Sparrow Tattoo Design Ideas and Meaning

A sparrow is a sought-after image for those, who like tattoos, made in old-school traditions. This tattoo has a very deep and fascinating history and this image has left its mark in almost all cultures.

Thus, for Vikings, who often sailed to distant countries to conquer new lands, a sparrow tattoo was a representation of happiness and good luck, and that person will return home safe and sound. In ancient Egypt, people believed that the sparrow carried souls of departed people. Ancient Greeks treated this bird as a sign of loyalty. Celts assumed that this bird indicated devotion to a family or a clan as the sparrow overcomes the big distances, but always returns home. In China, this pattern shows male power and earlier Chinese artists portrayed women, who kept the sparrow in their hands, which speaks about their frivolous behavior.

Nowadays this tattoo denotes longing and memory of deceased relatives and loved ones. In addition to the meaning, this tattoo is in demand, since it is combined with almost all patterns and can be displayed on any part of the body. Oftentimes people add their own designs and each person invests his own significance.

Sparrow Tattoo Meanings:

  • The primary denotation of the design is freedom and the denial of all rules.
  • The sparrow tattoo is regarded as a sign of a true love because when this bird finds the second half, he stays with her forever.
  • It symbolizes joy, enthusiasm, and cheerfulness.
  • People presume that this tattoo doesn’t have a negative connotation except the case when the sparrow carries a mourning ribbon with the name of a person, which represents everlasting mourning.

Frequently the bird is depicted together with divergent components, which complement the overall denotation. Tattooing places are varied and they encompass arms, legs, shoulders, the back, and the tummy.

Hence, each image is perceived subjectively and has a specific meaning for every person, but sparrow tattoos fit almost all people due to their significance and versatility.

The tattoo on the shoulder is made in realistic traditions and reveals a sparrow next to the flowers. Flowers symbolize love, and the bird is about loyalty and devotion.sparrow-with-yellowe-flowers-on-the-back
The pattern on the chest is an amazing illustration of a tribal tattoo because it is displayed in black ink without any additional details. The bird’s pose says that it intends to grab the prey, which signifies that the owner of the tattoo is purposeful and morally strong.uncolored-sparrow-on-the-back
Ancient tribes have often employed abstract patterns for tattoos. The shoulder is adorned with the image of a sparrow, inside of which blooms the flower. The overall picture denotes the idea of a free love without any restrictions.sparrow-with-flower-background
Here is a watercolor sparrow tattoo on the side. This pattern discloses the idea of Ancient Indians, for whom a sparrow image with bright accents was a symbol of wealth.water-color-sparrow-on-the-bdy
The half sleeve is embellished with this brilliant work of art! The tattoo represents the Indian idea, according to which the bird on the tree is a symbol of good luck and a talisman.sparrow-on-the-branch
This is a traditional old school tattoo on the wrist. The startling feature is the meaning of this pattern, which is connected with the traditions of ancient Vikings, who wore these tattoos in order to attract good fortune.sparrow-with-blue-body
The emphatic tattoo extends from the shoulder to the breast. Sparrows are sitting on a flowering branch, which, according to Chinese notions, connotes prosperity, wealth, and spiritual harmony.sparrow-on-the-branch-with-pink-flower
The sparrow tattoo is observed on the neck. Here mythological motives can be traced, in which the sparrow was depicted on the background of a bright red circle as an assistant of the goddess of beauty, Aphrodite. The tattoo itself indicates the person, who enjoys the beauty and appreciates it.sparrow-with-sun-on-the-background
This stunning couple of sparrows covers the hip. It is known that if the bird finds love, it stays with the second half forever and this tattoo stands for the idea of pure and strong
The forearm is decorated with the pattern of a sparrow. Legends claim that the sparrow is looking for the soul of people, who have died in the sea, and relates them to heaven, so the following tattoo can be a reminder of a bygone relative.sparrow-with-red-body
Many people presume that if the sparrow carries a ribbon with the name, then it denotes everlasting mourning. The sparrow with a ribbon “Mom” on the neck illustrates this idea.sparrow-tattoo-with-words
The forearm is one of the popular places for tattoos also among criminals. Prison tattoos incorporate images of sparrows with slogans about freedom, which speaks about striving to become free from the material shackles and moral pressure. This tattoo on the forearm is an example of this meaning.sparrow-with-words
This remarkable tattoo is located on the lower arm. In some beliefs about religion, the sparrow was considered a messenger of God, which protects people from misfortunes. Here a sparrow is sitting on a branch with yellowed leaves, which indicates that even in the difficult moments in life a person does not lose optimism.detalised-sparrow-on-the-branch
Two sparrows are holding the ribbon with the Latin inscription, which means “Get to know yourself” above the heart, which is very symbolic because only when a person listens to his heart, he knows himself. Birds, in this case, symbolize the human self-love and love for the surrounding world. The whole picture on the chest looks gorgeous!sparrow-with-words-and-heart
In Slavic legends, sparrows were considered harbingers of disasters or failures when they were circling over the human head. The tribal tattoo on the shoulder has a sad meaning because here sparrows fly over the flower, it can be a symbol of an unsuccessful period in life or disappointment in love.sparrow-and-flower
The shoulder and the forearm are embellished with the sparrow tattoo. The meaning here is quite obvious because the sparrow is depicted with an anchor and a flower, which resonates with the tradition of sailors to wear these tattoos as the symbol of their safe trip home.sparrow-with-anchor-and-violet-flower
This tattoo on the lower arm looks magnificent and the pattern carries a typical meaning for the tattoo. The sparrows seek up, they want to gain freedom from barriers, which indicates that the owner is free from prejudices.sparrow-and-flowers
The sparrow is depicted on the hand. The bird carries an olive branch and the significance of the tattoo is peace and harmony.little-sparrow-with-branch
The tattoo on the shoulder incorporates two marine symbols: the ship wheel, and a sparrow. The meaning is that this person knows what he wants in life, and he finds his own way.wheel-and-sparrow-on-it
The tattoo is wrapped around the ear, it has the discontinuous pattern and is made in the tribal style. The design fully discloses the nature of an individual – the person is the offender of accepted norms, who has an innovative thinking.sparrow-tattoo-on-the-head
In Japanese culture sparrows are often depicted with warriors, flowers and other birds and animals. This tattoo extends from the chest to the part of the sleeve and encompasses a woman warrior and sparrows, surrounded by flowers. The tattoo says about courage and freedom.big-sparrow-tattoo-with-flower-on-background
The side of a woman is decorated with a sparrow. The wings are open, which indicates freedom of a woman in love and in self-expression.sparrow-on-the-body
For ancient Celts sparrows have always denoted devotion to a family because no matter what, the sparrow always comes back home. The tattoo on the shoulder and on the breast represents two birds, which are united by love and they symbolize strong family ties.two-sparrow-with-love-word
The sparrow with a flower looks great on a man’s tummy. This person wears a tattoo of a sparrow as a symbol of personal freedom, but still the flower – the symbol of love is depicted, which shows person’s readiness to give up freedom for love.sparrow-and-little-yellow-word
This beautiful sparrow tattoo in on the shoulder. In this case, the sparrow is a harbinger of sorrow over the death of the father, as evidenced by the inscription and date of death.sparrow-with-word-dad
The tattoo on the breast and on the shoulder is performed in dark colors. The Egyptians believed that the sparrow was a guide to other worlds, so sparrows here may represent a person, who believes in the predestination of being.two-detalised-sparrows
The pattern is on the lower arm represents a bright sparrow tattoo. The rose here is a symbol of luck and prosperity and the sparrow carries its traditional meaning – endurance, strength and strong male energy.sparrow-with-sky-and-rose
The tattoo covers the half sleeve and has a deep symbolic meaning. A cell is a symbol of restrictions, limits, and a sparrow symbolizes the free personality, which behavior cannot be put in certain frames.sparrow-sitting-on-the-jail
In all cultures, color tattoos meant cheerfulness and fun. The tattoo on the side has a lot of elements: roses, stars, sparrows and the inscription “Take me home”, which individually provide the total significance of the tattoo it’s praising of love, loyalty, happiness, and friendship.sparrows-with-flowers-and-words
In Ancient Egypt, the serpent symbolized an endless refresh cycle, and when a snake is combined with a sparrow, then the pattern talks about the interaction of worlds of the living and the dead. This tattoo on the whole sleeve expresses this idea.medusa-and-sparrow-on-flower
The sparrow on the foot looks very realistic and the pattern is made in black and gray colors, the meaning is that a person is faithful to his family and dedicated to his work in life.detalised-sparrow-on-the-branch
In some Christian countries a sparrow is associated with the mercy and love of God. People believe that sometimes God sends signs to a man with the help of the sparrow. This tattoo on the lower arm can be the personification of love for God and person’s faith.sparrow-on-the-branch-with-leaves
All are aware of the fact that a sparrow opens its wings and flies in spite of the weather conditions, because it is known for its endurance. Here the tattoo on the ribs says that life difficulties only harden the individual.flying-sparrow
Oftentimes people modify the image of a sparrow and add their own details in order to make the tattoo more expressive. The pattern below decorates a woman’s foot and it incorporates a blue sparrow, this color is a symbol of eternity and the sky, and the blue sparrow means good fortune and
In China people thought that women, who wear a tattoo of a sparrow, are frivolous. But now the denotation has changed and this tattoo on the hip is about feminine beauty and
Traditional sparrow tattoos are in demand because a noble black color always looks nice on any skin. The significance of this tattoo on the lower leg is that are strong enough to overcome all barriers, which life suggests.sparrow-with-details-on-the-back
A woman’s breast is adorned with the sparrow tattoo. A bird is sitting on a branch, surrounded by flowers, which may mean that the person has devoted his life to the family, which is the main value in life for him.sparrow-sitting-on-the-branch
In some cultures there is a belief, that sparrows escorted the souls of the dead to the sky, so often they are the symbol of bygone souls. This tattoo on the lower arm reveals the idea.sparrow-fly
Sparrows are linked to their families and they will always find the way home. Often people wear sparrow tattoo as a symbol of family affection. This tattoo on the lower arm illustrates the idea.sparrow-on-the-branch
Often with the help of a sparrow tattoo people perpetuate the memory of the dead people, here the tattoo on the forearm represents a female hand, holding a sparrow, which is pierced with arrows, and the ribbon with the name is located at the bottom of the pattern. The meaning is clear – this is a tattoo, which expresses mourning for the deceased person, maybe a child.sparrow-with-words
The tattoo on a woman’s back is amazing, the pattern is extremely vivid. Small birds are sitting on bare branches; the whole tattoo is done in dark tones. Hence, the meaning of the tattoo is sadness or depression.big-detalised-branch-with-sparrows
In most cases, flowers in combination with sparrows have a positive connotation. There a sparrow flies up surrounded by flowers, which means the dawn of a new life and new feelings. The tattoo, located on the lower leg, is fascinating.sparrow-in-flowers
The neck is embellished with a tribal sparrow tattoo. The pattern represents a rebellious spirit of a person, who sometimes provokes conflicts.little-sparrow
Ancient Indians believed that if a sparrow was sitting on a branch near the flower and a name of a person, then it was a symbol of the loss of a loved one. This tattoo on the sleeve supports this idea.sparrow-and-branch-with-name
Among certain peoples, the sparrow is a symbol of the beginning of a new stage, the liberation from the moral shackles. Here the sparrow is holding the key, which can serve as a sign of moral degeneration of a person.sparrow-on-the-branhc
This black and white sparrow is located on the hand. The design spells out the idea of the disobedient nature of a human.detalised-sparrow-with-word
Here is a gorgeous tattoo on the back. The sparrow is merged with lilies, which are signs of harmony and generosity and the sparrow means cheerfulness, and positive energy.sparrow-on-the-water
In some cultures, if two sparrows fly towards each other, then it means the family reunion. The tattoo on the breast conveys this very idea.mirrored-sparrow
In ancient times a group of the same clan wore this tribal sparrow tattoo and it was considered as a symbol of unity. This sparrow on the breast speaks about the spiritual unity of a man with his family.lined-sparrow
The tattoo is located on the back and looks gorgeous! The design also has red flowers, which complement the basic meaning. Thus, the significance of the tattoo is sunlight, wealth, and beauty.sparrow-on-the-branch-with-flowers

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