Cute Baby Elephant Tattoos

The elephant tattoos carry only positive energy. The longevity, happiness, wisdom can be transmitted to the owner of the tattoo.

The image of an elephant is able to demonstrate the existence of physical force and the greatness of spirit. These particular types of tattoos will be appropriate for creative women and girls who are not afraid to express their personality.

Tattoos Designs of Baby Elephant

This bright cartoon elephant tattoo covers the upper arm. The animal is depicted with huge kind eyes, a slight smile, in the similitude of angel with the big heart, which symbolizes love, romance and human elephant tattoo on leg
The cute small elephant in traditional attire is performed in blue gamma on the upper part of the ankle. This pattern suits people who deeply respect the traditions of their nation and look at the world with wide open eyes.
baby elephant tattoo on leg
The small bright elephant with trunk up is inked on inner arm describes its holder as a sensual and romantic person, on which indicate the above-disposed hearts. In this composition two colors prevail: blue and red that create the background for the central elephant tattoo on leg
This very simple black tattoo is located on the ankle. Tribal designs originated from Polynesian, Native American and Haida traditions and it simply symbolizes link to elephant tattoo on leg
It is known that elephant represents love and chastity, thus, this ornament that consists of a small elephant and its mother linked together shows family ties. The tattoo is done on the upper back in tribal design, which intensifies the significance of elephant tattoo on shoulder
Since olden times, the flowers act as the personification of the feminine and their combination with the elephant strengthens the meaning of procreation, fertility, rebirth and women. The tattoo is performed on the upper back in the blue color spectrum, which emphasizes creativity and self-confidence of a elephant tattoo on back
This lovable small elephant is disposed on inner wrist. The distinctive feature of the tattoo is a red balloon tending upwards, which indicates easiness, playfulness, carelessness and love of travel and adventure. People who have slightly detached attitude towards life, and wish to break out of the habitual circle can safely choose such elephant tattoo on hand
Small elephant tattoo behind the ear is an ideal variant for young, active girls. An unobtrusive pattern of cartoon elephant tattoo design means that owner loves freedom and is recapturing the joyful elephant tattoo on neck
It is a noted fact that in Buddhism, the elephant embodies universal love, compassion and kindness. Thus, this tattoo, performed on the inner arm, illustrates the comprehensive maternal love for children that confirms the presence of umbrella on the work. The umbrella assumes the owner’s desire to protect the family from the troubles and problems in elephant tattoo on hand
This lovely pacified elephant tattoo placed on the foot is accompanied by the signs of musical notes and piano, which hint at not ordinary and creative nature of possessor, his superior talent and originality. The pattern is quite big and noticeable that determines a whole life dedicated to elephant tattoo on leg
This elephant family is carried out on the upper leg in monophonic color. 2 adult elephants are standing on the sides while their babies in the middle, which says about strong family ties and readiness to protect offspring.  The picture is complemented by an inscription that is probably about family elephant tattoo on leg
There is a tradition to dye and dress elephants in picturesque costumes in India. Thus, this pleasant smiling elephant placed on the leg shows a deep connection between its owner with the customs of his nation. The animal sits completely relaxed that indicates peace of mind and balance of elephant tattoo on hand
On this friendly tattoo 2 elephants – mother and daughter are making a heart with their trunk up, which displays a special bond and a great life between them; it confirms an inscription “Two bodies, one soul”. These creatures were chosen not in vain because they symbolize devotion and love in many European countries. baby elephant tattoo on body
A simple small elephant with a trunk up is located on the ankle. The bright colored ornaments became an interesting element that certainly complements and decorates the whole picture. baby elephant tattoo on hand
It turns out that it is possible to wear not only rings on the fingers but also different smart tattoos, for example with the image of a lovely elephant. It emphasizes creativity and unconventional view on the elephant tattoo on finger
Such lovely small elephant is inked on the neck in a sitting position with its head down. The pattern is performed in one color that brings it lightness and expressiveness. Usually, musicians, originative people and free artists choose the neck as a place for a elephant tattoo on neck
This unusual image of the elephant is placed on the belly; it captures the eye with its extraordinary style of imposition: lines of different colors flow into one another by getting the outline of an animal. The bright spots resembling stars are located along the outer contour, creating a background for the central figure. The whole composition brings warmth and elephant tattoo on front
The black color elephant tattoo covers the outer part of the hand. This style is ground on the design, mainly ornamental art and is renowned for its simplicity, on the one hand, but elegance, on the other hand. While the image of an elephant characterizes its owner as a strong and self-confident elephant tattoo on wrist
There is an opinion that the elephant symbolizes luck, happiness and kindness, in its turn, the butterfly is a symbol of freedom and a new life. So, this nice baby elephant that is reaching for the butterfly is located on the upper arm and may indicate the holder’s wish to change something, find themselves or become elephant tattoo on eg
The cute cartoon elephant with a trunk up is depicted on the outer part of the thigh. In India and Buddhism this creature is regarded to be very good-natured and noble, consequently, it is not surprising that this pattern causes only positive emotions and a elephant tattoo on hand
This pretty composition of a small elephant and a bird standing on it is displayed on the lower back. The main components of this work are 2 small red hearts which possess both heroes. In many Eastern religious elephants represent love and dedication that is a key signifier of this elephant tattoo on back
This watercolor tattoo differs from the others by its striking choice of colors and original presentation of drawing. The image is located on the shin and it seems that it is the best place for such complicated composition. The central figure is a baby elephant that is done in realistic tones, whilst the other elements have a blurred elephant tattoo on hand
The tribal design is a zest of this lovely elephant tattoo. It is applied with a respect for the best traditions and it differs from other styles due to its animalistic plot, which everyone can perceive in his own way. An addition in the form of a flower in the trunk highlights the link with elephant tattoo on leg

Mother and Daughter Elephant Tattoos

One more tattoo with a baby elephant and its mother united together by crossing their trunks. It is covered on the upper back and shows the ideal warm relationship between the parents and children. This is a perfect variant for girls or women who treasure their family elephant tattoo on neck
This sweet pattern of an elephant with wings and halo is executed on shoulder blades and specify purity and innocence, which confirms the fact that in medieval Europe, the elephant was the personification of chastity. Look at the wings induces a feeling of majestic peace and elephant tattoo on shoulder
This snazzy elephant tattoo indicates the beginning of new life, on which indicates the date placed under the animal. Two colors: blue and pink are the feminine and masculine source and create the background of a child sign. The elephant is sitting with its trunk up, bearing kindness and childish elephant tattoo on body
The baby elephant pattern is performed on inner arm. The first thing that strikes the eye is a big blue bow on the animal’s head. This item is typical for young girls, who want to stand out from the crowd, thus, this tattoo embodies femininity, womanish charm and elephant tattoo on hand
This beautiful cartoon animal, is almost like live creature, is located on the ankle. Despite the fact that it is an animal, it possesses obvious feminine traits appearance: the made up eyes, cheeks, therefore, it does not bring a difficulty to guess that it is a female image. An amazing blue rose embellishes the elephant tattoo on leg
This amusing elephant tattoo on the arm will exhilarate everyone. It may seem that this a living picture, due to the way it is created: there is a lovely creature that is having a shower in the center. It is a real piece of art! baby elephant tattoo on leg
The major symbols that the elephant expresses in many Eastern countries are love and fidelity and in this tattoo on leg, a great love to the children can be noticed. The work is done in dark color but with some outstanding accents: prominent blue eyes, red bow. The basic hatch is the inscription below that represents an important event in a person’s elephant tattoo on leg

Family of Elephants Tattoo

The following tattoo is a real work of art on inner arm. The tattooist portrayed not only family ties by drawing a baby elephant with its mother but also shows a human connection with nature, which indicated by the image of a tree and grass at the elephant tattoo on hand
This funny pink creature is done on the inner arm in rather a grotesque form, including among other things, skulls and bones, which are always considered as a symbol of piracy. The happy pink elephant is an expression of majesty and childish, the embodiment of wisdom and elephant tattoo on leg
The pattern with a dolorous and crying elephant symbolizes the bitterness of the loss of a close person, which proves the inscription “RIP” and the name below. This is a demonstration that the owner of the tattoo will always remember the loved person and mourn for the elephant tattoo on leg
This picturesque tattoo is inked in the brightest colors on rope cage. It has an impressive size and conveys the complete family idyll. It shows an adult elephant in traditional decoration and its little baby surrounded by beautiful elephant tattoo on leg
This adorable baby elephant is performed on the leg by means of the watercolor splashes. The animal is sitting on the stack of books purposefully, because even in ancient Rome, the elephant was an emblem of wisdom. This tattoo is chosen by strong and confident people, who respect the power and want to the first number elephant tattoo on leg

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