Most people make the tattoo for the individualization and decoration of their appearance. Before choosing the tattoo design everyone should understand the right symbol meaning of the tattoo that will decorate your body.

Animal tattoos remain very stylish and popular among both sexes. One animal tattoo that you can be interested in is the different variations of the scorpion tattoos. Such powerful animal helps people to underline some specific features of their character as firmness, smartness, tenacity, purposefulness and vividness.

Behind Scorpion Tattoos

From ancient time people decorated their appearance with the various designs of scorpion tattoos because of different reasons. Many ancient cultures attached important meanings to the scorpion.

  • From Pharaoh’s time to the present these tattoos were inked as a talisman to give the mighty protection to its owner.
  • Some African cultures connected the scorpion with the medical sphere. They believed the scorpion`s poison had the healing property and could cure everyone.
  • In Mayan tribes people associated the scorpion with a godlike animal as this creature could numb the different parts of the patient body.
  • From Greco-Roman mythology, we know that Zeus made the scorpion a constellation in the sky after Diana poisoned Orion with the help of the scorpion`s toxin. Nowadays we have the sign of the zodiac as scorpion and it`s stylish to get the scorpion tattoo to highlight your zodiac sign.

Scorpion Tattoo Meaning

If you would like to get the scorpion tattoo you should clearly realize your personal symbolism of such tattoo. The scorpion tattoo can encompass different meanings and such tattoo can symbolize various things:

  • Maintenance
  • Strength and might
  • Connection with medical profession
  • Devotion
  • Passion for somebody
  • Longevity
  • Healing of something
  • Living energy
  • Aggression and fearless
  • Sign of the zodiac
  • Stubbornness
  • Mark of mystery

Scorpion Tattoo Variations

Traditionally the scorpion tattoos are worn by men but some women also choose such tattoos. So, the designs of these inks can easily adapt for both men and women`s favors. Everyone chooses the size of the tattoo and the place where to get it individually.

The most popular parts are a shoulder, chest, neck, back, shoulder-blade, arm and hand, leg or foot.
Among the best scorpion designs, you can observe the tattoo with the details and shadows (as a 3D tattoo).

These variations of tattoo create the impression that you associate yourself with this animal and you endeavor to spotlight the similarity with the scorpion through the tattoo. The colorful and one-color tattoos fit perfectly to any image.

The tribal variations of such inks are also widespread. They can be diminutive, small or large depending on the owner`s taste. Traditionally this kind of inks can be made with black color but now we may see such colorful tattoos or the tribal ink tatted with a bright color.

One of the leading patterns is the scorpion as the sign of the zodiac. If you want to highlight your belonging to a definite sign of the zodiac as the Scorpio you can easily do that among such a cool tattoo.

Another prevalent design is a stinging scorpion. Such tattoo reveals the owner`s readiness to attack or defend. Everybody may also decorate the tattoo with some additional things like the different flowers, stones, sand, inscriptions and mystical marks. It depends on your own imagination and that inner sense you`d like to insert into your creation.

Today the scorpion tattoos remain attractive for people. If you decide to get such a tough tattoo you should observe all its meanings and choose that one that fits you better of all.

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