Tiger Tattoo Meaning

Tiger tattoos - symbolism and meaningTigers belong to the most well-favored and majestic predators in the world and stand out for their showy and exceptional coloring.

This noble animal exemplifies might, passion, severity, pride and rage. Tiger enjoys an immense popularity in the Eastern cultures, and in such countries as India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand it is perceived as the lord of the animals.

Tiger plays a dominant role in the Chinese culture, that’s why you can observe lots of monuments carried up in honor of this creature. The Chinese people are persuaded that tiger protects from the demons, diseases and troubles, thus, they used to decorate the room where was the expectant mother with the tiger’s portrayals to guide her from the evil ghosts.

Additionally, the tiger is one of the astrological signs in this culture and it denotes the strong will, determination and irascibility. It’s assumed that individuals born under the tiger sign become the astonishing managers and the glorious leaders.

Also, the Chinese embellish the tombs and the graveyards with the tiger because they have a conviction that this hunter provides a successful travel to the afterlife.

In Japan, this predator signifies confidence, boldness and helps the warriors during the battles, and as a result, its portraits were engraved on the Samurai’s crests. What’s more, the tiger is idolized on par with the dragon in this country. In Indian culture, the tiger is reckoned to be the royal animal and reveals majesty, force and sagacity.

Meaningful Tiger Tattoo Designs

The tiger tattoos are usually in vogue, due to the tiger’s unique pattern, and they tend to be blended with the butterflies, dragons, snakes, flowers, especially cherry blossom, roses and lotus.

Many tattoo fanatics prefer to venture the tiger tattoos on the back because it’s a perfect place to portray this savage animal in all its glory. If you crave for showing off and adore being in the limelight, you can place it on the legs or on the arms while the crawling tiger looks absolutely awesome and extravagant.

What’s more, you can come across tiger tattoos inked on the

  • thighs
  • shoulders
  • chests
  • wrist
  • leg
  • sleeve etc.

Normally, tiger tattoo designs are performed in the Old-school, Neotraditional and Realism styles. The tigers tattoos made with the watercolor effect are also a hot preference among the enthusiasts. Such celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Lucy Liu, Justin Bieber and Jack Osborne have the tiger tattoos.

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