Tattoos of Scotish Lions

  1. Nice tattoo! As a rule, rampant lion tattoos represent Scottish roots and Celtic origin. The rampant lion is pictured on the flag of Scotland. The Rampant Leos are often related to pride and strength.Rampant black lion tattoos with red elements
  2. Sick idea of forearm tat! A rampant lion looks like made of stone. It gives an impression of huge power and might.Scotish lioncwith sword embossed in stone
  3. An awesome looking tat of Lion of North! It is a favorite design of Scots. It symbolizes their origin, ties to their ancient land and relationships.Red lion of North with blue tongue tattoo on shoulder
  4. Lovely sleeve idea of a rampant lion! Tattoo creates an idea of a strong, fair and brave person.Lovely rampant lion tattoo on sleeve
  5. Beautiful job! Such tattoo is very proudly worn by people with Scottish heritage and roots. The Lion rampant is often displayed on shirts and bands when Scotland football team is playing in any match. The fans are roaring like the lions  «Scotland the Brave» and waving the flags with the Red animal on the yellow field.Great Scottish red lion on a yellow flag tattoo on sleeve
  6. Stunning idea of The Lion rampant tattoo! The Lion is a symbol of strength, crown stands for nobility and roses for Love. Beautifully detailed job of the artist!Adorable crown with blue lion among the red roses and branches
  7. Amazing color of hand tattoo! The red color is mostly connected with pride and strength. Most countries have a streak of the color on their flags as a way of representing their pride in the country. Scottish people are very proud of their origin. So, these colors, red and yellow, are frequently used in tattoos.Smooth red lion of Scotish on hand
  8. Royal inking to show all power of the king! Red is not only used to show power and pride, but also to depict danger or a warning sign. That looks great on the muscled sleeve!Red rampant lion with name tattoo on sleeve
  9. Magnificent tattoo on the forearm! Heraldic rampant lion with Scottish national flag looks so attractive and resembles power, might, and nobleness. There is a white St. Andrew’s cross on a blue field and a «lion rampant” is pictured in profile standing erect with forepaws raised. Magnificent rampant lion with Scottish flag tattoo on forarm
  10. Really charming tat! It is inked on the shoulder in black and white colors. A King of the kings is drawn in its usual position with raised forepaws. It is a strong amulet to protect you and to show your position of the King.Charming tattoo of black Scotish lion on the shoulder
  11. Absolutely sick design of Lion of the North on the body! Such tat represents royalty  and Scottish side of the family!Heraldic rampant lion tattoo on full side
  12. The absolutely sick idea of The rampant Lion on a shoulder! There is a Scott ancient green tartar across the bottom and that adds much more feeling of pride for the Scottish origin. rampant Lion on Scotish shield tattoo on a shoulder
  13. Sick lighting of the tat! A meaning message of the tat is strength, nobility and royalty! It can describe a wearer as a fighter for the truth and fair!Exquisite red rampant lion tattoo on leg
  14. Colors are amazing! Rampant Lion signifies a wearer’s belonging to the upper-class society.Captivating red and black Scotish lion tattoo
  15. Magnificent Scottish tattoo! Royal lion stands for courage, richness and might. King William I “the Lion” has introduced a heraldic device showing a rampant lion. It was used as an identifying element in the battle. So, such tat can describe a wearer as a fighter too!Magnificent royal Scottish lion tattoo on side
  16. Awesome design of the tattoo! Northern Lion and Scottish flag with Saltire are drawn in a blue color. Scots have a keen interest in body art and heraldic rampant lion in composition with the flag of Scotland are very frequently tatted.Tiny black line Scotish lion tattoo with national flag
  17. Brilliant artwork of full sleeve rampant lion! It is a nice mark of your allegiance to your country and family origin.Brilliant rampant lion tattoo on full sleeve
  18. Fantastic Scottish ink on the leg! This cool ink expresses one’s position in the life: «I am a survivor and I am stronger than I may appear».Fantastic Scottish lion tattoo on the leg
  19. An artistic illustration of the rampant King! Scottish people are very proud of their history, origin, country, and traditions. This tattoo is a cool design to show your ties with Scotland.Black interesting tattoo of rampant lion in line style
  20. Lovely Union Jack tattoo! It would look great on any part of the body. Union Jack represents the union of different countries and the growth of a family of nations.Lovely Scotish lion tattoo in color of Union Jack
  21. The Celtic design of the Lion looks so capturing! It can serve as a protecting talisman. There is a meaningful message in the phrase «Stand fast»! It means that the wearer is a fair, firm, and brave person.Celtic black lion tattoo on full back
  22. Phenomenal job! It is a very interesting design of the Rampant Lion which holds a national flag of Scotland in its paws. It resembles your respect to individuality and devotion to community.Fire rampant lion tattoo with Scotish shield on the tribal ornament
  23. A cool idea to represent your views! Two matching Scottish lions look jolly good on the sporty legs! They are lovely marks of your participation in Scottish sports team.Two matching Scottish lions tattoos on the sporty legs
  24. Super attractive full back tattoo! Two Celtic lions with RC Celtic badge are on one side and a vikking drakkar on the other side. Unusual composition, but interesting!Two rampant lion among royal shield tattoo on shoulder
  25. An extraordinary design of Lion of North! The patriotic tattoo is drawn in a green color which resembles an ancient green tartar of Scotland.Flat green Lion of North tattoo on sleeve
  26. Celtic tattoo design of rampant lion looks so powerful on the man’s sleeve! Since ancient times, Scottish men have a reputation of brave fighters. Such tattoo can be a symbol of their rich historic culture.Red Scottish lion on the torn flag
  27. This tattoo design is one of the most adorable designs in the world. It shows person’s old ties with Scottish soils. A blue color stands for a flag of Scotland. Militaries also can wear such tats to identify themselves as powerful warriors.Blue rampant lion with red lines on forarm
  28. Bright rampant lion head on the shoulder. Such ink may be a symbol of your patriotism. Scots have suffered hard to get a victory, so they are very proud-hearted of their nationality and country.Superior bright rampant lion head on the shoulder
  29. A stunning idea of red rampant lion tattoo! Getting a Scottish tattoo represents your connection with the deep roots of Scotland. For ages, the people of Scotland have always had a keen interest in body art that is why Celtic tattoos are kinda popular in the world.Perfect red lion of Scotish on metal shield tattoo
  30. Holy sick! According to the legend, Saint Andrew was crucified on an X- cross. He was a Christian apostle and a patron saint of Scotland. This is why the Scots use the Saltire cross in their national flag. It is a beautiful sign of your nationalism and love of country.Wonderful red lion of North tattoo on arm