History and Meaning of the Raven Tattoos in Different Cultures

Raven tattoos are very popular among people. However, raven tattoos appear to be one of the most contradictable images for them. And the reasons are clear if we take into account different cultures.

For instance, the pictures of ravens can be found in the Celtic culture and this bird was the symbol of wisdom and longevity. The Celts believed the raven lived for 300 years that’s.

The ancient Greeks thought these birds were the symbols of productivity and a good fellow traveler.

In the Scandinavian mythology, Odin (the main God) had 2 raven-helpers and they symbolized intellect and memory.

The ancient Romans considered this bird to be the symbol of hope and bright future.

In the Chinese culture, the raven is a symbol of power, firmness and determination. Also, it was China, where the legend about the raven that moves the orbs was born.

African people think that raven is the best fellow traveler for people. Japanese reckon the bird is the symbol of love and family. However, in the Christian culture, this bird is associated with very bad and dark thing.

It is considered to be the Satan’s helper that makes people do sinful things. It is believed that if you see a raven, misfortune will definitely happen to you.

Ancient Egyptians believed that raven was the symbol of destruction and death.

Nowadays raven tattoos are very popular among young people who do not take this bird as a dark and negative symbol. These birds more often symbolize wisdom and longevity these days.

Although there are people who wear them because they are lonely or lost someone close. However, the true meaning of the tattoo should be put in by its owner. That’s why it would be better if you think of the composition of the tattoo thoroughly and give it the sense which you want.

It’s quite widespread to have a raven tattoo in dark colors or adding red and blue to the tattoo. Often they are drawn alone, without any background, but still you can come across the tattoos of ravens having something in their beaks, sitting on the branch. Often raven tattoos are drawn on backs, shoulders, chests, arms, etc.

As we can see, raven itself can symbolize positive and negative sides according to the culture and religion. However, the meaning of raven tattoos can be chosen by the owner himself, but it should be thought over carefully and beforehand.

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