Snake Tattoo Symbolism

Snake Tattoo MeaningThe snake is a controversial symbol: in some cultures, the snake is shown in the negative light and signifies malice,guile, revenge, and death, but in the others ones, it’s a deeply-respected reptile which epitomizes wisdom, strength, might and authority.

The serpent is recognized to be a killer and a healer at the same time.

The snake is a top preference among the tattoo-lovers, due to its vibrant coloring, elegance,glory and, of course, symbolic value.

Snake Tattoo Meanings in the Different Cultures

  • For the Native Americans the serpent is as a protective token, furthermore, they were convinced that this predator could help in the hardships.
  • In the African culture, this wriggling creature is symbolic of resurrection, rejuvenation and metamorphosis due to its ability to cast the skin.
  • In Greece, this reptile embodies life and death simultaneously because the venom of the snake could kill and cure at the same time. In addition to this, the Greeks accepted the serpent as a source of the feminine energy, childbirth and hearth, also, this reptile was an attribute of the goddess of wisdom Athena.
  • In India, the snake is a deeply-worshiped animal and is reckoned to be the goddess of the well-being and prediction.

Snake Tattoo Design Ideas

It’s a myth that the snake tattoo is get inked only by the men, the fairer sex also opts for this motif. With the help of the snake tattoo, the guys accentuate their masculinity, dominance and authority while the women put an emphasis on their sexuality, femininity and carnality.

The serpent image can be combined with the felines, eagle, hannya mask, koi fish, Samurais, skull, sword and flowers. The intertwined snakes have also an awesome look and stand for a great love and friendship.

The snake depicted in the fight with another predator denotes dominance, power and spunk when the serpent takes a victory. The reptile can be depicted in the multifarious positions, for instance, sitting on the twig or twining around it, the moving, coiled and the sprawling snakes are also in trend. The snake with the composed face expression exemplifies intelligence, well-developed intuition and wisdom, the snake portrayed in a rage reveals the impulsive and revengeful nature of the owner.

The popular styles for the snake tattoo are the Realistic one when each feature of the predator is highlighted, the Japanese style, traditional, dotwork, linework and tribal one.

The shades of the snake tattoo can be versatile: the bright red, blue, green, orange, black and white, or it can be simply monochrome.

Location of the Snake Tattoo

The snake tattoo can be carved on the shoulder blade, wrist, sleeve, half sleeve, chest, the thigh, head or wrapping around the forearm. The full-length serpent wriggling along the leg sleeve or entire back can create a furor.

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