Wolf Paw Tattoos Plus Curious Denotations

  1. The wolf paw tattoo has a special signification for northern peoples, as it indicated firmness of a character, and the ability to accept life as it is. This wolf paw with the blue eye in the center is located on the lower arm and it denotes a morally strong man.Wolf Paw With Eye In The Center
  2. Slavs-pagans supposed that the wolf symbolized reliability. In the wolf’s paw, the face of the wolf is traced, clear blue eyes are visible. This pattern on the lower arm carries the idea of a potent and confident personality.Wolf Face In Paw Borders
  3. Many nations assumed that this animal was multi-faceted, as it combined animal instincts and noble qualities, thus, this pattern became sought-after among diverse social groups. In this case, the wolf paw decorates the lower arm says about a man, in whom the animal passion and intelligence are merged.Wolf Face In Paw Borders
  4. For women, a wolf paw design is slightly romanticized, and they put a different signification in this figure. Here, a shoulder is embellished with a smoky wolf paw and it denotes a faithful and dedicated woman.Wolf Face In Paw Borders On Shoulder
  5. The wolf paw tattoo is in demand among many women, as it can decorate almost any part of the body and it is not difficult to perform this pattern. The girlish back is adorned with a path of wolf paws; the image is about a self-confidence and liberty.Lot Of Wolves Paw On The Back
  6. These tribal wolf paws on feet look very appealing and carry a deep symbolic meaning. In Asia, a wolf is associated with a brave ruler, so the person, who wears this ink, is fearless in the face of life’s difficulties and is successful in certain areas.Wolves Paw On The Foot
  7. The wolf paw on the ribs represents the image of the wolf inside – eyes are located on two central paw pads and the nose is on the largest paw pad. Mongols believed that the wolf was the father of Genghis Khan, who was remarkable for his leadership qualities, exceptional self-control, and indomitable will, perhaps, this point of view is traced here and the person with this tight tattoo is a born leader.Wolf Face In The Paw Borders
  8. In nature, wolves are hostile animals, but only in relation to outsiders, certainly the manifestation of tenderness and affection is not alien to them. The image of beige and gray wolf is in a figure a wolf paw, which looks fantastic. The denotation of the ink is friendly but at the same time a strict man.Wolf Face With Paw In Paw Borders
  9. The moon has a special meaning for wolves, as they howl at the moon to express sadness and the moon guides them at night. On the lower arm here three gray wolf paws and a new moon are displayed, the signification is that this human is seeking for the path of truth in life.Three Wolf Paws With Moon
  10. In Greek mythology, a goddess Gaea turned into a wolf in order to save her children – Apollo and Artemis from extinction, so often the ink of the wolf or wolf paws is connected with maternal dedication. The wolf paw tattoo on the side of the body spells out the mentioned idea.Wolf Paw On The Body
  11. The wolf is a beast, which cannot be tamed easily, if it loses the family, then it lives alone. Here, the path of wolf paws starts from the lower abdomen and ends with the biggest paw on the shoulder, the picture looks very impressive. The possible denotation of the ink is oppressive loneliness.Wolf Paws On The Body
  12. A woman’s wrist is adorned with a tribal wolf paw tattoo. On the female body, the wolf paw indicates a sexy and attractive owner and shows that the woman has some traits of a predator. This tight ink expresses this very idea.Wolf Paw With Face On The Hand
  13. Various tribes adorned their bodies with designs of wolf paws with several objectives: to show the solitude or to express devotion to the family and the tribe. The smoky wolf paw tattoo on the foot is depicted together with the inscription “You will never walk alone”, which signifies that this person is always ready to help in tough times and will never leave in the lurch.Paw With Words
  14. The lower leg is embellished with the stunning ink, which incorporates the wolf paw and the picture of a howling wolf. In some beliefs, the ornament of the wolf and the wolf paw is the evidence of independence, which is bordered by the renunciation of society. This point of view is disclosed in this great tattoo.Paw With Howling Wolf
  15. This wolf paw tattoo looks very voluminous and it is not trivial due to the effect of cracks in the figure. The pattern itself is put on the lower leg and signifies that the man has all the qualities that are necessary for him to take his rightful place in a society.Old Wolf Paw
  16. Some tribes in America depicted wolves with three eyes since they believed that they helped the shaman to communicate with the world of the dead. Nowadays, the connotation has altered and it conveys an insightful and wise person. So, this wolf paw with the design of the wolf with three eyes on the shoulder discloses this idea.Wolf With Green Eyes In Wolf Paw Borders
  17. The vibrant smoky wolf paw tattoo is observed on the lower arm and it looks remarkably. It is known that the wolf is able to adapt and survive even in meager conditions. This ink says that a person is not trying to change the circumstances, he simply adapts to them.Wolf Paw On The Hand
  18. It is obvious that this tattoo, which displays two wolf paws in a circle, resonates with the ancient Chinese symbol of yin yang, which was a sign of the struggle of light and dark forces. This pattern on the shoulder may be interpreted as an association of diametrically opposed sides in a person.Yin Yan Wolf Paw
  19. The ornament on the lower arm demonstrates three tracks of wolf paws, two black and one in the center shows a wolf face. This tight pattern stands for the idea of a swift and decisive man, who has overcome many obstacles in his life.The Wolf Paws With Face
  20. In Norse mythology, the wolf was the personification of Odin, who patronized brave and valiant warriors. The decoration of the back is the wolf paw, in which yellow eyes of the wolf and its nose are traced. Probably, the human with this tattoo is a fighter, who is fighting for his happiness, or his profession may be associated with armed forces.Wolf Paw With Face
  21. For Native Americans, totem poles in the form of wolves protected from evil forces, and the paw of the wolf gave force before hunting, so it was an honor to wear the image of the wolf. This tribal wolf paw is a sign of strength and courage.Detalised Wolf Face In Paw
  22. In some cultures, images of a howling wolf and wolf’s paws are regarded as a desire of a person to become a defender of other people. This amazing tribal wolf tattoo comprises two constituents: a howling wolf and the wolf paw, an image contour is made with black thick lines. The connotation of this wolf paw half sleeve tattoo is dignity, the desire to be necessary and to help and protect the weak.Lined Howling Wolf With Paw
  23. This tight design is made in the style, called blackwork, it is a classical image of the wolf paw, but it is very stylish. A huge wolf paw is put on the half sleeve and it carries the denotation about burning ambitions and the striving to achieve goals.Wolf Paw
  24. Wolves are trustworthy animals, which after the creation of a family lead a sedentary life, they are patient, caring and noble for their loved ones. The ink on the shoulder portrays a wolf paw, in which a reflection of the wolf and a forest is visible. This tattoo is suitable for people with strong family values.Wolf Paw With Wolf Face
  25. The essence of wolves is dual, and women, who wear wolf paws tattoos, express the light side of the wolf nature. Thus, two wolf paws on feet indicate a gentle, caring and non-confrontational person.Wolf Paws On The Foot
  26. Many nations ascribed mystical powers to the wolf, for example, it could anticipate troubles and communicate with the spirit world. A monochrome design of the wolf and its paws is on the lower leg, it shows that an individual believes in divine intervention in destiny.Wolf With Paws On The Background
  27. A marvelous wolf paw tattoo adorns the lower arm and it has the counterpart of the wolf, the striking point is that the wolf figure is depicted upside down. The signification is that the owner is an extraordinary human, with his unique view of things and an individual value orientation.Wolf Face In Paw Borders
  28. This tattoo is done in the Celtic style; rounded clear lines create a pleasant picture. The wolf paw ink on the foot reveals the idea of the ancient Celts of a person with a dark past, but with hope for correcting.Wolf Paw On The Foot
  29. In accordance with the beliefs of the Lakota Indians, each night evil spirits tried to take possession of the human soul and to bring darkness into their hearts, a dreamcatcher was intended to save people from evil spirits, a wolf paw had the same denotation for them. Thus, this wolf paw, encased in a dream catcher, is located on the lower leg. This pattern is a talisman against the misfortune.Keeper Of The Dreams With Wolf Paw
  30. A glorious wolf paw is on the neck. This pattern emphasizes not only sexuality and attractiveness of a woman, but also her dedication and boundless loyalty to the only man.Small Wolf Paw On The Neck
  31. This vivid black wolf paw ink on the wrist looks spectacular. This ink reveals the typical signification of this pattern – passion of the female nature, which borders with animal instincts.Wolf Paw On The Hand
  32. This tribal tattoo on the hip incorporates the image of the wolf paw and the wolf face. Ancient tribes assumed that the wolf with red eyes was the personification of the devil. This ornament shows the predominance of dark forces in the human soul.Wolf Face With Red Eyes In The Paw Borders
  33. The howling wolf is a sign of the opposition of a human to the society and his independence from the public influence, a certain freedom of thoughts. This pattern on the lower leg depicts a wolf paw with the wolf head in its center and illustrates the mentioned point of view.Howling Wolf In Paw Borders
  34. This ink is made in the ethnic style, Celtic motives are clearly traced here, as in Celtic culture, the design of a wolf paw had a negative connotation. Here the tattoo indicates chaos in the human soul.Wolf Paw On The Body
  35. Many people assume that a wolf paw print denotes progress and spiritual movement. The half sleeve here is adorned with this great ink, which signifies the human desire to grow emotionally, spiritually and professionally.Detalised Wolf Face In Paw Borders
  36. The wolf is a symbol of love and fidelity, as they live either together or alone. This wolf paw denotes that a person is looking for a companion for a long period of time, and when he chooses the second half, he remains faithful to the partner forever.Wolf Face With Orange Eyes In Paw Borders
  37. In North America, the most courageous and fearless warriors wore wolf tattoos, often it was a wolf with a grin or a wolf’s paw. This American tradition is disclosed in this ink on the lower leg and indicates a personality, who is always ready to stand up for innocent and weak people.Wolf In Paw Borders
  38. This half sleeve is adorned with the wolf paw, which is depicted inside the dreamcatcher. The main tones of this ink are black, blue and red, in general, they look very organic together. This tattoo may be the amulet against bad luck and unhappiness.Keeper Of The Dreams With Wolf-faced Paw
  39. Celts assumed that that the wolf was a harbinger of the misfortune, as it is portrayed very negatively in many myths. This amazing Celtic pattern is located on the chest and perhaps, this tattoo was done as a reminder that life consists of black and white stripes.Lined Wolf Paw
  40. In nature a wolf is a creature, which knows how to survive in any situation, no matter what difficulties are, the wolf will live. The half sleeve is decorated with the black wolf paw and the howling wolf, the idea is that neither problems nor difficulties will break this human.Howling Wolf With Paw