Rose Tattoos on Arm Sleeves, Shoulders and Other Parts of Body

Rose is a gorgeous and eye-catching flower. That explains its popularity since ancient times in almost all the world cultures. Roses were used in the official coats of arms and emblems of many countries; decorated the bride’s head at the wedding; it was a symbol of the courage of the warriors. In addition, this flower was applied in funeral ceremonies and even in secret conversations as a mystery’s symbol! Many legends and myths are composed about the rose, and a lot of poetry and prose are dedicated to this one.

In today’s world, the rose is a bright symbol of love, passion, friendship. Besides, this is a popular image of a tattoo.

Rose tattoos come out no less beautiful than the living flower. Because the master’s fantasy, incredible colors, and techniques he uses are added to the charming outlines of the rose.

Moreover, the rose is a versatile ink image, which fits both women and men. It is perfectly joined with various signs and pictures. And what is important, it looks great in any style of tattoo, whether it’s an old school or a new school, a realistic style or watercolor, and even in blackwork, the rose will look fantastic!

When choosing a rose tattoo design, you should pay attention to such nuances:

  • There will be a rose with thorns or without.

Usually, thorns mean manhood and strong character, and love associated with pain and obstacles. Without thorns, rose carries a message of femininity, softness, and purity.

  • It will be a blooming rose or bud.

Flowering will mean love or passion, unlike the bud, which means fragile nature, innocence, and even infinity.

  • And the main thing – this is the color of the tattoo.

You can choose any shade that you like for a rose. But it should be remembered that the color of the flower has its own symbolism.

Red rose is one of the most common options for such a tattoo. It symbolizes true love, passion, and beauty.

White rose – a sign of purity and youth.

Yellow rose became a symbol of happiness and actually mature love.

Pink for the rose means elegance, softness, tenderness.

The tattoo of the blue rose emphasizes the individuality of its owner and his or her desire for the impossible.

Black rose is quite popular for tattoos, too. Oddly enough, here the black flower more likely represents struggle than death or sorrow.

The size and location of the rose also depend only on your imagination; there are no restrictions. It can be made in one color or combine several ones, be large or small, simple or complex. Anyway, the tattoo will come out incredible and will carry certain emotions and deep meaning, encrypted in the shape of a flower, sharp thorns and color.

Above all, however, it’s important to choose a good master to your rose tattoo justified all your expectations.

Below you can see the great photos a rose tattoo, which will help you in your own choice.

Table of Contents

3d Rose Tattoo

rose tattoo

This rose is like a living one. The artist managed to convey here all the depth of a real flower. It’s an incredible artwork!

Abstract Rose Tattoo With Space Petals

Abstract rose tattoo with space petals

The exact proportions of light and shadow give the picture a real cosmic shine. This is such a vibrant tattoo.

Beautiful Rose Tattoos With a Bird

Beautiful rose tattoos with a bird

The striking technique of watercolor! It seems the tattoo is painted with usual brushes. But at the same time, the image stays clear and contour. This is a lovely ink for ladies.

Best Rose Tattoos With a Girl

Best rose tattoos with a girl

Closing the girl’s eyes red roses add mystery to the picture. Smooth shadows and clear lines give naturalness to her body and hair. The ink is done wonderfully.

Black and Gray Rose Tattoos in Graphic Style

Black and gray rose tattoos in graphic style

This rose looks very harmonious on the man’s shoulder. Although the drawing is black and gray, it’s very bright and beautiful.

Black and Red Rose Tattoo

Black and red rose tattoo

It’s more than just an image; it’s like a photo on the body! Each part and every shadow are carefully drawn and make this tattoo ‘alive’.

Black and White Rose Tattoo With Dragon

Black and white rose tattoo with dragon

This guy has a gorgeous tattoo! Very intricate and precise design of a mythical beast with a wriggling tail and open mouth coupled with delicate flowers make this ink is a real work of art.

Colored Rose Tattoos on Arm

Colored rose tattoos on arm

Any girl would look really pretty with a tattoo like this. The color and texture make the piece really cute!

Colorful Rose Tattoos With a Bird’s Flock

Colorful rose tattoos with a birds flock

Such a tattoo definitely stands out among others! It must be a symbol of a family. This is an unusual and beautiful way to show close people that you love them.

Concrete Rose Tattoo on Hand

Concrete rose tattoo on hand

The soft contours and magnificent ‘play’ of light and shadow make the rose as if it was cut from a diamond. This tattoo is a good example of a geometric design.

Cool Rose Tattoos for Men

Cool rose tattoos for men

It’s like a mix of different tattoos. You can choose any shape and picture you like and fill it whatever you want. Here is a real space for your imagination.

Cute Rose Tattoos

Cute rose tattoos

The rose is very soft, translucent, light. Its graceful beauty catches the eye. The tattoo looks stylish and original.

Detailed Rose Tattoo Around Thigh

Detailed rose tattoo around thigh

There is a very neat and clean work. The contrast of tender, lovely roses and incredibly sharp, bright thorns seems to tell about the temper of the girl who wears this tattoo. It’s a very beautiful and sexy mark.

Easy Rose Tattoo on Head Blackwork

Easy rose tattoo on head blackwork

Head is a painful place for tattooing. It takes a lot of patience to endure such ache. A physical pain helps some people to ease the pain of love. And maybe the head tattoo is the best way for it… A black rose instead of love that failed.

Geometric Rose Tattoo for Men

Geometric rose tattoo for men

Angular petals, broken lines beyond the edge of the flowers, a little shadow – everything looks like a drawing. But it turned out so good that the picture doesn’t need further perfection.

Japanese Rose Tattoo on Back

Japanese rose tattoo on back

It’s just an incredible picture! There are so many details here, but every line, shadow, and light are carried out professionally. It will take a lot of time to consider this amazing tattoo.

Little Rose Tattoos in Sketch Style

Little rose tattoos in sketch style

This tattoo looks as if it’s drawn with a pen. However, it’s these imperfect lines and unclear outlines that give the all depth and meaning to this ink.

Male Rose Tattoos With Deer Skull

Male rose tattoos with deer skull

It’s amazing how tattoo artist can create such a marvelous picture with easy strokes and messy lines.

Matching Rose Tattoos

Matching rose tattoos

The complexity of small tattoos is that they immediately show all the errors, uneven lines, failed shadows. This picture is clean and smooth, you can see every line on the wings, on the petals and leaves. This tattoo is done professionally.

Orange Rose Tattoo Ideas

Orange rose tattoo ideas

This is a really interesting design. Very clean lines and rich dark colors make the tattoo more serious, more suitable for men.

Blue and Pink Rose Tattoo for Men

Blue and pink rose tattoo for men

The lines have the same thickness; they are smooth and clear. And the rose is like see-through. Of course, the author’s thought with the circles is not very clear, but they definitely make this tattoo brighter and more attractive.

Pretty Rose Tattoos on Back With the Moon

Pretty rose tattoos on back with the moon

The stem of the rose gradually turns into an inscription, which is made in a very beautiful and legible font. It looks very gentle and feminine. This is a very elegant tattoo.

Rainbow Rose Tattoo on Shoulder

Rainbow rose tattoo on shoulder

It takes a lot of experience and skill to make such a tattoo well. Smooth transitions from one color to another look like a real rainbow. This is an excellent ink!

Realism Rose Tattoo on Ribs

Realism rose tattoo on ribs

The details are drawn incredibly accurate and so realistic. Petals look like alive; every vein is visible on them. Splendid piece!

Realistic Rose Tattoo on Thigh

Realistic rose tattoo on thigh

The contours of this tattoo are very clear and bright, ideal thickness. Shadows are made by the hatching, which gives the flowers an incredible look. It’s like an engraving rose, really elegant and feminine.

Rose and Cross Tattoo for Men

Rose and cross tattoo for men

This is a very original idea to make a rose background for the negative space cross. The result was quite an unusual mark that definitely attracts the attention!

Rose and Heart Tattoo in Classic Style

Rose and heart tattoo in classic style

Here is a traditional American tattoo. The bold contour and thick lines, bright colors, the name of a beloved girl… This style will never lose its popularity because such tattoos look so great!

Rose and Vine Tattoos in Grey Hues

Rose and vine tattoos in grey hues

Flower tattoos look very delicate and beautiful on a woman’s body, especially if they have light hues and elegant thin outlines. This is perfection.

Red Rose Ankle Tattoo

Red rose ankle tattoo

This is a careful artwork. A pleasant color is chosen for the rose. Petals seem to have a golden hue. The stem and leaves are neat and clean. The whole tattoo came out light and airy.

Amazing Rose Bud Tattoo

Amazing rose bud tattoo

You can see the observance of the geometry here, the deep black color, such a delicate but such a powerful and spectacular picture. This style is amazing!

Feminine Rose Bush Tattoo on Leg

Feminine rose bush tattoo on leg

This is a very interesting tattoo design. Dotwork makes shadows, they are neat and smooth, and the black color is rich and deep. This piece looks great.

Rose Flower Tattoos With a Jaguar

Rose flower tattoos with a jaguar

What an incredible mark! A wildcat is as alive; every piece is perfectly drawn, even whiskers. Roses fit perfectly here. This is the type of tattoos you should be looking at.

Yellow Roses Half Sleeve Tattoo

Yellow roses half sleeve tattoo

The colors are slightly muffled; the outlines are bright and clean, the shadows are smooth. The whole composition in this picture looks harmonious. Great work!

Thin Rose on Hand Tattoo

Thin rose on hand tattoo

You can see the incredibly tender and feminine tattoo. However, sharp points indicate the strong nature of this girl. This picture is so terrific!

Rose Outline Tattoo on Shoulder

Rose outline tattoo on shoulder

Bright contours and light shadows on the petals create a captivating contrast. The tattoo looks beautiful and attractive, and it’s gentle enough.

Rose Petal Tattoo

Rose petal tattoo

This is a traditional style rose tattoo. These colors are so dynamic. It’s just impossible to pass by this artwork!

Rose Rib Tattoo in Watercolor Style

Rose rib tattoo in watercolor style

There are no clear contours at this tattoo, only soft colors. That’s why it looks like a natural pattern on the body. It seems to dissolve into the skin. A rose is really sensual and dainty.

Rose Sleeve Tattoo With Lion

Rose sleeve tattoo with lion

How amazingly accurately each detail of the picture is painted! The lion’s face, its wool, and claws, every piece of the wildcat looks very natural. Good work!

Rose Stem Tattoo Growing Out of the Assault Rifle

Rose stem tattoo growing out of the assault rifle

Thanks to the fact that the whole tattoo including the rose is made of black, the picture looks even more beautiful and holistic. At the same time, the rose softens the aggression of the gun, which is destructive itself. The mark looks great because it’s made correctly and with good detail.

Pretty Rose Tattoo Behind Ear

Pretty rose tattoo behind ear

Small tattoos always look neat. This rose behind the ear is no exception. The colors are bright and saturated, the outlines and shadows are very soft. This is a good version of the watercolor tattoo.

Rose Tattoo Designs for Men With Words

Rose tattoo designs for men with words

Deep black color, smooth linear shadows, beautiful and clean inscription – each piece is made very well. This tattoo is excellent.

Bright Rose Tattoo for Guys

Bright rose tattoo for guys

The first thought that comes to mind looking at this image, that color looks incredible! It’s a bold and beautiful tattoo.

Rose Tattoo on Arm Dotwork

Rose tattoo on arm dotwork

The rose grew from concrete. Lines and contours are ideal; a dotwork technique creates a special touch of a tattoo. This mark looks nice!

Rose Tattoo on Back With Words

Rose tattoo on back with words

Here is a simple, delicate, beautiful rose tattoo. ‘There is beauty in simplicity’ – the phrase describes this ink perfectly.

Rose Tattoo on Back Shoulder

Rose tattoo on back shoulder

Good work with lines, the outlines are bright, proportions are met perfectly. Tattoo came out cool.

Rose Tattoo on Chest for Guys

Rose tattoo on chest for guys

The smooth gray color looks good; shadows are even and soft give the depth and volume to the picture. Very nice artwork!

Rose Tattoo on Elbow in Classic Style

Rose tattoo on elbow in classic style

The texture of the picture is uniform and clear, the work with color and details is excellent. Such a tattoo will stand out in the crowd, that’s for sure!

Rose Tattoo on Foot Dotwork

Rose tattoo on foot dotwork

Because of this way of shading, the rose looks slightly smoky, and the wide contour makes the tattoo brighter. Such a design of the rose will definitely adorn the girl’s body.

Rose Tattoo on Forearm in Lines and Dots

Rose tattoo on forearm in lines and dots

The main idea of the mandala tattoo is to protect the inner world of a person. And it will also attract love or friendship to your life if you put a rose in the center. This design clearly deserves attention.

Rose Tattoo on Hip With Snakes

Rose tattoo on hip with snakes

Amazing colors and composition. Snakes look believable; the artist showed all the bends of their bodies. It wants to look again and again at this magnificent picture.

Rose Tattoo on Leg With a Crow

Rose tattoo on leg with a crow

Saturation of color gives a sense of the volume and reality of the picture. The colors are just perfect!

Nice Rose Tattoo on Neck

Nice rose tattoo on neck

This is an incredible color palette! The black contour is just perfect, and the white color gives a volume and shine to the mark. Absolutely beautiful tattoo!

Rose Tattoo on Shoulder With Angels

Rose tattoo on shoulder with angels

The image is very detailed, proportional, and complete. Lovely angels, the gateway to paradise and the light of them, the cloud background – all parts are made accurately and clearly. The tattoo is amazing!

Rose Tattoo on Side With a Rabbit

Rose tattoo on side with a rabbit

Heroes of fairy tales are quite a common theme for tattoos. There is a rabbit from ‘Alice in Wonderland’. Nivens McTwisp looks very realistic here. The idea of composition is very interesting, and the picture as a whole looks harmonious. Such an image can be taken as an example.

Rose Tattoo on Thigh for Ladies

Rose tattoo on thigh for ladies

The tattoo is very cute. It perfectly suits girls and will look great on any part of the body.

Amazing Rose Tattoo on Wrist

Amazing rose tattoo on wrist

Black and gray tattoos always look amazing on the body. Smooth lines of contours and soft shadows give the picture a volume and reality. Roses look pretty cool.

Rose Tattoo With Name of the City

Rose tattoo with name of the city

People often make tattoos dedicated to close people or their native places. Such tattoos are very personal, so they should be perfect. Here the girl got exactly what she wanted. It’s stunning!

Rose Tattoo With Quote on Ankle

Rose tattoo with quote on ankle

Rose tattoo absolutely looks great thanks to the delicate cream color of the petals. And the obvious play on words on one of Frida’s paintings called ‘Viva La Vida’ on the banner gives the tattoo an original touch.

Sternum Rose Tattoos for Females

Sternum rose tattoos for females

Soft shades and rich color of roses look great. This is the perfect tattoo style for girls.

Rose Tattoos for Girls on the Knee

Rose tattoos for girls on the knee

Usually, it’s painful to make a tattoo on the knee. But for the sake of such a masterpiece, you can be patient. The outlines are clear, the shadows are smooth, and the black color is so deep. This creation is fantastic!

Rose Tattoos for Women on Chest

Rose tattoos for women on chest

The person who made this mark knows this job perfectly. Each joint and bone of skeleton arm is perfectly and accurately detailed, which is very important for such a tattoo. The skeleton and the rose look quite realistic in this sketch style.

Traditional Rose With Banner Tattoo

Traditional rose with banner tattoo

The mark is bright, noticeable, has smooth outlines and easy transitions. The inscription is clear and accurate. Such a tattoo will be an excellent reminder of the family.

Rose With Ribbon Tattoo on Arm

Rose with ribbon tattoo on arm

There are beautiful colors, excellent lines, and shadows on this mark. The design is also interesting. Surely the client was satisfied with the work of the master.

Rose With Rosary Tattoo in Black

Rose with rosary tattoo in black

Wow, what a steep tattoo! In general, the ink looks pretty serious, but it’s very beautiful and even luxurious. Shadows and light performed correctly, so it seems that the rose is real. The canvas is truly masculine and dark as velvet.

Rose With Thorns Tattoo in Hand

Rose with thorns tattoo in hand

Contours are clear and bright; the shadows are smooth. The dark palette in combination with unusual nails gives the tattoo a little mystique. Overall, it’s a good tattoo.

Small Rose Tattoo Made of Dollars

Small rose tattoo made of dollars

It’s a perfect idea! The tattoo is made at a high level. Shadows and light, figures and inscriptions – everything’s in the right places. It’s just an amazing tattoo!

Tiny Rose Tattoo on Finger

Tiny rose tattoo on finger

What could be more charming than a tiny rose on your finger? Well, such tattoos always look nice, and this rose is no exception.

Two Roses Tattoo in Different Styles

Two roses tattoo in different styles

Amazing effect – the stem of the flower as if penetrates the skin and merges with the veins. Black deep color attracts the eye. This is a really dark tattoo.

Unique Rose Tattoos in Different Styles

Unique rose tattoos in different styles

A mixture of two different styles is always a good idea. Especially when the roses are so professionally inked that you can’t take your eyes away!

Watercolor Rose Tattoo on Back

Watercolor rose tattoo on back

A great choice for women who want to show their tender nature and who like such gentle tattoos. Just a rose masterpiece!

White Ink Rose Tattoo on Arm

White ink rose tattoo on arm

It’s really hard to make a high-quality white tattoo. But if you can find a good artist, you’ll definitely get an amazing artwork on your body!

Matching Rose and Peony Tattoo on Both Arms

Matching rose and peony tattoo on both arms

These dots and lines are great! Deep color and smooth transitions from light to dark are showing that work was done by a professional. Flowers came out excellent.

Perfect Rose Tattoo for Girls

Perfect rose tattoo for girls

Unique design for unique girls! Black roses growing out of the skeleton look scary but gorgeous. Thrilling beauty!

Perfectly Balanced Black and White Rose

Perfectly balanced black and white rose

This is a very beautiful flower! White contours and soft shadows give the tattoo a light glow. It’s a perfect balance between black and white.

Cool Rose Tattoo on Arm for Girls

Cool rose tattoo on arm for girls

Simple yet beautiful tattoo designs deserve the same attention as complicated ones. This rose on the arm can become a cute body decoration.

R2ose Tattoo From Beauty and the Beast

R2ose tattoo from beauty and the beast

Are you a fan of ‘The Beauty and the Beast’? Then definitely go for such a realistic rose hiding behind the glass.

Colourful Rose Tattoo Near the Ankle

Colourful rose tattoo near the ankle

This rose will blow your mind because it looks more like a flawless picture than a tattoo on the ankle. Great, isn’t it?

Purple Rose Tattoo on Arm

Purple rose tattoo on arm

Such tattoos are hard to do beautifully and correctly because any mistake will be noticeable. Here the lines are thin and light; the colors are gentle and soft. This piece looks delightful.

Realistic Rose Tattoo for Women

Realistic rose tattoo for women

Realistic roses will never go out of style as they look astounding if the master is a professional. Every line and shadow is perfection!

Feminine Black and Grey Rose Tattoo on Arm

Feminine black and grey rose tattoo on arm

Shadows are saturated and smooth; it seems like a rose painted with a pencil. But the graceful decoration around the flower makes the tattoo very delicate and feminine.

Impressive Rose Tattoo for Ladies

Impressive rose tattoo for ladies

Any girl no doubt will be comfortable with such a watercolor tattoo. The outlines are very light; the colors are smoothly passed into each other. There are correctly located lighter and darker areas of jewelry. It creates a glow effect. Such an elegant rose!

Sophisticated Rose Tattoo With Compass Signs

Sophisticated rose tattoo with compass signs

This is really original idea to have the initials of loved ones on the compass. It shows that the family above all else, the family is forever. That kind of tattoo is really beautiful!

Three Roses Tattoo in Different Colors

Three roses tattoo in different colors

In this work, symbolism is not only in the composition of the picture but also in its color. Like a fragile bud, which gradually opens and turns into a beautiful rose, a little girl eventually becomes a charming woman. Wonderful tattoo!

Small Rose Tattoo With Numerals

Small rose tattoo with numerals

This is a great idea and its implementation. The numbers and letters are very even, clear and identical; they are at the same distance from each other. It can be seen that the tattoo was done by the real master.

Rose Half Sleeve Tattoo With Horseshoes

Rose half sleeve tattoo with horseshoes

A real masterpiece! If you want to have a half sleeve, check out this design with roses, butterflies, and horseshoes which bring you luck!

Rose Tattoo in Unusual Style

Rose tattoo in unusual style

The watercolor tattoos look as if some colored paints were poured onto the body. But it’s done neatly and stylishly. The ink master needs to try hard to make such a tattoo look beautiful. Here you can see an excellent result.