Tramp Stamp Tattoos Designs and Meaning

Tramp stamp tattoos have been quite controversial all the time and if you look up this topic on the internet, you will probably find tons of pros and cons. But we would like to warn you not to make any hasty conclusions before you know everything about tramp stamps.

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What is a Tramp Stamp Tattoos: Meanings and Designs

The lower back spot opens a wide variety of potential tattoo designs to be inked each with a different meaning. The place itself doesn’t carry any specific significance. Anyway, we want you to read some of the most widespread tattoos that can be placed on the lower back:

  • Flowers- roses, chrysanthemums, lilies, orchids, sakura florets;
  • Animals such as tigers, dolphins, cats, turtles, deer, wolves etc.;
  • Birds and insects;
  • Hearts with wings;
  • Classy tribal ornaments;
  • Diamonds;
  • Skulls;
  • Crossed guns;
  • Mandala designs

Tramp stamp tattoo features

Tattoos on the lower back can be considered by more conservative people as low moral indicators. Also, they aren’t particularly original when it comes to the tattoo uniqueness. In addition to this lower back is one of the most painful body spots to get a tattoo.

Nevertheless, a tramp stamp tattoo offers a lot of advantages to the bearer. Once you got a lower back tattoo, be sure that your ink won’t change much with age or weight. Plus it’s quite easy to control the visibility of your tattoo. You can flash your hot ink with the help of a crop top and low waist jeans or hide it under your formal suit. Tramp stamp tattoos are predominately worn by females, but they can be tattooed by males as well.

Tattoos on the lower back can be done in color as well as in black dye. Various designs can be tattooed in different styles among which we can single out next ones:

  • Tribal;
  • Realistic, Hyper-realistic, 3D tattoo styles;
  • Old School, Traditional, Neo-traditional;
  • Japanese traditional;
  • Lettering;
  • Dotwork and Ornamental tattoo styles, etc.

We have collected 55 some of the greatest lower back inks to demonstrate you the difference between beautiful and ugly.

Awesome Tramp Stamp Tattoo

The look of this lower back tattoo is hidden in every detail and line. The bird, water lilies, and carps that are peacefully swimming in the river harmonically fit the body part this girl has chosen for a tattoo.
An awesome tramp stamp tattoo

Nothing But a Bad Tramp Stamp Tattoo

There’s something that you consider cool when you are 16, but it may change as time goes by. We wouldn’t recommend you to ink this half angel-half devil hearts tattoo on your lower back as it shows a bad taste.
Nothing but a bad tramp stamp tattoo

Delicate and Beautiful Tramp Stamp Tattoo

As an epitome of tenderness and purity, a water lily can create an incredible lower back design. However, you might want this tattoo to be more outlined.
Delicate and beautiful tramp stamp tattoo

Absolutely the Best Tramp Stamp Tattoo

What makes this tattoo the best? Pretty much everything: a color, shades, shapes, outlines and, of course, peony flowers with butterflies patterns.
Absolutely the best tramp stamp tattoo

Celebrities Also Have Tramp Stamp Tattoos

Britney Spears, David Beckham, Angelina Jolie and many other celebrities have got tramp stamps with different levels of style and taste. But no matter how trashy these tattoos sometimes are we still admire them, don’t we?
Celebrities also have tramp stamp tattoos

Classy Tramp Stamp Tattoo for an Extraordinary Person

You must be a real aficionado of octopuses to get inked with its image, because, you know, they aren’t the most beautiful creatures in the world. Still, this octopus tramp stamp looks classy.
The classy tramp stamp tattoo for an extraordinary person

Really Cool Tramp Stamp Tattoo

There’s no better way to draw everybody’s attention to your charming waistline than a floral lower back tattoo showing rich red tulips in a bit asymmetrical way.
Really cool tramp stamp tattoo

Interesting Cover-up Tramp Stamp Tattoo

We can see how a tiger cub grew older with the help of a nice cover-up tattoo on the lower back. Luckily the second tramp stamp looks much more beautiful.
Interesting cover-up tramp stamp tattoo

Incredibly Cute Tramp Stamp Tattoo

Personally, this little body sitting on a blooming tree branch is just adorable. In addition to its beauty, an small owl tattoo is very rich in symbolism. It means wisdom, knowledge, and mystery of darkness.
Incredibly cute tramp stamp tattoo

Impressive Dolphin Tramp Stamp Tattoo

At first, it looks quite dark and awkwardly shaped, but if to give this lower back tattoo a closer look, you can only wonder what a beautiful tattoo shows us two dolphins at the sunset.
Impressive dolphin tramp stamp tattoo

Roses and Butterfly with Eyes Tramp Stamp

If you need to hide scars, tattoos can come in handy. Though roses and a butterfly tramp stamp is a quite stereotyped tattoo, it looks cute in this case.
Charming roses and butterfly with eyes tramp stamp

Delicate Fairy Tramp Stamp Tattoo for Females

Since fairies represent magical beauty, they can create some magnificent tattoo designs as the one in the picture.
Delicate fairy tramp stamp tattoo for females

Japanese Peony Flower Tramp Stamp Tattoo

As one of the most lovable tattoo patterns in Japan, peony means beauty, prosperity and good luck. Furthermore, peonies create unbelievably beautiful tattoo designs both for women and men.
Delicate Japanese peony flower tramp stamp tattoo

Cute and Funny Cat Tramp Stamp Tattoo

Here’s a cute cat tattoo version of Luna  from ‘Sailor Moon’ series. With some roses in Traditional style, this cat tramp stamp looks amazing!
Cute and funny cat tramp stamp tattoo

Good Ornamental Lily Tramp Stamp Tattoo

More often women choose lower back tattoos as a way of emphasizing personal sexuality and attractiveness. Let’s be honest, this kind of tattoo deals with its task perfectly!
Very good ornamental lily tramp stamp tattoo

Unusual Tramp Stamp Tattoo for a Guy

Yeah, we all remember that funny moment when Ted Mosby got a tramp stamp, but it doesn’t have to be a butterfly that is flying out of your butt crack. This one shows really interesting male black tramp stamp that looks incredibly cool.
Unusual tramp stamp tattoo for a guy

Old School Heart with Swallows Tramp Stamp Tattoo

If you are keen on the Old School, this lower back tattoo containing a heart, swallows, skulls and a crown is for you! Since Old School tattoos carry a wide range of meanings, they are rich in color and interesting designs.
Old School heart with swallows tramp stamp tattoo

One of the Hottest Tramp Stamp Tattoos

These intricate lines and curls that are inked on the lower back look fantastically beautiful and sexy. Don’t think that this tramp stamp carries any deep senses, but it’s a nice body decoration.
One of the hottest tramp stamp tattoos

Goddess-like Lady and the Tramp Stamp Tattoo

The black and red tribal ornaments forming some birds and a beautiful blond woman with white wings create an interesting tramp stamp.
Goddess-like lady and the tramp stamp tattoo

Pretty Nice Tramp Stamp Tattoo

These days’ tattoos often play a role of women accessory as well as piercing. When tattoos are chosen only for the design, nobody cares what they mean if they mean something at all.
Pretty nice tramp stamp tattoo

Popular Tramp Stamp Tattoo

Any tattoo featuring ornaments or tribal patterns is considered as one of the most common ways to decorate your lower back.
Some popular tramp stamp tattoo

Pretty Turtle Tramp Stamp Tattoo

Colorful and highly detailed this swimming sea turtle tattoo on the lower back is flawless. It’s believed that turtles indicate devotion to home, femininity, and fertility.
Very pretty turtle tramp stamp tattoo

One of the Sexiest Tramp Stamp Tattoos

Besides the meanings that women tramp stamp tattoos can carry, they are an interesting way of revealing inner sexuality and femininity in a first place.
One of the sexiest tramp stamp tattoos

Small and Pretty Tramp Stamp Tattoo

This diamond tramp stamp is simple and tasteful. Can’t say for this girl whether she associates herself with a diamond or just adores all precious things but this tiny tattoo looks nice.
Small and pretty tramp stamp tattoo

Intense Black Thongs of Fire Tramp Stamp

The Tribal thongs of fire or whatever this tramp stamp shows can be a nice decoration but ridiculously unoriginal.
Intense black thongs of fire tramp stamp

Delicate Butterfly Tramp Stamp Tattoo

Here’s one more quite stereotyped tramp stamp tattoo presenting butterflies that seem to fly majestically on this girl’s back.
Delicate butterfly tramp stamp tattoo

Colorful Bird-of-paradise Flower with Names Tramp Stamp Tattoo

While being ones of the most noticeable and beautiful flowers a bird-of-paradise flower look just fantastic as a tattoo. It indicates faithfulness and deep love when it’s inked with names of people.
Colorful bird-of-paradise flower with names tramp stamp tattoo

Astonishing Roses Tramp Stamp Tattoo

Roses tattoo patterns have survived through the time and proved that they are never out of fashion. If you choose a rose tattoo, you won’t get sick of it in a year.
Astonishing roses tramp stamp tattoo

Cartoonish Tramp Stamp Star Tattoo

Here’s a colorful lower back tattoo with a set of most common patterns such as a star, wings and a horseshoe with hearts.
Cartoonish tramp stamp star tattoo

Gorgeous Dotwork Tramp Stamp Tattoo for Girls

Dotwork tattoo style can add some uniqueness to almost any tattoo design. This charming flower tattoo on the lower back decorated with hundreds of tiny dots proves it.
Gorgeous Dotwork tramp stamp tattoo for girls

Badass Tramp Stamp Tattoo with Skulls On Man

If you are looking for some real badass tattoo, try inking skulls on your lower back. Tramp stamps can be impressively original when it comes to a male tattoo.
Badass tramp stamp tattoo with skulls on man

Intricate Polynesian Tribal Tramp Stamp Tattoo

Jumping into the history, Polynesian tattoo patterns have all the rights to be claimed as ones of the most spectacular. We are sure that if you look closely at this Polynesian tramp stamp, you’ll see more than just weaves.
Intricate Polynesian tribal tramp stamp tattoo

Trashy Tramp Stamp Tattoo

We wouldn’t say that this is the trashiest tramp stamp that you can get but still, it looks quite unoriginal. To avoid commonplace in tattooing, try to be more creative or get this one but more detailed.
Trashy tramp stamp tattoo

Absolutely Unique Tramp Stamp Tattoo

This girl must be a hairdresser, otherwise, we have no clue why there a hair straightening iron, scissors and a mirror are tattooed on her lower back.
An absolutely unique tramp stamp tattoo

Worst Tramp Stamp Tattoo That You Can Get

Getting tattooed with just bold black patterns that slightly remind Tribal seems as a good idea but only if you are wasted. This is pretty much the best example why tramp stamps got a bad name.
Worst tramp stamp tattoo that you can get

Sacred Scarab Tramp Stamp Tattoo

Scarab also knew as the dung beetle was a sacred creature to ancient Egyptians. People who wear the scarab tattoo refer to its ancient meanings like renewal, resurrection, and representation of the sun’s circle.
Sacred scarab tramp stamp tattoo

Eye-catching Tramp Stamp Crown Tattoo

As a multi-element design, the diamond with a crown and wings tattoo probably beats all the tattoo opponents. Representing longevity, royalty and faithfulness this lower back tattoo looks just stunning!
Eye-catching tramp stamp crown tattoo

Incredible Tree of Life Tramp Stamp Tattoo

The tree of life or the cosmic tree has not only a spectacular design but also a lot of symbolic meanings that are hiding behind its branches and roots. Among many of them, we can single out immortality, eternity, wisdom and knowledge.
The incredible tree of life tramp stamp tattoo

Enigmatic Moon Tramp Stamp Tattoo

Tattooed in color the crescent moon with stars and clouds ink is just perfect for people who believe in the power of celestial bodies or have something to do with astronomy.
 Enigmatic moon tramp stamp tattoo

Amazing Koi Fish Tramp Stamp Tattoo

Besides this lower back tattoo in Japanese traditional style is unbelievably beautiful, it is rich in deep symbolism. Swimming upstream koi fish represents determination and daring.
Amazing koi fish tramp stamp tattoo

Bird and Rose Tramp Stamp Tattoo

The most obvious choice for a woman who wants to emphasize her femininity and beauty will be a rose with a bird tattoo design. The stunning tattoo piece!
Mind-blowing bird and rose tramp stamp tattoo

The Sun and the Moon Harmony Tramp Stamp Tattoo

This saturated in color tattoo represents the harmony between masculinity and femininity where the sun stands for men and the moon identifies women. It’s simple, cute and meaningful.
The sun and the moon harmony tramp stamp tattoo

Fabulous Heart-shaped Padlock Tramp Stamp Tattoo

One of the primary meanings of heart tattoos is love and devotion. Nevertheless, if the heart is winged, it can represent the desire for freedom and adventurous personality.
Fabulous heart-shaped padlock tramp stamp tattoo

Realistic Rose Tramp Stamp Tattoo

If you are into complicated and realistic tattoo designs, this charming huge red rose is your obvious choice. Rose tattoos are something more than meets the eye; they mean deep love, devotion, and beauty.
Hyper-realistic rose tramp stamp tattoo

Whimsical Corset Tramp Stamp Tattoo

This tramp stamp seems to be inspired by Tim Burton’s cartoons. A tattoo reminding an old-fashioned corset is dark, gothic and slightly creepy.
Whimsical corset tramp stamp tattoo

Splendid Tramp Stamp Animal Tattoo

Beautiful in appearance the deer tattoos symbolize nobility, gentleness, and motherhood and can be presented in various designs and styles that make a deer perfect tattoo for a woman.
The splendid tramp stamp animal tattoo

Traditional Tramp Stamp Tattoo

Performed in a Traditional tattoo style, this winged heart with keyhole and fire ink looks breathtaking. The combination of these symbols in a tattoo could mean that the wearer is passionate and wants somebody to find a key to her heart and set her love free.
Beauteous Traditional tramp stamp tattoo

Geometric Mandala Lotus Tramp Stamp Tattoo

This mandala lotus tattoo with dark shading beautifully fits in a spot which is the lower back. The tattoo is geometrically perfect and looks just stunning!
Geometric mandala lotus tramp stamp tattoo

Delightful Sakura Tramp Stamp Tattoo

You will hardly find some other flower tattoo design that would be as delicate, charming and symbolically rich as sakura flowers, especially on a woman’s lower back.
Delightful sakura tramp stamp tattoo

Seductive Tramp Stamp Tattoo Inspired by Organic World

What can be more beautiful and seductive than a floral lower back tattoo? Representing natural beauty and purity flowers are concerned as the best choice for a tramp stamp.
Seductive tramp stamp tattoo inspired by organic world

Neo-traditional Girl with Wolf Head Tramp Stamp Tattoo

A Girl with a wolf head is a classic example of Neo-traditional tattoo style with the reference to an extraordinary personality of the bearer.
Neo-traditional girl with wolf head tramp stamp tattoo

One of a Kind Tribal Bat Tramp Stamp Tattoo

Perfectly symmetric and well thought out this astonishing bat tattoo made out of different patterns draws the attention to the bearer immediately.
One of a kind tribal bat tramp stamp tattoo

Egypt Inspired Tramp Stamp Tattoo

As for our opinion, you have to take all the advantages out of the lower back spot if you think of getting tattooed there. How about inking some absolutely amazing ancient Egyptian statue with wings?
Egypt inspired tramp stamp tattoo

Vibrant in Color Roses Tramp Stamp Tattoo

The girl didn’t limit herself with just lower back spot and expanded her ink down to the fanny. Without a doubt, these roses are an impressive tattoo piece!
Vibrant in color roses tramp stamp tattoo

Cool Tramp Stamp Tattoo with Guns

Having a tattoo with crossed guns tattooed on your lower back means that you are the strong and confident person who isn’t afraid to show it to the world. And, Charles, whoever you are, you obviously mean a lot to this girl.
Super cool tramp stamp tattoo with guns