Supernatural Tattoo Ideas: Symbols and Meanings

A variety of symbols were taken from «Supernatural» as the great tattoo ideas for the fans. The most popular are the anti-possession symbols as they have been worn by the main heroes of the show, Dean and Sam Winchester. Many fans sport the tattoo on the chest as the brothers do. But there are a lot of options and ideas to choose for your original ink. Look at them:

  • Colt;
  • Devil’s trap;
  • Angel wards;
  • Tree of pain;
  • Star pentagram with wings;
  • Winchester’s car;
  • Ruby’s knife.

The tattoos based on Supernatural sigils are varied in their meanings. Sure, that fans exhibit the devotion to the show by wearing them. The magic symbol of the Dean Winchester means protection from the devil. An angel ward symbol creates a guarding barrier for the wearer. Mark of Cain mascot protects from the Darkness and is always inked in red color to look like a real one. One can feel safe wearing the colt as it can kill any demon. Ruby’s knife is a sign of fighting against evil. Actually, they all stand for protection in any version. The car may symbolize something that unites two persons. For example, the Supernatural matching design is cute for the best friend to express their friendship or for the couple to show their love that nobody can break.

Supernatural tattoos are preferred to ink in an old school and traditional styles. These magic sigils can be carved in various locations of the body: neck, forearm, calf, stomach, ribs and the groin area. The most of them are black and white, but if you want more fresh design, you can use vibrant colors.

If you decide to get an anti-possession tattoo, get your inspiration from the ideas below.

#1. The Knife and the Sign of Dean Winchester Tattoo

The knife and the sign of Dean Winchester tattoo

Cool supernatural symbolism! Its goal is to ward off demons. Colors and details make this tattoo a cute piece of art.

#2. The Devil’s Trap Tattoo

The Devils trap tattoo.

An accurate job! The lines are perfect! The tattoo serves a protecting totem for the devil and is hidden from the publicity being inked on the chest.

#3. Protection Tattoo Supernatural in the Mandala

Protection tattoo supernatural in the mandala.

A striking design for females! A supernatural sign is inside the mandala, and it’s really well put on the thigh!

#4. Matching Supernatural Anti Demon Tattoo

Matching supernatural anti demon tattoo.

The best idea for BFFs! Matching sun pentagrams in red color serve as an anti-demon guard!

#5. Supernatural Anti Possession Temporary Tattoo With Wings

Supernatural anti possession temporary tattoo with wings.

An interesting interpretation with the wings! The wings represent angel that is guarding you against the powers of evil and any creature.

#6. Supernatural Chest Tattoo for Men

Supernatural chest tattoo for men.

A black work is super clear! A supernatural tattoo adds a hint of sexuality on the man’s chest! The place is chosen not without reason. Dean and Sam Winchester have worn the same sign on the chest.

#7. Supernatural Fan Tattoos

Supernatural fan tattoos.

If you are a big fan of Supernatural Wiki, a charmed amulet as described above is a cool option! A red symbol stands for Mark of Cain and is used to protect us from the Darkness. Choose any one or both, and that will be a cool thing on our body!

#8. Supernatural Inspired Tattoos

Supernatural inspired tattoos.

The anti-possession tattoo with lettering looks creative. The calf is enough to ink a symbol and lettering around.

#9. Supernatural Pentagram Tattoo on Ribs

Supernatural pentagram tattoo on ribs.

WOW! The watercolor splashes imitate fire tongues and can mean purification. But the outlook of black anti-possession sigil against the backdrop of colors is just stunning!

#10. Simple Supernatural Sigil Tattoo

Simple supernatural sigil tattoo.

An angel banishing symbol is simple, yet cute! Such sigil creates a barrier to keep the angels out of the place. Very good concepts for Supernatural fans!

#11. Supernatural Star Tattoo Dotwork

Supernatural star tattoo dotwork.

Xtremely Cute Dot Work! a Pentagram Works Well on the Pale Skin!

#12. Supernatural Symbol Tattoo in the Watercolor Style

Supernatural symbol tattoo in the watercolor style.

That’s is an outstanding concept! The anti-possession symbol looks like a galaxy! The outlined tongues are perfect on the background of colorful waves.

#13. Supernatural Sleeve Tattoo Real

Supernatural sleeve tattoo real.

A black work tattoo is a real masterpiece! The tattoo combines several supernatural sigils. How long has it been planned? But the result is jaw-dropping!

#14. Supernatural Tree Tattoo on the Arm

Supernatural tree tattoo on the arm.

A laconic idea for the arm! The tree of pain is a sign of fairy magic. The contrast of the black work design and the pale skin works amusingly well.

#15. Winchester Tattoo Supernatural for Women

Winchester tattoo supernatural for women.

A trendy thing for women! A location on the groin area adds more majesty and sensuality to the supernatural tattoo.

#16. The Dean’s Sign Tattoo on the Arm

The deans sign tattoo on the arm.

Ucking Awesome! a Bloody Sign on the Arm Serves as a Lock From Darkness.

#17. Unusual Anti-possession Star Tattoo

Unusual antipossession star tattoo.

An unusual and funny design! The anti-possession star has the form of pizza pieces. May be it protects from eating too much!

#18. «Supernatural» Tattoo With a Quote

Supernatural tattoo with a quote.

This mascot will keep you from being possessed by demons. The quote emphasizes the fearless of the bearer. Actually, the overall idea is cool!

#19. Supernatural Tattoo With the Words

Supernatural tattoo with the words.

An original image with a mount of words inked in «Supernatural» style. Carry it on your thigh, and it will be a fully sick way to express yourself!

#20. Supernatural Tattoo Lettering With the Devil Sign

Supernatural tattoo lettering with the devil sign.

The devil’s sign is accompanied with meaningful words, and together they make an outstanding tattoo for both, men and women. The tattoo is a kind of totem that will keep you safe from bad things and devils.

#21. Anti-possession Tattoo on the Ribs Dotwork

Antipossession tattoo on the ribs dotwork.

The tongues of the anti-possession symbol are made in a perfect dot work style. It can mean the following: «I change or transform my life». A nice idea for girls to grave a tattoo on the ribs!

#22. Supernatural Colt in Progress Tattoo

Supernatural colt in progress tattoo.

Wow! Wow! The thigh tattoo is still in progress. But sure, the result will be an overwhelming. The old school style of red and black colors works well with «Supernatural» design. The gun can kill anything, including demons. SO, you are in safe keeping wearing such tattoo.

#23. Winchester’s Car Tattoo Ideas

Winchesters car tattoo ideas.

The Chevy Impala looks gorgeous in the clouds! Choose this option to show your dedication to the show. Damn sick for men!

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