Trash Polka Tattoos Art

What is trash polka?

The trash polka tattoo is an aggressive but incredibly high-quality style of protest, absurdity and provocation. It was “born” from photographs, newspaper clippings and collages. This “trash” served as a basis for German tattoo artists Simon Puff and Volko Merschky. The name “polka” indicates their interests of Gypsy and German folklore. Trash polka tattoos are filled with something unusual, where realism borders on fantasy.

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The Symbolism of Trash Polka Tattoos

The withering is one of the main themes of trash polka style, which is not characterized by melancholy. It is rather a rebelliousness and insolence that are presented through bright, bold and sometimes vulgar pictures. The trash polka tattoo aims at showing:

  • protest to society;
  • irony;
  • derision of celebrities;
  • the unacceptability of commonness and monotony.

Trash polka design exists on the notion of chaos and death, thus, the common patterns include:

  • The skull – is a famous symbol of death and danger. The trash polka offers horrifying options with an image, which brings gloom and despair.
  • The faces (bloodied face; half-rotten face; face without eyes) of ordinary people or celebrities are depicted in unexpected ways. A bright accent on the details (lips, eyes or ornaments) makes the drawing impressive.
  • The clock tattoo is in great demand. A conventional tattoo symbolizes time transience, while this image in trash polka can denote the moment that a person wants to remember or stop. It is frequently inked with birds or broken dial.
  • The game of dice – is a game, in which the winning gives life and the loss leads to death. On the one hand, death brings its owner evil but on the other – the opportunity to become lucky, transforming into a talisman against failure.

Trash Polka Tattoos Design Ideas

The trash polka is a unique technique in tattooing that combines the features of many directions, being the closest to realism. The smears of paint, stains and streaks look particularly penetratingly in these sketches. The color spectrum permits the use of two colors – black and red. The first becomes the basis for a tattoo, whilst the second occurs as an additional one, symbolizing blood.

This style is often called “crappy” and “faddy” due to dissociative images that can be blended in one work. Among the motives that are chosen for the trash polka tattoos, the most popular area:

  • aggressive, wild animals (wolves, bears, lion, fox etc.);
  • birds (black crows, raven, owl, eagle);
  • abstractions;
  • demons;
  • flowers (rose);
  • angels;
  • warriors;
  • crosses;
  • heart;
  • butterfly;
  • eye;
  • death with a scythe.

#1. The Black and Red Tattoo with a Chess Piece on the Calf

The black chess piece is perfectly combined with a red triangle. The numerous black spots create a wonderful background for this interesting composition.
The black and red tattoo with a chess piece on the calf

#2. The Leg Tattoo of a Rose in Black, Gray and Red Ink

This rose tattoo stretches along the leg, opening an amazing view of woman’s body. The saturated pink bud and black streaks represent the genre of trash polka.
The leg tattoo of a rose in black, gray and red ink

#3. The Black, White and Red Tattoo on the Forearm

The black ravens often induce fear – a key point of trash polka style. Besides, some splashes of red or white bring missing brightness to drawing.
The black, white and red tattoo on the forearm

#4. The Bloody Polka Trash Art Tattoo on the Arm

This piece of trash polka art consists of a skull and a clock. The red paint resembles the blood, while the image of clock reminds of life values.
The bloody polka trash art tattoo on the arm

#5. The Realistic Trash Polka Tattoo with a Mermaid

The huge area of the back allows applying the most impressive tattoo like this naked mermaid by the sea. This pattern suits men with passionate temperament.
The realistic trash polka tattoo with a mermaid

#6. The Trash Polka Tattoo in Dot Style

Here the trash polka tattoo covers the sleeve and man’s chest with the stomach. The complicated ornament includes a series of images, such as skulls, woman’s portrait.
The trash polka tattoo in dot style

#7. The Trash Polka Flower Tattoo on the Forearm

The black ink is uncommon for flowers but not in this case. The small cubes and red pattern add some abstractness, which fits well the idea of trash polka.
The trash polka flower tattoo on the forearm

#8. The Horrifying Trash Polka Sleeve Tattoo

This sleeve tattoo is a solid terrifying sketch: the big skull on the shoulder and the woman’s portrait below are mixed with red patterns.
The horrifying trash polka sleeve tattoo

#9. The Trash Polka Tattoo Style on the Calf

This outstanding trash polka tattoo is located on the calf. Its flock of black birds, bloody streams and mysterious girl’s silhouette are worth taking.
The trash polka tattoo style on the calf

#10. The Trash Polka Wolf Tattoo on the Forearm

This wolf image in trash polka style is taken by strong, confident people. The red mark on its forehead and eyes without pupils can frighten at once.
The trash polka wolf tattoo on the forearm

#11. The Trash Polka Tattoo on the Chest

This composition of trash polka is inked in the framework of chaos, where you can notice the flowers, elephant and a person sitting in the center.
The trash polka tattoo on the chest

#12. The Lion Tattoo in Trash Polka on the Arm

The aggressive lion tattoo cautions others to be careful with its owner. The bright touches of trash polka style with lettering below emphasize this idea.
The lion tattoo in trash polka on the arm

#13. The Intriguing Trash Polka Tattoo on the Wrist

The unbelievable red geometric figure takes place on both wrists. Being a part of the trash polka tattoo, this red geometry is presented with black ornaments.
The intriguing trash polka tattoo on the wrist

#14. The Depressing Trash Polka Tattoo on the Calf

This calf tattoo reveals highly pessimistic attitudes to life. We break ourselves – is a motto of this trash polka ink with skull and rose.
The depressing trash polka tattoo on the calf

#15. The Trash Polka Tattoo on the Neck

The trash polka tattoo in the form of a seal is a unique way to express your personality. The striking ornament on the neck will never lose attention.
The trash polka tattoo on the neck

#16. The Fantastic Trash Polka Tattoo of an Eye on the Arm

When you look at this eye tattoo it seems that you can zip up the arm. This is strange but so incredible impression produced by trash polka style.
The fantastic trash polka tattoo of an eye on the arm

#17. The Effective Black and Gray Trash Polka Tattoo

Any red paints, only black and gray tints create a fabulous tattoo on the calf. The woman’s face with open mouth and a bullet inside is a sign of appealing danger.
The effective black and gray trash polka tattoo

#18. The Hellish Trash Polka Tattoo on the Stomach

This tattoo of demon is both impressive and horrendous. The evil creature without one horn but with the third eye is located on the red and black paint smears.
The hellish trash polka tattoo on the stomach

#19. The Trash Polka Tattoo of an Hourglass on the Calf

Life is short, which is nicely illustrated in this trash polka tattoo idea. The hourglass is complemented with red and black smears, bringing the note of negligence.
The trash polka tattoo of an hourglass on the calf

#20. The Trash Polka Owl Tattoo on the Forearm

The owl tattoo is often associated with mysticism and the world of the dead. This bird with outstretched wings in the trash polka design looks majestic.
The trash polka owl tattoo on the forearm

#21. The Trash Polka Tattoo on the Foot

This tattoo of a skull in terrible, bloody respirator may symbolize the owner’s desire to protect himself from death or hazard.
The trash polka tattoo on the foot

#22. The Trash Polka Tattoo with a Monster on the Forearm

This black unreal creature combines skull, raven and human face. As a result, you get a memorable trash polka pattern with a demonic appearance.
The trash polka tattoo with a monster on the forearm

#23. The Trash Polka Fox Tattoo on the Thigh

The fox image always looks ideal on the woman’s body. Here this cunning animal with insidious smirk creates a marvelous trash polka sketch on the thigh.
The trash polka fox tattoo on the thigh

#24. The Meaningful Trash Polka Tattoo of a Heart

This astonishing picture with bright circular ornaments is presented in trash polka tattoo on the leg. The tree with birds and heart signify life.
The meaningful trash polka tattoo of a heart

#25. The Simple Trash Polka Tattoo on the Forearm

The simple geometric figure like rhombus is chosen by sensual and emotional people. The use of the trash polka technique brings tattoo lacking intensity.
The simple trash polka tattoo on the forearm

#26. The Big Trash Polka Tattoo

This tattoo really stands out; it begins on the chest and stretches up to the thigh. The black wide streaks are applied in the form that resembles a huge cross.
The big trash polka tattoo

#27. The Butterfly Trash Polka Tattoo on the Chest

The man’s chest is a perfect place for this exciting butterfly tattoo. The skull in this image and horrifying red circles is impossible not to mark.
The butterfly trash polka tattoo on the chest

#28. The Trash Polka Tattoo with an Eagle on the Chest

The eagle is a powerful symbol that is highly valued by men. If you apply such revered bird, you show your independence and wish to be the winner.
The trash polka tattoo with an eagle on the chest

#29. The Trash Polka Tattoo on the Rib

The ability to appreciate life is a message of this trash polka tattoo. The clock is taken with owl not in vain, as this bird is a famous long-liver.
The trash polka tattoo on the rib

#30. The Cross Tattoo in Trash Polka Design on the Arm

Every detail of this tattoo generates the idea of global pessimism: the black cross, grenade and lettering “world is dead” meet all the canons of trash polka style.
The cross tattoo in trash polka design on the arm

#31. The Purple Trash Polka Tattoo on the Arm

Go far beyond the standards and diversify your trash polka skull with purple and blue paints! The phrase “we all wear masks” will make others take thought.
The purple trash polka tattoo on the arm

#32. The Cute Tattoo of Skull Trash Polka for Women

This tattoo combines two opposites – beautiful flowers and fearful skull. Such trash polka ornament on the half back is a good option for adventurous women.
The cute tattoo of skull trash polka for women

#33. The Trash Polka Rose Tattoo on the Forearm

The red rose is not only lovely flower, but it also reveals some important notions like love, purity. It is a wonderful basis for this trash polka tattoo!
The trash polka rose tattoo on the forearm

#34. The Splendid View of Trash Polka Tattoo for Girls

The woman’s breast must be decorated only with the most incredible tattoo art. This work of sugar skull and red roses illustrate how elegant it can be.
The splendid view of trash polka tattoo for girls

#35. The Trash Polka Tattoo on the Back

This trash polka ornament is rich in images, completely unrelated: black bird, clock, hand. However, they are united by a common feeling of gloom and sadness.
The trash polka tattoo on the back

#36. The Grenade Tattoo with Trash Polka Technique

This grenade tattoo on the forearm – is an aggression, potential threat. It may symbolize your military past or be just a nice addition to your courageous appearance.
The grenade tattoo with trash polka technique

#37. The Trash Polka Half Sleeve Tattoo

The clock and a strange person in disgusting wearing with flowers induce anxiety. Who is he? This dark trash polka sketch evokes quite bad associations.
The trash polka half sleeve tattoo

#38. The Feminine Trash Polka Tattoo on the Shoulder Blade

The realism of this big eye ink excites the imagination. The effect of torn skin and black and red paints of trash polka design lead to the birth of such a masterpiece.
The feminine trash polka tattoo on the shoulder blade
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