Underboob Tattoo Design Ideas, Under Breast Tattoo

Among the variety of tattoos, types of drawings applied to those or other parts of the body, it is necessary to allocate an ink design under the breast. After all, they are characterized by originality, special charm, and unique sexuality. If you like underboob (or sternum) tattoos, our selection of the excellent pictures will allow you to understand exactly what kind of pattern you would like to put on your body.

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Features of a Female Sternum Tattoo

More often tattoos under the breast are carried by girls and women, aspiring to give the image an additional appeal, dreaming to fill a tattoo for a long time, but also don’t want to expose a tattoo to show.

In some cases, representatives of the beautiful half of a human being put a tattoo under their breasts to hide the skin imperfections or scars that appeared as a result of the operation.

The choice of the pattern largely depends on the nature of the girl, her mentality and life values, priorities. Sternum tattoos are way cool, but they’re definitely not for the faint of heart. Although it is not uncommon for the ladies don’t choose the tattoos with some deep meaning. They choose non-binding flowers and ornaments. Or they are treated in the quite different, rich, vivid drawings in the Gothic style or reminiscent of Ancient Egypt images.

The other girls who focus on the sense, the meaning of the picture, prefer a variety of inscriptions. Among the most popular inscriptions are:

  • The quotes of the great men;
  • Various aphorisms, especially in Latin;
  • The names of dear people and important dates;
  • Eastern hieroglyphs.

Of course, choosing a lettering in a foreign language, it is important to translate it correctly to avoid some troubles and misunderstanding.

Uniqueness and Originality of the Underboob Ink Works

The most daring girls, wishing to get such a tattoo, are guided by a style such as Biomechanics in 3D – it seems that under the skin are seen some torn mechanical elements, among which the bolts, gears interwoven with human bodies. The peculiarity of this image is as follows: big sizes, the volume and the brightness.

The attractiveness of a sternum tattoo is because it introduces a special mystique for the girl. But the tattoo masters warn that it is worth to think about the exact location of the drawing for several times. After all, the body changes with the ages, so the tattoo can easily deform, and the design will lose its effect. Make sure that you’ve chosen the best one for you!

An Amazing Underboob Tattoo

Floral patterns are actually so girly! Due to this, the tattoo designs which carry flowers, leaves and nature always look well on the females.
An amazing underboob tattoo

An Awesome Underboob Design in Black

A stunning design of a beautiful rose. This work is done in black coloring that really stands out. It’s also a small design if you don’t want a large one.
An awesome underboob design in black

The Bat Underboob Tattoo

It is one of unique ink works!. It’s a quite realistic design, with a lot of shading and detailing.
The bat underboob tattoo

A Sophisticated Tattoo Below the Breast

Here we can see an amazing ornamental design. So well-made clear lines and real black ink hue make this tattoo a good-looking one.
A sophisticated tattoo below the breast

Great Tattoos Below the Boob

This skin art looks stunning! The well-executed Mandala design with some elements of Chandelier symbolizes brightness, purity and wealth.
Great tattoos below the boob

One of the Best Underboob Tattoo

I love this bee and the honeycomb! A lot of elements, clear contours make this work a truly magnificent. All image looks very harmonious and will certainly attract one’s attention.
One of the best underboob tattoo

A Gorgeous Example of Big Boobs Tattoos

Such an incredible work! The chosen placement is stunning. And take a look at these deep colors. Thanks to the skilled artist, the whole floral composition seems extra realistic!
A gorgeous example of big boobs tattoos

A Fascinating Bird Tattoo Under the Breast

We can see just an incredible ink work! The linework style in black and grey colors looks very natural. When you look at a bird with flowers as a continuation of its wings, peace and calm appear at once.
A fascinating bird tattoo under the breast

The Lotus Boob Tattoos for Women

This lotus flower is a stunning creation. It is alone in the middle taking on all your attention. Even a monochrome design cannot reduce its beauty. And the shadows in Dotwork style look great.
The lotus boob tattoos for women

Simple But Cute Boobie Tats

This ornamental sketch can also attract your attention. Its design is similar to a flower upside down with a geometric element inside.
Simple but cute boobie tats

Cool Botanical Breast Line Tattoos

The matching ferns look great! The tattoo master perfectly worked the shadows in the sketch. So this floral tattoo has a quite realistic hang.
Cool botanical breast line tattoos

Fabulous Butterfly Tattoo Under the Breast

Necklace designs with the jewels and feather are all the time favorite one when we think about the ladies tattoo. The butterflies are another girliest art in tattoo designs. This is a lovely art for the females!
Fabulous butterfly tattoo under the breast

Cute Under Boob Tattoos

Two large peonies in the black and white colors that jump out against fair skin. It’s a great tattoo for under the boobs.
Cute under boob tattoos

A Dragonfly Underboob Tattoo

It’s an amazing ink design with the small example of a chandelier and lace combination. Black ink tattoos look great and have its own attraction. All elements are executed and visible clearly.
A dragonfly underboob tattoo

A Refined Female Under the Breast Tattoo

I’m looking at this ink work and want to roar. This is an awesome lion image with the floral element. Thin lines and excellent work with the shadows…The artist coped with the sketch perfectly!
A refined female under the breast tattoo

Delicate Flower Under the Breast Tattoo

This tattoo design of floral triangle with the blossoming flowers is so girly looking. If you are not a fan of large and expressive tattoos, this design can be a good base for the future ink work.
Delicate flower under the breast tattoo

Tiny Geometric Underboob Tattoo

Ыuch a small tattoo will not catch one’s eye. But its size does not reduce its importance, rather, on the contrary, a size makes it a highlight.
Tiny geometric underboob tattoo

Pretty Underboob Tattoo for Girls

So thin and well-done lettering! The placement is really cool, and work is really neat! This quote is great for the real rock fans.
Pretty underboob tattoo for girls

Tender Lace Tattoo Under the Breast

Many elements of tattoos which are usually chosen by girls are combined in this ink design. Mandala, jewelry, diamonds, feathers … They all look charming on the female body.
Tender lace tattoo under the breast

Fabolous Lotus Underboob Tattoo

WOW! This elegant flower looks amazing! The dotwork is so soft that the transitions of shadows are completely invisible. It’s a really great example of a skin art.
Fabolous lotus underboob tattoo

A Death Moth Underboob Tattoo

It’s a striking and dark unique design. In the sketch, many elements are connected, such as the floral design, a chandelier, a moon with stars. All these components are not very difficult to perform, but they complement the whole composition together.
A death moth underboob tattoo

3d Owl Underboob Tattoo

It’s such a wonderful body art! This realistic owl in the triangle looks stunning! The artist has depicted a bird so realistically, that you involuntarily feel this look at yourself.
3d owl underboob tattoo

A Nice Rose Underboob Tattoo

Just a single rose on the girl’s body. It’s a wonderfully exquisite tattoo that looks perfect on the under breast area.
A nice rose underboob tattoo

Sexy Underboob Tattoos With the Heart

Even simply lines and dots can add much beauty to the pattern. It can be done without bright colors, but you will get a wonderful tattoo.
Sexy underboob tattoos with the heart

Simple Underboob Tattoo

This design is very popular among girls who chose this place for the tattooing. All the elements are connected to get a gentle and attractive ink work.
Simple underboob tattoo

Terrifying Skull Underboob Tattoo

Such an example of a sketch will suit more men than girls. Here you can see an excellent work of the artist in the Dotwork style. The transition is very smooth and creates a realistic appearance for the tattoo.
Terrifying skull underboob tattoo

Small Sternum Tattoo

Little tattoos have a certain charm. They are less visible, so the surroundings will hold their sight on your tattoo longer than usual.
Small sternum tattoo

Small Under the Breast Tattoo

Such a pattern will serve as the extension of the put on the jewelry. Simple but sophisticated example.
Small under the breast tattoo

The Star Sign Tattoos Under the Breast

This is simple, but a perfect one. All Zodiac signs are very often used in the tattoo art.
The star sign tattoos under the breast

Lovely Sunflower Underboob Tattoo

It’s not just a lone flower, but a whole bouquet upside down. The work was done in dark colors, but it does not spoil this flora tattoo.
Lovely sunflower underboob tattoo

A Cross Tattoo Between the Boobs

Sternums can be quite the challenge. So you should stay quite still if you have chosen such kind of area for your sketch.
A cross tattoo between the boobs

Blue Tattoo Under Chest

This is well-executed line work with a lotus flower and elements of the Mandala. It is one of the most popular designs. But the adding of a blue tint changed its species, and the tattoo already looks different.
Blue tattoo under chest

Titty Tattoos in the Dotwork Style

The oblong designs look very elegant on a female body. A sternum area fits perfectly for such a tattoo. And the chosen style will emphasize its attractiveness for sure.
Titty tattoos in the Dotwork style

The Exclusive Under Boob Side Boob

So minimalistic but unique design is perfect! It seems that there is a fragment of a soundtrack with a deep meaning for the owner. It’s a great idea for the ink art!
The exclusive under boob side boob

Under the Bra Tattoo of the Moon

Now tattoos under the breast are in fashion, and many girls are just in love with such designs. If you are a confident girl and do not be bothered by excessive attention during the beach season, then this kind of tattoo is just for you!
Under the bra tattoo of the Moon

The Underboob Mandala Tattoo

This is so pretty and extra feminine piece of the ink art! This design is perfectly executed. Al contours are so clear; the black color is replete.
The underboob Mandala tattoo

The Underboob Tattoo Quote

“No angel”. Such a peculiar tattoo can choose only a full self-confident girl. Can this be a real reflection of the character?
The underboob tattoo quote

The Underneath Boob Tattoos

The ink work is so tiny, and it’s not so easy to notice this on the body. But here is a hidden deep meaning, which is only known to the creator of this design.
The underneath boob tattoos

The Wings Tattoo Under the Breast

Are you looking for a super cute idea to decorate your underboob area with the ink? This amazing tattoo design will add more grace to your overall look.
The wings tattoo under the breast

A Wolf Underboob Tattoo

Wow! Not every girl will dare on such a grand design. But looking at the perspective, such a tattoo will become a masterpiece after adding bright hues.
A wolf underboob tattoo

Writing Tattoos Under the Breast

It´s so beautiful! “Creativity is the way I share my soul with the world.”- it’s a quote for the real extraordinary personalities.
Writing tattoos under the breast

Cool Under the Breast Tattoos

These tribal art designs with some folk arts are truly a masterpiece. Moreover, the eye in between is like God’s eye is watching everything.
Cool under the breast tattoos

The Knife Underboob Tattoos

This tattoo is a great idea if you want to get inked on the vertical boob area rather horizontal. A tattoo with a knife can symbolize the struggle with the dark sides of the character. Black color and the Traditional style are great for this skin art.
The knife underboob tattoos

A Purple Hibiscus Sternum Tattoo

Perfectly colored tattoo! An amazing smooth transition of the bright colors makes this tattoo an excellent example for one’s inspiration. If you are still looking for an ideal sketch, take a closer look at this work.
A purple hibiscus sternum tattoo

Sexy Underboob Tattoo Ideas

Your love can flourish like these roses. They’re beautiful! This is a great example of a skilled linework. The thick contours and shadows in the form of lines look stunning!
Sexy underboob tattoo ideas

A Snake Underboob Tattoos

The image of a snake has a large number of meanings for different peoples. Everyone connects his tattoo with something personal. So you should study all the options for interpreting the image that you’ll select for the tattoo.
A snake underboob tattoos

Skull and Laces Tattoo Design

Sugar skulls tattoo designs are created to enjoy the beauty of life and commemorate mortality. It’s truly difficult to express girl’s love towards this incredible beauty of this design.
Skull and laces tattoo design

The Hottest Sternum Tattoos

This is awesome, don’t you think so? This work is done by a very talented ink artist unequivocally. The tattoo is very detailed, and each element is beautiful incredibly.
The hottest sternum tattoos

Nice Under Breast Tattoo

A Sphinx cat tattoo with the Mandala elements looks unique! You can be sure that the value of this image is very deep too. The black cat eyes seem to drop right into your soul.
Nice under breast tattoo

Lines and Dots Sternum Tattoo

The floral motifs are very common among the numerous types of the tattoo designs. All flowers are an excellent choice. They look great, regardless of the color scheme.
Lines and dots sternum tattoo

A Small Dotwork Sternum Tattoo

This is a cute little sternum design. If you want something similar, it’s a great variety of the ink design. In this work, the conversion from light to dark is perfectly performed with the help of the dots.
A small dotwork sternum tattoo