Tribal Turtle Tattoo Designs

The glorious tribal Polynesian turtle tattoo adorns the male’s breast. The bold black swirls, spirals and shark teeth create together an awesome turtle image and the grey-colored curves accentuate the turtle and add mysticism to the design. In Polynesian culture, this animal represents power, courage and boldness.fabulous tribal turtle tattoo

The aesthetically fascinating tribal turtle tattoo inked on the arm. The uniqueness of this piece lies in the artful displaying of the day and night inside of the shell. This tattoo design points out that a bearer is a man of moods.yin yan fabulous tribal turtle tattoo

The giant tribal turtle tattoo extends over the female’s back. The sleek black turtle with the hibiscus flower has an exotic appearance. In ancient Greece, the turtle was accepted as a symbol of femininity and motherhood.lined fabulous tribal turtle tattoo with flower

The marvelous tribal turtle tattoo design performed in the inky-black color. The lifelike beach portrayal is greatly infused in the turtle image and makes it catchier. fabulous tribal turtle tattoo with palm

This charming tribal turtle tattoo stands out for its floral pattern on the shell. The brilliant shading work highlights all details and makes the motif more beautiful. Such tattoo piece holds a deep-rooted symbolism: many folks accept the turtle as a mascot which protects from the evil and brings good luck.lined fabulous tribal turtle tattoo

The fabulously-done tribal turtle tattoo is inked on the leg. This black-colored amphibian with some infusion of the brown shade embodies long life, prosperity and fertility.amazing lined fabulous tribal turtle tattoo

The elegant tribal turtle tattoo graces the girl’s back. This splendid black-inked turtle with the orange hibiscus on the top enjoys popularity in Hawaii, where the turtle is a sacred animal and signifies protection and bravery.small fabulous tribal turtle tattoo with orange flower

The cute tribal turtle tattoo paired with the floral pattern decorates the ankle. The tender orange flowers add gracefulness to the overall look and make it attractive, especially for the fairer sex.lined turtle with flowers

This tiny tribal turtle tattoo made with the help of the swirls, dots and lines. The black circles give the imitation of the water bubbles and make it look more creative. A cool tattoo idea for those tattoo-fans, who loves minimalism and laconism.uncolored turtle with bubble

The exquisite tribal turtle tattoo carved on the neck has a very sexy appeal. The smoothing fine curves and lines make up an intricate pattern. The harmoniously inscribed letters give the personal touch to the motif.detalised lined turtle tattoo

This astonishing tribal turtle tattoo covering the thigh will grab a lot of eyeballs. The black and gray reptile with the enigmatic flower pattern personifies wisdom, female sexuality and sensibility.lined turtle with flower on the shell

Take a look at this amazing tribal turtle tattoo extending over the shoulder. The magnificent blending of the blue shades and the interwoven lines create unique and irresistible tattoo fabulous tribal turtle tattoo

The black and gray tribal turtle tattoo centered with the gorgeous flower adorns the shoulder. The sophisticated ornaments, miniature dots and intercrossed lines make up an awesome motif. lined and cool fabulous tribal turtle tattoo

The stunning tribal turtle tattoo with the plumeria flower looks romantic on the female’s foot. Such motif is a hot preference among the girls because it’s stylish, cute and fashionable.small and elegance fabulous tribal turtle tattoo

One more variant of the tribal turtle tattoo with the floral pattern inscribed on the back. The black-inked turtle in tandem with the hibiscus flowers symbolizes peace, life and purity.lined turtle with flower and waves

This splashy tribal turtle tattoo design inked on the arm attracts by its glory. The deep black reptile with the rose in the center looks tender and feminine. This tat denotes beauty, love and sexuality.turtle with flower-shell

Are you in search of the simple and cute tattoo design? Then you need this charming tribal turtle tattoo inked on the leg. The thin black outline superbly conveys the turtle’s silhouette, and the wave imitation inside of the animal gives a little bit originality.lined turtle on the hand

The emerald-green tribal turtle tattoo piece looks very lovely and embodies happy life, longevity and richness.lined green colored turtle

The flamboyant tribal turtle tattoo makes the woman’s ribs saucier. This tat stands out for the usage of the vibrant colors, multifarious geometric shapes and the skillful interconnection of the spirals. multicolored fabulous tribal turtle tattoo

Awesome Tribal Turtle Tattoo

The alluring tribal turtle tattoo embellishes the foot. The tiny curves and the drop-shaped elements create laconic and inornate turtle image. lined elegance tribal turtle tattoo

The black tribal turtle tattoo with the colorful touch in the center decorates the foot. This adorable creature can bring you good luck, pacification and preserve you from the mishaps.small turtle with dots and flowers

The superb blending of the watercolor style with the tribal one makes this turtle tattoo piece engaging and vivid. The swirling elements and dinky spots make up mysterious turtle shape. This tattoo design accentuates the creative nature of the wearer.doted turtle with watercolored background

The floating tribal turtle tattoo portrayed in the surrounding of the tidal waves and exotic flowers extends over the quarter sleeve. The strong contrast between the bold black color and the vivid shades is the main zest of this design. fabulous tribal turtle tattoo on the shoulder

The awesome tribal turtle tattoo fits in excellently the male’s quarter sleeve. The swimming turtle creates a harmonious composition with the wave element and the floral pattern. The plumeria flowers performed in the subdued orange color live up the motif and reveal the romantic nature of the bearer.lined fabulous tribal turtle tattoo with flowers

The intricately-patterned tribal turtle tattoo snaking the foot has sophisticated appearance. The interwoven black lines and curves bring intrigue and magnetism in this tattoo piece.fabulous tribal turtle tattoo

Would you like to have the double protection? Then get inked the tribal turtle tattoo within the turtle like it has been done in this design carved on the quarter sleeve. The black-colored tribal turtle is skillfully placed into the bright-orange amphibian with the tribal ornaments, and this cool combination serves as an amulet against the bad turtle tattoo with turtle on the shell

The stylish tribal turtle tattoo looks like a neat decorative element on the calf. The lovely turtle silhouette is done in the deep-green tone and signifies sobriety, tranquility and stability.lined small turtle tattoo

The diminutive tribal turtle tattoo inked on the foot. The black circles convey the turtle’s contour and create the simple tattoo design, and the red interlaced curves inside the animal add a softer touch. This creature reveals inner contentment and peace.small lined turtle with symbol

The tribal Polynesian turtle tattoo carved on the leg. The curved lines, the shark teeth and the geometric shapes make up the inimitable tattoo piece. This awe-inspiring tattoo design keeps you away from the enemies and fabulous tribal turtle tattoo

The absolutely incredible tribal turtle tattoo covers the quarter sleeve. This intricate design with lots of ornaments and multifarious elements accentuates the masculinity of the wearer. The lacy turtle with the compass won’t let you get lost in this tough life.detalised tattoo with turtle in it

The overwhelming tribal turtle tattoo with the sexy mermaid inside extends over the male’s arm. This cool tandem connotates beauty, calmness and free spirit.turtle with image on the shell

The totally irresistible tribal turtle tattoo decorates the sleeve. What appeals most in this piece is the beautifully-detailed shell with the diverse elements: the flowers, half circles, sun rays and the star in the center. The turtle’s shell holds a prominent symbolical meaning behind itself: the inner power, determination and ability to defend your opinion.  cool two turtle

This tribal turtle tattoo fits for those who wants to get inked something miniature, but with the rich symbolism. The black-colored turtle performed with the help of the curves and geometric elements exemplifies energy, longevity and inner reflection.small turtle on the foot

The nifty tribal Polynesian tattoo looks masculine on the male’s collar bone. This  tricky tattoo design made of the various shapes and curves was popular with the Polynesians warrior because they believed that the turtle could protect from the death.detalised turtle on the shoulder

It’s believed worldwide that the tortoise is the origin of the universe, that’s why the splashy tribal turtle tattoo with the galaxy instead of the shell looks very symbolic. The acid hues combine well with the bold black color and create the magical atmosphere.small turtle with space on the shell

The nicely-done tribal turtle tattoo inscribed on the shoulder. The tiny dots perfectly imitate the turtle’s tiles, and the straight intercrossed lines make up a fancy pattern. The American tribes considered this pattern to be the symbol of abundance, prosperity and well-being.lined turtle with symbol

The cool way to express your uniqueness is to get inked this cryptic Maori tribal turtle tattoo. This intricate black-colored tattoo with the white inclusions served as a sign of the bravery, courage and honor in the Maori culture.fabulous tribal turtle tattoo

The marvelous tribal turtle tattoo performed in the black-red color gamut has an extraordinary appearance and characterizes the wearer as creative, adventurous and energetic personality.fabulous tribal turtle tattoo with red colors

Polynesian Tribal Turtle Tattoo Designs

The glorious Polynesian tribal tattoo makes the female’s body look saucier. The navy-blue turtle creates the aesthetic tattoo piece in tandem with the plumeria flowers, inky-black swirls, spots and serrated tattoo with turtle and flowers

Two climbing Hawaiian tribal turtles tattoo with the hibiscus flowers adorns the woman’s side. This exquisite tat designed in black fascinates with its elegance and femininity.two small turtles in flower style

The entrancing Hawaiian tribal turtle tattoo inked on the back. The awesome depiction of the Hawaiian islands in the center of the turtle’s image makes this design attractive. An amazing tattoo idea for the sea-fans. turltle with image on the shell

The mysterious inky-black tribal turtle tattoo looks brilliant with the watercolor effect. The emerald-green and ultramarine splashes add color to the motif and make it trendy and eye-catchy. lined turtle with watercolored background

The wide range of the different elements such as the cyclic spirals, stars, dots, V-sign creates the beguiling tribal turtle tattoo. Such tattoo piece will adorn the body of the romantic and peace-loving natures.lined turtle with stars

The fascinating Maori tribal turtle tattoo covers the male’s side. The zest of this design is the sun in the center of the turtle which implements the image and gives an additional significance to the motif: light, vitality and immortality.lined turtle on the body

The alluring Hawaiian tribal turtle tattoo inscribed on the thigh. The orange-green animal with the flower is a hot favorite among the weaker sex.  turtle from the flower

Hawaiian Turtle Tattoos

The superb coal-black tribal turtle tattoo looks harmoniously on the girl’s side. The turtle can be a perfect tattoo choice for the women because it’s associated with the female’s fertility and sexuality.amazing detalised turtle on the body

The lovely tribal turtle tattoo graces the back. The curved lines, cogwheeled elements and the tiny heart intertwine into an intriguing turtle tattoo design. lined turtle on the shoulder

The grey-shaded tribal turtle tattoo carved on the side. In this tattoo piece dominate the straight lines, leaves-shaped and a wave elements. This tat embodies power, tranquility and inner balance.very detalised and elegance tribal turtle

The delightful tribal turtle tattoo portrayed in the surrounding of the delicate flowers and the azure waves symbolizes harmony, peace and serenity.lined turtle with waves and flowers

The captivating tribal turtle tattoo paired with the nautical star and the vine tendril gracefully snakes the foot. The piece stands for guidance, leadership and protection.lined turtle with star

The exotic tribal turtle tattoo with the purple flowers inked on the hip. The black amphibian floating over the swirling waves points out that a wearer is an ambitious, aspiring person with the bold character.turtle with violet flowers on the shell

The inscrutable tribal turtle tattoo extending over the side makes the slender female body sexier. The artful fusion of the multifarious elements makes up a fabulous tribal turtle. The special feature of this image is the pretty flower in the center.detalised turtle on the body

The breathtaking tribal turtle tattoo inked on the back has a realistic outlook. The swimming coal-black turtle is brilliantly incorporated into the floral pattern. The brightly-yellow hibiscuses and plumeria flowers live up the motif and add a little bit exotic.big detalised turtle with flowers