Exclusive Sea Turtle Tattoo Designs with their Symbolical Value

1. The charming green-colored sea turtle tattoo embellishes the shoulder. The lovely amphibian depicted on the wave crest represents the boldness, aspiration and persistence. Many folks accept the turtle as a guide which aids to orient oneself in this life.
cool green sea turtle tattoo

2. The awesome brown-toned sea turtle tattoo with the plumeria flower on the top adorns the foot. The small tiles on the skin give the realistic effect to the turtle’s look and the tender pinkish flower adds femininity to the motif.sea turtle tattoo with pink flower

3. The dinky deep-green sea turtle tattoo with the purple-colored shell stands for longevity, fertility and prosperity.sea turtle tattoo with symbol

4. The cool sea turtle tattoo looks snazzy on the male’s breast. The gorgeous turtle depicted on the wave crest with the sitting on its back owl carries a huge symbolical meaning: the turtle embodies endurance and stability, and the owl personifies wisdom and rationality.detalised sea turtle tattoo with bird

5. The lifelike sea turtle tattoo extends over the leg sleeve. The swimming reptile  portrayed under the water with the coral reef element looks very realistic due to the detail-oriented work and perfectly-chosen shades. deep sea turtle tattoo with flowers

6. The cute sea turtle tattoo design done in the green-brown color gamut is considered to be the patroness of the motherhood.That’s why the Celtic motherhood knot, signifying the mother’s love to her child, looks very harmonious and symbolical here.sea turtle tattoo with symbol on the shell

7. The strikingly colorful sea turtle tattoo graces the back. Two lovely turtles a mother and a baby displayed in the swimming posture looks very cute and cartoonish, and the blue strokes, imitating the wave, add some realism and color to the image.sea waves turtle tattoo

8. The fascinating sea turtle tattoo piece, engraved on the leg, stands out for its  intricate design and a beautiful color blending, which highlights all details and makes this tat alluring.cool detalised color sea turtle tattoo

9. The quarter sleeve sea turtle tattoo looks like a snapshot of the underwater life. The floating green turtle, portrayed in the surrounding of the fish and the corals, has a realistic outlook.green sea turtle tattoo

10. The brightly-colored sea turtle tattoo covers up the leg sleeve. The tortoise is shown here swimming in a gush of the water and in a tandem with the seahorse. What makes this piece extremely impressive is the artful combination of the blue shades, which create the natural image of the ocean.red shell sea turtle tattoo in the water

11. One more sea turtle tattoo floating above the ocean surface. The monochromatic reptile depicted in the surrounding of the coral reefs can appeal to the sailors or those who are fond of tattoos in the nautical theme. green sea turtle tattoo in water

12.  The splendid sea turtle tattoo starts from the shoulder and stretches through the back. The huge amphibian with the bluish shell goes well with the floral pattern and looks very graceful and sexy on the female body. In ancient Greece, the turtle was accepted as a “female” symbol and was associated with Aphrodite.water style turtle shell with flower

13. The amazing black-grey sea turtle tattoo inked on the arm. The beauty of this piece lies in the intricately-designed shell: the multifarious geometric elements create the enigmatic pattern. black colored sea turtle tattoo

14. The awe-inspiring sea turtle tattoo fascinates with its plausibility. The vivid colors create a 3D effect, and the detailed portraying of the sea bottom and the swimming fish add realism to the design.detalised deep sea turtle tattoo

15. The magnificent sea turtle tattoo adorns the shoulder. The splashy amphibian in the swimming posture points out that the wearer is a hardy and ambitious person who is ready to overcome all the obstacles on his way to achieve the goal.sea turtle tattoo

16. The flamboyant sea turtle tattoo extending over the leg has cartoonish appeal. The detail work outlines all the features incident to this aquatic animal and makes it lifelike, and the cute bright-yellow fish complement the composition.sea turtle tattoo with orange fish

17.  The floating sea turtle tattoo with the somber face expression on the biceps characterizes the wearer as a serious and rigorous individual. What stands this tat out is the awesome color blending.sea turtle tattoo in violet colors

18. If you are fed up with the colorful tattoo designs, you can get inked this neat black and gray sea turtle tattoo sitting on the leg. The fabulous turtle in the surrounding of the coral reefs would bring you good fortune and prosperity.black colored turtle in corals

19. Take a glimpse at this sweet sea turtle tattoo on the foot performed in the cartoonish style. This playful amphibian with the huge kind eyes will be your personal mood-maker.cartoon styled sea turtle tattoo

20. The black and gray sea turtle tattoo in the motion adorns the male’s arm, and the dinky swimming fish create the sea life imitation.lined sea turtle tattoo

21. The brilliant sea turtle tattoo captivates with its aestheticism. The marvelous color combination makes this tattoo design showy and unique.violet colored sea turtle tattoo

22. The fascinating sea turtles depicted in space, why not? This tattoo piece inscribed on the back looks innovative and oft-beaten. Add to this, some folks believe that the enormous turtle carries our world on its back.yellow sea turtle tattoo on the moon background

23. The adorable green-colored sea turtle portrayed with the water splashes is reckoned to be the symbol of tenacity and stubbornness in western cultures.  cartoon sea turtle tattoo

24. The striking sea turtle tattoo covering the quarter sleeve will grab many eyeballs. The intricately done design fascinates with the diversity of the elements: the exotic flowers and geometric elements make this tat irresistible and exceptional.detalised sea turtle tattoo in flower style

25. The cute sea turtle tattoo made in the linework style stands out for the accurate  and precise portraying of the turtle image. According to some legends, this sluggish animal protects from the misfortunes and the evil eye.lined sea turtle

26. This extraordinary sea turtle tattoo carved on the quarter sleeve looks like a piece of art. The zest of this tat is the depiction of the turtle in the progressive nowadays geometric style: the symmetrically-patterned turtle’s shell immediately attracts attention. One more schtick of this tat is the usage of the acid-bright color gamut which makes this piece catchier.ruby styled sea turtle tattoo in gradient

27. The nice sea turtle tattoo covers the upper back. Three green-colored turtles performed in 3 different styles: traditional style, Maori style and tribal style. The swirling lines create the effect of the boiling sea and make the motif graceful and sophisticated.big sea with turtle on the back

28. The brown-shaded sea turtle in the swimming pose graces the arm and creates a picturesque composition along with the coral reefs and the diminutive turtles. The skillful shading imitates the water wonderfully and gives a colorful touch.black tutles with red corals

29. The stylish sea turtle tattoo embellishes the female’s foot. The beauty of this piece lies in the creative displaying of the amphibian: one side resembles a regular turtle and the second one designed in the waveform. A cool sea turtle tattoo idea for those girls who want to be in vogue.half styled turtle from water to roc

30. The Old school sea turtle tattoo done in the deep-green color signifies self-preservation and wisdom.sea turtle tattoo

31. The cool sea turtle tattoo done in the geometric style accentuates the well-built biceps. The black lines accurately convey the turtle’s image, and the vibrant splashes add a color touch.small lined sea turtle tattoo on the hand

32. This amazing sea turtle tattoo extends over the shoulder and entrances with its exoticism. The flamboyant swimming tortoise is portrayed in the azure sea background and in the surrounding of the plumeria flowers. This glorious tat will make your days colorful. detalised sea turtle tattoo

33. The black and gray sea turtle tattoo inscribed on the leg. The cursive dates engraved on the shell point out on the important event to the bearer that he made up his mind to immortalize them in the tattoo.black colored turtle

34. The fabulous floating sea turtle tattoo adorns the ankle. The motivative phrase inked next to the reptile will always inspire you and won’t let you hang down your head. In addition to this, the turtle represents ambition, tenacity and determination.sea turtle with words

35. This realistic sea turtle tattoo covering the entire back produces the “wow effect”. The tat looks like a snapshot made under the water. The beautiful blending of the shades gives the illuminated effect, and detail-oriented work creates the lifelike image.     big detalised sea tattoo on the back

36. The lovely sea turtle tattoo looks very original with the green leaf instead of the shell and embodies longevity, tranquility and patience.green turtle with leafe shell

37. The Neotraditional sea turtle tattoo inked on the leg. The exquisite geometric design of the shell makes this piece unique. Due to its hardness, the turtle’s shell exemplifies strength, boldness and protection. turtle cube shell

38. The marvelous black-white sea turtle looks gorgeous on the arm. The awesome reptile done in the Dotwork style stands for wisdom, prudence and sobriety.lined detalised sea turtle

39. The mom and baby sea turtle tattoo looks so sweet and cuddly on the hip. The black outline and the tiny dots artistically convey the turtles’ silhouettes, and the watercolor effect gives some color.watercolor small sea turtle

40. The luminous sea turtle tattoo has an astonishing appearance. The glorious blue shades and the nicely-detailed tiles create an unforgettable turtle image. neon colored sea turtle tattoo

41. The superb sea turtle tattoo gracefully snakes the woman’s side. The emerald-green turtle harmoniously combines with the smoky waves background and the cherry blossom flowers which make the motif feminine and elegant. big sea turtle tattoo with pink flowers on the back

42. The miniature sea turtle tattoo designed in the Dotwork style is a cool decorative element of the female body. small lined sea turtle tattoo

43. The lovely sea turtles look very funny on the male’s back. The playful gray creatures portrayed in the climbing pose reveal the fun-loving nature of the wearer.4 small lined turtle tattoo

44. The tiny sea turtle tattoo carved on the back has a tender appeal. The grey-colored amphibian with the green shell represents peace, fertility and long life. The blue-shaded curve gives a gentle touch to the piece.elegance sea turtle tattoo

45. This splendid sea turtle tattoo piece fascinates with the fabulous color gamut: the great mixture of the swamp green tone with the turquoise color creates the fluorescent effect. This beautiful reptile will become an awesome embellishment of your body and a personal talisman against the troubles and the evil.big detalised sea turtle tattoo

46. This floating sea turtle tattoo adorning the arm can fit for those enthusiasts who prefer minimalistic style. Despite its small size, the turtle has a wide range of symbolical meaning: wisdom, serenity, stability, ambition and so on.small blue sea turtle

47. The oft-beaten sea turtle tattoo design looks very exotic with the beach image instead of the shell. This piece can serve as a constant reminder of the sea, sand palms and the holiday.sea turtle tattoo with palm

48. The multi-colored sea turtle tattoo carved on the hip. The flamboyant shell of the turtle is the most captivating thing about this amphibian. The detail-oriented work outlines all features implementing to this animal.multicolored sea turtle shell

49. How lovely is this cartoonish sea turtle tattoo inked on the leg, isn’t it? The mom turtle and its baby swimming in the gushing water look so sweet. The carved names and dates add a personal touch and make this tat memorial.  sea turtle with names

50. The charming sea turtle tattoo adds sexuality to the female’s thigh. The cute swimming reptile creates a beach mood along with the starfish and the waves.sea turtle with sun

51. The tiny black and gray sea turtle tattoo embellishes the foot. The skillful shading work creates a 3D effect and makes it lifelike. In many cultures, this aquatic animal is considered to be the harbinger of a good fortune and prosperity.small black colored turtle

52.  This cool sea turtle tattoo inscribed on the back attracts attention by its riot of the colors. The cute luminescent green turtle surfs the swirling wave. In the African culture, this adorable creature embodies intelligence, wisdom and sagacity.cartoon styled sea turtle

53. The mind-blowing sea turtle tattoo piece covers the quarter sleeve. The swimming tortoise combined with the wave piece and the plumeria flowers can be admired by girls because it looks very trendy and graceful.sea turtle with water and pink flower

54. This awesome sea turtle tattoo gracing the arm has an exotic appearance. The aquamarine amphibian with the hibiscus flower instead of the shell looks original and unique, by the way, the turtle signifies creativity in Tibet.sea turtle from water with orange flower

55. The extraordinary sea turtle tattoo captivates with its aestheticism. The glorious turtle with the pink flower on the top goes well with the floral pattern and makes the female’s back more attractive.turtle with pink flower

56. The black and gray sea turtle tattoo with the palm on its shell has an innovative appeal. The artful shading allows outlining all details and makes the turtle image look lifelike.lined and detalised turtle with palm

57. This sweet sea turtle tattoo carved on the arm can melt the heart of many girls. The greenish creature with the lovely huge eyes performed in the cartoonish style. The dinky decorative elements like stars and bubbles add romantic mood to the motif.cartoon sea turtle with stars

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