Sphynx Cat Tattoos Designs

Sphynx cats are unbelievably interesting creatures. They can be scary and beautiful at the same time but still more and more people want to have them as pets. Pet tattoos are getting quite popular nowadays. Some owners want to immortalize their favorite domestic animal some put special significance into this. Two meaning are gathered in one sphynx cat tattoo – mythological and mystical.

It’s believed that cat tattoo can transcend some of its features to the owner. For instance, there are cunning and discretion, softness, and kindness, some tricks of the hunt. Some cat tattoo owners can assure you that a tat can serve as protection from a bad eye and evil. Sphynx cat inks will fit both men and women.

Soft and elegant lines of sphynx cat will highlight femininity in girl or woman. Aggressive image of sphynx cat will fit man as a significance of his hunting instincts, strength, and guts. Sphynx cat inks look impressively beautiful either in black dye or in different colors palette. Be careful in choosing the part of a body where to place your tat. Images that contain more details should be depicted on the back or thighs. Small sphynx cat inks will look refine on arms and chests.

A sphynx cat tattoo is performed in black dye using only small dots which create shadow and light in the image. The realistic ink of sphynx cat with two roses under the main image is depicted on the half-sleeve.sphynx-cat-with-rose

Hairless Cat Tattoo Design

Four eyed sphynx cat tattoo finds its place on the inner arm. The image is supplemented with bright colored big size rose and sea-green crystals above cat’s head. The aggressive expression of cat’s face symbolizes confidence and strength and will be more appropriate for men.  Neo-Traditional tattoo style mirrors the extraordinary personality of the tattoo owner.4-eyed-sphynx

Dual tattoos can be depicted on both arms or legs or even on the opposite sides on the back. These two almost identical sphynx cat tattoos are inked on the inner arms. One cat ink is performed in aquamarine color and another one is drawn in bright yellow and orange palette. Cat’s ears are decorated with different ornamental elements.green-and-orange-sphynx

The sphynx cat with two crossed bones tat is performed in Blackwork style and inked on the rib cage. An interesting element is hidden in the image of cat’s head. There are two hollow eyes and the third one placed in between which means an all-seeing eye – the symbol of wisdom and intelligence.3eyed-cat-with-skull

The blue-eyed sphynx cat ink is executed on the outer top thigh. Cat’s head is placed in the center of rhombus and decorated with catchy ragged lines. The tattoo design is drawn in Geometrical tattoo style.sphynx-in-romb

Big size tattoo of sphynx cat contains many interesting elements which are why it is placed on the outer top thigh. The cat ink is performed in Realism style. It is holding a butterfly and surrounded by tree leaves and many bright sunny circles.sphynx-with-butterfly

There are Dotwork and Blackwork tattoo styles interweaved perfectly into one great sphynx cat ink on the hand. Even though there are too many small details in this tattoo design it looks amazingly on the hand. detalised-sphynx

Incredibly realistic image of a sphynx cat is depicted on the outer top thigh. Helps to this we can see all the smallest details of cat’s head. The whole tattoo image is circled in a beautiful frame.sphynx-in-frame

Here’s a magnificent piece of Dotwork style that is located on the outer top thigh.  A hollowed-eyed sphynx cat is represented in black dye using only dots to create shadows and light. There’s an interesting element on the top of an ink which can be defined as new moon turned upside-down. This symbol is connected with religion and means faith.cat-with-moon

New School sphynx cat tattoo is represented on the cuff. Comic-like cat holding a ball of threads and wearing cool heat is pictured in soft colors and thick black outlines. The lettering beneath the cat says “Trouble” which could be cat’s name or the feature of cat’s behavior.cat-with-words

This sphynx cat ink is very colorific and bright which will fit perfectly to creative, open-minded person that is not afraid of experiments. This radiant riot of colors and accurate lines are displayed on the inner arm.multicolored-sphynx-cat

The odd beauty of this incredible creature can be confusing or cause admiration. The portrait image of a sphynx cat is presented in the form of a tattoo on the chest. Tattoo master used black and grey dye and realistic technique that gave a stunning effect.sphynx-tattoo

The huge image of sphynx cat is presented on the upper half-sleeve. We can see the cat sitting like the big Egyptian Sphynx with its nose and ear pierced. The entire tattoo is performed in dark colors and Realism.egypt-styled-sphynx

Sphynx Cat Tattoo Idea

Huge tattoos allow presenting more small details which make the image much richer and more colorful. The ink of a sphynx cat with roses is located on the hip. It is performed in Neo-traditional style using the wide specter of bright colors with clear thick black outlines. The tattoo looks memorable and impressive and will be the perfect choice for an extraordinary person. sphynx-cat

The tat of a tied sphynx cat finds its place on the lower half-sleeve. Robes that tie sphynx cat body might symbolize the inner state of the owner. The accent is made on the contrast between the dark grey dye and bright red which look absolutely beautiful on the skin.sphynx-in-tie

Sketch style seems like the perfect one for those who appreciate simplicity in tattoos. The sphynx cat tatt is located on the girl’s outer top thigh. The image consists of thick black contours without shading or lighting. The sphynx cat is centered in the curved frame with a rose on the lower part of it. It is simple and fascinating at the same time.lined-sphynx-with-rose

This aggressively looking sphynx cat is depicted on the neck. Black inks further accent the aggressiveness of the image which will fit a strong man with high ambitions and extraordinary personality. Inking such oddly beautiful creature is quite competitive which makes it even more interesting for tattoo searchers.sphynx-cat

Dotwork sphynx cat tattoo is depicted on the upper half-sleeve.  Four eyes create a distortion that is why it’s hard to look at this ink for a long period of time. Nevertheless, this hairless cat hypnotizes you with its magnificent four eyes. 4eyed-sphynx-cat

You can experiment and play with color palette till something so beautiful will appear like in this sphynx cat and snail tattoo inked on the outer top thigh. Snail tattoo is chosen by those who can define themselves as persistent, insistent and unhurried people. On the other hand sphynx cat image adds some different features of personality such as curiosity and energetic temper.sphynx-cat-with-animal

At a first sight the sphynx cat tattoo looks contradictorily but the most attention you should pay to eyes which are different colored and magnify you more and more. This rough image is suitable for men who want to emphasize their brutality in a good sense.green-eyed-sphynx-cat

This, not a fluffy interesting creature is inked on the outer thigh right above the knee. The tatt is unusual because there is a lack of colors and shades. There are thick black outlines only which show cat’s contours and folds.    lined-cat-tattoo

This sphynx cat head tattoo is performed in Dotwork style using only black dye. The ink is placed on the outer top thigh and it looks nice on this part. Small dots which form the image are well-seen.cat-tattoo-on-the-leg

Hyper-realistic inks of two sphynx cat are introduced on the girl’s outer top thigh. Cats have some decorative elements such as a cylinder hat and a bow which add exquisiteness to the ink. Tattoo master used the wide color palette but not bright ones.sphynx-cat-in-the-hat

Symmetrical sphynx cat heads tattoos are depicted on both cuffs. On the one cat ink, pink dye prevails, on the other- purple. Putting the legs together helps to see the full tattoo image which highlights girl’s elegance and tenderness. violet-sphynx-cat-face

This portrait of aggressively roaring sphynx cat on the cuff is performed in black and grey Realism. This sphynx cat tat will fit men inasmuch as it shows the readiness to stand for himself and his family and protection of the family no matter what.sphynx-cat-face

The sweet sphynx kitten image is inked on the cuff. The green background complements the tattoo and makes it look more colorful. Sphynx kittens are well-known for their curiosity and intelligence that makes this ink perfect for open-minded people and adventure lovers.sphynx-lil-cat-on-the-leafe-background

The three famous monkeys are transformed into three sphynx cats which are depicted on the lower half-sleeve using only black dye. Each of these cats keeps one part of their faces closed: eyes, ears and mouth. The deep symbolism of this tattoo hides in Buddhist philosophy and expresses the belief that says if you don’t see the evil, don’t hear the evil and don’t say the evil, you are safe from it.sphynx-cat-in-3-monkey-style

If you want to decorate both your hands with one theme tattoo, you may choose the couple of sphynx cats performed on the inner arms. He-cat is shown as a pharaoh with the image of a sun above him and she-cat is depicted on the other hand with the moon above her. The sun and the moon are symbols of harmony and the absence of conflicts.pharaon-styled-sphynx-cat

The extraordinary tatt is depicted on the cuff. This is a combination of sphynx cat with the space theme. The sphynx cat is sometimes associated with extraterrestrial beings mostly because of its hairless appearance which is truly unusual for cats.sphynx-cat-with-ufo

Perhaps, the unusual beauty of this hairless cat attracts the most attention. This brilliant colorful ink of a sphynx cat sitting on the bench is depicted on the upper half-sleeve. The image of a cat reminds a devil because of the horns and tail. Those of you, who appreciate the riot of colors and interesting cat tattoo designs, should definitely take a look at this ink.pink-colored-sphynx-cat

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