Turtle tattoo: Origin, Meaning and Symbolical Value

When you hear about the turtle, you fancy a clumsy and sluggish animal, though, this creature is in vogue in the tattoo world and has a highly symbolical value in many folks. The dominating denotations attached to this reptile are fertility, sexuality, stability, well-balance, protection, longevity, wisdom and pacification. What’s more, this amphibian is accepted as a “guide” which aids to orient oneself in this life.

Tortoise is reckoned to be one of the sacred reptiles in the world, and it is the origin of the universe. It’s an ancient matter that the turtle carries the world on its top and is associated with the source of the vis vitae. In Christianity, this creature denoted the evil force, while in the Polynesian culture, this amphibian was a harbinger of fortune and it served as an honor sign. The Hawaiians regard this amphibian as their patroness because it helped them to settle down, and it was used as an amulet against the malice people and the mishaps. The Thai people perceive the turtle as a lucky charm, and they are assured that this reptile guards from the evil eye and the troubles. In China, people worship this amphibian because of their long life and endurance. It’s as a symbol of cleverness and intuition in Japan. In Greece, the reptile exemplifies fondness, femininity and ardor. The Tibetans see the turtle as a mark of uniqueness and originality.

The tortoise mark can be met in Feng Shui practice, where this amphibian is regarded to be one the protectors. Feng Shui gurus reckon that turtle strengthens your vigor, working efficiency and helps to climb the career ladder, that’s why you should keep the metal tortoise statuettes on your workplace and in your dwelling. Also, it’s assumed that the turtle is a perfect doorkeeper. In the West, this creature exemplifies wisdom, reasonableness and sanity.

The turtle tattoo is a trend, and it can be designed in a wide range of ways, and can decorate the multifarious parts of the body. As an example, the tortoise can be paired with the tidal waves, reefs, mermaids and the other dwellers of the underwater life. This astonishing amphibian looks very harmonic and exotic with the floral pattern and appeals to the weaker sex. The turtle tattoos can be inscribed on the back, feet, collar bones, ankle and thighs. Also, the turtle arm and leg sleeve tattoo is a hot favorite among the both sexes. The turtle tattoos can be inked in the vibrant hues, or in the fancy black and gray style, or with the watercolor effect. Add to this, the tribal turtle tats enjoy an immense popularity due to their complex and tricky designs.

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