Lion Head Tattoos Design Ideas

Lion is the king of all animals and a symbol of power. That’s why so many people choose lion’s images for a tattoo. You should think twice before you do a tattoo on your body. This is what will be with you all the time no matter where you go and what you do. Tattoo can affect not only your job or what other think about you but your life also. Nevertheless, if you decided to ornament your body with a tattoo, the lion could be a great option for you. Because it carries the quite profound  meaning.

There are many meanings of lion tattoos. Here they are, the most popular ones:

Star Sign Leo. Seventy percent of people who carries the lion tattoo have the star sign Leo. This means that they were born in the period from 22 July to 22 August. If you are one of them you don’t have to think of other meanings. It is already defined for you. Tattoo’s design may include the symbol of the zodiac sign Leo, flames or the image of the sun because these elements correspond to the Lions.
Lion and a Tribal Style. Lion is a symbol of power, pride and guts. Lion is the father of a tribe. Men who think they are good fathers often choose this tattoo.
Lion head tattoo. Tattoos of a lion’s head are the more common than the whole body. As we were saying the lion symbolizes protection and survival. So don’t be surprised to see a man with this tattoo who has got a scar from an accident or an operation. Usually, these tattoos are made on shoulders or on the back.
Rampant Lion. The design of this kind of tattoo is taken from the flags of some countries. This is a powerful and dangerous object, the symbol of young men strength and old men wisdom.
Lioness. Women make Lioness tattoos. In this case, the lion is the symbol of protection. Because lionesses protect their babies till the death.

Best Lion Head Tattoo Ideas

As it’s said before tattoos of a lion’s head is more common than the whole body. You can see some of the examples below.

Colored tattoo of  lion’s head. It is so realistic that the eyes of this lion say: “Don’t make me angry!”  Bright colors are chosen well.Realistic head of lion tattoo on half sleeve
Black and white lion tattoo on the chest. Realism is the best technique to create such an amazing tattoo on your body. Shadows and lights perfectly matched.Black and white lion tattoo head on the chest

Realistic Lion Head Tattoos

Realistic bright colored lion tattoo head is made on the shoulder. Without a doubt, this lion head image shows a pride and dignity of his owner. The tattoo is so realistic that we can see every hair on lion’s fur.Realistic bright colored head of lion tattoo on the shoulder
Lion face tattoo is made in dotwork style. Hundreds of small dots compose a beautiful image of a lion.Black lion head tattoo in dotwork style
Lion head tattoo is made in newschool style. Tattoo for couples: one lion is made in blue and another one in red.Modern red and blue lions tattoo in newschool style
Lion Head Tattoo is made in tribal style. It is simple, beautiful and meaningful. For those who love simplicity!Black lion head tattoo in tribal pattern on hand

Lion Geometric Face Tattoo

Geometric  lion tattoo head. The image is gathered from different geometric objects, triangles mostly. Black colors make this image incredible!Stylish geometric lion tattoo head on arm
Lion face tattoo is made in sketch style. It looks unfinished but it has its specialty. This tattoo work opens new horizons for your imagination. You can add something new if you want.Lion head tattoo in black sketch style on back
It’s like a bleeding lion who just won his fight. Beautiful and aggressive! An image combined different styles: graphic, trash polka and sketch. An inner arm is one of the most painful places for a tattoo.Red, black and orange head of lion tattoo in graphic, trash polka and sketch styles
A tattoo that says: “Do not come closer!” Black and white realistic lion head tattoo is made on the chest. It’s sharp teeth and eyes full of anger look terrific!Black and white roaring lion head tattoo on chest
Graphic lion head tattoo is decorated with a night skyline. Apparently tattoo owner believes in star signs and its effect on the human’s personality. And what about you?Graphic lion head tattoo with a night skyline
An image of a lion that holds a ring. It’s like a sculpture on your body. Graphic style creates an incredible picture of a lion head. Tattoo is made on the outer top thigh.Black lion head tatoo in form of sculpture with ring
Dotwork lion head tattoo with some newspaper print effect. The author of this tattoo had a great patience, don’t you think?Dotwork lion head tattoo with newspaper print effect
Powerful and aggressive picture of lion head is made on the chest. Bright colors and sharp lines create an image of Lion – animal King!Colored and aggressive tattoo of lion head on all chest
Tattoos in watercolor art style don’t have clear visible outlines. Sometimes you have a feeling that this is not a tattoo but a real art picture that was made with the help of brush and paint.This lion head tattoo is made on the chest in this exact watercolor technique. We can see blurred lines and drops of bright paint.Blured multicolour lion head tattoo in watercolor style on chest
Bright coloured lion head tattoo found his place on the outer top thigh. It’s neither realism nor watercolor. It’s something in between but still beautiful.Amazing natural lion head tattoo in orange and blue colours
Lion head tattoo is made in neotraditional style. The main difference of this technique is clean black outlines and primitive  palette. Usually, an image of an animal which is made in this style looks at you aggressively.Lion head tattoo in neotraditional style on arm
As we mentioned before, realism is the most popular style in tattooing. This lion with a scar on his left eye looks fantastic! Black and white realistic image is a good choice.Black and white fantastic lion head with a scar on hand
Trash Polka is a new style of tattooing. It consists completely of a black and red color lines. And it feels collage images with some moments of realism, abstract or geometric shapes. This lion face in trash polka style looks phenomenal!Lion head tattoo with realism, abstract and geometric details in Trash Polka style
Half a lion, half a clock – an image of this lion head is made in biomechanical style. Tattoo is big so the best place to ink it is on the back.Black lion head tattoo in biomechanical style on shoulder
The geometric style is combined with dotwork style. Triangles, lines, dots create a beautiful picture on the outer top thigh.geometric black lion head tattoo in dotwork style
I have no words to describe a beauty of this lion tattoo. It’s amazing! Cool black and brown realistic head of lion tattoo on half sleeve
If you want something unusual, choose a geometric style. Geometric tattoos are done typically using only lines and geometric shapes.Unusual geometric lion head tattoo on hip
Nothing could be better than a realistic image of a lion which is inked on your hand! People always see it when you give them a hand for a handshake.Tattoo of part of the muzzle of a lion with open mouth on wrist
This lion head ink is a combo of two styles: ornamental and dotwork. Dotwork is a style of tattooing that portrays various images totally through dots. Shades are created through how far apart dots are from each other. Usually, dotwork tattoos are big because a good image consisted of dots need much space. Dotwork with ornament creates a wonderful image!Flat black lion head tattoo with ornaments in dotwork style
This lion head tattoo is made in sketch work style which  imitates an unfinished picture in an artist’s sketchbook. These tattoos typically have semi-colored in different areas and unclear outlines.Black cute sketch of head of a lion on hand
For those of you who doesn’t know chest and stomach are ones of the most painful places of the body for a tattoo. This man has guts! The image of blue colored lion head is just fantastic!Blue and black lion head with yellow eyes on stomach
The forearm is one of the most popular parts of the body for tattoos! Especially if this is a realistic colored tattoo of a lion head. Looks tight!tattoo of lion head as a colorful oil paintings
This is such an unusual place to make an ink, isn’t it? Lion’s face was placed on the foot. This man should wear only sandals now so everybody can see this beauty!Good black head of lion tattoo on foot
We’ve had a lot of examples of black and white realism before. But I don’t think we’ve had enough. So here it is another one. Beautiful  black and white lion head that is made on the shoulder.Aggressive black lion head tattoo on shoulder

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