrist draws attention because of its bright blue color. The pearly droplets add some tenderness to the tattoo and completed the full image. Such an affectionate ink is a symbol of fortune and happiness.
Diminutive Azure Light Winged Creature

Butterfly with Black Heart on Wrist

The diminutive yellow tender creature with folded wings and a black heart sat on the wrist. The butterfly folded wings highlight the affection and mark the search for the inner harmony. The heart near the butterfly expresses the romantic nature of the tattoo owner.
Butterfly with Folded Wings

Tribal Butterfly Tattoo

Tribal Diminutive Creature

Trio Butterflies Tattoo on Fingers

The super diminutive butterflies appeared on the long, ring and little fingers to astonish those around us. The small images mirror the striving for the slinging skin`s openness. The tattoo created in a subtle manner and looks strikingly.
Trio of Diminutive Butterflies

3D Butterfly Tattoo on Foot

The diminutive 3D tattoo on the foot seems like a real butterfly that can fly away at any moment. The tattooing was engraved as a brand iron. Such a telling tattoo was created as a talisman that will protect the woman everywhere.
Affectional 3-D Cameo Creature

Small Butterfly with Inscription on Foot

Small Creature with Inscription

Little Butterflies on Forearm

Trio of Diminutive Butterflies

Flock of Butterflies on Leg

The team of four diminutive creatures stretches along the right leg. The ink pays people`s attention at once at it placed on the open part of the body. The images were made in a black-white style to mirror the free individuality idiosyncrasy. The tattoo suits perfectly to the women who strive for independence.
Flock of Butterflies

Twoo Small Butterfly Tattoo

You would like to be extravagant and uncommon! The gaudy duet of diminutive butterflies on the right foot and ankle spotlights the owner`s eccentric character. The butterflies were tattooed symmetrically to highlight the harmony and they possess the interesting traceries on the wings.
Duet of Gaudy Small Creatures

Subtle Creature with Hearts on Wrist

Subtle Cameo Creature

Graphical Red-Blue Butterfly on Shoulder

Graphical Red-Blue Butterfly

Stellar Butterfly with Inscription on Wrist

Shining! Stunning! Gorgeous! These words can hear the owner of this tattoo! A little butterfly amidst the sparkling stars was designed on the wrist. The effigy tattooed with oodles of smoothed lines highlights the spirituality. The inscription beneath the butterfly reflects that such tattoo was gotten as a talisman to protect the woman`s family fireside.
Stellar Butterfly with Inscription

Gaggle of Affectionate Creatures on Hand

The team of affectionate diminutive butterflies stretches from the wrist to the hand on the right side. Such splendid tattoo symbolizes the desire for inner harmony and family happiness.
Gaggle of Affectionate Creatures

Black-Blue Butterfly on Hand

Diminutive Jet-Azure Creature

Tribal Light-Winged Creature

The exquisite extra small butterfly created in a tribal style seems like a piece of art that must diverse the life. The folded wings bespeak the standoff and self-concentration. The tattoo was engraved as a symbol of beauty and refinement of female nature.
Tribal Light Winged Creature

Butterflies on Neck

The air squadron of small light-winged creatures stretches on the woman`s neck. The tattoo in black color looks reservedly and fine. Such compound image reflects woman`s desire for traveling and development, the evolution of the soul.  It fits perfectly to a creative and active people.
Gaggle of Diminutive Butterflies

Small Tribal Tattoo on Wrist

Small tattoos are very popular among the women. Such design can say more than any other huge-sized images if you choose the right meaning of the tattoo like make our next model.  A little butterfly designed in a graphical manner occupied the wrist. It`s small but so substantial. The ink mirrors a great itch for freedom and lightness.
Small Transcendental Effigy

Butterflies with Flowers on Foot

The midget creatures amidst the lilac and blue small flowers stretched on the whole right foot were combined well together. They highlight the subtle individuality of the tattoo owner. The butterflies designed with divergent colors as blue, pink and yellow to spotlight the owner`s versatility and itch for brightness.
Trio of Butterflies with Mauve Flowers

Light-Winged Creature Sitting on Heart

Light Winged Creature on Heart

Tattooing with Life Motto on Shoulder-Blade

The small creature tattooed on the right shoulder-blade possesses the semi-opened to demonstrate the itch for self-realization. The tattooing contains the inscription as a life motto that shows the owner`s wish to develop herself.
Tattooing with Life Motto

3 Black Butterfly on Wrist

Small butterflies sitting on the left wrist attracts attention and looks charmingly tender. They reveal all female elegance and sensuality.
Triple of Small Jet Creatures

Tiny Butterfly Tattoo on Foot

Diminutive Butterfly Flash on Foot

Super Butterfly on Side

The extra small tender appeared on the side impresses everybody who sees it. The pounding skin endeavors to spotlight the extraordinary individuality tattooed the flash with folded wings. Such tattoo suits well to people with a definite aim in their life. Super Diminutive Butterfly

Whirlpool of Gaudy Butterflies on Thigh

Thigh is a nice place for a cool tattoo like that! Butterflies that were highlighted with affectionate colors replenish the sensuality to the tattoo. The girl endeavors to spotlight the yearning for transformation and change.
Whirlpool of Gaudy Butterflies

Tribal Butterfly with Inscription on Foot

To get a tattoo on the open part of the body is a great idea for the people who like to demonstrate their eccentric character. Such a reserved tattoo in a white-black manner with the inscription near it reflects perfectly the person`s desire for hope and have faith. To add an inscription is a popular way to make the tattoo more significant.
Diminutive Tribal Butterfly with Inscription

Duet of Small Green Butterflies on Wrist

The duet of light-winged creatures occupied the wrist looks like the appeal for rebirth. Such tattoo shows that everyone can change the life if she has the wish for transformation. Everything is possible in our life!
Duet of Small Green Butterflies

3D Creature on Wrist

Tattooing contains a 3D butterfly on the wrist.  The flash was designed with the light blue color and black ends of the wings with pearly droplets to highlight the delicate nature of the person.
3-D Diminutive Creature

Lilac Small Butterfly on Ribs

Butterfly image was placed on the ribs from the left side. The flash was tattooed with black and lilac colors to mirror the measured possessor`s character. The extra small butterfly with wide-opened wings bespeaks a symbol of openness to the mass.
Jet Mauve Small Butterfly

Little Butterfly in Inner Part of Ear

The small butterfly tattoo in the inner part of the ear looks amazingly extraordinary. This is a cool way to stand out from the crowd.  It seems as the butterfly eavesdrops your thoughts and dreams!
Gaudy Diminutive Butterfly