Great Religious Tattoos of Lion of Judah with Meanings

  1. The lion of Judah tattoo is in great request due to its religious meanings. It includes all lion’s features, i.e. courage, might, and fearlessness. This figure is often associated with Ethiopia. The King of Judah is illustrated on the national flag of Ethiopia. Three colors of the flag are often pictured in tattoos.Black flat lion of Judah tattoo on wrist
  2. This is a magnificent idea of a fighter! There is a bandage on the fighter’s eyes. It notes that he can fight even with closed eyes under the favor of Lion of Judah.Warrior with closed eyes on a lion comes into the attack
  3. Awesome colorful tattoo! The Lion of Judah renders many things. Christ is one of them. But it’s also a sign of valor and force. We can do anything in our lives as long as we believe in ourselves, deal with our fears, and still stand strong.Lion of Judah tattoo with a cross and a crown
  4. Rasta lion of Judah! The awesome emblem on the man’s chest to express your position in the life! This tat covers all attributes of King of the Kings which are: nobleness, power, richness and fair.Lion of Judah in the 2d style emblem
  5. A stunning idea of roaring Leo of Judah. It looks perfectly on the back. A lion never loses sleep over the opinions of sheep. So, such tat symbolizes a wearer as a strong person with its own dogma. roaring lion of Judah on the background of flaming city
  6. Cool design for sleeve tattoo! Leo of Judah is drawn in color that adds much more expressiveness. A blue color of the crown stands for nobleness, red is for richness, and orange is for energy and power.Orange lion of Judah with red elements and blue crown
  7. Very nice Lion of Judah with dreadlocks! Be careful associating with the wearer of such inking, he is a brave, active and powerful man!nice Lion of Judah with dreadlocks
  8. Super good tat on the forehand! The “Lion of Judah” is another name for Jesus in the Bible. There is a crown on the top of the lion head. The crown is pictured with red, yellow, and green colors which stand for a Rastafarian flag.Smooth black lion of Judah with crown in colours of Rastafarian flag
  9. Magnificent arm tattoo. A face of the lion is inked in the cross that put a great feeling of Jesus power and belief. But Jesus, as a lion, is harsh with those who will try to play at Christianity.realistic lion of Judah in the form of a cross
  10. Sick ink! It is stylized like a sculpture. Jesus has the same strength of influence like a Lion animal in the Jungles.Lion of Jesus in sculpture style tattoo on sleeve
  11. Beautiful tattoo to show your beliefs! The Bible is full of heroes that are identical with meaning. The Lion of Judah is a bright evidence of it. It is used to present Christ. The lion’s mane is drawn in green, yellow and red colors and on his head he wears a crown topped with a cross symbol.Simple lion tattoo of Judah with mane from red, green and yellow colours and crown
  12. Holy sick! Neotraditional tattoo of Rastafari Lion on the chest looks attractive due to the skillful effort of the artist! A roaring lion is ready to fight for the truth to death; he is super fair and strong!Neotraditional tattoo of Rastafari Lion on the chest
  13. Really amazing faith-based tattoo! Great job of the artist! A red aureole around the head of the Lion symbolizes  the Sun energy and strength, a cross is a belief.amazing faith-based tattoo of lion with red aureole and cross
  14. A great illustrative style of the inking. A Lion of Judaea holds a snake in its jaws. The snake is a symbol of evil. So, the Lion has conquered this evil.Lion of Judah tattoo with a snake in jaws
  15. A unique idea of a religious tattoo. It holds a special meaning of Revelation 5:5 -“Do not weep! See, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, has triumphed. He is able to open the scroll and its seven seals.”Lion with special meaning of Revelation in jaws
  16. Polynesian Lion looks so catching and harsh! God is lined as a lion, that why the tat can be your protective amulet. The lines are spreading from the lion’s head on the whole chest that creates a feeling of unconquerable force.lion of Judah with ornamental mane on all chest
  17. A fabulous tribal art! The head of Judah lion means victory, triumph, belief, safe and firmness.head of Judah lion in tribal style o chest
  18. The wearer will strike the enemies down under the favor of the Lion of Judah! This tattoo is inked in colors of Ethiopian flag: green, yellow and red! There is a crown with the cross on the head of the animal which speaks about strong might and fair of the wearer.Lion of Judah with crown in colors of Ethiopian flag
  19. A royal beauty! Christian tattoo for a woman! The senses of love, faith, power are seen in it.Black realistic lion in the beautiful frame in the form of heart
  20. Beautiful tattoo on the sleeve! The Lion of Judah represents Jesus Christ as the great King of all creation. So, by wearing such tattoo you may express your life philosophy to the surrounding people.Excellent colored tattoo of Jeduh lion head
  21. In the majority of lion tattoo art, lions represent braveness, protection, richness, and also loyalty. However, this is not always the issue, and may not mean this to the person who is wearing it.This sharp tattoo describes his wearer as a fighter, energetic and fair person who has his own believes and is not going to violate themRoaring lion head with crown in red and blue colors
  22. One of the best tattoos! A full sleeve tattoo is tatted perfectly from all sides of the hand. Lion of Judah is inked on the one side, and David and Goliath are on the other side. Splendid work!Lion of Judah with David and Goliath tattoo on all sleeve
  23. Very pretty sleeve tattoo! Like many designs, it is all related to an individual who wears it. Generally, its meaning can be God’s grace and God’s favor.pretty lion of Judah sleeve tattoo
  24. Very nice ink! The Bible says Gen.49:8-9 The Lion of Judah, a strong fighter against the enemy. So, the forearm tat reflects this meaning.Nice Lion of Judah with beautifulll eyes
  25. Here is black and grey lion tattoo that looks unique with the face of the creature and mane, getting the maximum attention on the mane. We must have faith in God and have the power to defeat the illness.Grey lion of Judah tattoo on side with mane of ornaments
  26. A bright tat of Lord of Lords! Rastafari Lion of Judah seems to be attacking you; his pose is so strong and forceful! The above-pictured tat with the conquering hero will save you from all enemy and tyranny!Rastafari Lion of Judah going forward
  27. Sexual ink on the girl’s body! She is Mother and is strong, powerful and protective like a Lion of Judah for her cubs. lion with beautiful patterns and gorgeous crown
  28. Rasta ink on the forearm! Lion is pictured together with Star of David. It means that the wearer can fight like David and has a big faith in God!Lion of Judah together with Star of David
  29. Lord of Lords with crowns of thorns and blood ears! We may be little in our own eyes, still we have the courage of the Lion of Judah in our hearts. Be bold, be strong!Lovely black tattoo of Judah lion on shoulder
  30. Very bright idea of Lion of Judah on the forearm! Best choice of yellow color gives more sense of Sun energy! The wearer can feel safe on this planet under the security of this Symbol of Jesus.bright yellow Lion of Judah on the forearm

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