Traditional Wolf Tattoo

In ancient times, each animal represented its own strength, peculiar only to it, people have created totems in the form of animals, and they believed in their patronage. Here is a typical example of a traditional tattoo on the chest, which carries the meaning of a fearless man, who is devoted to high ideals.Traditional Wolf Face On Body
In south-eastern Europe, it was thought that the eyes of a wolf could look directly into the soul, they could inculcate both insane fear and appeasement. In this case, the black wolf with green eyes speaks about a good Samaritan, who is able to smooth out the conflicts.Traditional Wolf Face On Hand
Traditional tattoos are remarkable for the wide range of colors and patterns they offer. These two absolutely gorgeous wolves are observed on hips: on the right thigh there is a black wolf, surrounded by pink and red flowers, on the left hip a blue wolf with a precious decoration on the head, enclosed in a circle of orange flowers, is located. This tight ink spells out the idea of mutual love, fidelity, and longevity of the couple.
two wolves in flowers on legs
Since olden times, sailors have been called sea wolves, as they spent most of their lives in traveling alone, so they put traditional wolf tattoos as a reminder of their past lives. Here a black wolf with a red rose and a string of pearls are depicted. The wolf denotes that the owner of the tattoo despite the loneliness is not desperate in finding love.Wolf In Roses On Leg
In ancient times, many people stated, that the wolf with glowing red eyes meant that the soul of man was under the influence of evil spirits. This traditional wolf design on the foot demonstrates a smoky wolf with red eyes and two roses on the edges of the tattoo. Perhaps, in this way the person wants to say that he has his own strengths and frailties.Wolf With Red Eyes With Flower On Background
This traditional wolf full sleeve tattoo looks unbelievable! The black wolf is depicted on a background of the dark forest. It is likely that the person, who wears this tattoo, wants to emphasize such traits as masculinity, courage, and determination.Wolf In Forest On All The Hand
Oftentimes a wolf is represented with a dagger, in this case, the signification is absolutely clear – it is a victory over personal fears and disadvantages. The ink on the hip shows a wolf head, pierced by a dagger, the picture is very vivid and it illustrates the mentioned idea.Wof Face With Knife In It
A wolf is a leader, a fearless and brave defender, a wolf tattoo is unsuitable for insecure and humble people. This vibrant picture on the chest displays a black and gray wolf with an open mouth, which indicates the man, who always bravely meets life’s challenges.Wolf Face Wilf Lot Of Wool

Traditional Wolf Head Tattoo

It’s known that a wolf can be a loner, which opposes itself to the whole world. This monochrome wolf image adorns the chest and looks absolutely fantastic. The denotation of the ink is that the human is not afraid to challenge the society.Anger Wolf Face On Body
This traditional wolf tattoo embellishes the forearm. In pagan times, the wolf epitomized reliability, but with the advent of Christianity, the denotation has changed for the worse. Thus, the idea of a faithful and reliable man is traced in this tattoo.Wolf Face With Yellow Tones
The dark side of a wolf nature is aggression and violence, so, for some nations, the wolf image had a negative connotation. This wolf ink is on the hip, the wolf’s mouth is open, and the picture denotes a morally strong man.Wolf Face With Big Eyebrows
An arrow is purely a male sign, since it is associated with male occupations – the hunting and war, for African tribes, the arrow meant a declaration of war, and the wolf was a symbol of valor. Thus, this vibrant tattoo, which portrays a black wolf, pierced by arrows, is on the lower arm. The signification is that a person has or wants to have such qualities as bravery, courage, the will to win.Wolf Face With Arrows
This traditional wolf tattoo adorns the half sleeve and amazes with a riot of colors. A gray wolf is depicted in the background of the sun, which is not typical, as the patron of nocturnal animals is the moon, and the red rose is visible below. The connotation is that above all a human appreciates love and family.Wolf Face With Green Eyes And Rose With Sun
The ink on the half sleeve below definitely has an unfavorable meaning as evidenced by the gray wolf, which is holding in its mouth a rope with the skulls of birds. The overall picture looks frightening and it is about a cruel man, who for the sake of achieving the goal will go ahead without remorse.Wolf Face With Moon And Chains
In ancient times, some sailors wore a wolf ornament with a rose as a symbol of eternal love and devotion to the second half, which was waiting for them at home. This gorgeous black wolf with vivid red roses on the hip says about eternal dedication to the soulmates.Anger Wolf In Rose Flowers
For some people, the wolf image indicates the constant search for the truth and spiritual development. This extremely bright wolf tattoo represents a gray wolf, surrounded by red and blue flowers, these elements create a holistic picture. The denotation is that a person does not rest on his laurels and is always striving forward.Grey Wolf With Flowers On The Background
The wolf is a creature with a dual nature, it can be gentle and affectionate, and can be cruel and vindictive, it depends on the circumstances, which side will wake up. The half sleeve here is decorated with a hostile wolf, which is demonstrating its teeth. The traditional wolf ink carries the signification of rough, maybe even a fierce man.Anger Wolf On Hand With Tie
Indians reckoned that a wolf had a mystical ability to communicate with the spirit world and the skull for them was the sign of demise and sorrow. The lower arm here is decorated with an awesome design, performed in black, red and gray colors. The wolf image expresses that the owner has the gift of clairvoyance.Scary Wolf With Skull And Roses
Many people assume that a blue gemstone can increase a person’s morality and have a beneficial effect on his moral character. A gray wolf with two bright accents – two gemstones is the adornment of the lower arm. The signification is that the man aspires to moral degeneration.Wolf Face With Some Chains And Diamonds

Old School Wolf Tattoo Design on Neck

In the East, the wolf has been often portrayed with arrows since people believed that in this way the owner of the tattoo can become braver and a good soldier. Here a black wolf, into which arrows have dug, is holding another arrow in its mouth. The denotation of this traditional wolf neck tattoo is bravery and decisiveness of a man.Wolf Face With Arrows
For Romanians, wolves embodied witches and wizards, who were servants of Satan. The wolf image was a bad omen and the symbol of troubles. This black and gray wolf with a grin may be associated with the unpleasant and difficult period in life.Wolf Face With Tongue
This ink can be classified as a criminal tattoo and a connotation of a blue rose coincides with the denotation of a wolf.  A blue rose indicates the denial of norms and principles, and the wolf signifies the violation of social norms. Thus, this traditional wolf pattern can indicate a person, who has repeatedly broken the law.Wolf Face With Blue Rose
It is a commonly known fact that some women romanticize the connotation of the wolf figure and for them this design carries the idea of boundless love, which no one can destroy. This burgundy wolf on the hip is depicted together with violet flowers and the whole picture is about faith in unconditional love.Red Colored Wolf Face
This traditional wolf tattoo represents a smoky wolf with red roses at the bottom and the orange sun with purple clouds in the background, all colors go perfectly with each other. The wolf here may be the sign of human commitment and roses signify that the source of inspiration for this person is love.Wolf Face With Roses And Sun With Violet Skyes
In nature, there are cases when the wolf after the loss of a partner doomed itself to eternal solitude, and every night it howled at the moon, expressing its grief. The half sleeve here is adorned with a brown and gray howling wolf, which indicates sadness and mourning, so this traditional wolf tattoo is worn by a person with severe destiny.Howling Wolf Face
In China, the wolf signified debauchery and it was the sign of women of easy virtue. This vivid monochrome wolf on the lower leg says about animal instincts of a man and a strong sexual energy.Wolf Face On The Leg
The wolf with a grin is a traditional image, which is in demand among many people as it is attractive, not very hard to perform and has a certain meaning. This dope tattoo on the hand portrays a combative wolf, which shows the readiness of a person to meet targets.Wolf Face With Crucifixion On The Forehead
This traditional wolf ink on the chest looks appealing and the performance technique creates a 3-D effect. In many cultures, the wolf is a personification of a caring mother, who always protects her children, so, this very idea is revealed in this tattoo.Watercolor Wolf Face On Chest
The back is embellished with the wolf design. The pattern is performed in dark tones, the bright accent is olive-colored eyes of the animal. The signification of the image is faithfulness of the owner both in a romantic relationship and friendship.Wolf Face On The Back
The wolf is a very aggressive opponent and it can kill enemies without mercy. The wolf with yellow eyes and a hostile facial expression is on the lower leg, the picture is complemented by an inscription “Show no mercy”. The connotation is quite obvious – the human does not spare his enemies.Anger Wolf Face With Red Colors And Word
In Asia, the wolf pattern is often used as the emblem of military formations. These two black wolves on shoulders are riddled with arrows and they look like epaulets. The idea of a disciplined person with leadership qualities is revealed in this traditional wolf ink.Wolf Face With Arrows

Black American Traditional Wolf Tattoo

This traditional wolf tattoo on the chest is combined with a gray rose. In a general sense, the wolf tattoo connotes high moral and family values, and in a combination with a rose, it speaks about a person’s readiness to dedicate his life to his family. This point of view is illustrated in this tight tattoo.Wolf Face Without Eyes And With Rose
This traditional wolf tattoo on the lower arm looks beautiful despite the lack of bright colors. Native Americans supposed that wolf totems protected from the misfortune, so this ink can be regarded as a lucky charm.Straingh Wolf Face On The Hand
Oftentimes creative people wear wolf tattoos in order to emphasize their individuality and to express themselves. This traditional wolf image on the neck spells out the idea of lateral thinking and a peculiar perception of the world.Anger Wolf Face With Tongue
For Vikings, the wolf was a lucky mascot, which helped them to conquer new lands, so since those times, the wolf image has been associated with the victory. This traditional wolf ink on the lower arm shows the person’s ability to reach professional heights.Wolf Face On The Hand
In ancient times, many people have decorated their bodies with wolf tattoos in order to awake ancient forces, which will give wisdom and fortitude. This vibrant wolf on the shoulder indicates a valiant defender of a family life with right principles.Wolf Face With Tongue Off On The Shoulder
Celts believed that the wolf, despite many favorable qualities, signifies the darkness of the soul. This bright black wolf, made in a traditional technique, is on the hip, the facial expression of the animal is aggressive, and the figure indicates the meanness of the soul.Wolf Face On The Leg
For many nations, the wolf pattern was the symbol of fearlessness in the professional, emotional and physical conflict situations in life. This tight ink covers the tummy and the wolf looks marvelous and the idea of fortitude is disclosed in this tattoo.Howling Wolf Face
The throat is an extraordinary tattooing area, so people, who wear wolf tattoos on their throats, are extravagant. This stunning smoky wolf with glowing amber eyes says that this human denies social rules and norms.Wolf Face With Orange Eyes
In many tales, werewolves were beasts, in which evil witches and warlocks had turned. This traditional wolf tattoo is done very realistically and depicts the wolf with an open mouth on a background of the forest, bathed in moonlight. This picture on the half sleeve spells out the idea of an unprincipled and strong-willed leader.Detalised Wolf Face With Moon Backround And Forest In Borders Of The Moon