Rib Tattoo for Guys and Girls

When you make your first tattoo, it’s not just a tattoo – it’s the beginning of a whole story. You make the first one, then you suddenly understand that it’s just the first step and that one is never enough! Well, it doesn’t matter if it’s your first tattoo or your tenth one — choosing a place for it can be difficult. Chest, arms, legs, back… There are so many places for tattoos, right? But here we offer the list of the best rib tattoos.

Rib is actually one of those classical-tattoo-places. Such tattoos look perfect in the majority of cases, but be careful with them —  the skin is very thin here and the bones are right under it, so this process can be painful. What we recommend is to discuss this idea with your tattoo master — he’ll tell you the details or, maybe, he’ll offer some other place instead of rib. But if you are still sure that a rib tattoo is a good idea, read this text and choose!

3d Rib Cage Tattoos

And we’ll begin with 3D rib cage tattoos. They are usually large and the process of making them is quite time-consuming — but the result is usually gets people off totally! Want to show your biomechanical inner side, your rib bones or any other thing from your rib cage? Make your choice!

a3d rib cage tattoos

Cool 3d rib cage tattoos

Best 3d rib cage tattoos

Cross Tattoo on Ribs

Cross tattoos don’t necessarily mean that you are a good Catholic or Orthodox boy! What’s more, these cross tattoos on ribs don’t have anything in common with any religion — they are just great. A simple cross, a complex image with cross, wings, or fire? We have them all.

Cross tattoo on ribs

Cool Cross tattoo on ribs

Flower Rib Tattoos

Perfect for women, perfect for girls. If you feel that you have something in common with a beautiful flower, make it clear and choose the best one from these cool flower rib tattoos. Black and colourful, simple and complex, large and small — choose what you like and do it!

Flower rib tattoos

Cool Flower rib tattoos

Male Rib Tattoos

Roses are red, flowers are cool — but you are a man and you need male tattoo! Choose among these cool male rib tattoos that will emphasize your strength, power and your masculine side all in all. Show them that you are a real man with these tattoos.

Male rib tattoos

Cool Male rib tattoos

Best Male rib tattoos

Male Side Tattoos

Do you want to captivate women on the beach at summer? Or do you just want to make a tattoo that would show everyone that you are a real man? In both these cases, male side tattoos would work great. Choose one of them here and catch the women’s eyes!

Male side tattoos

Cool Male side tattoos

Best Male side tattoos

Rib Cage Tattoos for Females

So, we’ve dealt with the rib cage tattoos for men, now it’s time to see what the industry can offer to women. Spoiler: the choice is really wide! Quotes, flowers, pictures, symbols, small and large images — choose among these cool rib cage tattoos for females here.

Rib cage tattoos for females

Cool Rib cage tattoos for females

Best Rib cage tattoos for females

Rib Cage Tattoos for Guys

What about a nice quote in English, Latin or Chinese? A snake? A dragon? A portrait? An old Egyptian god Anubis, all in all? We’ve collected the greatest rib cage tattoos for guys here. Do you love the spotlight? We hope so, because with this tattoo you won’t avoid it!

Rib cage tattoos for guys

Cool Rib cage tattoos for guys

Best Rib cage tattoos for guys

Rib Cage Tattoos for Men

It doesn’t matter what kind of feeling or thought you want to express with a tattoo — large picture on your rib cage will definitely attract attention of the people around you. We have the best rib cage tattoos for men here — no flowers, no sweet quotes, only the best for men.

Rib cage tattoos for men

Cool Rib cage tattoos for men

Rib Quote Tattoos

When you don’t know what kind of tattoo do you want or when you are confused by hundreds of colourful tattoos, rib quote tattoos may be a great choice for you. They are simple, beautiful and deep. And of course, you’d better be ready for the questions like “what does it mean”.

Rib quote tattoos

Rib Tattoos for Girls

Dragons, wolves, swords, crosses and fire — that’s great, but what about tattoos that would fit perfect for girls? We have some rib tattoos for girls here. If you have something common with a flower or butterfly, or if you want to express something deep, you are in the right place.

Rib tattoos for girls

Cool Rib tattoos for girls

Best Rib tattoos for girls

Rib Tattoos for Women

Women’s bodies become even better when they make tattoos. Rib tattoo would be a great choice. Let’s be honest, they are quite painful, but they have a cool effect — no one can resist and keep the eyes off these tattoos. The best rib tattoos for women are already here!

Rib tattoos for women

Cool Rib tattoos for women

Rose Rib Tattoo

Women adore tattoos with roses! Such tattoos look great, emphasize the tender sides of women, and they have thorns!. But don’t make hasty conclusions — rose rib tattoo can be perfect for men. They are cool and deep, so if you are looking for them, we have them here.

Rose rib tattoo

Cool Rose rib tattoo

Sexy Rib Tattoos

Good for men and women, sexy rib tattoos are… sexy, that’s the best word for them. Women usually prefer tender flowers, and quotes with a hint, men love abstract pictures and flowers, too — but of course, it’s only you who chooses. You can make your choice right here, btw!

Sexy rib tattoos

Col Sexy rib tattoos

Side Piece Tattoos

Side piece tattoos are actually the tattoos made on the side of a torso. The choice is very wide — from trees to quotes, from animals to abstract drawings, you can easily get confused by the assortment! That’s why we’ve collected only the best of side piece tattoos here.

Side piece tattoos

Cool Side piece tattoos

Side Rib Tattoo


The tattoos at the ribs usually look perfect. However, they are sometimes painful, but not always — and if you are sure that a side rib tattoo does worth it, let’s choose a good image. We have the coolest tattoos here so you will definitely not be disappointed.

Side rib tattoo

Cool Side rib tattoo

Small Rib Tattoos

Some people adore large tattoos — on the backs or on the rib chests, you can’t deny that they look gorgeous. If you are not one of them, small rib tattoos would be a great choice for you — they are elegant and it’s a good choice if you are at the beginning of your tattoo story.

Small rib tattoos

Cool Small rib tattoos

Tribal Side Tattoos

If you are looking for a tribal side tattoos that would complete your personality, express your ideas or just make your body a little bit better, we have the best of them at this page. Choose the one (or two, or more!) you like most, talk to your tattoo artist and do it!

Tribal side tattoos

Cool Tribal side tattoos

Tribal Tattoos on Ribs

The problem of rib tattoos is that you in half of cases, you will feel pain when the artist will make it. However, such tattoos are definitely worth it — so if you go through it, you will enjoy the result. Choose something from these sexy, exciting and cool tribal tattoos on ribs here!

Tribal tattoos on ribs

Cool Tribal tattoos on ribs

Upper Rib Tattoo

Some people don’t want big tattoos all over their backs and rib chests. If you agree with these people, choose a cool upper rib tattoo — they are usually small and really beautiful. And of course, you can choose a quote, a picture or anything else, it’s only up to you.

Upper rib tattoo

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