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Tattoos have always been about pain, secrets and the beautiful, just like the true art has been based on this trinity since its birth. Only those, who are really in love with the tattoo designs know about the sacred and long history of the ink symbols. Centuries ago, only the chosen ones were humbled to depict the patterns of immense complexity on their bodies, and the tattooers were worshipped like the gods, as only the highest spirits could mark people with their signs. Tattoos were one of the ways to speak without words and send a certain message to the others. Fortunately, it is true today as it was then.
Now it is much easier to make several inkages on your body, as there are a lot of tattoo artists almost begging you to visit them. However, so many possibilities to get a body picture only complicate the choice. You had to make a great work searching for a master with a suitable style, though it makes a tattoo designing even more valuable. If talking about the value, there were times when a tattoo could even save one’s life (during the Second World War people got the blood types tats). Now the tattoo pictures don’t help saving one’s physical health, but can help saving the mental one, reminding an owner something vitally important or keeping him on a right way.

Cool Tattoo Ideas for Men

Ancient tribes used tattoos to refer to the significant life events like marriage, the children birth, falling in love, etc. The modern people do the same, depicting the dates, quotes and infinity signs. However, with the development of the tattoo art, the number of tattoo ideas has increased. The top list of the tattoo pics for men includes animals (wolves, bears, lions), geometry (chaotically abstract and minimalistic) and famous characters of films.

Pictures with Tattoo Designs Ideas for Women

One can say that the tattoo art has the male origin only. This is a common misconception: for example, the ancient Slavs tattooed mostly the women to show their ability to protect the families, and in Japan, the great geishas made tattoos to prove their love. The time has passed, but the main idea remains the same: this art belongs to any person without restrictions. Well, girls still prefer feminine tattoo ideas like floral patterns (roses, peonies, lotuses), birds (hummingbirds, owls, swallows), and animals (cats, foxes, and wolves).
Making a tattoo is a serious deal. Find a cool artist, explore his portfolio and don’t be afraid to ask – only then you will get an authentic and sophisticated tattoo design ideas that will emphasize your individuality.