Bald Eagle Tattoos Designs

A bald eagle tattoo is one of the sought-after designs, it often combined with national symbols or military attributes. Potency, patriotism, virility, sagacity – these are the denotations of the figure. Here is the compilation of the most gorgeous colorful and tribal designs, make your body even more beautiful and express yourself through this figure!

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A Vivid Eagle on the Lower Leg

A bald eagle with black, white and yellow folded wings is sitting on a brown branch. The bird looks peaceful and indicates a person, who is waiting for favorable changes.
A vivid eagle on the lower leg

A Realistic Lower Leg Bald Eagle Design

An old school figure on the blue background looks dope! A yellow beak and piercing green eyes are performed professionally, the whole picture is about determination.
A realistic lower leg bald eagle design

Watercolor Eagle on the Lower Leg

The striking feature of the ink is the color spectrum, it encompasses blue, white, black and yellow colors, blurred lines create a surreal effect. The pattern points out a human, who always fulfills his dreams.
Watercolor eagle on the lower leg

Tribal Eagle on the Shoulder

A simple design emphasizes the brutality of the male body. A gorgeous ornament says that a man doesn’t show off his strength, he is calm and balanced.
Tribal eagle on the shoulder

Impressive Lower Half Sleeve Tattoo

An awesome colorful tat shows a bald eagle, which creates an effect like its claws are tearing flesh, on the background the flag is seen. The ink denotes longing for freedom.
Impressive lower half sleeve tattoo

A Patriotic Eagle Tattoo on the Back

A resolute raptor with spread wings looks great. The pattern is done in colors of the flag, so it is about patriotism.
A patriotic eagle tattoo on the back

Magnificent Fighting Eagles on the Back

A monochrome tattoo represents two birds in dynamics, they look aggressively and belligerently. The tat signifies the inner psychological conflict.
Magnificent fighting eagles on the back

Lower Leg Bald Eagle Tattoo

A vibrant design shows a bird on the background of an American flag, it is organic. It may be a military tattoo.
Lower leg bald eagle tattoo

Gorgeous Bald Eagle Design on the Half Sleeve

A brave bald eagle looks confident on the flag, at the bottom, there is an inscription. The tat is an indicator of a brave and fearless individual.
Gorgeous bald eagle design on the half sleeve

A Cute Tattoo on the Lower Leg

A black little bald eagle is holding an olive branch and arrows in its claws, the chest of the bird is colorful. The image is about a peaceful person.
A cute tattoo on the lower leg

Neo-traditional Half Sleeve Bald Eagle Tattoo

An appealing ink represents an eagle with a hat, at the bottom, there is a green wreath and crossed firearms. The person with this tattoo may be a soldier.
Neo-traditional half sleeve eagle tattoo

A Vibrant Bald Eagle Tat on the Shoulder

A great piece of a new school tattoo is very colorful, a mighty eagle on the background of the flag is surrounded by words, which is a life motto. The tattoo is worn by a US soldier.
A vibrant bald eagle tat on the shoulder

Traditional Half Sleeve Eagle Tattoo

Each detail of a flying bird on a blue ground is clear and vivid, the ornament looks appealing. This is an emblem of a spiritually powerful woman.
Traditional half sleeve eagle tattoo

Incredible Lower Half Sleeve Bald Eagle Tattoo

A design shows a vibrant raptor with smoky wings, they look like clouds of smoke. The tattoo points out a combative character of the owner.
Incredible lower half sleeve bald eagle tattoo

Side Bald Eagle Tattoo

A realistic Thunderbird image is volumetric and it catches an eye. The design discloses American traditions and shows a morally stable and strong man.
Side bald eagle tattoo

A Black Eagle Ink on the Shoulder and on the Chest

A vivid figure looks like a real bird on the body, wings are clearly delineated. The tattoo is a sign of liberty.
A black eagle ink on the shoulder and on the chest

Original Bald Eagle on the Half Sleeve

A small ink is an eagle’s head, the part of which turns to the US flag. The ornament is worn by a true patriot.
Original bald eagle on the half sleeve

Awesome Back Eagle Tattoo

A vibrant design is a gorgeous decoration. The bird’s body is in stars and wings are white and red, a human expresses his love for the country through this tattoo.
Awesome back eagle tattoo

Old School Lower Leg Eagle Tattoo

A little bit gloomy raptor looks mysterious, the prevalent colors are black, gray and brown. The tattoo may be done in a memory of a loved one since for Romans it was a messenger of death.
Old school lower leg eagle tattoo

Unique Bald Eagle Design on the Back

The picture represents an eagle’s head and instead of the body and wings, there is a Confederate flag. The woman shows that she believes in the uniqueness of the Southern culture.
Unique bald eagle design on the back

Awe-inspiring Chest Bald Eagle Figure

A realistic eagle tattoo on chest shows a bird with a deep gaze, it is unattainable to take eyes off. The tattoo is about a cold and rational person.
Awe-inspiring chest bald eagle figure

Cool Half Sleeve Bald Eagle Tattoo

An invasive raptor, done in dark colors, is depicted with the red sun and little colorful flowers. The tattoo says about an imperious and resolute man.
Cool half sleeve bald eagle tattoo

Colorful Half Sleeve Eagle Pattern

An eagle is displayed in dynamics, it is holding a scroll in the claws, behind it there is an American flag and chains. The symbolism is the liberation from the moral pressure.
Colorful half sleeve eagle pattern

Tribal Bald Eagle on the Lower Leg

This simple design doesn’t have colorful details, but still, it is alluring. The denotation of the tat is sagacity and insight.
Tribal bald eagle on the lower leg

Black and White Lower Half Sleeve Bald Eagle Design

This gloomy ornament is awesome, dark colors create a 3-D effect. A dope tattoo is about authority and leadership.
Black and white lower half sleeve bald eagle design

Bright Half Sleeve Bald Eagle Emblem

A bird with spread wings with a brown thing, which looks like a beam in the claws looks impressive. The human with this tat is the master of his life.
Bright half sleeve bald eagle emblem

The Native Americans’ Half Sleeve Eagle Tattoo

A smoky raptor with released claws is displayed above the dream catcher, two elements interact well with each other. The ornament may be a lucky charm for the man.
The Native Americans' half sleeve eagle tattoo

Zero Cool Lower Half Sleeve Eagle Ink

An appealing bird image with amber eyes is a perfect decoration. This design points out a goal-oriented person.
Zero cool lower half sleeve eagle ink

Vigorous Bald Eagle Half Sleeve Tattoo

An attractive bird with an open beak looks like real, an ornament emits belligerent power. This is a mark of an ardent defender of the weak.
Vigorous bald eagle half sleeve tattoo

Military Bald Eagle Half Sleeve Tattoo

A flying dark raptor is carrying military charms in its claws. This tat can be a mascot of a human, who fought in the war.
Military bald eagle half sleeve tattoo

A Furious Bald Eagle on the Half Sleeve

A copper eagle with open wings is depicted in dynamics, it is holding a green twig and arrows in the claws. The man with the ink is a fighter for justice.
A furious bald eagle on the half sleeve

Tribal Eagle on the Lower Leg

A mysterious bird looks fantastic, feathers are black and vivid. The tattoo was done to pay tribute to a deceased relative.
A tribal eagle on the lower leg

Stunning Chest Eagle Design

An eye-catching bird looks as if it is going to grab a victim, it is purposeful. The tattoo is a mark of a person, who always fulfills his dreams.
Stunning chest eagle design

New School Bald Eagle Design on the Half Sleeve

This vibrant raptor is carrying a colored coat of arms, the drawing is holistic. The man expresses his loyalty through this ink.
New school bald eagle design on the half sleeve

Full Back Bald Eagle Ink

A marvelous tat looks like a piece of art, a gorgeous raptor is flying over turquoise waves, in the claws, there are a trident and an anchor. A male with this pattern overcomes obstattooles, which harden him and he builds his life himself.
Full back bald eagle ink

An Alluring Bald Eagle Chest Piece

A professionally performed bird image is depicted with a red heart and a ribbon. This design says about love and devotion to the family.
An alluring bald eagle chest piece

Nationalistic Bald Eagle Ink on the Half Sleeve

The raptor is portrayed next to the flag of the USA, the picture is solemn. This ornament is the sign of a human, who serves his country.
Nationalistic bald eagle ink on the half sleeve

Stylish Bald Eagle Image on the Chest

A realistic depiction of the eagle is done in black and white tones, the bird is carrying a tennis ball. The symbolism here is a responsive and selfless man, who guards and protects his family.
Stylish bald eagle image on the chest

Emphatic Bald Eagle Pattern on the Back

The ornament of the raptor is in all its glory – with burning eyes and spread wings, strikes with its beauty. A man with this tattoo expresses his readiness to meet targets.
Emphatic bald eagle pattern on the back

Gorgeous Back Eagle Design

A marvelous bird with vivid black wings and a trident in the claws is the best way for a self-expression. The male with this tattoo is fearless, principled and brave.
A gorgeous back eagle design

Chic Bald Eagle on the Shoulder and the Chest

The ink represents a raptor with open wings, it is single-minded and focused. The tat is the emblem of a male, who always goes to his goal no matter what.
Chic bald eagle on the shoulder and the chest

Flying Bald Eagle Ink on the Half Sleeve

A dark bird in dynamics is visible on a red blurred background, in its claws, there is a blue ribbon with an inscription: “No limits”. The owner of the figure is a creative and determined man who overcomes all obstattooles.
Flying bald eagle ink on the half sleeve

Dope Half Sleeve Eagle Ink

An alluring raptor with blue and red wings is depicted on a colorful background: purple, blue and gray colors make up the effect of the pacified sky. The ink spells out the idea of a brave male.
Dope half sleeve eagle ink

Splendid Half Sleeve Eagle Design

The zest of the ink is its realism, the bird looks as if it will fly up from the body. An individual with this image is tough-minded.
Splendid half sleeve eagle design

Fantastic Bald Eagle on the Lower Leg

The image below consists of two parts: a colorful eagle with an American flag and a monochrome one – with the image of a young man, who is a P.O.W. The ink reminds of the horrors of war.
Fantastic bald eagle on the lower leg

Amazing Bird Chest Tattoo

An impressive design here adds brutality to the youngster, a bald eagle is shown in dark tones, it is holding sprigs of crimson roses. The human with this tattoo always fights for love and happiness.
An amazing bird chest tattoo

Classy Bald Eagle Back Tattoo

An American symbol on the flag looks great, the shades and color transitions create a 3-D effect, the bird in the center is done nicely. The individual with the ink loves the country and tries to make it better.
Classy bald eagle back tattoo

Redoubtable Bald Eagle Tat on the Half Sleeve

A smoky bird with an open beak and dazzling eyes is depicted with a ribbon: “Assist, protect, defend”. The ink says that a person used to protect, it may be his job.
A redoubtable bald eagle tat on the half sleeve

Volumetric Half Sleeve Eagle Pattern

A monochrome bird with a clock in the claws looks spectattooular even despite the absence of colorful accents. The man with the tattoo appreciates life as he experienced the loss of a beloved.
Volumetric half sleeve eagle pattern

New School Lower Half Sleeve Bald Eagle Ink

The image of a man in a purple haze is combined with a bald eagle picture, the tattoo itself is great. It was done as a symbol of a departed close person.
New school lower half sleeve bald eagle ink

Indian Bald Eagle on the Half Sleeve

A tribal bald eagle design is combined with black feathers, the ink looks mysterious. The tat may serve as a talisman.
Indian bald eagle on the half sleeve

Wild Eagle Half Sleeve Tattoo

Two creatures are combined in this tight ink – a brown bear is at the top and an eagle is at the bottom, they are divided by blue and white waves. The ink is an indicator of exceptional endurance.
Wild eagle half sleeve tattoo

Indian Half Sleeve Tattoo

This monochrome design depicts two elements: a strong raptor and the skull with a headdress of shamans. The tattoo looks mystical and may be a lucky charm.
Indian half sleeve tattoo

American Symbol on the Side

This splendid tattoo creates a 3-D effect, a bald eagle is visible on the American flag. The ornament expresses liberty and fortitude.
American symbol on the side

Dazzling Bald Eagle Back Tattoo

Two flying brown eagles are depicted in the turquoise sky, at the bottom there is a wreath of red and purple roses. The figure is the emblem of a faithful and devoted woman.
Dazzling bald eagle back tattoo

Captivating Bald Eagle Lower Half Sleeve Design

The impressive eagle is portrayed above the lonely black tree, the pattern is gloomy. The tattoo is the emblem of a strong hermit.
Captivating bald eagle lower half sleeve design

Awe-inspiring Bald Eagle Chest Tattoo

A smoky eagle with a flag and a diamond look nice. The person expresses the firmness of his beliefs through this tat.
An awe-inspiring bald eagle chest tattoo

Patriotic Half Sleeve Bald Eagle Design

A stately monochrome raptor is visible in the background of the US flag and black flying fighter planes. The tattoo signifies readiness to fight for the country and ideals.
Patriotic half sleeve bald eagle design

American Bald Eagle Lower Half Sleeve Ink

A colorful eagle is combined with faces of presidents, which reminds of the mountain Rushmore, at the bottom there is a part of the flag and the Statue of Liberty. The man is proud that he is American.
American bald eagle lower half sleeve ink

Religious Bald Eagle tattoo on the Half Sleeve

A raptor with spread wings looks nice since the wings are wrapped around the body’s natural roundness, the additional element is the quote from the Bible. The bird here indicates a deep believer.
Religious bald eagle tac on the half sleeve

Tribal Bald Eagle Thigh Piece

A volumetric image looks impressive, the feathers are clearly outlined. The tattoo may be the symbol of a prosperous personality.
Tribal bald eagle thigh piece

Colored Bald Eagle Half Sleeve Ink

The bald eagle is warlike, it looks as if it tore the flesh with the claws, above the bird, there is an American flag, the picture gives an impression as if it was burnt. The ink implies the unselfishness of the owner.
Colored bald eagle half sleeve ink

Watercolor Bald Eagle Thing Design

A stunning brown eagle is depicted in the flight, from its feathers come out blurred purple, green, pink and blue lines. The tattoo points out a valiant personality.
Watercolor bald eagle thing design

Stylish Bald Eagle Shoulder Ink

A soaring bird image looks fascinating on the pale skin, each line of the ornament is clear and vivid. The tattoo denotes a freedom-loving personality.
Stylish bald eagle shoulder ink

Marvelous Bald Eagle Shoulder Tattoo

A gorgeous eagle with an impressive wingspan is shown next to the mountain, which is shrouded in a dark mist. The figure signifies an independent spirit.
Marvelous bald eagle shoulder tattoo

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