Virgo Tattoos

Those who celebrate their birthdays between August 22nd and September 23rd live in a world of reality, logics and accuracy if to believe horoscope information. Being super picky and practical they often use their critical and analytical mind for the general weal. Virgos love studying and they are hard workers who don’t know the word “rest” until all work is done. And the best thing is, people who were born under this zodiac sign can have the most beautiful out of astrological tattoos. The collection of the best Virgo tattoos is waiting for you below.

Virgo Tattoo Meaning

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When it comes to zodiac tattoos, their symbolism is directly related to astrology. Virgos are not the exception. Of course, each individual is free to put some personal symbolic meaning into his/her tattoo yet most of the Virgo tattoo meanings are dictated by astrology, and here they are:

  • Down-to-earth personality
  • Practical and logical mind
  • Modesty and humility
  • Independence and strength both physical and mental
  • Introversity

Whether there is some hidden symbolism behind your desirable Virgo tattoo or you want to get it inked in the sake of art, we are here to help you and give as many ideas as it is possible so that you could choose the best one.

Possible Virgo Tattoo Designs

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Virgo Constellation Tattoo – being the second-largest constellation Virgo has a very eye-catching and distinctive look, just perfect to be implemented as a tattoo.

The Virgin (Maiden) Virgo tattoo – is the most recognizable common image to represent the Virgo sign. Typically dressed in an ancient Roman robe, the woman is often depicted with wings to emphasize her chastity. There are a great number of different takes on the Virgin image.

Virgo symbol tattoo which is basically the cursive letter “M” with some curl twists the last leg of the letter. There is no necessity to copy the glyph simply. Be creative and choose some interesting font and color or complement the glyph with other design.

Zodiac flowers and Colors – since Virgo is inseparably associated with certain flowers and plants like asters, chrysanthemums, ivy, and ferns, you can incorporate them into your Virgo-inspired tattoo design as well as green, blue and brown colors.

Now take your time and look through the best Virgo tattoo ideas that we have collected for you in this article.

Female Virgo Tattoos

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Speaking of those cases when less is more, the little and meaningful Virgo tattoo on the wrist is just perfect for ladies. Super bold and clean, this simple tattoo sends its message to the world and carries its special meaning to the bearer.
Virgos are very caring and loving. We dare to assume that Virgo tattoos were created to show off all the good traits that Virgos possess.

Male Virgo Tattoo Ideas

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Guess for many people the first thing that springs to their minds when they think of the night sky is the Moon. It’s hard to imagine some other image that could complement the Virgo constellation tattoo better than the black and gray image of Moon phases. However, if you are not into constellation tattoos, go for Virgo virgin tattoo. Since the virgin is a symbol of Virgo, beautiful, tender ladies’ portraits are by far the most favorite type of Virgo tattoos that men choose.

Btw, if you and your best friend want to get interesting matching tattoos, inking your constellations in the same style and place sounds like a very cool idea. To smooth the angularity of constellations’ images consider adding Dotwork crescent moon that will give zest to the composition.

Virgo Constellation Tattoo

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When it comes to delicate Virgo tattoo designs, nothing would work better than depicting Virgo star constellation with just simple dots and lines connecting them.
Speaking of constellation designs, for more interesting picture consider tattooing cartoony Virgo constellation in front of the moon phase. Bold black outlines and soft values of blue color will make the image catchy!

In case you want a simple yet meaningful tattoo, go for something like the miniature Virgo constellation tattoo made of lines, dots and simplistic stars with a birth date incorporated into the constellation.
Frankly, there are so many ways to depict constellations. You can choose single dots imitating stars or depict four, five or six-pointed stars with dotted lines connecting them. Also, you can include primitive images of planets into the constellation. In any case, you will get a nice Virgo tattoo.

Virgo Zodiac Sign Tattoo

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Virgo Zodiac Sign Tattoo 2

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Not only can Virgos get Virgo tattoos, but also other zodiac signs. People are often tattooed with zodiac signs of their close or beloved ones to portray special connection with these people. For example, you can go with something like the Virgo constellation and birth date tattoo on the foot.

Virgo Symbol Tattoo

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If you are wondering what the symbol of Virgo is, it is M-shaped sign with a twist. Since such a symbol is quite simple yet very interesting in design, it has become one of the most sought-after Virgo tattoo designs.

Virgo Angel Tattoos

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Virgo is probably one of a few zodiac signs which offer many options for unique designs to choose from. Since the virgin is the symbol of Virgo, you can use any image of a girl for the tattoo design. Just make sure that you like the girl’s face and pose.

For Romans as well for ancient Greeks whose tradition they inherited Virgo was associated with the virgin goddess Astraea also known as the goddess of justice who was holding Libra or the Scales of Justice in her hand.

Mythology-wise, the constellation of Virgo is linked to different goddesses. You may find the beautiful black and gray Virgo tattoos that are the takes on the classic illustration depicting Virgo as the Greek goddess of Agriculture and wheat Demeter.

In Viking mythology, many deities were associated with the zodiac. Based on this, Virgo is often portrayed as Sif or Sifa, the wife of Thor, whose golden hair represented endless wheat fields and harvest.
Every historical epoch has brought new interpretations of Virgo, thus, in the Middle Ages, people sometimes correlated Virgo to Virgin Mary due to the innocence and purity of both.
So, as you can see there are tons of cool Virgo tattoo ideas out there. All you need to do is to choose the one that suits you in the best way.