Cute Small Octopus Tattoos

Many people argue that an octopus design will look gorgeous only in a big size, but still there are people, who like wearing elegant small octopus tattoos. The main advantage of this design is that it can be put on any tattooing area, where it will look absolutely dazzling.

This yellow and blue octopus ink is on the foot, it looks appealing. In nature, an octopus can eat its limbs in order to avoid danger, and then it lives alone. Perhaps, this tattoo says about an introvert, who feels completely comfortable in solitude.
The yellow and green octopus tatoo on the foot

The girlish back here is embellished with an octopus pattern, performed in a tribal style. One of the unfavorable denotations of an octopus figure is inconstancy and hypocrisy, as in nature it can change its color every day. Probably, a woman with this ink has not yet decided on a goal in life.
Tribal octopus ink on the back

Two completely identical monochrome octopus tattoos are visible on feet, maybe they make up a couple. For women, this design carries a favorable denotation – this image says about the fertility of the owner and it is the sign of a tightly-knit family. So, perhaps, these inks are put on the feet of a mother and a daughter, in this way they have decided to show their spiritual bond.
Two monochrome octopus tatoo on feet

This cute small octopus tattoo on the ankle looks like a character from a cartoon as this violet octopus has big yellow eyes and a purple hat on the head. Presumably, this dope ink is an emblem of an extravagant person, who used to attract attention.
The small octopus tatoo on the ankle

This gorgeous ink on the hand depicts an orange octopus curled tentacles, this tac looks attractive. In many cultures, an octopus is the sign of spiritual immortality and the repetition of the life cycle. Hence, this idea may be disclosed in this dope tattoo.
The gorgeous octopus ink on the hand

This small cute colorful octopus with big black eyes looks absolutely fantastic. Among invertebrates, octopuses have one of the larger sizes of the brain, so often this image is worn by people, who have an original thinking. Thus, this dope ink illustrates the mentioned idea.
The small cute octopus on the half sleeve

The chest here is adorned with an outstanding image of a gray octopus, which is holding the heart in its tentacles. Generally, an octopus is associated with potent people, who create their lives only with their own forces, so this ink may show that the life of each person and his destiny are in his hands.
Gray octopus on the chest

The foot here is embellished with an orange octopus, which tentacles are wrapped around the diving helmet. Oftentimes, an octopus tattoo is the sign of intellectually and spiritually developed people, so this dope ink may say that this person is engaged in self-development, which is feasible only in the case of the leaving of the person his comfort zone.
Orange octopus on the foot

This tiny octopus black and white ink is on the female hip, the octopus has a very unusual pattern on its body, which looks like a spiral. Many people reckon that the octopus indicates the cyclicality of life and the path, which each person in the world goes through – birth, life, and demise. Thus, this ink may illustrate the mentioned idea.
Tiny black and white octopus ink on the hip

This zero cool ink shows a cute little octopus, which looks like a cartoon character, next to the octopus is a little ship, the picture itself is very attractive. In many countries, an octopus is a sacred creature, which image can be a lucky talisman, so this ink may be a lucky charm for the owner.
Small octopus ink looks like a cartoon

The lower leg is adorned with a turquoise octopus, it looks gorgeous. The octopus is one of the most intelligent sea creatures, it is a great strategist, who calculates the attack and its consequences, so the octopus tattoo oftentimes indicates a wise person with an analytical mind. Thus, this dope ink is the symbol of an intelligent person.
Turquoise octopus ink on the leg

This orange small octopus holds a crimson gem, this tattoo is visible on the chest. For women, this pattern has a special denotation – fertility and motherhood, so in this case, this octopus may be the embodiment of a loving mother, and the gem is the symbol of her family, which she always protects.
Orange small octopus on the chest

The hand here is embellished with a pattern of an orange octopus on a blue background, this pattern looks very cute. In many cultures, the tattoo of an octopus is a symbol of a human aspiration for new things, adventures and for a spiritual growth. Hence, this ink may be worn by a person, who is engaged in a self-development.
Orange octopus on the hand

The ankle here is decorated with a monochrome octopus tat, this picture is very stylish and elegant. In nature, the octopus can allocate a black liquid that helps it to escape from the enemy, so this tattoo can talk about a person, who, thanks to his wit and cunning, avoids unpleasant situations.
Monochrome octopus tat on the ankle

This vivid purple octopus with a yellow eye and blue tentacles is the embellishment of the back. There is a tale about a God-octopus Cthulhu, who inspired awe and fear to the people, he was particularly honored and was a model of wisdom and power. Hence, this dope tattoo is the emblem of a powerful, intelligent, and a self-confident personality.
The vivid purple octopus on the back

The ankle here is adorned with a blue small octopus with crimson tentacles, the boundaries of the ink are slightly blurred, the whole image looks magnificent. This creature has three hearts, the main heart drives the blood through the body, and the other two push blood through the gills, so the octopus has become a symbol of immortality and longevity. Perhaps, this person is committed to the physical and spiritual longevity.
Blue small octopus tat on the ankle

The lower leg here is adorned with a cute image of an orange octopus, which wraps the smoky sharp. These two sea creatures here create a holistic picture and definitely, this tattoo says about a confident person, who cannot be broken by nor the people, nor the circumstances, this personality if admired by many people.
Cute orange octopus ink on the lower leg

This little tribal tac on the chest looks mysterious and attractive at the same time, this pattern emphasizes the virility of the owner. Since olden times, an octopus pattern was a purely male sign, which helped men to avoid troubles and it brought love and luck in his life. Hence, this tight tac may serve as a lucky mascot for this person.
The little tribal tac on the chest

This monochrome ink on the half sleeve depicts an octopus with a sign of Illuminati – a triangle with an eye inside. In all times, the group of Illuminati had the occult and philosophical signification and as for the octopus, in some cultures, it indicates a person, who seeks to understand the secret knowledge. Thus, this ink may show a person, who is on his way to spiritual and intellectual enlightenment.
Monochrome octopus ink on the half sleeve

This tiny octopus ink on the wrist is performed in black and white tones looks stunning. For the inhabitants of Crete, the octopus was the personification of a creative and mystical beginning, moreover, they believed that the image of the octopus will help a person to discover magical abilities. Perhaps, this tattoo carries a mystical sense.
Tiny black and white octopos on the wrist

This elegant tattoo on the shoulder displays a beautiful octopus of a rich deep blue color, this simple pattern looks very stylish. In this case, this figure says about the femininity and vulnerability of the owner and about the inconstancy of a feminine nature.
The elegant blue octopus on the shoulder

This cute girlish tac on the lower leg is very appealing, it depicts a purple octopus with a pie in its tentacles. Probably, this ink serves as a decorative element for the woman and doesn’t have a philosophical denotation.
Cute grilic octopus on the lower leg

This little yellow octopus with colorful dots on the body looks nice. Definitely, this tac is the sign of a kind-hearted, virtuous and a generous personality, who sees only bright colors of this world.
Little yellow octopus on the body

This black gloomy octopus on a red background is observed on the man’s neck, this picture looks enigmatically. Many nations have associated the octopus with evil forces, as in some legends Kraken a huge octopus devoured hundreds of ships. Perhaps, the person with the tattoo expresses that he also has a dark side with which he does not fight, but coexists.
Black gloomy octopus tatoo on the neck

The ankle here is embellished with a cute pattern of an octopus of a burgundy color. Many people reckon that the octopus image is worn by those people, who decided to start life from the scratch and to forget about everything bad and to give and receive only positive emotions. Hence, this wonderful tattoo illustrates the above-named idea.
Cute pattern of an octopus on the ankle

This cheerful tat on the hip represents an orange octopus with beautiful eyes, it looks very friendly and lovely, below the octopus there is a blue shark with an open jaw, it looks scary. Since olden times, the shark pattern indicated power, dominance, and superiority over other people, and the octopus was a talisman of a successful person. Thus, this tight ink may be a lucky charm for the owner.
Cheerful octopus tat on the hip

This little cute purple octopus is on the big toe, the placement is very unusual, but the figure looks great. In Middle Ages, the octopus design was the symbol of extravagant people, so perhaps, here this ink indicates a creative person with an extraordinary thinking.
Cute purple octopus on the leg finger

This red octopus on a blue background is the decoration of the foot. Many people reckon that a major denotation of an octopus tac is the ability to rebirth and to forget about all unpleasant things. Perhaps, this figure is worn by an easy-going person, who has a light attitude towards life.
Red octopus on the foot

This monochrome small octopus is observed on the foot. In nature, in order to avoid danger, an octopus can eat its tentacles, so the signification of the ink is the ability of a human to sacrifice for the sake of the better future. This very idea is disclosed in this tattoo.
Monochrome small octopus tatoo on the foot

These two almost identical tattoos, which represent an octopus, are observed on the lower half sleeves. Many people assume that the octopus is a very dedicated creature, females are very fertile and males are very devoted to their partners. Thus, this ink may indicate people, who have a close spiritual connection.
Two small identical octopus on the lower half sleeve

This tribal ink on the chest represents Kraken, a powerful creature, which lives in the sea. In ancient times, the image of Kraken was worn only by brave and mighty people, so, a person with this tac is a potent personality with an iron core.
The tribal octopus ink on the chest

This cute red octopus is visible on the middle finger, it looks very sweet. Probably, the woman with this tac indicates that appearance can be deceiving sometimes and despite her outer fragility, she has a strong character.
Cute red octopus on the middle finger

This orange and black octopus is observed on the wrist, the pattern looks appealing. Since olden times, an octopus was the embodiment of vital changes in life and of the personal growth. Perhaps, this tac is a reminder of a paramount victory over himself and life circumstances for this person.
Orange and black octopus on the wrist

This little yellow octopus in a pink shell looks very sweet. This image may be worn by a cheerful and optimistic person, who always sees only best traits in people.
Little yellow octopus in the pink shell