Sugar Skull Tattoo Designs

Tattoos have been a symbol of fashion and style for a long time. Also, they can express your feelings and views of the world. One of the original themes of the tattoo, however, is Calavera or the Sugar Skull.

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Meaning of Sugar Skull Tattoo

The skull is one of the most popular images in the tattoo culture. The values of such a tattoo are a huge number, depending on the style of execution. The skull simultaneously symbolizes death and rebirth; the memory of bygone into another world and personal development. Such a multi-faceted image, performed in different tattoo styles, can become an attribute of a brutal man, or a nice decoration for a girl. This kind of a skull, like Calavera, or the Sugar skull by far is the most popular embodiment in the tattoo art.

The Calavera tattoo carries no negative sense! Released far beyond Mexico, tradition to do a tattoo in the form of a colorful skull, acquired a new, more positive meaning for the world.

Types of the Sugar Skull Tattoos

  • Black and White;
  • Super colorful;
  • Pairs;
  • Skull and Flowers;
  • Hyper-realistic;
  • Mixed Imageries.

Placement ideas

The skull itself is represented in such a way that the eye sockets are surrounded by petals, and various bright flowers are depicted inside and around it. The skull is painted with all sorts of the colored patterns.

The tattoo with the Sugar Skull, like any other bright design, is located in the open parts of the body to demonstrate such beauty to everyone. Usually, it is the thigh, chest, back or shoulder. Calavera itself is combined with other bright elements; as a rule, with flowers and twigs. Sometimes the skull is wrapped around a snake – the friend of the Goddess of Death. Exactly a woman’s face, decorated in the manner of the Sugar Skull, looks very vivid. Such a tattoo is often made by men, as the female beauty lovers, which, strangely enough, this coloring only emphasizes.

The size of the tattoo with the Sugar skull isn’t regulated in any way. However, the more tattoo, the better the skillful artist will be able to detail it. If a girl’s face is depicted on a tattoo and not just a skull with different attributes, then it should be performed in a realistic style. The more real this tattoo will look like, the brighter it will be.


So you need to find an experienced artist and a great sketch. We suggest you look at our collection with some examples of the Sugar skull tattoos and choose something fitting for yourself.

The Best Sugar Skull Tattoos on a Foot

The best sugar skull tattoos on a foot

This pair of tattoos is performed in the traditional style. A large number of details and bright colors give this image the same charm that makes these tattoos successful.

An Ideal Celtic Sugar Skull Tattoo

An ideal Celtic sugar skull tattoo

This is an amazing well-detailed design! The artist thoroughly worked every millimeter of the image, and we can say with confidence that it’s a real masterpiece!

A Colorful Sugar Skull Tattoo on a Shoulder

A colorful sugar skull tattoo on a shoulder

The floral motifs look very harmonious on this Mexican skull. And the predominance of a pink hue makes this tattoo more feminine.

A Perfect Colored Sugar Skull Tattoo

A perfect colored sugar skull tattoo

This work is done in the theme of Halloween. The elements look amazing in black and orange shades. No one can pass by such a skull in the top-hat!

Cool Sugar Skulls

Cool sugar skulls

The comic fans will definitely appreciate such a sketch! Batman looks very original and unique, doesn’t it?

Cute Sugar Skull Tattoos on the Arm

Cute sugar skull tattoos on the arm

Have you ever seen a skull in love? This work is gorgeous! The hearts and flower wreath make this tattoo a truly girlish one!

The Day of the Dead Skull Tattoo With a Diamond

The Day of the Dead skull tattoo with a diamond

Having executed a Sugar skull in the black color, you will give yourself the opportunity to change it beyond recognition in the future. There are a lot of details that can be painted in all sorts of vivid shades at this tattoo design.

The Decorated Skull Tattoo on a Forearm

The decorated skull tattoo on a forearm

The breath really intercepts from this work! The clear contours, soft transitions of shadows and excellent feathering make this work a great example of the ink art.

A Feminine Skull Tattoo on a Shoulder

A feminine skull tattoo on a shoulder

There are no traditional petals around the eye sockets of the skull as in the original Calavera. Here is a floral print in the form of blossoming roses across the skull. The light shadows give elegance to the whole sketch!

A Girly Sugar Skull Tattoo in Black

A girly sugar skull tattoo in black

It’s just an incredible work and a very interesting design! The Queen of hearts looks great in this Mexican topic. On the one hand, a young girl is depicted, and on the other she is, but already in the form of Calavera on fire.

Gypsy Sugar Skull Tattoo With a Bird

Gypsy sugar skull tattoo with a bird

If you already know what your tattoo should look like, you can draw a sketch, and the skilled artist will transfer it to the skin. In this case, an excellent drawing and professionally executed work look for 100 percent well-done!

His and Hers Sugar Skull Tattoos

His and hers sugar skull tattoos

This is a nice choice of placement for a tattoo of a sugar skull! On the calves of the legs are well located a great pair of the bright designs. Such tattoos are clearly not for shy individuals!

Hispanic Skull Tattoo in a Hat

Hispanic skull tattoo in a hat

Wow! You just imagine how much the client suffered such a complete shading with a black hue. But such a result was worth it!

Lace Sugar Skull Tattoo for Women

Lace sugar skull tattoo for women

A lace skull nesting doll is just an incredible design! See how thoroughly and at the same time symmetrically the tattoo is executed. The work of the ink artist certainly deserves praise!

The Male Sugar Skull Tattoo

The male sugar skull tattoo

Bright tattoos are chosen not only by girls! On the man’s shoulder, the sugar skull in a leaded glass style also looks excellent!

Masculine Sugar Skull Tattoos

Masculine sugar skull tattoos

Perhaps, you’ve seen quite a lot of the owl and sugar skull tattoo combinations lately, but they’re all pretty good and still a great idea for an ink design.

Matching Sugar Skull Tattoos

Matching sugar skull tattoos

The equal tattoos are often chosen by friends or couples in love. They emphasize the power of friendship or feelings of these people. As for me, it’s a great way to express what you feel!

Mexican Skull Tattoo on a Back

Mexican skull tattoo on a back

It is difficult to imagine how many hours have been spent on performing such an extensive work. This custom sugar skull/ vampire tattoo made in incredibly bright colors with excellent smooth transitions.

The Neo-traditional Sugar Skull on a Leg

The Neotraditional sugar skull on a leg

This design with bright floral elements is great for the girls. The skull itself is painted in a light purple hue, which makes it even more feminine.

Pretty Sugar Skull Tattoos for Girls

Pretty sugar skull tattoos for girls

Everyone will so in love with the awesome shading on this work! The roses look really like the eyes, and it seems that they look right into the soul. This beautiful design can be an inspiration for your tattoo!

The Realistic Sugar Skull Tattoos

The realistic sugar skull tattoos

That’s the way the Mexican goddess of death is traditionally portrayed. The work is very realistic! This beautiful face can be watched for hours, and notice new details with every new glance.

A Sexy Sugar Skull

A sexy sugar skull

“I’m not scared to die, but…” It’s a wonderful work in the dark colors. The eyes turned out very real; it can be even said so soulfully!

Simple Sugar Skull Tattoo Designs

Simple sugar skull tattoo designs

The Sugar skull is very popular among the tattoo fans. You can choose any style of performance and you will not lose. The image will look great anyway!

Small Sugar Skull Tattoos With a Tree

Small sugar skull tattoos with a tree

Everyone sees something personal in their tattoos and puts a meaning that is understandable only for him. Separately, the symbols can mean nothing, but in the composition have a deep subtext.

Spanish Skull Tattoo With Roses

Spanish skull tattoo with roses

This is an excellent example of a sugar skull in the Dotwork style. The artist perfectly coped with all shades and highlights. Great!

An Animal Sugar Skull Calf Tattoo

An animal sugar skull calf tattoo

This is a very cute rabbit, isn’t it? Such an original design won’t be left without attention! The traditional details for the Mexican skull tattoos give this image more uniqueness.

A Sugar Skull Chest Tattoo With a Quote

A sugar skull chest tattoo with a quote

The Calavera girl looks amazing! The sugar skull is fabulous too! All this design is made in the canons of the style. The rays diverging from the heart seems to illuminate the skulls.

A Sugar Skull Finger Tattoo

A sugar skull finger tattoo

This tiny tattoo looks like a finger ring. The artist managed to depict such small details so clearly! This is an interesting idea and well performance decidedly.

The Realistic Sugar Skull Forearm Tattoo

The realistic sugar skull forearm tattoo

This skin art is very cool! The work with the shadows is unbelievable! The skull looks very natural, and the blue backlighting makes it a bit scary.

A Sugar Skull Half Sleeve Tattoos for Men

A sugar skull half sleeve tattoos for men

This is an excellent sketch of a gypsy girl in the Calavera style. A beautiful girl with incredible eyes and highlights in her hair shouldn’t leave you indifferent!

Sugar Skull Hand Tattoos

Sugar skull hand tattoos

You should be very patient if you have chosen a hand as a place for a tattoo design. Here the pain will be felt more sharply because of the thin skin. But it’s still worth it anyway! Look at these bottomless eye sockets! Awesome!

A Sugar Skull Mask Tattoo

A sugar skull mask tattoo

There is a very thin and accurate work. All the elements are symmetrical and everything is in place, as they say. Therefore, this tattoo looks great and can be taken as an example for your future one.

A Sugar Skull Pin up Tattoo for Girls

A sugar skull pin up tattoo for girls

This ink skull is just perfect! Look how smooth the transition from light to shadow on the hair is. Undoubtedly, the performer of this work is a talented master of his craft!

Cool Sugar Skull Shoulder Tattoo

Cool sugar skull shoulder tattoo

This tattoo has many details that you want to consider again and again. In the center of the composition is the sugar skull was definitely done by a professional.

A Sugar Skull Stomach Tattoo for Ladies

A sugar skull stomach tattoo for ladies

This tattoo is absolutely gorgeous. There is a kind of design that you could stare at for hours.

Black and Gray Sugar Skull Tattoo

Black and gray sugar skull tattoo

The skull looks very realistic! Flower print and monograms make it less frightening. The gray color is perfectly matched for this sketch!

Black and White Sugar Skull Tattoo

Black and white sugar skull tattoo

This magnificent tattoo is made in the Old school style. All the details are worked out very carefully. So soft transition of shadows cannot but please the eye of a true ink art fan/

A Sugar Skull Tattoo on the Arm With an Owl

A sugar skull tattoo on the arm with an owl

The right choice of the location plays a significant role for your tattoo. In this skin art, everything looks very organic and is in its place.

A Sugar Skull Tattoo on a Thigh

A sugar skull tattoo on a thigh

Black and grey sugar skull with rose is fantastic! These beautiful flowers are often used in the tattoo artwork and are an undeniable adornment of any design. They look great together with the sugar skull!

The Outline Sugar Skull Tattoo on a Thigh

The outline sugar skull tattoo on a thigh

For this tattoo type, the main thing is a clear contour. A solid hand, neat and symmetrical execution of such a sketch will be the most important for achieving the desired result.

Sugar Skull Tattoo Sleeves in Colors

Sugar skull tattoo sleeves in colors

Such pretty colors! Bright, colorful, vibrant hues make this work a truly traditional Mexican.

A Sugar Skull Tattoo With Flowers

A sugar skull tattoo with flowers

If you have no ideas, but you really want a bright tattoo, then the sugar skull fits as well as it can! In this kind of the ink art, the riot of colors is only welcome.

A Sugar Skull Tattoo With Hair

A sugar skull tattoo with hair

A combination of bright colors is always a winning one. Replete hues interact with each other, and make the tattoo look very stylish!

A Sugar Skull Tattoo With Roses

A sugar skull tattoo with roses

This incredible design is full of details! The eye sockets executed in the form of the keyholes look very original. If this tattoo is painted in vivid colors, it can become a masterpiece!

Sugar Skull Tattoos for the Females

Sugar skull tattoos for the females

You will definitely love the deep red rose on the side of this sugar skull that nicely contrasts with the lighter colors used on the skull!

Sugar Skull Tattoos for Guys on the Back

Sugar skull tattoos for guys on the back

It’s just an incredible tattoo in its size and performance! The artist has a natural talent since he was able to convey such a sketch on the skin so realistically. Bravo!

Sugar Skull Tattoos for Men

Sugar skull tattoos for men

A common approach to the sugar skulls for men is to get it in only black ink. The one above is a great example of how nice monochrome simplicity can be all you need.

A Sugar Skull Wrist Tattoo

A sugar skull wrist tattoo

Don’t forget that the value of the tattoo is not in its size, but in excellent fulfillment and details. This tattoo is simply gorgeous!

A Traditional Sugar Skull Tattoo

A traditional sugar skull tattoo

This is a great example of a traditional sugar skull. Note the flowers and petals, love hearts on the eyes and nose area – all common elements of the Mexican sugar skull designs.

A Great Watercolor Sugar Skull Tattoo

A great watercolor sugar skull tattoo

This is an awesome example of the stylish ink work! Such tattoo style is suitable for fans of something new and unusual.

Mandala Sugar Skull Tattoo

Mandala sugar skull tattoo

This work is a great example of the Dotwork style. The blue shade, in combination with the usual gray and black, is very advantageous. The Mandala consisting of dots seems more voluminous.

Blue and Purple Sugar Skull Tattoo

Blue and purple sugar skull tattoo

The ink artist selected fantastic colors for the sketch. The image itself is made very clear, but the shades are simply amazing. Blue seems to add a mystical glow, and the purple is so deep that you can watch it for hours.

A Dog Sugar Skull Tattoo

A dog sugar skull tattoo

Many people make a tattoo in memory of someone. Such a sugar skull of your pet is an excellent choice for those who do not want sad memories of a departed friend.

A Simple Sugar Skull Tattoo With the Flowers

A simple sugar skull tattoo with the flowers

Details play a significant role in the tattoos of all styles and types. The patterns in the form of dots give a charm to such a realistic skull. And deeply red poppies look just stunning!

The Half Sleeve Sugar Skull Tattoo Ideas

The half sleeve sugar skull tattoo ideas

The sugar skull tattoos are complex in design, generally, have floral elements, and contain several colors. Here we can see a portrait of a beautiful girl made in the Calavera and the Dotwork styles.

A Girly Sugar Skull Tattoo on the Arm

A girly sugar skull tattoo on the arm

This tattoo is made on all canons of the traditional sugar skull. The image of a pretty girl with the flower in her hair and patterns around her eyes is wonderful!

Yin and Yang Sugar Skull Tattoos

Yin and yang sugar skull tattoos

This watercolor tattoo with a beautiful Lotus flower contains in itself both aspects of being. The Mexican skull acts like life after death, not in dull tones, but in bright and colorful hues.

The Minimalistic Sugar Skull Tattoo

The minimalistic sugar skull tattoo

If you like simplicity and elegance, then such a sketch is just for you. Perfect thin lines look perfect! This tattoo is suitable definitely for a stylish girl!

Unique Sugar Skull Tattoo Ideas

Unique sugar skull tattoo ideas

If you wish to have a unique tattoo design, then try to invent it yourself, or tell the artist what exactly you want. Maybe you like many of the popular ink elements, and you want to combine them all in one sketch, as it was done at this work!

A Sleeve Tattoo With the Sugar Skull

A sleeve tattoo with the sugar skull

The Sugar skull tattoos are a great choice if you have an optimistic view of death. Fill your life with bright colors. You can start to do this through the colorful Mexican skulls with the additional bright elements. All is in your hands!