Small Cat Tattoo Ideas

A tattoo is that kind of thing when a size matters. The size of a tattoo can influence on price or place of your body where you will be inked. Smaller tats will look more elegant on your wrist, behind the ear or on your finger. That’s why we found some incredible small cat tattoos for you below.

Simple Small Cat Tattoo Ideas

Here’s an ink of a sleeping cat inked on the upper inner arm. An image is fully made of black outlines without shading and coloring which is perfect for those who don’t want their tats to be seen.lined-small-cat
A tattoo of walking cat is inked a bit lower the collarbone. An image of a cat is made of thick black lines and it’s leaving small cat’s paws traces behind itself. One of the traces contains a tiny red heart that is so elegant and romantic. Also, paw prints can symbolize development and move forward through hard times.small-cat-on-the-neck-with-dots
Sometimes the distance between you and your tattoo hides in twelve simple black lines which interweave and form the image of a cute cat tattoo on the wrist.small-cat-face-on-the-hand
Two small cats are inked on the inner side of a leg under the ankle. One cat is totally black; the other one is white which could symbolize endlessly struggling opposites and the balance in our world. Small decorating florets and leaves serve as a great supplement to an image.two-small-cat-on-the-hand
Cats are well-known lovers of sleeping process. They can sleep everywhere and anyhow they want. This lovely small tattoo of a sleeping cat is inked along the contour of the ankle which seems like this cat sleeps on a ball. This ink is performed in Dotwork tattoo style. The closer dots are to each other the darker the image
Girls prefer having more elegant small tattoos. This cat ink is depicted on the rib cage using only thin black lines to outline the shape of a cat. The position of cat is chosen so perfectly and creates an illusion that the cat is walking down the ribs.small-cat-on-the-body
Small cat tattoo consists of several thick black outlines which interweaved stylishly into an image. The tat finds it place on the ankle and can be easily hidden under the jeans if it’s needed.lined-small-cat-face
We can a tattoo flash which has been inked on the foot. Thin black lines bent so elegantly in the shape of a sleeping cat that its sweet purring could be heard. The tat of a sleeping cat could symbolize protection of home and family. Also, it represents peace and serenity in your
This sitting cat tattoo is inked on the inner arm. Thin graceful lines emphasize femininity and tenderness of tattoo owner. Such lovely small cat ink won’t leave anybody indifferent.lined-cat-body
Sometimes it’s hard to remain the same as you were as a kid, but some things like a tat of a small cartoon-like cat will help you to keep your youth a bit longer. Tattoos can serve as reminding of who you really are. This tat of a cat is presented on the inner arm. The image contains several black lines and dots which form a picture of a cat.simple-small-cat-tattoo
Small cat tattoo is depicted on the ankle. Smooth lines show a kitten sitting with its back to us and the tail demonstrates a number eight which means eternity. It’s up to you what kind of meaning for eternity to choose. It could mean an endless love or eternal
People interested in music might stop their searching of tattoo design on this dancing cat silhouette with the note. It is shown on the inner arm and looks amazing with any
Still, the most popular place to be inked among girls is a wrist. A small tat on the wrist looks elegant, esthetically pleasant and sweet like in this case with a small sleeping cat. Tattoo consists of one ornately curved line which forms the sleeping cat – the housekeeper.spiraled-cat-on-the-hand
The lady-cat is a symbol of women independence that’s why a small ink of walking cat with its tail raised up can decorate your inner arm like in this picture. The graceful animal will beautify your body and lay stress on your femininity.walking-small-cat

Tiny Cat Whiskers Tattoo

A small tattoo of a smiling cat can make an accent on your sense of humor and easy-going personality. So if you are that kind of person get inked with a small happy face of a cat on your inner arm. Those closed smiling eyes, sharp ears, and cat’s whiskers will look amazingly anyways. small-cat-face
Don’t forget that cats aren’t just cute little balls of fur they could be aggressive and belligerent especially when they protect themselves and their kittens. A cat with the bent back and disheveled fur shows to others that it doesn’t like something. Girls who choose for the tattoo such kind of cat want to show that they are not just tender creatures and they can to stand for what they care about. An ink of a cat with a bent back is displayed on the back. scary-cat-on-the-neck
Tattoo designs which represent cute kitten faces with well-traced details such as small hairs of fur are great variants for girls. A tat of grey fluffy animal is inked on the wrist and white cat tat is pictured on the other arm with a small heart next to the image. Small cat tattoos on both hands look awesome!two-cat-face
Girls prefer tattooing more elegant and delicate inks which are identified with their delicate nature whether it is a small cat tat on the shoulder or an ink of a heart behind the ear. This joyful and frisky small cat image is tattooed on the upper shoulder
Tattoo masters have been receiving more and more orders on pets tattoo sketches recently. The connection between the owner and his pet is really deep so it becomes popular to get inked with a favorite pet. These two adorable cats are inked on the
This tiny cat tattoo is depicted on the ankle. The image is placed in a special way so it seems like the cat is looking out of the corner. Tattoo reminds stencil graffiti on the wall of a house.half-of-cat-on-leg
What could be more powerful than love in this world? An ink on the chest shows two black cats silhouettes which are connected by a heart from their tails. The bigger one represents he-cat and a small figure next to him is she-cat. This tattoo will perfectly fit a loving couple.two-cat-with-heart
Continue talking about tattoos which show love and happiness we should mention this one. A tattoo of two cats kissing is depicted on the lower cuff. One cat is performed in black dye with white collar; the other one is white with black collar. This small cat tattoo design will suit for a girl who is in love or the one having a romantic nature.two-cat-on-the-leg

Small Cat Outlines Tattoo

A small cat tat is inked behind the ear. The image of a cat consists of thick black outlines and pink little
A tattoo of a small sleeping cat with a heart made from its tail is located on the back of the neck. This kind of tattoo says that the owner is more home person who prefers sitting in front of a fireplace with a hot cup of coffee and chatting with the family. Also, a tattoo of a sleeping cat represents a symbol of home hearth and family.heart-from-cat
If you look for more modern tattoo design you will probably stop on Geometrical tattoo style. A small cat tattoo performed in Geometrical style is introduced on the girl’s wrist. An ink is made from different geometrical figures which create the full image of a cat and this will be an excellent choice for a young extraordinary person.rubyzed-cat
Cats are also known as mystical creatures and such things as heterochromia just pour oil into the fire. There are a mystery and special beauty hidden in different colored eyes of this cat tattoo that is inked on the upper shoulder. The tat looks off the beaten

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