Kermit the Frog Tattoo Designs

Here is the cute brightly-colored Kermit the frog tattoo sitting on the beam and playing the banjo. The pond and the canes create the natural atmosphere, and the flaming shading in the background imitates the sunset and makes this tattoo design colorful and attractive.1 frog tattoo on hand

  1. Kermit the frog tattoo inked on the quarter sleeve. If you are tied up with the traditional full-size Kermit tattoos, you can get inked this sweet smiling Kermit’s head with the sparkling eyes which become a beautiful decorative element of your body.2 frog tattoo on hand
  2. This lovely Kermit the frog tattoo adorns the male’s shoulder. It’s a cool tattoo design for fans of this wonderful couple: Miss Piggy and Kermit, which looks as real as in the TV-show, due to the color scheme and detail-oriented work. What’s more, you can carve the dates next to the motif, to add significance to this tattoo image.3 frog tattoo on hand
  3. The awesome Kermit the frog tattoo embellishes the foot. The strikingly colorful Kermit dressed like a cool guy can melt the heart of many girls. The red heart with the lace imitation on the edges greatly frames the frog and adds a romantic touch to the motif.4 frog tattoo on leg
  4. This is the neat Kermit the frog tattoo inked on the shoulder. Kermit the frog, portrayed in Hulk image, has extremely extraordinary and masculine outlook. The vibrant purple-green color gamut makes this tattoo design very catchy and impressive.5 frog tattoo on hand
  5. A great opportunity to immortalize your love to this adorable frog is to get inked this beautiful tattoo design. The fascinating Kermit the frog in the wonderful black-white frame extends the forearm and looks quite creative.6 frog tattoo on hand
  6. This amazing Kermit the frog tattoo design looks glorious on the body. Acid-bright Kermit dressed in a suit resembles a real gentleman, and his lovely and happy face can leave indifferent nobody, especially the fairer sex7 frog tattoo on hand
  7. If you want to confess your love to your Mr. Right, this Kermit the frog tattoo will help you to reveal you feelings. This dreaming Kermit the frog looks very charming and romantic on the biceps. What makes this tattoo design unique is the brown color, instead of the traditional green one, and this touchy love message made in a cursive.8 frog tattoo on hand
  8. One more way to show your love to your sweetheart is to get inked this fascinating Kermit the frog tattoo on the arm. Sweet smiling and gazing at you Kermit in the beret looks very cute and catchy. To add a little bit tenderness to the motif, you can carve “I love you” in French.9 frog tattoo on hand
  9. Look at this awesome Kermit the frog sitting on the beam and smoking the pipe. This tattoo design looks very catchy, due to the usage of the vibrant colors. The bluish shading in the background imitates the water and brings the natural element to the motif.10 frog tattoo on hand
  10. This is the marshy green Kermit the frog tattoo inked in Old School style. It’s a cool idea to depict Kermit not in the traditional image, but like the ranked boxer. This tattoo design looks off-beat and can be admired by men.11 frog tattoo on hand
  11. This is awe-inspiring Kermit the frog tattoo inked on the arm. The fabulous Kermit’s head with the radiant smile and the sparkling eyes looks very funny, and the dinky black curves add a dash of creativity to the image.12 frog tattoo on hand
  12. This extravagant Kermit the frog tattoo inked on the biceps. The extraordinary and a little bit scary Kermit’s head tattoo with the nails in it can fit for those enthusiasts, who want to infuse a little bit creativity and eccentricity in his boring life.13 frog tattoo on hand
  13. The brightly-colored Kermit the frog tattoo adorns the shoulder. This sweet cartoonish frog with the banjo is greatly incorporated in this picturesque tattoo design. A beautiful rainbow, the musical notes and the cuddly flamingo make this motif more attractive and colorful.14 frog tattoo on hand
  14. If you like to be in the limelight, this mind-blowing Kermit the frog tattoo design is exactly what you need. The horribly awesome 3-D Kermit the frog coming out of the arm extends the sleeve. Due to the amazing usage of color and detail-oriented work, it looks super realistic.15 frog tattoo on hand
  15. The adorable Kermit the frog tattoo inked on the forearm. This always smiling creature is depicted here with the upset face and the miserable eyes, but it looks still cute and funny.16 frog tattoo on hand
  16. This marvelous Kermit the frog playing the banjo astonishes by the riot of the colors. The acid-green color and the dark background stand this tattoo out in the crowd and make it aesthetically attractive.17 frog tattoo on hand
  17. The sweet Kermit the frog tattoo tenderly embellishes the female’s foot. This cartoonish Kermit the frog looking like a real Don Juan in a suit and with a kiss trace on the cheek can gain a plenty of female’s hearts.  18 frog tattoo on leg
  18. This wonderful Kermit the frog tattoo inked on the leg. When you look at this cheerful lying down Kermit with the delightful face you can’t help but smile.19 frog tattoo on hand
  19. The cool off-beat Kermit the frog tattoo design covers the male’s back. The funny Kermit looking out from the ripped wound has an impressive appearance. The skillful shade work realistically imitates the wound.20 frog tattoo on back
  20. The cool Kermit the frog tattoo performed in the black-white technique adorns the ankle. If you are fed up with the traditional green Kermit tattoos, you can choose this simple and laconic motif: the black outline and the extra bit of shading accurately convey Kermit’s head.21 frog tattoo on hand
  21. This nice Kermit the frog tattoo inked on the leg. Here we have Kermit sitting on the American football helmet and dreaming of Miss Piggy. Kermit in tandem with the helmet looks a little bit odd, but very creative and innovative at the same time.22 frog tattoo on hand
  22. One more impressive and out-of –the box Kermit the frog tattoo design inked on the sleeve. The giant Kermit’s head placed into the heart, but not in the traditional red-colored one, but in the flamboyant with the various geometric elements. This Kermit tattoo will grab many eyeballs.23 frog tattoo on hand
  23. The super bright Kermit the frog tattoo embellishes the arm. This vivid-green Kermit’s head with its traditional cheerful smile can bring optimism and fun into your life.24 frog tattoo on hand
  24. This cool Old School Kermit the frog tattoo design inked in the armpit. The popular Kermit’s meme where he drinks iced tea can be immortalized as a tattoo on your body.25 frog tattoo on hand
  25. The dinky black and grey Kermit the frog tattoo design. Cute Kermit in a company with the cuddly dragon looks offbeat but very sweet.26 frog tattoo on back
  26. The fabulous Kermit the frog tattoo adorns the male’s arm. Wonderful Kermit in the basketball player image looks like Michael Jordan and stands out in the surrounding of the other black-colored tattoos inked on the arm.27 frog tattoo on hand
  27. The awe-inspiring Kermit the frog tattoo covers the male’s hip. Black-grey Kermit is going to conquer the space. The brilliant detail-oriented work and some shading usage plausibly convey the image28 frog tattoo on hand
  28. The bold black-toned Kermit the frog tattoo inked on the shoulder. If you are a fan of crazy Kermit, his joyful head can become a cool decorative element of your body. It looks very funny and catchy as well.29 frog tattoo on hand
  29. The amazing acid-bright Kermit the frog tattoo inked on the arm. Lovely Miss Piggy and his precious Kermie look so sweet together as if they are the cutest couple in the world. If you are looking for the romantic tattoo design, this one is a perfect choice.30 frog tattoo on hand
  30. Here we have Kermit the frog riding Chocobo. These two cartoonish creatures look sensational together, don’t they? The vibrant colors stand this tattoo design out in the crowd.31 frog tattoo on hand
  31. This Kermit the frog tattoo fits for creative and fun-loving personalities. If you are an ardent fan of the Muppet Show, you can get inked one of the scenes from the show, for example where The Swedish Chef is going to kill Kermit. Due to the skillfully-selected color scheme, and detail-work these two characters will look like the real ones.32 frog tattoo on hand
  32. The neat Kermit the frog tattoo extends the male’s thigh. Here we have batty Kermit committing suicide; it looks absolutely crazy and eccentric. The orange shading in the background makes this tattoo design splashy and colorful.33 frog tattoo on hand
  33. The adorable black-white Kermit the frog tattoo covers the leg. Look how sweet is dinky Kermie sitting on the mushroom and playing his banjo. All elements like flowers and canes create together a wonderful scene and keep the natural feel.34 frog tattoo on hand
  34. Would you like to have your personal talisman? Get inked this awesome Old School Kermit the frog with the horseshoe, and good luck will follow you the whole year. 35 frog tattoo on hand

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