Rosary Tattoo Ideas

Rosary tattoos are extremely popular among people of different ranks and sexes because of their thoughtful and personal symbolism. Rosary beads are considered a sacred symbol of the Catholic Church and consist of five sets of ten different beads with the hanging cross at the end. Its aim is to help the wearer to focus on his/her prayers and deep thoughts. In an extended sense, a rosary tattoo denotes a God’s protection from harms and evil.

Nowadays a rosary inked on the body can come to represent a lot of things depending on a personal touch or an additional pattern. If you are looking for a rosary tattoo, check this list with its symbolism:

  • Faith;
  • Dedication to God;
  • Glory of God;
  • Prayer;
  • Memorial to a passed away person;
  • Love for one’s religion;
  • Devotion to a loved person;
  • Protection from harms;
  • Warding off the devils;
  • Help in difficult times;
  • Gratitude for what one has in his/her life;
  • Mother Mary’s love, grace, and blessing;
  • Selfless love and humility;
  • Freedom from sins;
  • Peace and happiness;
  • Repentance;
  • Jesus with you;
  • Guidance in the life path;
  • Joys of the eternal life;
  • Closeness to the Christ and his life;
  • Purity and innocence;
  • Family devotion.

A rosary is often related to roses, and it is the right association. The word «rosary» is derived from the Latin language and means «garland of roses». Historically, roses have been used to represent the Virgin Mary who has had a crucial role in Jesus development. That is why many people get rosary tattoos with roses around or in the foreground.

But you can integrate any other additional pattern to the ink. Some opt for religious signs, such as angels, cross, wings, and heavens to underline their deep faith. Others frame the rosary beads tattoo with names, quotes, flowers, birds and even animals to add their own personal meaning. The below-presented designs will give you stunning ideas about your next tattoo:

Regardless of what design you choose, the rosary tattoos can be etched in different ways. Outlined, dotwork and blackwork concepts are especially wanted by both, men and women. The 3D effect works well with Jesus image on the cross. The ink lovers can get rosaries almost anywhere on your body. Actually, they are respectful for forearms, wrists, hands, neck, and fingers.

The rosary necklaces are quite popular among men. Women often get them on foot or ankles to represent a mercy and guidance in the path. But it is worth to know that rosary is a much more sacred sign than angel or cross. Some Catholics can criticize your rosary ink as they consider it disrespectful. But a present-day trend mixes religious tattoos with the modern lifestyles and cushions the impact of this opinion.

Choose the design below, and be sure you are going to admire all your life path and be not in a hurry! The choice of a rosary tattoo demands peace and thinking!

Table of Contents

#1. 3d Rosary Tattoo on the Thigh

3D rosary tattoo on the thigh 0
A mix of the rose and rosary makes a quite thoughtful design! You can show a great love for our Lord and our Mother by wearing a rosary tattoo. The 3d effect adds a stunning look to the tattoo on the thigh.

#2. Beautiful Rosary Tattoos Around the Arm

Beautiful rosary tattoos around the arm 0
A concept of the rosary tattoo embracing the arm looks pretty good! There is one magic detail. The lovers of magic and extravagance can try to ink the face as shown in the picture. Looks creative!

#3. Catholic Rosary Tattoo on Neck

Catholic rosary tattoo on neck 0
It is a great sign of defense! A fantastic piece of the religious rosary tattoo!

#4. Celtic Rosary Tattoo Around the Neck

Celtic rosary tattoo around the neck 0
Carry on your belief with such amazing Celtic rosary tattoo. The tattoo imitates realistic beads with the cross. The cross is hanging vividly and represents spiritual encouragement. Dude job!

#5. Colorful Rosary Tattoos in Classic Style

Colorful rosary tattoos in classic style 0
A cute pattern with praying hands illustrates how stunning can look such deep tattoo on the forearms. A devoted faith and God’s guidance in the life are the main traits of this rosary tattoo. The tattoo on another hand shows that the wearer is a barber. Cool design!

#6. Realistic Praying Hands With Rosary Beads Tattoo

Realistic praying hands with rosary beads tattoo 0
The praying hands with rosary beads are carved in the background of the cross in black and gray style. The artist has masterly used a technique of shadings and the ink looks more than realistic. The picture described above is a powerful symbol to show a spiritual perception of life.

#7. Realistic Rosary Tattoo With Rose

Realistic rosary tattoo with rose 0
This rosary tattoo idea will stir in your mind. A rose is a popular sign to add to any the tattoo directions. In this particular case, a rose makes the tattoo more elegant! Getting such ink can be a reminder that you are stronger than you think.

#8. Female Rosario Tattoos With White Color

Female rosario tattoos with white color 0
The white coloring definitely makes this tattoo stand out. A beautiful body art can serve as a reminder of one’s faith. A rosary with the tree branch in blossom is a hundred-per-cent female option and so pretty!

#9. Rosary Arm Tattoo With Korean Tiger

Rosary arm tattoo with Korean tiger 0
Korean tiger, when inked on the body, signifies power and patience. When the tiger is combined with the rosary, they represent a commitment to a higher power, protection from evil. A top choice for strong men!

#10. Cool Rosary Bead Cross Tattoo

Cool rosary bead cross tattoo 0
A rather long bead is vividly located around the forearm. But the hanging cross is nicely detailed with Jesus image and precious stones. No doubt that such symbol helps in difficult times.

#11. Male Rosary Beads Tattoo

Male rosary beads tattoo 0
Simple, yet sick! A dotwork is not overweight with details and hides a special and personal meaning to the bearer. The bead with the cross hangs aside to create a look of the real beads. It can be a sign of repentance.

#12. Rosary Beads Tattoo on the Finger for Ladies

Rosary beads tattoo on the finger for ladies 0
So gorgeous! The beads are like a hanging jewelry on the lady’s finger. Carving such tattoo on the finger would represent wisdom, and one’s striving towards the right.

#13. Rosary Bracelet Tattoo for Men

Rosary bracelet tattoo for men 0
It is a traditional design of the rosary tattoo in the form of the bracelet. Sometimes people wear them to exhibit their love to somebody who has passed away. Nice option for men who prefer small but meaningful rosary tattoos.

#14. Rosary Flower Tattoo on Forearm

Rosary flower tattoo on forearm 0
Good job! The realistic touch plays well with rosary and roses. Love and devotion are the points represented by such idea. Roses also represent the Virgin Mary. It seems to be a popular design with both, women and men.

#15. Rosary in Hand Tattoo on the Arm

Rosary in hand tattoo on the arm 0
Holy and appealing! The praying hands look very realistic. This tattoo design is a cute opportunity to express a selfless love and perseverance.

#16. Black Rosary Necklace Tattoo Designs

Black rosary necklace tattoo designs 0
If you want the rosary tattoo design to focus on the outlook, the hand location is the best variant. A T-shape cross is simple in design, yet thoughtful one.

#17. Rosary on Hand Tattoo Ideas

Rosary on hand tattoo ideas 0
The presence of this sacred symbol on your body would guide you to peace and blessing. The hand location of the traditional rosary tattoo is nice for those who want to speak boldly about his beliefs.

#18. Rosary Rib Tattoos for Guys

Rosary rib tattoos for guys 0
Getting a wooden cross tattoo is a clear notion of the dedicated faith, as Jesus has been crucified on the wooden cross before he rose again. Guys the most want a rather big rosary tattoos. The described option is awesome for the rib location.

#19. Rosary Ring Tattoo

Rosary ring tattoo 0
A delicate and tiny rosary tattoo in the form of a ring is a quite pretty concept for girls. The tattoo is a direct identification of Mother Mary’s grace, love, and glory. Very neat look!

#20. Rosary Tattoo Around the Arm for Boys

Rosary tattoo around the arm for boys 0
If you are close to religion, the rosary tattoo around the arm will become your personal and powerful sign of protection. A round medallion and rosary beads invite the assumption of the following phrase: “When the mind and hands are silenced the spirit is more focused”.

#21. Simple Rosary Tattoo Around the Neck

Simple rosary tattoo around the neck 0
Clean and perfect! We are able to redeem our soul and overcome our sins if we believe with the whole heart. Here are well-defined rosary decades that cover 15 mysteries. It`s a quite long performance of the beads, but that’s the stuff for the location around the neck.

#22. Minimalistic Rosary Tattoo Around Wrist

Minimalistic rosary tattoo around wrist 0
A rosary tattoo looks elegant on the girl’s wrist. The image of Jesus is carefully inked by means of a curved line. Try to find a keen specialist in the tattoo area because such job demands good skills.

#23. Best Rosary Tattoo Designs for Men

Best rosary tattoo designs for men 0
A rosary is coupled with a cross and initial letters of the beloved person. Carry on your love and devotion with this nice design. Nicely done shadings outline the letters done in a pretty cursive font.

#24. Rosary Tattoo for Female on Inner Biceps

Rosary tattoo for female on inner biceps 0
A luxurious rose and simple cross express the religious spirit in a pretty way. Such design is one of the most admired by females. A beauty of the rose attached to the rosary is well revealed on the biceps as there is enough space.

#25. Rosary Tattoo on the Arm for Girls

Rosary tattoo on the arm for girls 0
A cursive lettering directly denotes the sense of this concept. What can be said for sure the tattoo is a mind-blowing variant for girls who set a high value on the family and pray for it every day.

#26. Rosary Tattoo on the Back With Flowers

Rosary tattoo on the back with flowers 0
A black and gray floral bouquet adorned by rosary beads is a beautiful symbol of fertility, pledges of love, and spiritual devotion. Absolutely beautiful on the girl’s back!

#27. Rosary Tattoo With a Skull on the Chest

Rosary tattoo with a skull on the chest 0
A wonderful ink is done in the black and gray coloring. Rosary beads successfully finish a composition, and lacy patterns decoratively frame a whole piece. It can be used to represent someone who has overcome death.

#28. Dotwork Rosary Tattoo on Feet

Dotwork rosary tattoo on feet 0
Here is an affectionate rosary tattoo encircled around the foot. It can represent a connection to faith for the rest of your life. The letters attached to the cross, apply personal peculiarities to the tattoo.

#29. Black Rosary Tattoo on Foot

Black rosary tattoo on foot 0
Snaking on the foot a rosary creates an outlook of the real beads. The initial letters of kids` and the husband’s names remind the girl to be grateful for what she has in her life. It is just perfect, isn’t it?

#30. Rosary Tattoo on the Forearm for Ladies

Rosary tattoo on the forearm for ladies 0
If you think about something complex, a rosary with wings tattoo is a fabulous option. The tattoo depicts freedom from sins through praying. Such design is an absolute favorite among ladies.

#31. Rosary Tattoo on Hand Design

Rosary tattoo on hand design 0
A dope idea for the hand! It makes the bearer come closer to Christ! The sunbeams are an indication of God’s light shining down on the man.

#32. Impressive Rosary Tattoo on Shoulder

Impressive rosary tattoo on shoulder 0
Combining the twisted rosary with flowers and the name of the daughter is a cute way to express your tiny love to the kid. Looks especially wonderful on mothers!

#33. Perfect Rosary Tattoo on Wrist

Perfect rosary tattoo on wrist 0
An intriguing rosary tattoo is twisted around the wrist. This delicate and feminine placement works well with the design shown above. Let your faith be always with you!

#34. Rosary Tattoo Outline

Rosary tattoo outline 0
So unusual, but damn cool! The bull horns, rosary beads, and the cross in the center represent the heavens, and such design is associated with a sun-worship and the Greek God.

#35. Rosary Tattoo Sleeve With Cross and Sun Rays

Rosary tattoo sleeve with cross and sun rays 0
A rosary with the cross is carved in the background of clouds. The clouds are direct representatives of the heavens, and the cross symbolizes God. The whole tattoo speaks about the divine goodness!

#36. Sophisticated Rosary Tattoo With Names

Sophisticated rosary tattoo with names 0
The most important in our lives is family! A combination of a rosary and an anchor tattoo describes the ability of faith to ground a couple forever. The name of the daughter is on the top of the job that speaks about the special place for kids in our hearts.

#37. Ideal Rosary With Roses Tattoo on Back

Ideal rosary with roses tattoo on back 0
WOW! So awesome and realistic! The birds double a significant representation of peace through faith. No doubt that is the best choice to ink a rosary on the back.

#38. Simple Rosary Tattoo With the Skeleton Hand

Simple rosary tattoo with the skeleton hand 0
But it can also work as a memorial sign to the passed away person.

#39. Small Rosary Tattoo in Black Color

Small rosary tattoo in black color 0
A small rosary is interlaced around the envelope. A really cool idea for a girl to show to the World that only God knows her secrets.

#40. a Rosary Tattoo With the Compass

A rosary tattoo with the compass 0
OMG! Dope combination! We have a certain time on the Earth, but no time limit on the heavens. The work is clearly done. Take it as your inspiration!

#41. Rosary Tattoo With a Butterfly on the Thigh

Rosary tattoo with a butterfly on the thigh 0
Look at petals of the roses and wings of the butterfly! Very beautiful technique! The dots on the butterfly’s wings and the beads look like pearls. A pretty design for the girl’s thigh!

#42. Rosary Beads Tattoo on Thigh for Women

Rosary beads tattoo on thigh for women 0
One more pretty floral design of the rosary ink for women! These wonderful flowers may indicate the birth dates of the family members. The beads have the shape of hearts, and this fact underlines a great love of the girl to her family.

#43. Rosary Tattoo on Hand in Black and Gray

Rosary tattoo on hand in black and gray 0
Clean work! The beads and the cross are well engraved in black and gray. The beads winded round the hand represent joys of the eternal life!

#44. 3d Simple Rosary Tattoo Around the Wrist

3D simple rosary tattoo around the wrist 0
The 3D effect used on the wrist tattoo looks like a real rosary bracelet. That is a good option for men as the design is simple, still vivid.

#45. Rosary Tattoo With Name Ideas

Rosary tattoo with name ideas 0
If you are a passionate believer and love your couple mate so much, this rosary tattoo idea is the right decision. The rays running from the cross make sense of God’s kindness to your couple.

#46. Female Roses With Rosary Tattoo on the Leg

Female roses with rosary tattoo on the leg 0
A quite feminine and big design is perfect for the leg placement! Designed in a floral way, the rosary tattoo comes to represent guidance in the life path and spirituality.

#47. Thin Rosary Tattoo for Women

Thin rosary tattoo for women 0
So marvelous! A thin rosary is accompanied by a luxurious rose and nicely detailed crucifix. It clearly resembles a woman’s devotion to the faith. Ultimately, it can be accompanied by any other sign, for example, the Bible quote. All depends on your preferences.

#48. Black Rosary Tattoo Near the Elbow

Black rosary tattoo near the elbow 0
An elbow location is uncommon but as we can see it works well with the rosary ink. The black roses are a real artwork. The appealing tattoo creates a divine aura around the wearer.

#49. Rosary Beads Tattoo Without a Cross

Rosary beads tattoo without a cross 0
A rosary without a cross can be just an aid to meditation and prayer. It`s a cool tattoo concept for those, who are looking for rosary beads without details.

#50. Rosary Shoulder Tattoo in Dotwork Style

Rosary shoulder tattoo in dotwork style 0
WOW! WOW! A real masterpiece! The swirling clouds with a sun shining through them can be a contribution to a special someone who has risen to heavens. Or it may denote a freedom and escape from reality. A breathtaking piece!

#51. Rosario Tattoo With a Cat Design

Rosario tattoo with a cat design 0
The lines are so masterly done that there is wish to gaze at this picture all the time. Such design is a memorial contribution to the cat that has passed away. Honor your pet with such an amazing rosario tattoo!