Traditional Eagle Tattoos

An old school tattooing style is pop, it is for those, who want to express their adherence to certain traditions. A great abundance of colors of the eagle tattoo will satisfy any taste, the tattoo looks awesome on any body part. The selection of traditional eagle tattoos below is for patriots and potent personalities, choose any ink and stay always trendy.

Table of Contents

Bellicose Eagle Half Sleeve Tattoo

A design says about a virile essence of the owner. A flying black raptor looks as if it is going to grab the victim, the ornament is very vivid.
Bellicose eagle half sleeve tattoo

Tribal Half Sleeve Bald Eagle Ink

A magnificent picture represents a bird, surrounded by florets, each detail of the tattoo is clear. The ink is the sign of a moral injury which the human survived.
Tribal half sleeve bald eagle ink

Extravagant Eagle on the Nape

A monochrome raptor with spread wings looks aggressively, the place of the application is unusual. The human used to overcome obstacles on the way to the goal.
Extravagant eagle on the nape

American Traditional Eagle Tattoo

A gorgeous ink shows a determined eagle in dynamics, it is surrounded by red blooming roses. The figure signifies the fight for love and happiness.
Traditional eagle tattoo

Gorgeous Bald Eagle Half Sleeve Design

A colorful eagle on a red background with a victim – a turquoise fish in the claws looks awe-inspiring. The ink is an emblem of an individual, who has unlimited power and offends the weak.
Gorgeous bald eagle half sleeve design

Colorful Lower Leg Eagle Tattoo

A flying bird is done in red, black and white tones, it is going to grab the prey. The owner of the tac is a purposeful human, who always gets desirable.
Colorful lower leg eagle tattoo

American Eagle And a Rose Thigh Tattoo

A vivid design represents a black eagle and a rose with thorns. The tight ink signifies that the owner has gone through many trials on the path to leadership.
Tribal eagle and a rose thigh piece

Tight Bald Eagle Tattoo

A vivid black and white bald eagle with folded wings is displayed next to the pale pink flower. This dope design signifies endurance and willpower.
Tight bald eagle tattoo

Traditional Eagle Ink on the Tummy

A monochrome raptor with spread wings is depicted black, white and golden colors, it looks frightening. The ink points out a fearless man with an iron will.
Inspirational eagle ink on the tummy

Colorful Chest Eagle Tattoo

A vibrant ornament strikes with a splendor of bright colors, in its claws the bird is holding a red heart with flowers, inside of it there is a ribbon. This is a memorial tattoo, the man shows his longing for departed parents.
Colorful chest eagle tattoo

Intimidating Eagle Tattoo on the Neck

A bald eagle is shown in a flight, it is carrying a red heart with a dagger, which pierces it, the figure is very vivid. The ink is the emblem of a tough life period – the loss of a loved one.
Intimidating eagle ink on the neck

Old School Eagle Lower Half Sleeve Tattoo

A flying raptor looks awesome, its body and feathers are dark, but the tips of the wings of red, they look like flames. This tattoo signifies an impulsive and sometimes cruel man.
Old school eagle lower half sleeve tattoo

Fantastic Half Sleeve Eagle And the Skull Tattoo

A tac represents a mighty gray and black bird, it is sitting on a smoky skull, the picture itself is eye-catching. The tattoo signifies the victory over life difficulties.
Fantastic half sleeve eagle and the skull tattoo

American Traditional Eagle Tattoo on Side

A raptor tat, performed in dark colors, is the embellishment of the body. The bird looks determined, it is chasing the prey, this tat is the reflection of the volitional nature of a man.
Vivid side eagle tattoo

Patriotic Shoulder Eagle Design

A bald eagle in dynamics is visible on a background of an Italian flag, the ornament is complete. The woman expresses her love and loyalty for Italy.
Patriotic shoulder eagle design

Freedom Eagle Back Tattoo

A sumptuous figure depicts a vibrant eagle with open wings, below it, there is a coat of arms and a ribbon with an inscription: “Born free”. The male is free and is not bound by the laws of society.
Freedom eagle back tattoo

Eye-catching Tummy Eagle Tattoo

A belligerent bird on a woman’s body looks unusual but attractive. Black and white bald eagle with released claws and spread wings indicates a freedom-loving personality.
Eye-catching tummy eagle tattoo

Traditional Eagle Half Sleeve Tattoo

A realistic image of a bald eagle looks ominous due to the combination of black, pink and white colors, the bird is sitting on a branch with pink flowers. The ink is a sign of a fearless predator.
Vibrant lower half sleeve tattoo

Traditional Half Sleeve Raptor Tattoo

An aggressive bird covers the part of the blazon, behind its back, there are arrows, at the bottom there is a red rose. The tat points out a potent personality, who has survived the betrayal of loved ones, but still has succeeded.
Traditional half sleeve raptor tattoo

Gorgeous Sleeve Eagle Tattoo

This multi-component design represents a flying bald eagle, it is trying to catch a compass and at the bottom, there is a ship and a red rose. The tac is the sign of a turning point in a person’s life.
Gorgeous sleeve eagle tattoo

Classic Bald Eagle Shoulder Tattoo

A colorful little bird looks belligerent, it looks as if it is protecting the red floret, which is in the claws. The tac signifies a man, who loves and protects the family.
Classic bald eagle shoulder tattoo

Feminine Eagle Thigh Tattoo

A bald eagle on a blurred red background looks focused and confident, all light and dark shades interact well and make up a complete design. A woman with this tac is brave and reckless.
Feminine eagle thigh tattoo

Extraordinary Eagle Tattoo on the Neck

A marvelous ink portrays the eagle, which is fighting with a snake, the tat is done in bright tones and it is vivid. The tac denotes a man, who has eradicated his frailties.
Extraordinary eagle tattoo on the neck

Black And White Eagle Tattoo on the Lower Leg

A mysterious ornament depicts an eagle, which is looking into the night. The drawing is plain, but it carries a deep denotation – a person is on the verge of the paramount decision in his life.
Black and white eagle tattoo on the lower leg

Sailor Jerry Eagle Tattoo on the Half Sleeve

A magnificent design shows two fighting eagles, the bird at the top attacks its opponent, which flies down without resistance. The symbolism is the controversial character of the owner.
Sailor jerry eagle tattoo on the half sleeve

Nationalistic Eagle Ink on the Half Sleeve

A monochrome bird with rare golden accents is visible in the background of the Confederate flag, this design is alluring. The human with this tat believes in the freedom of expression and equality.
Nationalistic eagle ink on the half sleeve

Old School Ankle Eagle Design

An original bird image, done in brown, yellow and green colors looks organic with a brown and golden crescent. This is an indicator of the human, who takes everything from life.
Old school ankle eagle design

American Eagle Design on the Half Sleeve

A bird with black wings doesn’t look gloomy, pink flowers with green leaves on the edges smooth the severity of the pattern. The tattoo is the symbol of spiritual growth.
Stunning eagle design on the half sleeve

Tribal Chest Eagle Tattoo

A brutal bird on the chest is the reflection of the inner world of the man. The pose of the raptor shows concentration and willingness to attack, it points out a determined man, he is a soldier.
Tribal chest eagle tattoo

Pensive Eagle on the Lower Leg

A dark bird with burning yellow eyes is hypnotizing, the eagle is sitting on a gray rock, on which there are bare branches. The male with this design experiences devastation.
Pensive eagle on the lower leg

Intimidating Eagle on the Nape

This colored bird looks aggressive since the beak is open and the claws are released, its feathers look like steel outfit. The owner of the tat is resolute and straightforward.
Intimidating eagle on the nape

Vibrant Shoulder Eagle Tattoo

A stunning design is a memorial tattoo, the golden eagle is depicted with two red hearts with inscriptions. The ink expresses a longing for a loved one.
Vibrant shoulder eagle tattoo

A Furious Eagle Tat on the Half Sleeve

A monochrome bald eagle is depicted in dynamics on the background of the red sun and black and white clouds. This flying bird signifies freedom from moral shackles.
A furious eagle tat on the half sleeve

Glorious Eagle Chest Tattoo

A realistic eagle image is combined with a ribbon and a date on it. The gray raptor looks gloomy, red dots behind it resemble drops of blood. This tattoo reminds of an important period.
Glorious eagle chest tattoo

Awesome Eagle Design on the Tummy

A huge emblem of a dark eagle with red accents on the wings looks dope. The bird is holding an olive branch and arrows in the claws, the tat denotes the balance between cruelty and compassion.
Awesome eagle design on the tummy

Flying Eagle Lower Leg Tattoo

The effect of gloominess and aggressiveness of the bird is created through a fusion of black and pink tones. The pattern is an indicator of a brave fighter.
Flying eagle lower leg tattoo

Harley Davidson Eagle Half Sleeve Tattoo

An unusual design depicts a flying eagle, which is wrapped in the flag of the USA, in the foreground, there is an emblem of a famous American motorcycle producer. The owner of the ornament is confident in himself, he is the master of his life.
Harley Davidson eagle half sleeve tattoo

Traditional Eagle Shoulder Design

The ominous black bird looks scary not only because of the coloring but due to the expression of the face and sharp claws. A person with this tight pattern always protects what belongs to him.
Tribal eagle shoulder design

Dope Eagle Thigh Piece

A vivid design catches an eye as instead of the usual dark colors the feathers are blue and red, this union is appealing. The bird is carrying a shield with arrows, which denotes a person, committed to high ideals.
Dope eagle thigh piece

Memorial Eagle Lower Half Sleeve Design

This vivid tac incorporates several details – the core is a flying bald eagle with a gray ribbon: “Gabby” in the beak, in parallel, it also holds an olive branch, behind the raptor there is a gray massive cross. The whole design expresses love, grief, and emptiness.
Memorial eagle lower half sleeve design

Full Back American Traditional Eagle Design

A volumetric black and white eagle is combined with a vivid image of the tree, the drawing immediately attracts attention. The tat may be the indicator of a significant victory for a human.
Full back traditional eagle design

American Traditional Eagle Shoulder Ink

A unicolorous eagle on a red background looks awesome, each detail is vivid and clear, the bird is carrying a ribbon with an inscription: “Always prepared”. The tattoo marks an authoritarian and domineering man.
Victorious eagle shoulder ink

Vibrant Half Sleeve American Eagle Design

An unusual bird image is done in dark colors, colorful accents are the purple head and purple tops of feathers, additional elements are the anchor, little blue florets and the red heart with a rose in the center. The tat implies the devotion to traditions.
Vibrant half sleeve eagle design

Elegant Foot Eagle Design

A monochrome eagle is shown with spread wings, the zest of the ink is the lack of pretentiousness. This plainness of the image discloses the true essence of a human – fair and artless.
Elegant foot eagle design

Appealing Eagle Ink on the Hand

A small illustration reflects a colorful raptor, the combination of brown, lavender, blue and yellow colors create an eye-pleasing picture. The potent man is the owner of this design.
Appealing eagle ink on the hand

Tiny Eagle Finger Tattoo

A bald eagle image is very vivid, every detail is clearly outlined. The tac serves as a lucky charm.
Tiny eagle finger tattoo

Small Eagle Figure on the Temple

An extravagant ornament displays a flying eagle, the feathers are performed in black and red shades. The tac may carry a religious denotation since the eagle is the messenger of Christ.
A small eagle figure on the temple

Traditional Eagle Chest Piece

The eagle with spread wings is done in black, white and golden colors, its wings look impressive and they emphasize the brutality of the man. This ink is worn by a self-confident person.
An adorable eagle chest piece

Fantastic Eagle Ink on the Lower Half Sleeve

The dark color spectrum of the eagle interacts well with the blurred red background, the drawing looks pretty. It says that a person used to fight for his happiness.
Fantastic eagle ink on the lower half sleeve

Patriotic Eagle Tattoo on the Half Sleeve

There is an eagle, which is sitting on a blooming blue rose, the American flag is depicted next to the bird, the ribbon at the bottom complements the overall ornament. This ink signifies the affiliation to the US Coast Guard.
Patriotic eagle tattoo on the half sleeve

Fiery Eagle Chest Tattoo

Due to bright red, black, orange colors, the flying eagle looks belligerent. The image reminds of a monster, which carries destructive force.
Fiery eagle chest tattoo

Old School Eagle Thigh Ink

A flying raptor and a horseshoe are done in the same colors: black and yellow, a nice red flower with green leaves adds cuteness to this ornament. The tac is a talisman, which brings luck.
Old school eagle thigh ink

Gorgeous Bald Eagle Figure on the Back

A stunning design represents a flying dark raptor, which carries a ribbon with an inscription: “Rest in paradise”. This is an example of a commemorative tattoo.
A gorgeous bald eagle figure on the back

Tight Eagle Half Sleeve Tattoo

A stunning eagle is sitting on a brown branch, next to it there is a little flower and at the bottom a golden ribbon with a phrase: “Liberty or death” is observed. The ink is a reminder of freedom as in 1776 the US Declaration of Independence was accepted.
Tight eagle half sleeve tattoo

American Traditional Eagle Tat on the Neck

The black bird looks as if it is looking back at its victim, the look is ravenous, open wings extend along the neck. This is the sign of a desperate fighter.
An extravagant eagle tat on the neck

Brutal Half Sleeve Eagle Tattoo

A monochrome raptor looks impressive due to the right placement of dark accents and healed zones, it is extremely vivid. The tac marks a spiritual growth.
Brutal half sleeve eagle tattoo

Awesome Half Sleeve Eagle Piece

The king of the sky is depicted in a flight, the shadow behind the bird is blurred, which creates an effect of a rapid movement. The man with this design always achieves what he wants.
Awesome half sleeve eagle piece

Eye-catching Bald Eagle on the Half Sleeve

A professionally performed bird figure portrays a flying eagle with a sword in its claws, which is very symbolic. The denotation is that a man is always ready to help.
Eye-catching bald eagle on the half sleeve

Awe-inspiring Eagle Lower Half Sleeve Design

A gorgeous raptor with an impressive wingspan is carrying a compass, the whole figure is monochrome. The owner of the tac is looking for his place in life.
Awe-inspiring eagle lower half sleeve design

3d Eagle Back Tattoo

A volumetric pattern is unbelievable, it looks as if the eagle is coming out of the flesh, it is ready to attack. The figure signifies a morally strong man with moral principles.
3-D eagle back tattoo

Splendid Eagle Thigh Piece

A tribal raptor is shown in dynamics, the dark color spectrum creates a gloomy effect. The personality with this tac is a born fighter.
Splendid eagle thigh piece