Snake Tattoos

Even though people tend to think that snakes are dangerous and terrifying, the truth is, only 15% percent out of more than 3000 species of snakes living in the world are dangerous. From the deadly poisonous Black Mambas to the huge yet quite timid Royal Pythons, from the fascinating King Cobras to the mesmerizing Pit Vipers, there are a big number of cool snakes all over the world, well, except for Antarctica.

When it comes to tattoos, a snake is quite a controversial symbol. Different cultures have different views on the snake tattoo meaning. While some cultures see snakes in a negative light and associate these creatures with malice, guile, revenge, and death, other cultures respect these reptiles which epitomize wisdom, strength, might and authority.


  • For the Native Americans, the serpent is as a protective token, furthermore, they were convinced that this predator could help in the hardships.
  • In the African culture, this wriggling creature is symbolic of resurrection, rejuvenation and metamorphosis due to its ability to cast the skin.
  • In Greece, this reptile embodies life and death simultaneously because the venom of the snake could kill and cure at the same time. In addition to this, the Greeks accepted the serpent as a source of the feminine energy, childbirth and hearth, also, this reptile was an attribute of the goddess of wisdom Athena.
  • In India, the snake is a deeply-worshiped animal and is reckoned to be the goddess of the well-being and prediction.

With the help of the snake tattoos, the guys accentuate their masculinity, dominance and authority while the women put an emphasis on their sexuality, femininity and carnality.

Best Snake Tattoo Ideas

Here are 75 snake tattoo designs that are about to blow your mind.


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