30 Top Lion Tattoos In Tribal Style

There are Polynesian islands in the Pacific Ocean. This place is far away from the world civilization and it has its special characteristics. This is where tribal tattoo style was born. The etymology of the word “tribal” is in the word “tribe” which means an ethnic group of people who has a common religion, economy and social life and who is usually blood-related.

Tattoos are very meaningful and symbolic for these people. They could be socially identified by the drawings on their body or even face. Due to this information different ornaments on their faces serve as a passport and say a lot about the owner. Tattoos are approved by their religion and even more – their gods have tattoos by themselves.

Back to tribal tattoo style, it should be mentioned that this is usually black or grey colored geometric ornament. This technique is really old therefore it is changing.

Nowadays, tattoo artists use the colored palette, different lines and ornaments. This style expresses inner feelings and emotions. Tribal tattoos could be inked on your arms, legs, shoulders – frankly saying, anywhere you want.

Tribal tattoo style isn’t as simple as it looks at first. It is deeply symbolic. You can see only lines at first but come and look closely. Now you can see animals, flowers, skulls that are hiding in those lines. No wonder that such beautiful and powerful animal as a lion was chosen by many tribal tattoo artists. And this exactly topic will be revealed below.

Tattoos became hallmarks of self-confident people who know the price of their bodies. Even a small tattoo could change your life forever. So you should think about the meaning and style before you are ready to be inked. Tattoo is not just a simple decoration, especially tribal one.

Tribal tattoo style is more common for men that for women. It is explained by the expressivity and masculinity of a tattoo image. Tribal Lion On Shoulder

This lion tattoo is special cause it is an outcome of the combination of two styles: tribal and realism. A realistic drawing of a lion’s head is slowly transforming into tribal style mane.Tribal Lion With Violet Color

We all know the story of Simba, Timon and Pumbaa. They are the main characters of the incredible cartoon “The Lion King”. This tribal tat consists of a lion image, black thick lines and a lettering which say: “Hakuna Matata”, – the phrase from a cartoon. Really nice and original tattoo design for cartoon fans.Tribal Lion From Words

Roaring Leo Tribal Tattoo

If you want to be inked with an aggressive lion tattoo, this one is for you. Tribal style with all of its clear sharp black lines adds some stiffness to this lion image. The roaring lion found its place on the chest.Tribal Lion With Cool Hair

Tribal Lion Head Tattoo

Here’s an example of a roaring lion head which was designed and inked in Tribal style on the shoulder and partly on the chest. Some lines are strict and some are smooth. This what makes a tattoo special and unforgettable.Amazing Lines Tribal Lion

Some of the lion tattoo are so far from reality that it is hard to recognize the image of the lion head in here. But this tat is so perfectly done, that I have no words to describe it. Dozens of small details and ornaments were needled on this man’s chest.Tribal Lion From Pattern

Tribal Lion Shoulder Tattoo

At first, it seems that it is only black ornamental tat on the shoulder. But try to look closer and you will see a lion’s head tattoo. We can see lion’s eyes, mane and sharp teeth. And all the tat is inked with the help of thick black lines.Lined Tribal Lion

Some tattoo artists use different colors, not only black one. This photo shows tribal lion tattoo which was inked in red color.Red Lined Tribal Lion

Aztec African Lion Tattoo Design

Sometimes customers want their tattoo masters to ink something special for them. For example, a tribal tattoo with the lion’s mane like a fire. Looks phenomenal!Tribal Lion With Red And Yellow Hair

Tribal Lion Tattoos for Men

The chest is a great place to get a tattoo for men. Such tattoos seem to be easily done but it is the wrong opinion. Beware of scratchers and try to find a professional tattoo artist that will be able to perform a good tattoo for you.Tribal Lion

You have to remember that tribal tattoos are symbolic and every line is meaningful. So you should keep that in mind if you decided to be inked in tribal style.Tribal Lion From Patterns

tribal tattoo style is not for everyone. But this is a great option for those who loves the black color, simple tattoo designs and well-seen thick lines.Cool Tribal Lion

Here’s a lion head tatt with tribal decorations on the shoulder. As we can see tribal style could be a great supplement for the main tattoo image.Tribal Lion

Clear rounded lines of this tribal lion tattoo make your shoulder look  unbelievable. It could be a nice beginning for tribal style sleeve or half-sleeve. Tribal Lion With Lined Hair

The roaring lion warns you about the danger. This kind of tattoo shows that the owner is determined person. It is sort of a subconscious desire to show your power to the world.Detalised Tribal Lion

Black lines are transformed into the lion head tattoo on the chest. The simplicity of tat is the main characteristic of the tribal style.Lined Tribal Lion

Here’s a tribal rampant lion tattoo on the back. The design of this kind of tattoo is taken from the flags of some countries. This is powerful and dangerous object, the symbol of young men strength and old men wisdomLined Tribal Lion In Full Size

Lion Chest Tattoo in Tribal Style

Here’s a friendly image of a lion that is inked on the chest. The most part of a tat was performed in tribal style with some adding of grey shades and a bit of white color around lion’s eyes.Tribal Lion Face

The tribal style reminds a stencil art. We can see the lion head tattooed on the back. An artist added a symbol of star sign Leo.Tribal Lion Head

Tribal tattoo style is a good option to connect complex pattern elements into the full image. Tribal tats look unusual! All of these complex and simple lines and ornaments embody the wisdom of ancestors. Tribal Lion

Here’s a small tribal lion tat on the shoulder blade. If you are not a fan of big inks, this one is for you.Tribal Lion Head

The shoulder is a good place for a tattoo for a few reasons. First of all, it gives an opportunity for a tattoo master to ink a big size tattoo. Secondly, it is a well-seen place of the body so everyone might see this beauty. After all, the shoulder is one of the least discomfort places to get inked.Lined Hair Tribal Lion

Black Lion Tattoo Designs

This one is more girly tribal lion tat. It is inked on the outer top thigh. The tat hides its beauty in simplicity. Tight tattoo!Simple Tribal Lion Tattoo

A tribal tattoo can become a sacred talisman on your body. An image of a lion could add a strength and courage to this tattoo design.Tribal Lion

You need to remember that tribal tattoo is magical in a first place. All of these decorations can protect you from evil or bring the luck into your life. All you have to do is to choose the right pattern and a professional tattoo artist. Tribal Lion On Shoulder

Lion Face Tribal Art

You are wrong if you think that tribal style is consisting of only abstract lines. This tribal lion tat that is inked on the shoulder is a confirmation of my previous words. An image is clear and aggressively looking.Detalised Tribal Lion Head On Shoulder

At first, it looks like a smoke on your cuff. Come closer and see the lion tat here. Amazing!Tribal Lion On Leg

The interweaving of lines and the kingdom of black color could find its place on your body in the form of a tribal tattoo.Lined Tribal Lion

Tattoo bracelets were popular in 90’s. Wanna bring the past culture back, ink this one on your arm.  There are two symmetrical tribal lions that look at each other.Two Tribal Lion LIke In Mirror

Two absolutely identical tribal lion tattoos were inked on both shoulders. An image of a lion looks like an evil spirit that just appeared and scares you.Tribal Lion

Lion Polynesian Tattoo

This lion image is inked on the inner arm. Symmetry is a common feature in Tribal style. Tattoo artists use stencils so the result will impress you. Tribal Lion With Red Lines

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